AV Studio Grand Opening

Back when I was just staring to blog about makeup, I used to watch a ton of videos about makeup tutorials, reviews, hauls, etc. I’ve seen a lot of foreign YTers and their videos taught me a lot. I owe most of my makeup knowledge to their videos. But then I decided to watch Pinay beauty vloggers, and one of them really stood out to me. It was Ana Victorino. Her first video that I ever saw was her Modern Barbie Makeup Look. She became well known for her 5 minutes or less makeup tutorials, and I really like her because her videos are straight to the point and and very high quality. I’ve learned a lot from her.

AV Studio Grand Opening

Then last Friday, April 11th 2014, I was one of the bloggers invited to witness the grand opening of AV Makeup Studio. The studio was located at the 2nd floor, Symphony Tower 1, while the event was held at the Atrium level. The event was held at around 6:00 pm but due to personal issues, I left my house at nearly 7:00pm. I was elated to find out that when I got there, I was actually early. It turned out that Ana was doing all of the models’ makeup (Wow!). I didn’t mind, at least I was able to take more photos before the event finally started.

AV Studio Grand Opening
4th Photo Courtesy of: KikaySiMaria.blogspot.com

The theme of the event was ‘Royalty’ and everyone except me were wearing skirts/dresses (Sadly, I don’t own a skirt nor a dress, lol). Anyway, the event started with a prayer, and then followed by Ana Victorino’s opening remarks. She looks so stunning in her black & gold dress.

AV Studio Grand Opening

There were some games, then during dinner, we were serenaded by Camille Victoria. The one that sings in some of her videos. Her voice is so refreshing.

AV Studio Grand Opening
Forgive the crappy quality, I forgot my camera. I had to use my phone during the entire event

AV Studio Grand Opening

Then after dinner, Ana pulled off her famous 5 minute makeup look to one of the attendees. She had so much spare time, she even did her own blush during those five minutes.

AV Studio Grand Opening

After that, another round of games.

AV Studio Grand Opening
Photo Courtesy of: SisterSecrets.com.ph

Then lastly, the fashion show. Sadly, due to my crappy camera, (not saying my iphone cam is crappy, but during events, it’s not really something that you should bring) I wasn’t able to take a decent shot of the models. Thankfully, SisterSecrets was able to take the models’ photos. As I’ve mentioned, Ana did all of their makeup and all of them looked gorgeous. I wish I brought my camera so I can take their photos. Oh, and by the way, these models were wearing the designs of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde’s future fashion designers. One of them was the design of Ana’s co-Youtuber, AngKikayKo. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a photo of it either.

AV Studio Grand Opening
L-R: Me, Eloisa (KikaySiMaria.blogspot.com), Kim (KimpossiblyGorgeous.com) & Celline (Product Arena/CellineReyes.com)

AV Studio Grand Opening

Sadly, me and my co-bloggers/friend had to leave the event early since it was getting late. But of course, we had to drop by to AV’s Makeup Studio.

AV Studio Grand Opening

The studio is really beautiful. Imagine, at 21, she made it happen. She made her dreams come true. In her opening remarks, she said, during her 18th birthday, she was asked whether she would like a debut or anything else, she preferred a makeup kit. Well, here’s her giant makeup kit.

AV Studio Grand Opening

From the bottom of my heart, (okay, that sounded cheesy, but can you just please go with it? I’m a fan :P) Congratulations, Ana V! and to the entire AV Team! I’m genuinely happy for you, and I feel very honored that you invited me as one of your guest bloggers. You have always been my favorite, and it’s you, being so down to earth that made you who you are today. Good luck and I wish you all the best!

AV Studio Grand Opening
First Time I met AV; YT Gurus Meet & Greet by MUHbyNC

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  • Oh, I totally forgot about the event.

    • Aww, sayang you weren’t there :|

  • Congrats to Ana! sayang wasn’t able to go. Super ganda ng studio nia

  • Wow congrats to her! I think she’s very talented.

  • dosmariassays virtudazo

    YT been my go-to whenever I need to pull out some looks for events. And one of them would be Ana Victorino. I’m so happy for her given how young she is, she already knows what she wants and she’s getting there. Congrats to her!

  • Marseille Frances Talacay

    Congratulations Ana V. First time I saw her was at the last BDJ Event at SM Aura Mall, she’s so pretty..

  • Lean Diwa Buscaino

    I’ve never met Ms.Ana in person I wish I could She really looks like a sweet person and a doll hahah Soooooooo pretty both of you! Ohhhhhh…. I remember when I first saw you in BDJ ang cute mo Ms.Yette cause of the height and Pretty face

    • Aww, thanks Lean. She’s really pretty & a lot friendlier in person

  • ♫ SheloMi GerdaN ♫

    maraming nagmimisinterpret kay Ms. Ana. one time I saw her in MRT nagulat din ako I was shy pero naglakas luob ako tinannung ko kung sya nga si Ms. Ana Victorino she said yes and thank you lord hahaha. She is so nice and sabi nya thank you for watching my videos .saglit lang kami nagusap kasi baba na sya haha. Love you both . sana ma meet din po kita whether saan mang transportation vehicle yan hahaha .

  • Hi! I learned about you and your blog from Gen-zel’s. BTW, the make-up studio looks cool and nice! I think I should watch her videos na. Hehe

  • I love watching her videos, too. Applying make-up looks easy whenever I watch her and Noemae but I guess I still have to practice more.

    • That’s true, you just have to practice!