June 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions

Hi loves! How’s your week so far? TGIF, right? Oh, mine’s been hectic. Filled with OTs. Hope it’ll pay off soon *crosses fingers*. Anyway, as you may all know, my June BDJ Box arrived just last Monday. Well, I was supposed to receive it last Saturday but things got out of hand, and thanks to the BDJ Box team, I was able to track it and let’s just say, ‘good thing it’s still intact’.

Anyway, enough with my babbling. I’m pretty sure you’re not here for that. Let’s go to the unboxing, shall we?

June 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions

As you can see, this month’s box is a Benefit Exclusive box. I think it’s their second this year. I am just not sure which month was their first since this is just my second box for this year. Anyway, don’t you just love the sleeve? They do this every time they have an exclusive box and this time this sleeve is like my favorite. I know how “shallow” that sounds like but I tend to display the cutest on my shelf.

Moving on, here are the items that I got…

June 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions
Benefit The Porefessional PRO Balm (Sample Size)
Full Size: 22ml; PhP 1,600
This lightweight balm contains a Vitamin E derivative to help achieve translucent pore coverage and smoother-than-smooth skin. Suitable for all skin tones and can be used under or over make-up, this oil-free primer will smoothen any open pores to make it glowing and absolutely flawless.

I love this primer, I got my first sample of this product from SampleRoom and when I saw this in my box, I thought I got the same size. (Click here for reference) But no, these samples are a lot smaller. Nevertheless, I’m glad I got this sample. I still have my SR sample because I was trying to limit my use since it’s really pricey. Now I have two more ‘sample sized’ backups.

June 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions
Benefit Fake Up Concealer (Sample Size)
Full Size: 3.5g; PhP 1,600
This crease-control concealer – with Vitamin E and apple seed extract – hide dark circles and diffuses fine lines for a silky smooth ultra-natural look. You can also use it to touch up throughout the day. It won’t cake, crease or settle, so no more worries for your eye area!

I’ve heard a lot of great things about this concealer and I’m glad I now have the chance to try it. And I do love the packaging even though it’s just a sample size.

June 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions
Benefit Big Easy (Sample Size)
Full Size: 35ml; PhP 2,000
Two reasons why this is bigger than ordinary BB’s first, it balances moisture and controls oil; second, the cushiony liquid-to-powder formula melts in like a cream, yet finishes lightweight and velvety like a powder. This multi-balancing complexion perfector self-adjusts to your shade to even out skin tone and conceal imperfections.

I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about this one and since it’s a BB cream with a cream-to-powder finish, it’s definitely intriguing for me. I swatched it before and I really liked the consistency. I’m probably going to finish this tube, but since it’s pretty expensive, I don’t think I’m going to buy it. But please don’t take my word for it. Lol.

June 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions
Benefit Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer (Sample Size)
Full Size: 15.5g; PhP 1,900
This instant PRO-long primer acts like a magnet to lock on your foundation for 15 fresh and flawless hours. Let this invisible stick primer glide directly onto skin for optimal wear then immediately apply foundation, blending together on face for a natural-looking finish. Got longer, stay flawless!.

Same as the Big Easy BB Cream, I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about this one. One of the major cons about this product, according to some YTers is that, it breaks easily. I hope that wont happen to this tiny sample. I am definitely looking forward to try this on a special event. I’ve been thinking of buying this actually because the 15-hour primer is definitely attracting. But the fact that it breaks easily is kinda disappointing. Oh well, thanks to this box, I’ll have the chance to try it.

June 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions
Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream (Sample Size)
Full Size: 14.2ml; PhP 1,800
Say goodbye to dark circles and hello to brighter, younger-looking eyes using this eye cream. It contains a peptide complex to help restore electricity and firmness, a blend of botanical extracts including apple extract to help boost collagen, and loquat extract to help protect the skin from free radical damage.

