March 2014 Saladbox | Unboxing & First Impression

Hi everyone! I know what you must be thinking. WHAT? Saladbox. I know I mentioned in my last (December 2012 Saladbox) Saladbox Unboxing post that I will not subscribe to them, but guess what, I finally changed my mind. Recently they announced that they’re going to have the 333 Promo. That is the PhP 333 per box for their starter kit (3 mos), and since I’ve been hearing so much buzz about their March box, I decided to give it a try, besides, the other boxes are only PhP 333, so what’s the harm. Anyway, here are my thoughts for Saladbox’s March 2014 edition.

March 2014 Saladbox | Unboxing & First Impression

Last March, Saladbox collaborated with Skin Food a Korean skin care/makeup brand for an exclusive beauty box. This box is filled with deluxe sample size of skincare products. Let’s see what’s inside, shall we?

March 2014 Saladbox | Unboxing & First Impression
Black Pomegranate Premium Kit (Gift Set)
Toner & Emulsion (Full Size – PhP 1,450 ea.);
Voluming Serum (Full Size – PhP 1,835); Cream (Full Size – PhP 1,675)
Toner: The toner is infused with ellagic acid which is a very effective antioxidant.
Emulsion: This very lightweight emulsion effectively smoothens and illuminates skin.
Voluming Serum: Smooth out wrinkles and hydrate your sin with this wonder serum from Skin Food’s newest line.
Cream: Transform rough skin into a glowing, supple texture after every use of this skin-plumping cream.

I remembered my Gold Caviar Samples from my December 2012 Glamourbox and I didn’t notice that much of a difference in my skin, so I’m really expecting to see something significant from this sample set since this is another line from the same brand.

March 2014 Saladbox | Unboxing & First Impression
Black Sugar Perfect First Serum + Cotton
Full Size – PhP 1,600
This Black Sugar serum + cotton set will exfoliate, brighten, smooth wrinkles and hydrate skin in one single step – how cool is that?

I’m also looking forward to try this one as well. Maybe not while I’m trying the Black Pomegranate set, but you know what I mean.

March 2014 Saladbox | Unboxing & First Impression
TREAT! Watery Berry Gift Set
Toner & Emulsion (Full Size – PhP 1,140 ea.)
Toner: Infused with Arctic berries, this dewy moisture toner will turn skin into a soft, glowing texture after every use. Arctic berries deliver a myriad of nutrients that provides ample hydration.
Emulsion: A hydrating emulsion that is deeply moisturizing, and yet feels almost invisible to your skin.

I like this treat, but since I have a ton of products to try at the moment, perhaps now is not the best time. Still, I love receiving treats from time to time

March 2014 Saladbox | Unboxing & First Impression

So those are all of the products that I got from my March 2014 Saladbox. Truth be told, even though this box is filled with sample sized products, I still think that this box is a hit. For PhP 333 (PhP 500 if you’re on a month to month subscription), you get a ton of decent-sized samples, which you can get to try for at least a month. Besides, the actual products are indeed pricey. I think Saladbox’s March box is a nice redemption from their previous boxes which, as far as I know were mostly disappointing (based on most of the unboxings I’ve read). I hope Saladbox continues this kind of ‘style’ when it comes to their monthly boxes, rather than just throwing random samples in one box.

March 2014 Saladbox | Unboxing & First Impression

How about you? Are you a Saladbox subscriber? What’s your favorite monthly beauty box subscription? What do you think of Saladbox? Let me know your thoughts.

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  • Nice. How long did you wait before they arrived? Before I joined beauty box subscriptions last year, this box had the most complaints and disappointments, so I never subscribed. But looking at it now, it is indeed a good box. Could I still get this box?

    • I believe I only waited for less than five days. I think you can still get it provided you get the PhP 1000 (PhP 333 for 3 promo), but you can ask them just to confirm

  • MissApriil

    I still don’t have enough courage to subscribe in beauty boxes, maybe because I have too much expectations that it will be the same as the ones in the US. For this month, if I was subscribed to Salad Box, it would have been a “no” for me since I’m not a fan of Korean prods (it just doesn’t work with my skin type)

    • You can try BDJ, their box are always worth it

  • wooow.. love the box!!! I really haven’t tried any beauty box yet.. kase I’m always afraid that I might get the things that I don’t want. hihihihi

    • I guess that’s the downside of subscribing to these beauty boxes, but this time Saladbox was a hit

  • I love the Black Pomegranate Premium Kit from my salad box :3

    • I’m still trying it out. Hope I’ll love it

  • RebelSweetHrt

    Same thought as Rhea, hehe. But I almost subscribed to SaladBox when I saw their advertisement for this.

    • Haha, I understand where you’re coming from

  • the 3 boxes for Php1000 got me too… i was really hesitant with Saladbox since i’ve seen bad reviews… and most of what they sent out were sample sachets that didn’t wow me… when they came out with the Skinfood-exclusive, i thought they stepped it up… but then, that still didn’t convince me to subscribe… the 3 for 1k promo was the clincher… haha… then i just had to “up” my subscription because of their Php200 discount code… their very helpful CS person gave me a link for a 6-month subscription for 2k which i got for Php1800 because of the discount… so my Saladbox is good until November… i really hope they keep this performance up… crossing my fingers…

  • wow those looks amazing! receiving this stuffs all for the love of beauty sounds cool to me! great deal for a cheap price!