It’s Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette – Review, Photos & Swatches

Okay, this is probably the nth review you’ve read about this palette. I’m probably one of the last persons who have reviewed this palette. But still, I would like to have my own take on reviewing something that I’m very excited about. Itsjudytime is one of the first beauty gurus that I’ve ever followed in YouTube. I like her style of teaching because it’s very easy to follow. I love watching her vlogs and her babies (especially Julianna) is just too cute to mention! So naturally, when she came out with her very own eyeshadow palette, I just had to get my hands on it.

It's Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette - Review, Photos & Swatches

Product Description from BH Cosmetics

It’s Judy Time eyeshadow palette is a gorgeous collection of 12 eyeshadows perfect for daytime or date night! Ranging from pretty neutrals to jewel tones of blue and purple this collection of colors, hand-picked by famed Beauty Guru ItsJudyTime, features satin, shimmer and matte finish eyeshadows.


It's Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette - Review, Photos & Swatches

The packaging of this one reminds me of Lorac Pro and Sleek Palettes for some reason. If you are familiar of those palettes, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. I like it because it’s very slim and it’s quite travel friendly. The magnetized closure stays intact, and it has a decent-sized mirror and at the mirror. It has Judy’s mantra which says “Natural is beautiful but makeup is glam”.


It's Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette - Review, Photos & Swatches

The palette is composed of 12 warm neutral shades with a pop of blue. Judy and her subbies was able to create a multitude of looks using this palette alone. From the simplest to the smokiest of looks. I really like how diverse this palette can be. This palette contains 4 matte shades, 5 shimmery shades, 2 semi-matte & 1 glitter shade.

  •   All matte shades are in this row
  •   All transition and highlighting shades can be found in this row
  •   All of the shades in this row has superb pigmentation
  •   All of them have rich color payoff
  •   Yes, even the matte ones

  •   The gold/first shade in the left is my favorite shade
  •   The black with red glitters (3rd shade from the left) does not look like that when applied on the eyelid; You’re going to have to layer it in order for the glitters to be visible
  •   The last two blue shades on the right aren’t that pigmented
  •   All of the shades in this row have good pigmentation & color payoff except for the two last shades in the right.


It's Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette - Review, Photos & Swatches

In terms of formulation & texture, most of the shadows in this palette have the creamiest texture. They’re very easy to apply & blend. They’re really smooth and they glide on like butter. They’re not that powdery nor are they chalky. But as for the two pop of colors which were mentioned earlier, they were kinda hard to work with since they didn’t have enough color payoff.


It's Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette - Review, Photos & Swatches

As mentioned, these shades are very easy to apply & blend. They’re blendable to your preferred intensity & they last long. It didn’t give me any fall-outs and I didn’t encounter any problems using this palette. On bare lids, they lasted on me for approximately four hours, but with a primer, they lasted for more than six hours.

• Product Name | BH Cosmetics It’s Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette
• Price | PhP 880
• Avalability | My Little Vanity; BH Cosmetics Website


It's Judy Time Eyeshadow Palette - Review, Photos & Swatches

  •   The palette/eyeshadows does not smell anything in particular.
  •   The palette contains Talc, Mica & Parabens – Heads up for those who are cautious of such things


• PRO’S •
Slim, sleek & travel friendly packaging
Has a decent-sized mirror
Contains 5 matte shades
Warm neutral shades – perfect for day & night looks
Most of them are nicely pigmented & they have rich color payoff
Very easy to blend
Creamy & glides like butter
Not powdery/chalky
No fallouts
No applicator included
Last two shades at the bottom (pop of color) aren’t that pigmented
Not available locally
4 Stars! O yeaa!
Despite its cons, I really love this palette and I think that it’s very comparable to my mid-range/high end palettes. Almost all of the shades have a nice color payoff and they’re ridiculously pigmented. Oh! And they’re affordable! I am really proud of Judy!
Especially if you can get it at the price I got. I know that a lot of online sellers are selling this here now in our country, but they’re kinda pricey compared to the price that I got it for. Thank God for my friend! But either way, if you can get your hands on this palette, it’s still a lot more cheaper compared to UD palettes which is almost 3k already.
Probably not the same palette, since I already have it. But say, Judy comes with another one? I will definitely get it, since her first one is a success.

