Fashion 21 Single Blush On in ‘M01’ and ‘M02’ – Review, Photos & Swatches

Hi lovelies! I know I haven’t been active lately, the first three months of 2014 has been so hectic for me, and I’m sure you pretties noticed that. Anyway, I have a new review for you and it’s a part of my Drugstore/Budget-friendly review series. I know, it doesn’t look like I have a series because I don’t update as often, but I promise to update more soon. Anyway, here are my thoughts about the Fashion 21 Single Blush On in ‘M01’ & ‘M02’ .

Fashion 21 Single Blush On in 'M01' and 'M02'  - Review, Photos & Swatches


Fashion 21 Single Blush On in 'M01' and 'M02'  - Review, Photos & Swatches

This blush comes with a sturdy, plastic packaging, a screw-on transparent lid that makes it easier for everyone to see the shade. This type of packaging is quite typical to all Fashion 21 blushes. The blush comes in a convex/curved form, but it doesn’t have that ‘baked blush’ texture. The plastic feels durable and it doesn’t feel cheap even though it’s drugstore and it’s fit for traveling, although I’ll keep an eye on where I put the lid.


Fashion 21 Single Blush On in 'M01' and 'M02'  - Review, Photos & Swatches

These blushes even though they’re referred to as ‘Single Blush On’ comes in two shades (lighter and darker shades of either orange or brown). I love the idea because you can get to either use just one shade or you can combine both.

M01 – Is a beautiful matte ‘tomato’ shade. Not too orange, not too red. It offers two shades, one a bit lighter, leaning on the coral-y side of tomato/orange while the other is a bit darker, a bit more red, giving you that beautiful summer flush.

M02 – Is a subtle matte brown shade, can be used for contouring if you have a fair skin, especially around the nose area. If you don’t have a fair skin, it’s also pretty when used as a blush. I like using it as a subtle contour when I don’t want that total chiseled look.


Fashion 21 Single Blush On in 'M01' and 'M02'  - Review, Photos & Swatches

These blushes are actually quite pigmented, they’re a bit on the powdery side especially ‘M02’ but they don’t have a ton of fall outs. They offer a nice color payoff and it has a smooth texture. They’re very easy to blend and quite buildable to your preferred intensity.


Fashion 21 Single Blush On in 'M01' and 'M02'  - Review, Photos & Swatches

These Single Blush ons lasted on my face for approximately four hours. Keep in mind though that I was inside an air conditioned room the whole time I was testing the product out. If you’re going to wear this outside, I would advise you to keep it in your makeup bag so you can do some retouching.


Fashion 21 Single Blush On in 'M01' and 'M02'  - Review, Photos & Swatches

The product/blush ons doesn’t smell anything in particular. If they do, they smell like powder, which is pretty ordinary, and it’s not a foul scent. These blushers contain TALC, MICA and PARABENS. Just a heads up to those who are pretty mindful of those ingredients.

• Product Name | Fashion 21 Single Blush (Matte)
• Shade | M01 & M02 • Price | PhP 140 • Net Wt | 5g
• Avalability | Fashion 21 Counters Nationwide

• PRO’S •
• CON’S •
Sturdy, compact, travel-friendly packaging
Screw-on transparent lid. Makes it easier to see the shade
3 Shades in one Single Blush On
Matte Shade
Pigmented but not too chalky
Has a smooth consistency
Easy to blend & buildable
Lasts for four hours
No particular scent
No breakouts. At least for me
Widely available
Screw-on/detachable lid
Does not come with a mirror or a brush applicator
M01 is a bit powdery
M02 is only suited for those with fair skin when used for contouring
Has Talc, Mica & Parabens
3.5 Stars! Yay!
I love these blushes and I think they’re great for every day use. They’re affordable and what’s more is that they’re MATTE. It’s not everyday that you find a good matte blusher. Fashion 21 proved that Filipino drugstore makeup can create a good quality MATTE blush ons. The quality is not bad. I just hope that they come out with more shade selections soon, and probably darker contouring shades. I haven’t worn this outside on a hot summer day so I am not so sure whether it will last as long. I hope so, though. I also have a normal to dry skin so I’m not sure whether these blushers will offer the same longevity. Either way, I recommend these blushers to those who are looking for a good affordable blush ons.
It is worth the money. For PhP 140 you get three shades (the lighter, the darker and when you blend those two) in one blush on and you can’t get any better than that.

Repurchase? Perhaps a different shade when they decide to come out with more options.

So those are my thoughts regarding the Fashion 21 Single Blush On in ‘M01’ & ‘M02’ . How about you pretties? Have you tried these blushers? Have you tried Fashion 21 Single Blush On? What’s your favorite shade? Let me know through the comments below!

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  • Czarina Cerize

    It’s affordable! I love how it makes your skin naturally glowing on the pic, or blooming ka lang talaga Ms. Yhette? Ayiee I love the idea of having two colors in a single blush, plus the colors is cute! Not too pinkish! Plus points is it made in the philippines! Hoho. loving our own products! Yay! Thank you for sharing! Take care! :*

    • Haha, thanks Czarina! You always know how to flatter me, lol

      Actually you get three shades in one blush. It’s Made in Taiwan (which I forgot to note in the blog post) but it’s still a local brand. Thanks for reading, love! :*

  • Marissa Colmenar Brioso

    It;s look like n eyeshadow on the first look! I love fashion 21, they are very affordable and has a good quality naman. They are better on some filipino brands I am curious on what will stay better sa face, if the creamy or the powder texture blush on? I am a bit oily and honestly, walang blush on na natagal for 2 hours.. Do you recommend any Ms. Yhette? I know that you an expert when it comes to make ups! Hihii. Thank you!!

    • If you have oily skin I would advise you to steer clear of cream blushes because they wont last long. But there are also blushes that has a cream to powder finish/consistency so you really can’t tell. I guess it depends. Lol. Also avoid shimmery/glittery blushes.

      If you find that most blushes don’t stay that long on your face, maybe it’s your base. Try using a different primer & foundation. Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with the blush.

  • Hi! I love your review, very detailed! And I haven’t heard of the brand, but from the looks of it the blushes are good! I love the colors too, and the fact that they’re matte! I would definitely check this out when I’m in the country

  • RebelSweetHrt

    Not bad for Php140! Plus, it’s like getting three different shades for the price of one.

  • Jenny1015

    A very affordable “girlfriend”. I have actually tried using it and I loved it ever since!

  • I think it looks good on you!

  • great review as ususal! both shades looks amazing and I also love that hey’re matte since that’s what i prefer when it comes to blushes. Dont like the shimmery ones.

    • Yup, I love matte shades too! Thanks Kenny!

  • Beautiful photo! I like how you presented the products, very editorial-like!

  • Alaine

    Been a while!
    Great review as always. 4 hours is cool for an affordable make up

    • Yup it is! Thanks Alaine!

  • great review! will let wifey read this!

  • Ari

    I’m loving M01! Fashion 21 is just one of those brands I can’t resist picking something up from every now and then, especially since they’re so affordable. Might just pick up a couple of shades now!

    • Yup me too! I love their lippies & their mascara is really great

  • Imdeb

    indeed you just made another great review here.Nice job.

  • Rochkirstin Santos

    Wow. From matte lipsticks, now we have matte blushes! I’d like to try this for sure.

    • You should! They’re really great!

  • When I wear makeup I love using a bit of blush! Awesome review!!

  • Marseille Frances Bañas Talaca

    I love the blush stick from Forever 21 though it’s not suitable for those who are with oily skin like me but it still works and I also love their waterproof mascara (the red one, I forgot the name) have you tried it? if not, you should.