KATE Tokyo Bloggers’ Event

I’ve always liked Asian brands of makeup. I really like how innovative they are and well, very fitting for us Pinays. I’ve always been familar of the makeup brand KATE, but I never got the chance to try their products. That’s why when I got an invite from their PR last month, I knew that this was an event I didn’t want to miss.

KATE Tokyo Bloggers' Event

Friday last month, May 23rd, I was invited to attend Kanebo/KATE Tokyo’s Bloggers’ Event & Workshop. The event was held at Studio SnR in order to introduce the latest products from Kanebo, Freshel and KATE Tokyo.

KATE Tokyo Bloggers' Event

The event started off with an introduction to the brand by Kanebo/Freshel/Kate Tokyo’s PR Consultant, Ms. Cecilia Lizan. She told us a lot of things from Freshel, a wide-ranging skincare lineup from basic to multifunctional items that can be selected according to one’s lifestyle and needs. Kanebo, a leading producer of Japanese cosmetics whose history traces back from 1887. And lastly KATE (which is now known as KATE Tokyo).

KATE Tokyo Bloggers' Event

We were also given a chance to view a demonstration by Ms. Kookie Guzman-Sandejas, one of the founders of UMAP (you can view her website here or her beauty blog here). While viewing the demonstration, we were also given a chance to swatch most of the KATE Tokyo products. And when I say ‘swatch’ I meant to say ‘major swatchfest’. A few of my favorites were their lip products, their ‘Quick Remake Liquid For Cover’ then their eyeshadows. Their eyeshadows are pretty unique. Well, most of their products are, I tell you. Per their brand motto, “NO MORE RULES”, it’s just quite fitting that their products are quite a standout and one of a kind.

KATE Tokyo Bloggers' Event

Ms. Kookie Sandejas did two part-demonstration. First she did a simple day look wherein she just used a couple of products to her model, then she transformed the model’s current makeup to an Evening look by using darker shades. She also used one of my favorite products, ‘Quick Remake Liquid For Cover’. I’ll tell you why it’s my favorite soon, in an upcoming review. Here’s the model’s day and night makeup look. Pretty, isn’t she?

KATE Tokyo Bloggers' Event

Now, since we were allowed to do some major swatchfest, we were also allowed to test their products. Of course, I just had to try some of their picks. Had I known that we’re going to do this, I might’ve skipped applying my eyeshadow that day. Just kidding.

KATE Tokyo Bloggers' Event

Here’s me using their lip product and my fave, ‘Quick Remake Liquid For Cover’. By now, you probably know what it’s for. Lol

KATE Tokyo Bloggers' Event

Aaand, of course, before we leave, you know I had to do some photo op, not only with my co-bloggers but with the beautiful (and oh-my-god-she’s-so-tall) Ms. Kookie Guzman-Sandejas

KATE Tokyo Bloggers' Event
1st Photo: Me with Ms. Kookie Guzman-Sandejas;
Second Photo: L-R: Me (Lol), Gen of Genzel Kisses, Mhisha of The Touch Of Yellow,
Ms. Cecilia Lizan (KATE Tokyo PR Consultant) & Terry of Terry-fic Pinay

Oh, and we went home with these fab loot bags. I got my fave product. I was lucky because according to them, I was one of the first 10 bloggers who arrived at the event.

KATE Tokyo Bloggers' Event

Now before I go, I have some good news to tell you. (Yay! Another good news!) If you love traveling or if you dream of going to Japan, then this is your chance. KATE Tokyo is bringing one lucky winner (& company) this September to Japan. How to join? Simple. Below are the details.

KATE Tokyo Bloggers' Event
Click for larger image

So that’s it. Selfie your way to Japan just by using KATE Tokyo products. What are you waiting for? Join na!

So that was my experience joining the KATE Tokyo Bloggers’ Event. I apologize if it almost took me a month in updating you guys about it. Well, I know most of you are sick of my excuses, but oh well. Same old song. But I hope this post somehow updated you with what’s going on with the world of Japanese makeup brands, and oh, if you’re thinking about joining, Good luck! In fact, let me know if you’re joining, Imma like your photos. You have my support all the way

Like KATE Tokyo’s Facebook here – https://www.facebook.com/katephilippines

*Special thanks to Ms. Cecilia Lizan of KATE Tokyo for the additional photos.

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  • RebelSweetHrt

    Na-curious ako sa Quick Remake na yan, hehe. Looks like a very promising product.
    Love the contents of your loot bag. Very fab, indeed!

  • wooow.. the event looked fun!!! superrr nakakainggit ang events ng beauty bloggersss!! makapag beauty blog na nga. hihihi.. kidding aside, I really love your blogs sis! super detailed and it makes me feel like nasa event na rin ako. hihihi.. keep it up!

    • Aww, thanks Rhea! Hope we can get to meet again, soon!

  • i love kate as always…back in KL we aso have the similar event!!i learn so many things and had lots of fun!!

    • Yay! Thanks for dropping by, Cindy!

  • DearKaaat .

    The night makeup look demonstrated on the model is perfect! It looks wearable even at day time. The Japanese is indeed impressive especially when it comes to eye makeup. Thanks for taking us with you to this event through this post!

    • You’re welcome and I’m glad you enjoyed this post

  • prncessjaq11

    The day and night make up are simple and amazing. Nakakainggit ka Miss Yette!

    • Aww, why?

      What should I call you by the way?

      • prncessjaq11

        Miss Yette, Cess nalang for short

        • Aww, thanks Cess. I just learned from YT.

  • TBH, I’ve never heard of Kate before this but their products look so good! And it looks like you got some great loot. It really pays to be an early bird, huh? Hehe BTW, will you be making product reviews? I’m intrigued about that Quick Remake Liquid For Cover, it looks great on you!

    • Yes, I will make product reviews. I will try to review the remake liquid for cover soon.