Overall, this palette is really worth the buy. If you’re looking for a more cheaper alternatives than buying the usual UD palettes, but with the same quality, then go for this one. I am telling you, you wont regret it. PLUS! The fact that Judy chose all of these shades make this palette extra special. I love this palette to bits and I have been using this palette ever since I got it.

How about you? What’s your favorite eyeshadow palette? Are you interested in getting this one? Let me know!

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  • I want the shades sis! Especially parang matte siya! But well I don’t have any idea how to paint my face! More tutorials please with the shade of blue!

    • Haha! You can find more tutorials using this palette at YT especially at Judy’s page, but sure, I will post some

  • I want this palette ! The colors on the first row are so gorgeous!

    • You’re going to love it, Kenny!

  • I want to get this but the That’s Heart Palette packaging is hypnotizing me more.

    • I used it earlier. Now I have mixed feelings about it. >.<

  • This palette seems so diversed. I like that it has blue in it. a nice break from the neutrals.

    • True, Ms. Shen! Thanks for dropping by! (**Starstruck moment**)

  • aiko borja

    i read a lot of good reviews about this.. this is so nice daw talga.. i love judy too!! especially yung mga Vlogs niya with her family.. nakakaaliw panoorin. Ms.Yette can you please do a FOTD using this palette please .. a summer make up look sana ..

    • Will definitely try. Thanks, Aiko!

  • Marseille Frances Bañas Talaca

    OMG! Nice review! not surprised that you love it too.. The only palette that I’m using now is the Beauty UK eyeshadow palette (with the neutral shades) I’ve been eyeing to get this since the first day they launched but since it’s not available locally I find it way more expensive in some OL sellers offering them. I hope Hyacinth of MLV would still open this for pre order soon. I’m just waiting for her confirmation :))

    • Yay! Hope you get your confirmation soon!

  • RebelSweetHrt

    I’ve been eyeing this palette for quite sometime now, good thing it’s available pala through MLV!

  • hey very nice review and love the colour!

    thank you so much for sharing

    love it ..

  • Janine Daquio

    OOhh. it is my first time to hear about judy time and her vlogs that is very helpful for makeup lovers..

    • You’re going to love her

  • This review is great, but what’s even better is the little graphics that you have for each section of your blog. It really makes your review more unique than any I’ve seen before.


    • Aww, thank you Britney. I appreciate that!

  • I’m not really good with makeup (applying them on) but I love the palette And it looks so natural on you!

  • OMG! The palette looks really pretty.. I love the brown shades.. perfect for everyday use. hihihi

    • Thanks, Rhea. You’re going to love it

  • i love all the shades of this palette! nice swatching too! i am following her in youtube too

    • I know. I love her

  • Eloisa Co

    I love the overall look of this palette! and maganda rin ang color selection, in fairness!

  • I’ve been seeing Judy’s link on YouTube but I think I still haven’t watched any video of her. I guess I’m missing a lot! Will watch it later, thanks for this! BTW, I love the way you take product photos with accessories and other kikay stuff; it’s so nice and cute!

    • You should watch her. She’s very true to her nature and she’s quite different from all of the YT beauty gurus I’ve known. She’s not into luxurious brands, which makes me like her even more.

      • Hi Ms. Yette! I’ve watched her videos na! Super fun and katuwa sya grabe, pati family nya super nice rin. She’s very Pinay pa rin and she still visits the country once in a while, I really like that about her. OMG, she’s my favorite na rin along with other YouTubers. Thanks for sharing about her!


    This is my first time to check your website as I look for essence review, you have a wonderful reviews. Keep it coming.

    Sofie M.

  • hanna espiritu

    I want to buy that Judys palette as well. But most of the time they are out of stock.
    My favorite palette is the revlon 515 adventurous. And also the one Ive won on your giveaway last December the sleek palette. My mom loves that too. If Judys palette is available I will definitely go grab one. I am watching itsjudyslife everynight their kids made me laugh. They are so cute talaga.