May 2014 | Saladbox Unboxing & First Impressions

Hey loves! I am sorry for not being able to post for quite some time. I’ve been out and about lately, gaining more weight than ever, catching up with my favorite series (Supernatural, DEAN! WTF?!!), oh and reading my now favorite book, The Fault In Our Stars (I can’t wait for the movie! Gggrr). Anyway, I thought long and hard whether or not I am going to do an unboxing post about Saladbox’s May box. But I thought I should at least tell you my opinion about it, and the items that are included, so here it is.

May 2014 | Saladbox Unboxing & First Impressions

Last month’s Saladbox theme was referred to as “Runway Ready”. In this box, they teamed up with Tresseme, the official hair sponsor of Fashion Weeks all over the world. This box is basically composed of hair and body products.

May 2014 | Saladbox Unboxing & First Impressions
Tresseme Smooth & Shine Shampoo & Conditioner Trial Pack
(Full Size – PhP 365)

These bottles, even though it counts as a set or a trial pack, is counted individually in this month’s box. Let me just be honest here, this trial pack, I believe is only PhP 100 (correct me if I’m wrong). I actually like the product, but I don’t think that it’s enough to cover the entire box. Now, let’s proceed with the other items…

May 2014 | Saladbox Unboxing & First Impressions
Dentiste Plus White Nighttime Herbapeutic Toothpaste
(Full Size – PhP 289)

I’ve seen this tube in one of their boxes before. Back when I was subscribed to them. I like Dentiste, but I don’t like this sample. Period.

May 2014 | Saladbox Unboxing & First Impressions
Yuka Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover Wipes in ‘Grapes’
(Full Size – PhP 65)

I’ve received one of these before from a different subscription box. I gave it away though.

May 2014 | Saladbox Unboxing & First Impressions
TREAT! Regatta Fresh Sunshine Body Spray
(Full Size – PhP 245)

Tried smelling it off the bottle. Smells good actually.

May 2014 | Saladbox Unboxing & First Impressions
Discount Card For Future Subscription

If in case you are interested in getting 3, 6 or 12 more boxes.

May 2014 | Saladbox Unboxing & First Impressions

So those are all of the products that I got from last month’s Saladbox. Individually, I think each of these products are okay, except for the Dentiste sample. BUT, considering that they’re all from a beauty subscription box, I think compared to all of the three boxes I got from Saladbox so far, this is the most disappointing. Why? All of these products if you compute them individually are less than PhP 500. Yes, I only paid PhP 333 per box, but that’s just because of a discount/promo that they’re currently having. Their boxes, when sold individually is still PhP 500 per month. This box is only approximately PhP 410. Here’s my computation below:

Tresseme Smooth & Shine Shampoo & Conditioner Trial Pack
Yuka Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover Wipes in ‘Grapes’
Regatta Fresh Sunshine Body Spray
PhP 100
T O T A L PhP 410

May 2014 | Saladbox Unboxing & First Impressions

Now I don’t mean to rain on anyone else’s parade. I’m just being honest. I think that all of the items, if considered individually are, as I’ve mentioned, ‘okay’. But I think this box is still poorly curated and I think it was right for me to leave Saladbox before. This third and final box proved it for me. I will just stick to my other two monthly subscriptions instead. Who knows maybe next time, I’ll reconsider. Again.

What about you? What do you think about this box? Do you think I was being too harsh? Be honest.

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  • I got same items as yours except for the Regatta Fresh Sunshine Body Spray . :|
    Got 165 of what I paid for. ;(
    Yuka, Tresemme, and the sample toothpaste from Dentiste.

    • Ouch. You didn’t get a body spray? And I’m here being such a whiner. Sorry hun.

      • They’re not consistent huhu. My mom first received the box since I’m working during office hours then she opened it (it doesnt matter naman sakin) then she laughed what she saw inside – Di daw worth it </3 I'm afraid lang to post it, baka dumami haters nila. </3

        • Yes, my mom was the one who received it as well and she said the exact same thing. She didn’t open it but I showed it to her and she had the same sentiments. Di nga talaga sha worth it.

  • oh the box is so pretty babe!!!! love tresemme conditioner a lot!

    • I like Tresemme too

  • glendaleang

    wow i love supernatural too! so nice to meet a fellow fan! pwede ka po gumawa ng box comparisons? gusto ko kasi magregister and i dont know saan maganda magsubscribe. more into makeup po ako. any suggestions?

    • I like the idea of doing box comparisons, unfortunately I don’t receive monthly boxes coming from each of them so that’ll be hard. Also, Glamourbox is no longer a monthly subscription, they just come out with special boxes from time to time and I don’t think I’ll be subscribing to Saladbox anytime soon. But apart from all three, I think I like BDJ the most

      • glendaleang

        thank you

  • You’re not harsh. It really is disappointing. Parang pakunswelo lang tulog yung March and April boxes nila.

    • Thanks, Jean. That means alot.

  • Jho Anna

    Wow! Thanks for the honest opinion of the box, I’ve just started subscribing to beauty boxes and I saw this one too.

