April 2014 | Glamourbox Unboxing & First Impression

Hi everyone! I know this post is waay late. I apologize for that. I got this box a week ago and I couldn’t wait to share to you my thoughts and opinions about this box. However, I still have my Saladbox Unboxing posts so I had to give it time before I finally review this box. Anyway, let’s take a peek at what’s inside my April 2014 Perfectly Pristine Glamourbox

April 2014 | Glamourbox Unboxing & First Impression

As you can see, the box is overflowing with goodies inside. You can barely close it. As previously mentioned, this box’s theme is ‘Perfectly Pristine’, which means that all of the products in this box were specially curated to not only make you feel beautiful but also let you be beautiful. To keep you in your ‘pristine’ state. There’s no makeup here, but this box has a lot more to offer than makeup. Let’s see.

April 2014 | Glamourbox Unboxing & First Impression
Bare Naturals The Mane Event Nourishing Hair Mask
in Oat Protein, Macadamia Nut, and Argan Brazilian
| Full Size 130g (PhP 380)

Get ready for an all-natural hair mask that truly delivers! Infused with oat proteins and oils of macadamia nut, argan oil and colza, it helps condition, detangle, fight static and rebuild damaged hair.

I really love the scent of this product. It reminds me of ‘Kisses’. If you’re a 90’s kid from the Philippines, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It smells so delightful and I cannot wait to use it. Oh, and it has a really nice texture, it’s very thick and I’m thinking that it’ll work great for my damaged hair.

April 2014 | Glamourbox Unboxing & First Impression
Bare Naturals Sexy Back Scrub with Sacha Inchi Oil | Full Size 130g (PhP 290)
This back scrub made with lulur exfoliants and antioxidant-rich sacha inchi oil fights and sloughs off bacne and other common skin woes. It’s all you need for a smooth and sexy back!

This product smells so good! I’m so excited to use it but it’s for bacne so does that mean that it would be stronger than your usual scrub? Ugh.. Help?

April 2014 | Glamourbox Unboxing & First Impression
Sebamed Anti-Dandruff Shampoo | Full Size 100ml (PhP 425)
Dandruff, begone! Restore the natural balance of your scalp with this mild shampoo with PH 5.5. It removes dandruff flakes and reduces any irritations without drying it out

I don’t have dandruff so I’m not so sure about this one but I’m definitely intrigued.

April 2014 | Glamourbox Unboxing & First Impression
Belo Intensive Whitening Bar | Full Size 65g (PhP 59.75)
Get fairer, rosier skin quick! Belo expertly combines tranexamic acid with kojic acid for this soap that has 64% more lightening power than a product with kojic acid alone

My mom’s definitely eying on this soap so after I do this post, this soap will definitely go to her.

April 2014 | Glamourbox Unboxing & First Impression
Avon Skin So Soft Fast Hydration Body Gel Lotion | Full Size 250ml (PhP 330)
Instantly hydrate & revitalize your skin with the refreshing sensation of this fast-absorbing gel lotion! Enhanced with watermint oil & vitamin E, it leaves skin touchably soft all day.

I am definitely intrigued and I really cannot wait to use this. Unfortunately I have a ton of opened lotions right here so I just have to keep this in my backup bin.

April 2014 | Glamourbox Unboxing & First Impression
Vanilla & Co. Moisturizing Witch Hazel Beauty Tonic | Full Size 150ml (PhP 199)
Quench skin with vitamins anytime, anywhere! This beauty tonic will recharge and protect skin from constant exposure to the sun, dust and pollution.

My facial sprays are all empty so this is definitely useful. I can’t wait to use it.

April 2014 | Glamourbox Unboxing & First Impression
Venus & Mars Naturals Smooch Lip Detox SPF15 | Full Size 10g (PhP 205)
Break free from chemicals! This lip butter is made only of the finest natural oils to make your puckers smooch-worthy! Charged SPF15, it protects lips from sun damage.

If you don’t know by now, I am a lip balm/butter addict, so this will definitely be put into good news.

April 2014 | Glamourbox Unboxing & First Impression
Zen Zest Anti-Mosquito Room Fragrance | Full Size 250g (PhP 250)
Feel instantly invigorated with this wondrous combination of citronella, lemongrass and eucalyptus. Its citrusy scent keeps mosquitoes out too.

Definitely something useful especially during summer.

April 2014 | Glamourbox Unboxing & First Impression
CLEAN Fragrance Shower Fresh | Full Size 30ml (PhP 2,000)
Inspired by the uplifting, nostalgic scent of soap, this juicy fragrance exudes a “just stepped out of the shower” freshness.