The first time I’ve heard of this product was through Ms. Liz’s blog. I’ve always wanted to purchase this but it was too expensive for me. Now I can personally try it.

June 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions
Benefit Lollitint (Sample Size)
Full Size: 12.5ml; PhP 1,700
This candy-orchid tint threats lips and cheeks to a “pop” of dreamy sweetness. For a natural, rosy glow. Just brush three strokes on the apple of your cheek and blend quickly with fingertips. It is the flirtiest flush you can get from a bottle, and its smudge-proof, smooch-proof color lasts from day to night. Talk about stain power!

I’ve always wanted to get this because it’s so cute. But I realized I didn’t want to get it just because of that factor. (lol) Besides, it’s a tint, and I’m not much of a ‘tint-person’, if you’ve been following my blog, you will know that. When I first saw this, I thought this was as big as the ones I gave in one of my giveaways, (click here for reference) but again, it’s not.

June 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions
Benefit Benetint (Sample Size)
Full Size: 12.5ml; PhP 1,700
This original rose-tint stain is kiss proof see-through color for lips and cheeks that lasts for hours. Wear it under your favorite lipstick or lip gloss to amp up the staying power of your lip color, and under a highlighter on cheeks for a healthy dewy glow. Just the sexiest flush you can get from a bottle!

Been wanting to see what’s the rave all about. Now, I’ll have the chance to test it out.

June 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions
PhP 300 Brow Wax Service &
Free Makeupper

Cool vouchers, specially the brow wax service! Something I can take advantage of!

June 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions

So those are all of the products that I got from this month’s box. All in all, I really like this month’s box I just wish that the samples were a bit bigger. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking for a full-sized Benefit product, because that’s just expensive. But I would love to see a deluxe sample size, kinda like the one that I got from Sample Room, yeah? Or kinda like the size of the tints that I was referring to earlier.

Also, I was hoping for a bit of a variation. I am not gonna lie, I cheated and I took a peek at some of the unboxings at Facebook and I saw that some of them got a mascara and foundation instead of the stick primer and the eye potent. I was hoping to get that too, not that I didn’t like my box, but I got three primers in one box. (2 Porefessional Pro Balms & 1 Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer).

June 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions

Though all in all, I still LOVE this box. It’s my first time to get a Benefit exclusive box and I don’t have a lot of Benefit products. Therefore, it’s a good way to explore their makeup line. Thanks BDJ, for giving us that chance.

Anyway, I don’t have a computation for you since these are just sample products, but being that this is a high end makeup brand, it is pretty obvious that this box is definitely DABOMB and therefore, freakin’ worth it.

How about you? Have you received your BDJ Box yet? Did you get one?
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See you soon!

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  • prncessjaq11

    The first thing that comes to my mind—Pricey! Hehehe I’m glad you received it now. Wag ka na maworry sa OT’s mo Miss Yette, it just shows how you love your work.

    • Haha, thanks Cess :*

  • I also got this box, and I am loving it because I get to try the products first. I have already tried some of them and hopeful to post review in my blog I love the packaging and the instructions that come with the BDJ Box. BDJ is love

  • DearKaaat .

    I wish they included some deluxe-sized at least. But I do like how these have enough supply inside to help you decide if you want to purchase the full-sized versions or not.

    • I completely agree.

  • I should start subscribing to BDJ Box. I’m in love with your June box! I really want to try Big Easy. How was it?

    • I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll update you as soon as I try it.

  • Ohh wow those are lovely sample products!!! I have a few benefit products and some are misses like the porefessional… but some are also great like the fake up concealer which I reviewed on my blog before. I hope you will like that concealer as much as I did

  • You should subscribe every month sis BDJ will never disappoint us for sure, their first collab w/ Benefit was March box

    • I was a monthly subscriber last year.

  • I’ve seen some unboxing posts of this box and I noticed how really tiny the samples were. I find them cute because they can easily fit your into kikay kit and very travel friendly. I hope you can do a first impression post of the things you got from this box.