Beauty Blossoms in Manila with Pixy Cosmetics

Beauty Blossoms in Manila with Pixy Cosmetics

I’ve always been fond of Japanese brands. Not only in makeup but in general. My parents always told me that products from Japan have good quality and I’ve seen that as I grow up. That’s why when I see Japanese beauty products, I know I had to test it for myself.

Beauty Blossoms in Manila with Pixy Cosmetics

Last August 6, 2014, Mandom Philippines, bringers of Gatsby, Bifesta and Lucido-L introduced yet another quality but affordable makeup brand. Pixy Cosmetics, specially formulated in Japan while Indonesian-manufactured, made its way from Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia to bring the best of Asian beauty. Through Pixy Cosmetics, that famous makeup look from Japanese girls will be very much attainable at a really low cost.

Beauty Blossoms in Manila with Pixy Cosmetics

What’s exciting about Pixy is that it offers the best of ladylike “gal” trend with a twist: it’s incredibly affordable, wearable and easy to do. Pixy comes in the most cutest of packaging which will serve as your loyal beauty companion, promising to awaken your youthful glow and creative spirit no matter where you are. Also, despite being affordable, Pixy flatters skin tones while infusing the same light reflecting, skin-perfecting properties, making Japanese cosmetics high in demand.

Beauty Blossoms in Manila with Pixy Cosmetics

The event was held at Whitespace, Makati. It was one of the most beautiful venues I have ever been into. The venue was beautifully decorated with Cherry Blossoms, pink chairs, lanterns, needlessness to say, the place was just pure KAWAII!!! It was heaven for pink lovers like me

Beauty Blossoms in Manila with Pixy Cosmetics
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The main event was hosted by Patty Laurel-Filart a TV Personality and a blogger as well, then proceeded by a few words from Mandom Corporation’s President & CEO Hiroyuki Mitsuoka, followed by Hirotsugu Ohashi, Mandom Corporation’s General Manager of Sales and Marketing.

“Mandom is excited to bring Pixy here to the Philippines because we believe our purpose is to contribute to the beautiful, healthy and pleasant living. Filipinas have an innate happiness and natural beauty. Pixy allows women to enhance this beauty by offering quality products to highlight their Truly Asian Beauty,” shares Hiroyuki Mitsuoka, President of Mandom Philippines.

It was then followed by a makeup demonstration by Pixy’s Makeup Artist Xeng Zulueta. Her work has been featured in a lot of magazine covers, fashion and beauty editorials, ad campaigns, runway, television, as well as collaboration with top photographers.

Beauty Blossoms in Manila with Pixy Cosmetics
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She demonstrated two distinct looks that you can achieve using Pixy Cosmetics. The Tokyo Kawaii (left) and the Tokyo Glam (right). She mentions that she really likes the sponge of Pixy’s UV Whitening Two Way Cake because no matter how you wet it it doesn’t budge nor does it change its form. Also, she’s very impressed with its coverage. You can just layer it on if you want to cover up something. No need to use a concealer!

Beauty Blossoms in Manila with Pixy Cosmetics
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Photo shows: The Mandom Philippines Corporation’s President and CEO, Hiroyuki Mitsuoka (left to center); General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Hirotsugu Ohashi (center); Marketing Associate for All Ladies Brand, Olaiza Sunga (far left), and Product Planning Specialist Jacqueline David Calanoc (2nd to right) join makeup artist Xeng Zulueta after she gave tips and tricks with models Ana Leticia (2nd to left) and Luany Ayumi (right of center)

The main event was concluded after we ate our lunch then after taking some pictures of those beautiful cherry blossoms all around the venue. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take much photos of the decorations and the placements because I was late, but you can search them at Instagram using the hashtag #getpixyfied.

Beauty Blossoms in Manila with Pixy Cosmetics

Beauty Blossoms in Manila with Pixy Cosmetics
And of course that would be me, with my beauty blogger event buddies for that day
(L-R): Aya of, Celline of and Gen-zel of

I am definitely beyond words about the arrival of Pixy here in the Philippines. I can’t wait to test out all of their products and let you know what I think. Let me know which one would you like me to review first!

Beauty Blossoms in Manila with Pixy Cosmetics

How about you? Have you tried Pixy Cosmetics? What makeup product are you mostly looking forward to try from their brand? Let me know!