I’ve been hearing a lot of rave about Clean fragrances, and like all of the other items, I’m definitely intrigued.

April 2014 | Glamourbox Unboxing & First Impression
Aloe Derma Pure Aloe Vera Gel | Full Size 114g (PhP 460)
Tote this in your next adventure! With 99% organic aloe extracts, the multipurpose gel gives soothing relief to sunburn, minor cuts and wounds, insect bites and even acne.

I still have my favorite Aloe Vera from a different brand, but this is really handy for when times when I need to travel.

April 2014 | Glamourbox Unboxing & First Impression
Valda Pastilles | Full Size 50g (PhP 150)
For instant cooling relief and fresh breath, just pop one of these chewable pastilles on your mouth!

I was actually surprised to see this in my box, but oh well. This will go to my bag. You never know when your throat gets itchy.

April 2014 | Glamourbox Unboxing & First Impression

So those are all of the products that I got from this box. Despite it’s lack of makeup products, I still like it because it’s overflowing with skincare & haircare goodies. Something that I can definitely use. Oh, and they’re products that I haven’t really tried before. They’re new to me. It’s definitely worth the PhP 595.

This box doesn’t contain a lot of full-sized products, but I don’t think they’re merely just sample sizes either. They gave us a decent size of each item and they’re sufficient enough to make a judgement call on whether you like ’em or you hate ’em.

April 2014 | Glamourbox Unboxing & First Impression

As for me, I definitely can’t wait to try each and every one of these items. All of them’s a definitely a keeper. How about you? Did you subscribe to Glamourbox? Do you like subscribing to beauty boxes? Do you like this month’s box? Let me know.

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  • RebelSweetHrt

    Kisses! I bet that hair mask smells good! I’m curious about the beauty tonic, too. Can’t wait to read your experience with that product.

    • It does! But the scent changes once you apply it, but it still smells good.

  • aiko borja

    wow.. interesting for me lahat ng laman i heard that Avon SSS Body Gel lotion is really good. and has a watermelon scent daw pang summer! heheheh .. ohhhh Kisses. namiss ko yung amoy ng mga yan. hahaha i bet everyone notice the smell of your hair when you used that hair mask. ano po? can’t wait para sa review ng mga products na ito

    • I tried it and my hair did smell good and I can still smell it for hours. But it smelled differently na once applied. But it still smelled good

  • Ane

    Okay so now I feel sorry I didn’t get this month’s box. I’d really love to try out the Vanilla & Co. Witch Hazel and Beauty Tonic.

    That’s one of the things I love about Glamourbox, they give full sizes of the items or if they do give sample sizes, they make sure they give you enough.

    • I think you can still get it.

  • Leilani Gamboa

    i love all the products included especially the vanilla&co beauty tonic. First time to see the belo kojic bar, id like to try that.

    • My mom’s definitely excited to use the soap.

  • Eloisa Co

    I love the brands included in glamourbox. Sebamed is a really good brand. I’ve used quite few products from their brand and so far, i like everything.

    • Really? I haven’t tried Sebamed yet, thanks for the input, Eloisa!

  • Great Products!:) I’m quite interested with the smooch lip detox, valda pastilles and Zen Zest Anti Mosquito room Fragrance. Gotta give those a try soon!

  • I loved this box! I’m beginning to notice that Glamourbox has more body care stuff and I don’t know yet how to feel about that. Their body stuff is good kasi but I really prefer makeup!

    • True. I prefer makeup too.

      Oh and Glamourbox carries a lot of good makeup brands in their website. I wonder why they don’t provide them in their boxes.

  • In fairness with Glamourbox, ang ganda ng laman ng box nila for April and lahat talaga magagamit mo ulike before na parang ilan lang sa content yung talagang magagamit. I wanna try the belo soap, hope that’s available sa Watson.

    • True! I really like the hair mask. It didn’t do much for my hair’s texture/smoothness but my hair really looks volumized & gumanda bagsak ng buhok ko, lol

  • Janina

    I thought Glamourbox contents are more on makeup but this box is more on bath and hair care. It’s just ok. Curious with the soap also.

    • I have to agree. They started out as more if a makeup beauty box now they give more skin care products.

  • I only had one GlamourBox subscription, it was their Belo Special Edition box for the month of March. I was thinking of subscribing to this box but when I saw the contents, I passed. Hehe. But all products there are interesting and practical. I have the Zen Zest spray and it smells good! And that aloe gel caught my attention, please make a review of that, pretty please?

  • Ohhhh VALDA! remembered my childhood days I always have this candies. they now have some health products inside the box.

    • I remember when I was a kid, I used to just like Valda because of the sugar coating the minty stuff but when I get to the core, I end up throwing it.