  • wooow.. in fair.. their products are all nice ah! I’m using that Yuka too.. super convenient talaga siya as a nail polish remover.

    • Really? Haven’t used it yet. Thanks

  • Beatrix Sy

    I didn’t get the Regatta Spray.. the treat I got instead were 3pcs of Gift Cards.. as cute as they just dont make up for the subscription fee I paid.. so dismayed this was suppose to be my birthday gift to myself… I wouldn’t have mind the late delivery but to go cheap on the box that should at least be worth P500 is simply unacceptable..:(

    • True. Couldn’t agree more.

  • RebelSweetHrt

    Ay, no more SkinFood products? I was kinda expecting they’d throw in something from SkinFood each month.

    • Yeah no more Skin Food products.

  • So many new products! Interestingly, Treseme is holding a fashion show tonight! I want to try that because my hair has gone so dry coz of the weather

  • Jam Daquio

    I finally had the answer why tresemme is very popular..

    • Haha. I don’t use Tresemme that much, but I guess we have the same conclusion.

  • I got three of that Tresemme sample box for FREE during Watsons sale. Gah! I also won’t subscribe anymore. Dang!

    • Haha,my sentiments, EXACTLY!

  • Lovelee

    Contents of the box seems disappointing at first glance. There were just a few! I dont subscribe (yet) to these things but if I were to get just that, I will definitely think that I am not getting my money’s worth. Argh!

    • True, Lovelee. Thanks for dropping by!

  • theabelles11

    Hi Yette! I’ve been reading your blog on & off for the past few months. And i just decided to follow you on bloglovin recently to keep me updated on your latest beauty adventure. And when i plan on buying a certain beauty product i always make sure to drop by your blog site for some research and consultation. And i’ve been planning to subscribe to Saladbox just to try it, but im glad i checked your blog first. And mind you, you’re not harsh at all, you’re just being honest. Actually you’re nice because the Tresemme doesn’t even cost P100, i bought one of those few months back and it only cost P89. Well thank you for saving me on buying something that would eventually disappoint me.

    • Aww, thanks so much. You’re so sweet

      Really? That's only P89? OMG. Saladbox is really going downhill. Lol.

  • Marseille Frances Bañas Talaca

    I have NEVER been a fan SaladBox.. From their first box up to now, nothing has caught my attention to subscribe to them even they already lowered the subscription rate. I just thought that it would be a waste of money and I’m right (well, based on what they had given on their boxes). If I were you I would do the same thing. One thing is for sure though, BDJBox is WAAAAYYYYY better than SladBox. :))

    • Yep, I gave them a chance. Turned out it was a mistake, so no. I won’t be renewing my subscription anytime soon.

  • ScharliiScherbatsky

    out of the topic question: ikaw po ba ay mayroong special set na ginagamit mo for shoots? grabeeeeh lahat ng post mo eh A for effort! wala ako masabi hahaha may anggulo na may mga design pa!

    • Nope. I use an illustration board & white card board as my background if I just want a plain background (like the one I used in this post) then I use three pieces of desk lamps.

  • Yette! I agree with you though didn’t have the chance to try their subscription seeing other reviews make me think it’s not worth it. I mean dapat hindi sayang diba and as a blogger we have to review honestly para aware both buyer and the company (whatever you call them) haha nah they have to improve!

    • True, Patricia. They’re subscription boxes are not improving at all. It’s not worth it, instead, nag overpay pa ako.

  • DearKaaat .

    Me too! Have you watch TFIOS? I want to but I don’t think my heart is ready haha.

    I’m still contemplating on what to subscribe to for my first ever beauty box.This is why I read as much reviews as I can before I purchase one. So thank you for writing one! And I don’t think you’re being harsh, I think you’re being honest.

    • It’s a good movie. Haha. I didn’t cry like I did when I read the book (believe me I’m an emotional wreck) but I did shed a tear, lol.

      Go for BDJ or Glamourbox. You won’t feel bad about those two. You might not like all of the items in your box (which doesn’t happen very often) but at least you get your money’s worth.

      • DearKaaat .

        Yesyes Glamourbox and BDJ seems impressive. But I feel like I’m going to lean towards BDJ Or maybe both haha!

  • prncessjaq11

    Don’t forget to bring some tissue when you go to the theater! That’s sad to know your expectations as a subscriber didn’t meet. You’re not harsh, you’re just being real Miss Yette. ☺️

    • I’ve already watched it. It did make me cry a bit, but not as much as the book did, lol.

      Thank you, Princess

  • karen santiago-libunao

    you got the body spray din pala Ms. Yette ako kasi wala.. wala pang 200 pesos yung nakuha ko… i got the gift cards instead… lol. patawa talaga. i sent my unboxing post to Saladbox, di naman sila nagreply. hehe

    • I doubt it if they’re going to reply, lol

  • Salad Box is disappointing based from the posts I’ve read. It seems they don’t want their subscribers to feel extra special. The products here are just so-so and won’t entice you to get another box from them.