April 2014 Saladbox | Unboxing & First Impressions

Hi everyone! So now we’re back to another Saladbox unboxing. This time, we’re going to take a peek of what’s inside this month’s box. Like I said in my previous unboxing post, I renewed my subscription and I subscribed to their PhP 1000 promo starter box. I now have my two boxes, now I’m just waiting for my May box. Anyway, let’s see what’s inside my April 2014 Saladbox!

April 2014 Saladbox | Unboxing & First Impressions

This month, Saladbox launched another exclusive box in partnership with Regatta, a Filipino fashion clothing brand, founded in the late 80s. Personally, when I got this box, I wasn’t quite sure whether I would like it because Regatta IS a clothing brand, and I don’t know what beauty related stuff I’m going to get. But, let’s see…

April 2014 Saladbox | Unboxing & First Impressions
Sunblock Spray SPF 70 UVA/UVB | PhP 245
This lightweight sunblock spray has SPF 70 that will surely protect your skin while you’re out there soaking up the sun.

Too bad I’m not going anywhere this year. My life’s been boring lately so this will go to my backups bin. But this will really be useful and I like that it’s a full size.

April 2014 Saladbox | Unboxing & First Impressions
25th Anniversary Limited Edition Eau De Toilette For Woman
(With Charm Bracelet)
| PhP 425

Spritz on some of this limited edition goodness for that lively and fresh-from-the-shower scent – perfect as your summer fragrance.
Charm Bracelet: Wear this to the beach as bracelet or anklet to celebrate Regatta’s 25th year of stylish existence

I actually really like the scent of this EDT. And as you all may know, I’m very bad at describing scents, so I’m just going to wing this one describe this one as best as I can. It smells extremely fresh (exactly as though you just came from the shower) but it has a bit of musk that fades over time. Therefore, what stays is that really subtle, fresh scent. I tried it once and I’m very fond of these types of scents.

April 2014 Saladbox | Unboxing & First Impressions
Lip Balm with Sunscreen Protection in ‘Green Apple’ & ‘Chocolate’ | PhP 85
Green Apple: Have smooth and kissable lips while protecting them from the sun with this apple-scented lip balm.
Chocolate: Get delicious lips (literally) with the chocolate variant of this lip balm with sunscreen protection!

Aaand here we go again with the repetitive/double items. Saladbox is pretty known for such things and sometimes it’s pretty disappointing to be quite honest. But if you know me, I love lip balms, so I kinda have mixed/confused feelings about this one.

April 2014 Saladbox | Unboxing & First Impressions
Special Edition Wooden Mirror
This beauty tool is a must have for every summer kit – we have to check of we look good all the time!

I actually like this one. It’s pocket sized and really convenient.

April 2014 Saladbox | Unboxing & First Impressions
TREAT! 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Eau de Toilette For Man
(Full Size – PhP 425)
Spray this fresh summery scent to your man to heighten that summer feel.

I might give this to my nephew.

April 2014 Saladbox | Unboxing & First Impressions

So those are all of the products that I got from this month’s Saladbox. All in all, I’m pretty pleased with all of them. For PhP 333 (or PhP 500 if you’re in a monthly subscription), you get 4 full sized products (2 of them are practically the same, but it’s okay) and three extras (I consider the charm and the mirror extras). Not bad, Saladbox, not bad. Another good box from Saladbox, and like I said before, I hope this continues until my third box (May) and who knows, I might continue my subscription from June onwards.

April 2014 Saladbox | Unboxing & First Impressions

How about you? Do you like Saladbox? Do you like Regatta? Do you like beauty boxes? What’s your fave? Let me know.

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  • This is a good, but not exactly awesome box. Still, its’ very comforting and so far ahead of what they used to do. I think it’s all worth it especially since I got in on the 3-for-Php1000 promo as well

  • vina

    This is very very good compared to my country’s beauty box. In Indonesia what we most commonly get is 1 full size product with some sachet samples.


    • Saladbox was like that before, but their boxes recently has been improving, so let’s hope that it continues.

  • The first time I got my Saladbox (they sent me for their launch), I wasn’t very pleased. It was okay, but not wow. Then I saw it falter and now, I guess it’s nice to see it try to recover. This box is okay, not amazing, but okay.

  • dunno what salad box is, but all i can say i its a good buy! http://andrewbaler.tumblr.com/post/83399850511/black-summer

    • This month, it is!

  • i think the EDT almost makes up for everything else… haha… i didn’t open my EDT box yet though… i’m not really into spraying myself with fragrance everyday and opening this will just add to my dresser clutter since i still have a few colognes and perfumes that are still more than half full… it’s very tempting though… hehe… i used the Sunblock spray last Easter when we went to the beach… sad to say i’m not impressed… it makes you really really ghostly white…

    • True. I have a ton of fragrances here that I end up not using. Oh, and I might give the sunblock spray away, I have a couple here that I haven’t opened yet.

  • RebelSweetHrt

    So Regatta has skincare and stuff na rin pala in their product line. Never knew kasi I haven’t been to a Regatta store in what seems like years. Haha!

    • I didn’t know it din. I haven’t been inside their store in ages, lol.

  • in fairness, feeling ko nga this month maganda ang laman ng box tsaka bongga yung 3 boxes for 1,000 nila pero hanggang ngayon di parin ako ma convince na mag subscribe since based sa old boxes medyo di magaganda reviews.

  • Qing Pineda

    The Saladbox is okay and the product are nice but the products are not products that everyone will use.. Ihihi!

  • I’ve been thinking if I will subscribe, let’s see if this will continue in the coming months then maybe i can try. sana they have din yung monthly lang not 3 months agad. love the mirror and the balms

  • I almost subscribed to this pero di ako tumuloy, medyo hesitant pa talaga ako, given their previous boxes. But this box is pretty nice and sulit na rin. Can’t wait to see your next Saladbox!