Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms – Review, Photos & Swatches

Hi everyone! This review was supposed to be up last week but I wasn’t feeling well so I had to move it for a couple of days. Anyway, these lippies, as you may already know, were featured in my Feb Faves. In fact, it looks like I already did some damage to some of them. Well, without further ado, here’s my review of the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms in ‘Shameless’, ‘Showy’, ‘Elusive’, ‘Sultry’ and ‘Audacious’

Product Description/Claims According to the Revlon Website

Velvety Matte Look. Moisture Rich Balm
A Matte finish that’s beyond plush. Balm that’s beyond comforting. Our Triple Butter Complex of Shea, Coconut and Mango butters nourishes lips. In 10 collectible, craveable colors.


Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms - Review, Photos & Swatches

The Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms‘ packaging are very similar to Revlon’s Kissable Balm Stains and Lacquer Balms only these lippies has a matte finish. They’re very easy to use, you just have to twist the metallic end if you need more product, and the cap fits securely on to the body, which is a big plus. I’ve encountered lip crayons where there caps just don’t fit their body, they’re just a huge mess, and a waste.


Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms - Review, Photos & Swatches
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These matte balms are opaque and really pigmented. Some of them can cover your lips with just one to two layers. Here’s how I would describe each color:

•    Shameless – It’s a deep violet shade. Perfect for days when you want to wear vampy shades. I would pair this with a really neutral eye makeup. Perhaps just emphasizing the crease area and a winged liner.
•    Showy – It’s a perfect Barbie pink shade. It’s also a perfect Spring/Summer shade.
•    Elusive – It’s a light pink shade with warm undertones. It’s my everyday pink. I love wearing this whenever I go to the mall or whenever I run some errands.
•    Sultry – Neutral shade, a bit on the warmer side. Can be an everyday shade but with a bit of oomph.
•    Audacious – Bright orange shade. Perfect for Spring & Summer. It’s really a bright shade yet really pretty.

If you’ve read my February Favorites, then you’ll know that my current faves are Elusive, Sultry & Shameless. But what I often use are the Elusive & Sultry. These three lip crayons are very opaque and really pigmented. They go on smoothly and they’re very creamy.


Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms - Review, Photos & Swatches

All of these lip crayons, as I’ve said before are very creamy, really opaque and pigmented. They have a matte finish but it’s not totally matte to the point that it’s already drying. Also, as mentioned before, one to two layers of some of these lip crayons will do the trick. But for me, I find that I really need to apply up to three layers in order to get just the right opacity & pigmentation. I find that three layers covers my lips almost perfectly, especially with most of the shades. I also find them to be quite moisturizing, perhaps due to the combination of Shea, Coconut and Mango butters.


Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms - Review, Photos & Swatches
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These types of lip products are the easiest to apply. Pretty much like any lip crayon, you practically don’t even need a mirror due to how easy it is. Though I wouldn’t advise it. The shades ‘Showy’, ‘Elusive’ and ‘Sultry’ are opaque within just one to two layers, and I didn’t have any problems applying them. Shameless, went on smoothly as well, however, I noticed that it didn’t cover my lips entirely, there’s still some color showing. But I kinda like how it turned out after all. Audacious wasn’t easy to apply. It was streaky and patchy all over. It took me a bit of time before I was able to apply it all over my lips. As I’ve said before, these lip products are very hydrating, so a lip balm is no longer necessary. Though I wouldn’t advise someone with a really dry lips to wear these lippies either. I suggest you exfoliate first and then wear a thin lip balm to prime your lips then you can go on ahead and wear your preferred shade.


Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms - Review, Photos & Swatches
Click the image for larger view

As previously mentioned, due to their high pigmentation & their opacity most of them can cover my lips easily. This is aside from ‘Shameless’ and ‘Audacious’. ‘Shameless’ looks pretty even though it still shows the color of my lips. ‘Audacious’, however, clung on to the dry parts of my lips, and it also emphasized its lines, it’s quite unsightly. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend this particular shade to someone with extremely dry lips. The other three, ‘Showy’, ‘Elusive’ and ‘Sultry’ looked really well on me. They settled beautifully on my lips and with just three layers they perfectly covered my natural lip color. Like I said, you can go with two layers, but if you’re like me, then go with three. These lip products, when they set don’t transfer. At least not that much. They don’t bleed as well. They last for four hours and they darker shades usually leave a stain on my lips.


Similar to the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains or the Revlon Lacquer Balms, these matte balms have a minty scent and they also give your lips a minty sensation when applied. I don’t mind that in fact, I really like it. As mentioned before, this lip product has a Triple Butter Complex of Shea, Coconut and Mango butters.