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  • Becoming Sleek

    Nice to meet you in person Yette!

    • It was nice meeting you too!

  • abegaill villacruz

    When I saw your pictures on instagram, I was really really excited for you! The event was truly kawaii and perfect for those who love pink. I also love pink, but I simmer down a bit on buying pink products. I find pink so girly and chic. Anyway, as for Pixy, I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about Pixy but I’ve never tried it myself. I so wanted to buy one kaso wala pa sa Megamall or Shangrila. Sa Podium pa lang. I hope I get to Aura soon so I can get one na. I would actualy like to hoard! Do they have lots of eyeshadow shades ba? That’s the first one I’ll get eh.

    • I believe they do. If you want I can update this post and feature all of their available shades as of the moment

    • I believe these are all of their eyeshadow duos as of the moment. You can view them at their FB page (which is where I got the picture from).

      • abegaill villacruz

        Thank you for this!

  • nicole Paler

    Hi! as for me it was my husband who told me that japanese products are of high quality. it was really fun to see you there Yette! I hope we meet again sometime.


    • Yes, I would love that too!

  • The packaging is so cute!! will wait for your reviews about it!

  • I want to try the lipsticks will wait for you review!

  • Hayley Yamaguchi Bardilas

    i super love the pink theme ! they know how to catch girls eyes . may i ask how about its price is it too pricey or ok lang ? tnx

    • Their prices are not more than 500. If I’m not mistaken

  • I hope that people won’t be confused with this brand and the Pixi brand. I don’t know if they have the same pronunciation but if I’m not aware of these two brands, I’ll be mistaking one for the other. I’ve seen the prices of Pixy’s products and I find it reasonable. I’m excited to try their lipsticks and blush-ons.

    • Pixi is a US brand I think and it’s available in Glamourbox while Pixy is more on BDJ and it’s less expensive

  • Aegeane Mikka Brioso

    I first heard about pixy cosmetics on the BDJ Box, and honestly, I was really captured by the cute packaging and so pretty colors of their lippies. I never thought that it was also under mamdom ph, kaloka. Kaya pala medyo may part na naalala ko ang bifesta dito. Hihi. Their foundations looks very expensive ang packaging, but I was shocked na affordable siya. Ang bongga Parang evrything na fineautured mo is so pretty and good qulaity and can’t wait for your reviews! Hope you can do series of reviews for each item Do their lippies are matte or sheer or meron sila both? I was really intrigued on the UV Whitening Two Way Cake, I am actually planning to buy that since my bff told me na maganda siya, kaso hindi siya ata mineral? :3 wala pa sa cavite nito. Sana magkaron na. Kaloka bumyahe for now kasi ang panahon paiba iba.
    Anyways, all of you looks really pixyfied, and all maganda Love this event and I wanted to be a blogger din soon tuloy. Haha. Will wait for your review about that, Thanks for sharing!

    • I will do a series of reviews if that’s what most of you want, but I have to finish my backlogs first.

  • Hi yette, i like your photo sitting on the bench, so pretty. If i were to pick one product na gustong gusto ko itry from Pixy, siguro lipstick and the two way cake

  • Have you tried the ultimate foundation? the coverage is nice but I got a light shade huhubels. What shade do you have?

    • Forgot what my shade is but it compliments my skin tone really well

  • I soooooo love their Mascara! though I got it for free when I attended their even too last July sa Podium I was surprised by the effect super light weight tapos noticeable yung lashes mo agad I hope you’d review their two way cake!! really interested to buy one, Im not really a fan of asian brands but wow Pixy is just good affordable pa! anyway nakakatuwa yung venue, instant good vibes and it seemed like you’re in Japan.

  • Kleah

    I would love you to try all of these and have a make up tutorial. I was very curious about this product so I really need to see the outcome once it was apply on the face. thank you for featuring this one, I want you to try the Pixy Up whitening two way cake first.:) I heard and read that this product is good. Looking forward to read your next review Ms. yette #AvidReader

  • Dane Salazar

    I’m quite happy because the Watsons store that we have at Festival mall used to be crappy when it comes to makeup brands. Now, we have K-palette and Pixy. Anyway, I saw another brand called “Pixi” carried by Snoe. Thought it was the same brand until I noticed the difference in spelling. hehe