Weekly Raves #5: Ellana Minerals Strawberry Vanilla Lip Scrub

Weekly Raves #5: Ellana Minerals Strawberry Vanilla Lip Scrub

Hi loves! So it’s been a while since I did my last Weekly Raves and I really would like to get back in to doing that. So I thought it would be nice to start again with something that I have been loving for some time now. It’s the Ellana Minerals Strawberry Vanilla Lip Scrub. If you’ve been into my blog for some time now, I know what you might say.. ‘Not another Ellana product, Yette! But the thing is, so far I’ve never encountered a product of them that I didn’t like. And this is no different.

Product Description According to Ellana Minerals

What It is:
Say adios to flaky lips with our Lip Scrub in Strawberry Vanilla! This gentle lip exfoliator moisturizes and takes away dead skin for instantly softer lips. It leaves a sweet strawberry scent to make your lips luscious and impossible not to kiss.

Weekly Raves #5: Ellana Minerals Strawberry Vanilla Lip Scrub

I must say, before this product, I never really liked a particular lip scrub. Sure there are some products that somehow piqued my interest but none of them were able to get rid of my dry, flaky lips. It ended up being a waste of time and money. Then I encountered this.

Weekly Raves #5: Ellana Minerals Strawberry Vanilla Lip Scrub

The thing with this lip scrub is that it’s not abrasive yet it’s effective enough to remove those stubborn, noticeable, dead skin. You don’t have to force or apply pressure on the product in order for it to work. You just have to rub it either in a circular motion or horizontally and it does the job.

Weekly Raves #5: Ellana Minerals Strawberry Vanilla Lip Scrub

It’s filled with sugar and I consider that a good thing since most of the lip scrubs I have tried does not even contain an exfoliating product, which makes them ineffective. The sugar, of course helps exfoliate your lips and it also leaves your lips soft and fuller afterwards. It also has a strawberry scent which makes the lip scrub smell so yummy.

Weekly Raves #5: Ellana Minerals Strawberry Vanilla Lip Scrub

I use this every chance I get since my lips are extremely dry especially my lower lip because of the braces. But regularly, I apply this after I take a bath in the morning and before I go to sleep. I apply this first before my skincare routine. Then I wipe everything off with either wet wipes or with tissue paper.

How about you? Have you tried using a lip scrub before? Let me know what your favorite lip scrubs are by commenting down below!

• Product Name | Ellana Minerals Strawberry Vanilla Lip Scrub
• Net Wt | 10g • Price | PhP 168
• Avalability | Ellana Website; Ellana Counters at The Ramp Glorietta,
Edsa Shangri La & Trinoma

* Product was given during the photoshoot. Opinions are my own.
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  • How much did you bought it? And do you use this everyday?

  • I really wanted to avail this as GWP but many of the stuff I wanted was out of stock huhuhu

    • It was a part of the loot bag when they had that photoshoot. Wala ka ba nun?

      • Nooo… Was asked to postpone because too many people are coming in na

        • Aww, sayang naman. Next time.

  • I’ve never purchased a proper lip scrub before since I DIY my own.

    • You should try this, if you’re thinking about buying one.

  • Sef T.

    you are getting better and better each post. keep it up dear!


  • aside from the strawberry scent, does it taste like strawberry too?
    I DIY my lip scrub I use salt and honey, though it stings a bit, it’s really effective.

    • No, it just tastes like sugar. Hehe

  • Ohh so you dont have to rinse this off pala. Interesting and cute!

    • Nope.I don’t rinse it off na. I just wipe this with a tissue/wet wipe.

  • maxine

    I haven’t tried exfoliating lip scrubs because I use the toothebrush trick to exfoliate my lips! I’m glad to know this worked for you and I’d love to try this. I always complain about my dry lips kaya I think this should be a great product for me.

    • Yup I used to do that too, and that really works, then I found this.

  • abegaill villacruz

    I haven’t tried any lip scrub before, since I heard negative feedbacks from others. But when I read this, I would definitely try this product.

  • I haven’t tried store bought lip scrubs because I did my own and I’m loving it so far and it works. The lip scrubs available in the market tickle my curiosity on how the experience would be like and it’s formulation. I want to now the difference of these lip scrubs from the DIY version.

    • I’m not really sure what the difference to be honest, but what I like about this one is compared to other lip scrubs, this one is really inexpensive.

  • It’s been a while since the last time I used a lip scrub! I used to own one from Lush, which was very effective, but quite pricey for what it is. So thanks for sharing this lip scrub from Ellana. Will definitely be looking into it! Pwedeng pwede with its reasonable price! Btw, can I just tell you that I love your product photography and styling! Your blog theme is so clean yet stylish and girly~ Loveeeee eeeeeet!

    • I wanted Lush but it’s quite pricey for a lip scrub so I just do the tooth brush technique and it worked then I got this one.


  • it’s nice to know that Ellana came up with their own lip scrub. I actually just use brown sugar then I rinse it with water afterwards.

    • You should try this one. You’re going to love it!

  • This is nice ah. I don’t remember when was the last time I exfoliated my lips. And since this is really affordable, I should try it! The one from Tony Moly is quite expensive kasi eh

    • This is really cheap & it works

  • Marseille Frances Bañas Talaca

    I have never bought any lip scrub before I just do my own lip scrub at home haha. This is interesting and it’s cheap pa. I have this feeling that almost all Ellana products are good.

  • Does it lighten the lips?

  • Jnine

    does it lighten the lips?