Site Feature: WishTrend For Your Beauty Needs!

Site Feature: WishTrend For Your Beauty Needs!

I know, I know! Not another store feature. I’ve been doing that quite a few times lately. Promise this is the last time. I’ll go back to my usual routine after this one. I promise! But nevertheless, I’m sure some of you have heard of WishTrend ( otherwise WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! Kidding.

Site Feature: WishTrend For Your Beauty Needs!

WishTrend is an online website that features mainly Korean skin care and makeup products. They also have hair care and body care products and they also cater for the opposite sex so you can definitely shop for le BF while you’re buying your makeup and skincare needs.

Site Feature: WishTrend For Your Beauty Needs!

I’ve heard of WishTrend from some of my co-beauty bloggers and they have been raving about some (if not majority) of their skin care products. You don’t know how many times I’ve been on their website deciding on whether I should buy a specific item. But since it’s an international purchase, I’ve always managed to hold back my urge to shop.

Site Feature: WishTrend For Your Beauty Needs!

Then up until a couple of days ago when I visited their website, I stumbled upon that message above. I don’t know if that’s been there before (I must admit I haven’t been to WishTrend for quite some time) but that’s definitely SOMETHING. Now I’m totally in!

Site Feature: WishTrend For Your Beauty Needs!

And because of that, I have now been itching to try their make up products as well. I’ve also encountered my co-beauty bloggers’ reviews of some of the makeup products that they have like the Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream (BB Cream).

Site Feature: WishTrend For Your Beauty Needs!

But of course, because online window shopping is fun, I happen to stumble upon this product (The Elisha Coy 3D Spin Cleaner (Machine + Face Cleaner Brush) + Blackhead Brush + Vita Capsule Cleanser) and I remember seeing this in one of Wengie’s videos and I’m so happy that it’s available at WishTrend and at a really low price! OMG! Clarisonic is very expensive compared to this one, so I’m definitely thinking of getting this product.

Site Feature: WishTrend For Your Beauty Needs!

Oh and because I liked one too many items I decided to create a wishlist. It’s here, feel free to look at it if you want

Site Feature: WishTrend For Your Beauty Needs!

Did you also know that they have their own beauty boxes? They call it the Wish Box. I’ve heard that as well but dang! These boxes are loaded! I’m not quite sure if the boxes in their website are from previous months that’s why the contents are already revealed or it’s already like that, but still. Even though it’s a bit pricier compared to Ipsy or Birchbox, (since we’re talking about a different denomination) this is still pretty heavy considering that most of the products are either full-sized or in deluxe.

Anyway, I’m definitely going to stop rambling now. But if you’re looking for an online shop that caters to both male and female and has good quality Korean makeup & skin care products, then I urge you to kindly consider WishTrend. WishTrend has a very unique and user friendly design and it wont give you any problems navigating the site.

Site Feature: WishTrend For Your Beauty Needs!
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How about you? What’s your favorite online shop? Let me know! (Be my enabler, please!)

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  • Love buying things from other country cause sometimes it is much cheaper but i hate it for waiting for almost a month when it arrive. my excitement fades away already! Haha. Thanks for sharing this makeup online shop, i hope i can purchase one in the near future

    • I’m not sure how quick you’ll get it but I’ll let you know once I figure it out

      • Ace

        Hi Yette. Were you able to order from Wish Trend? I’d like to know how it went. I’m just curious about their free shipping offer. Like you, I’m also hesitant to buy from international sites because of the shipping costs.

        • Hi, Ace. Unfortunately my voucher expired so I wasn’t able to order. Try browsing in their clearance & free shipping tab. I didn’t find something that I liked in that category that’s why it took so long to the point that I was no longer able to use it. Try asking I think she ordered some items from the site.

  • abegaill villacruz

    I’ve heard about this online shop nga. And it’s reliable naman daw. But I haven’t really tried buying in an international online site. I’ m so scared that I might pay a lot because of the customs fee and what not. So I’m just buying on online sites here in the Philippines. One website I like is the Serrymall. I find their products convenient as you can either purchase a full size or a sample size.

    • Yeah, I like Serrymall too