Feeling Royalty: Princess Hazel Salon & Spa

Feeling Royalty: Princess Hazel Salon & Spa

Hi loves! So to continue my beauty bonding with my co-beauty blogger/buddy Genzel, last Friday, June 27, 2014, after our mani-pedi sesh we headed to Princess Hazel Salon & Spa. Located at the second floor of Pacific Century Tower, we were welcomed by the salon’s luxurious and majestic interior design. I never thought a salon could make me feel like I am in a palace. Seriously.

Feeling Royalty: Princess Hazel Salon & Spa
Waiting Area

Upon entering you will see this beautiful couch which is meant as a waiting area, and beside it, was this shelf allowing you to browse all of the accessories and the hair extensions that they’re also selling at the said place.

Feeling Royalty: Princess Hazel Salon & Spa
Hand & Feet Service Area

The first thing you will see, aside from the waiting area is the service area for the hands & feet. Seeing that area was actually one of the highlights of my day. Not kidding. It was so pretty and it made me want to try their mani-pedi even though I just had my nails done. Each customer will have their very own throne when they get to try their hand & feet services and they’re free to wear the crowns laying around the side table too.

Feeling Royalty: Princess Hazel Salon & Spa
Hair & Makeup Area

Feeling Royalty: Princess Hazel Salon & Spa
Facial Room

The salon as you can see, not only offers mani-pedi (and related) services but also offers hair and makeup, and facial services. All of those are located in the first floor.

Feeling Royalty: Princess Hazel Salon & Spa
Waxing Area

Feeling Royalty: Princess Hazel Salon & Spa
Massage Area

The salon occupies two floors and to be quite honest, their place is not that big. However, I like the fact that they were able to maximize their space for all of their services. At the second floor, they have three service areas: they have the Waxing area, the Massage area and the RF Treatment (Radio Frequency) area.

Feeling Royalty: Princess Hazel Salon & Spa
RF (Radio Frequency) Area

I took the opportunity to try their Radio Frequency Treatment and I had it done in my face and arms. According to Ms. Hazel, the owner of the Salon, a lot of celebrities get this treatment in order to enhance or tighten some parts of their body. You see, Radio Frequency Treatments can be used to tighten the skin, therefore making them appear younger and fresh looking.

Feeling Royalty: Princess Hazel Salon & Spa

One thing you must remember when having an RF Treatment is that you should not wear any jewelries or accessories with metal parts (well you get the gist). No makeups too because they had to apply an RF cream. Oh and you must NOT under any circumstances touch the person who’s doing your treatment. Why? I accidentally touched the one who’s doing my RF treatment and let’s just say we both got “slightly” electrocuted. My fault.

Feeling Royalty: Princess Hazel Salon & Spa

The machine had interchangeable rubber plates which is specific for each parts of the body, and I think the smallest one is for your face. For my face, they spent a total of 15 minutes but for both my arms they spent 30 minutes (15 minutes for each arm). They also asked me to bite a cloth for precautionary measures because I was still wearing my braces.

Feeling Royalty: Princess Hazel Salon & Spa

Here’s the before & after pic. I was actually hesitant of showing this, but oh well. I know, my face is still huge, lol. Makeup does wonders for me. Anyway, you will notice that my cheekbones got enhanced and the skin around my chin had tightened a bit. I plan to continue my RF treatments (and I plan on dieting too, lol).

As for the arms, I don’t have a before and after image to show you but I do have the measurements:

32 1/2
28 1/2
37 1/2
27 1/2
28 1/2
27 1/2
36 1/2

They measured three parts of my arms and as you can see with just the first session, there’s really some improvement.

Feeling Royalty: Princess Hazel Salon & Spa

There are some things you must remember after undergoing an RF Treatment. They are the following:

  • Don’t drink cold water within 6 hours after the treatment
  • Don’t wash your face or take a bath for that matter within 6 hours
  • If you really have to, you can just wipe it off with a damp towel or some cleansing towelettes

Feeling Royalty: Princess Hazel Salon & Spa

What I like about the Princess Hazel Salon & Spa aside from the interior design is the service. All of them are very kind and accommodating especially the owner, Ms. Hazel. They’re very proper and they give you all the details before letting you undergo the treatment. Oh, and if the interior doesn’t make you feel like royalty, their staff will definitely make up for that. (Although I find that completely ludicrous since the interior is just so amazing and speaks ‘Fairy Tale’ when you enter the salon).

Feeling Royalty: Princess Hazel Salon & Spa

Their prices may be a bit steep but the facilities, the service is just superb. It’s another one-stop shop for all your beauty needs and the place is very easy to find.

Feeling Royalty: Princess Hazel Salon & Spa
Yours Truly with the Beautiful Owner Miss Hazel and
my always beauty buddy/co-beauty blogger Genzel author of GenzelKisses.com

Overall, I really liked the salon and it was a unique experience, being in a palace-like salon, being treated like royalty. I am looking forward to try more of their services and I can’t wait to go back. If you are looking for unique ways to pamper your self then this is what you’re looking for. Like I said, it’s definitely a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs and the place will definitely make you feel like royalty.

Feeling Royalty: Princess Hazel Salon & Spa

Now who says we can never be royals? (sorry I can’t help it! :P)

Princess Hazel Salon & Spa is conveniently located at:
Unit 203 Pacific Century Tower,
1472-1476 Quezon Avenue,
Brgy. South Triangle 1103
Quezon City, Philippines

Contact Infos:
Phone: +63(916) 559-5222
Email: princesshazeluy@gmail.com

You can also find them at the following Social Media Platforms:
Facebook: Princess Hazel Salon & Spa
Instagram: @ilovehairph

***DISCLAIMER: Services were provided for review purposes. Opinions are my own.
Special thanks to Ms. Hazel for inviting us to try out the salon. Thanks!

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  • The RF treatment sound scary to me since I am so prone in getting electrocuted! but I guess the palace-inspired design would calm me a bit, anyway, the result is really obvious so I guess it’s worth it! but how often should we get RF treatment? P.S no make up look ? you’re still blooming and super kinis! If I’d do a no make up look I’ll be pale and bumpy all over lol

    • Aww, you don’t have to be scared. I was just really clumsy and it was my fault. It was just a tiny jolt (yung tipong para ka lang na-ground). I’m not sure about how often but I think it depends on your preference.

      Aww, thanks. I have these tiny bumps all over my forehead and some redness in my under eye area. Don’t be fooled, lol :*

      • ohhh I see might try it soon! maybe sa arms because saggy

        di po halata galing

        • Aww, thanks. Go try it!

  • abegaill villacruz

    Wow, super nice ng place. You’ll feel like a princess talaga. I’m interested with the RF treatments. I’ll try it soon, sa face din siguro.

    • Thanks! You’re going to love the place

  • I can’t wait to try thisss!! I just got a free voucher from Sample Room and after seeing your photos, it excites me even more to try them out!

    • Yay! Can’t wait for your review!

  • Wow! The interior is really nice. It reminds me of Disney Princesses. Hehe. I wanna try their RF too. Looks like it really effective after seeing this post of yours.


    • You’re going to love the place. try checking out Sample Room, I think they still have those vouchers

  • From the name of the spa/salon itself! Truly a princess ambiance.. RF looks interesting!

    • Yup, the place is indeed majestic

  • Wow, each customer will think that they’re being treated like a royalty. Btw, how many sessions do you have to undergo for the face radio frequency. I noticed that their facial is very inexpensive. I’m looking forward to visiting this place.