• PRO’S •
• CON’S •
Sturdy packaging
Semi-matte finish
Easy to apply
Really creamy & goes on smoothly
Not drying; Hydrating on lips
No need to apply a lip balm prior to application
Opaque & pigmented; 1-2 layers is enough to cover your natural lip color
Some shades don’t cling on to the dry parts your lips.
Doesn’t bleed
Lasts for four hours
Has a minty scent/sensation
Triple Butter Complex of Shea, Coconut and Mango butters
Available online & at local drugstores
‘Audacious’ was streaky & patchy all over when being applied.
‘Shameless’ didn’t cover my entire lips. It still showed a bit of my natural lip color.
‘Audacious’ settled on to the dry parts & emphasized the lines of my lips.
Not recommended for those with really dry lips
Has a minty scent/sensation when applied. Might be a con for some.

I really like these matte balms, even the ones that didn’t look so pretty on me. They’re very handy, ideal for traveling because they’re easy to use. They have the creamiest of texture, yet they have a matte finish. Well, I wouldn’t call it super matte, but it still is matte. It gives me a decent wear time and if you choose the darker shades, it leaves a stain on your lips.
I highly recommend it to those who would like to try matte lippies but don’t want to have that drying effect. These lip products are really hydrating. Though a little exfoliating and lip balm wouldn’t hurt either, if you have extremely dry lips. It’s not that expensive, and it’s available almost everywhere now.

I would definitely buy more shades and repurchase if in case I ran out of my favorite shades!

• Product Name | Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms
• Shades | Shameless, Showy, Elusive, Sultry & Audacious
• Price | PhP 400 (at Bon Marche) PhP 575 (at Revlon Counters)
• Avalability | Bon Marche Website; Revlon Counters nationwide

So those are my thoughts regarding these lippies. How about you? Do you own one of the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms? What are your thoughts? Let me know! See you on my next post!

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  • Sultry and Standout are my top picks! All else applies patchy on my lips.

    • I don’t have Standout yet but I’ve heard positive reviews about it too!

  • The colors are amazing! Elusive for me!


    • I love Elusive too!

  • ♫ SheloMi GerdaN ♫

    love the shade audacious kaso maraming con’s haha now I know . kahit ilang balik ko sa blog di ako nagsasawa kasi ang ganda tlga . thanks so much!

    • Audacious is really pretty but you’re going to have to exfoliate your lips first.
      Aww, that’s so sweet. Thank you!

  • puddingmonsterblog

    thanks for the review! so cute!


    Pudding Monster

  • RebelSweetHrt

    Shameless is so… Maleficent! Love the color even if it’s not for everyday wear. I like Showy and Elusive, and both colors look lovely on you.

  • Janine Daquio

    You are so thorough with your review, indeed a realiable site. And with that, I’ve learned that these may not work for me because I do have dry lips.

  • I love the shades Elusive and Showy. Nice colors. Though Shameless is a fun color to try. I have the kissable balm stains and been abusing them over the last years.. Might try this! Thanks

  • Ane

    Ooh, I think I’ll love Elusive and Sultry too, oh and it has a minty scent and sensation? I love mint! Cannot wait to check this out on my next lippie haul!

  • Thanks for sharing all of these shades Ms.Yette (Detailed ^___^) . ……I’ve been wanting to try these Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms, but its too expensive for me.

  • I just love the Elusive shade! And it’s a plus that it lasts for four hours.

  • Marissa Colmenar Brioso

    I think the audacious suits well on your lips Ms. Yhette though it has a lot of cons than the other color. I’ve heard that revlon also has lacquer balms, you could try that too Ms. yhette, the finish is somewhat shiny and moisturized

  • Czarina Cerize

    Elusive for your lips mam yhette. Actually, all of them suits your lips because you have a very cute lips! I hope I have that kind of lips too! I remember clinique packaging on this, IDK, but they looked similar for me. Nice review, very straight to the point and true. Like! Like!

  • I want to try Showy and Elusive I love pinks Shameless will be good too! Nice review as always!

  • Janina Reyes

    I have also tried this product by revlon. It is long lasting but lips tend to be flaky at the end of the day. Have you experienced this also?

    • Not in all shades. I experienced it in ‘Shameless’

  • Glennie Terania

    Bagay sayo yung Elusive Ms. Yette. I love using balms but tinted blams… Nakaka-accenturate kasi ng dry lips ang tinted balms so I never tried other brands after using Maybelline tinted balms. Nakaka-accenturate po ba siya ng dry lips? I want to try kasi yung Audacious. Love the color!

    • Hi, Glennie. Sorry for the late reply. My notifs are kinda messed up. It depends really on the shade. Elusive & Sultry are my favorite since it doesn’t emphasize the dryness of my lips. At least not that much. Audacious is also a good, it’s just not for me.

      • Glennie Terania

        Akala ko inisnob mo na ko Ms. Yette. hihi. Thanks for the reply.

        • You’re welcome. I try to reply to everyone as much as I can pero busy ren kase e

  • I like the shades in Elusive and Sultry. Those are the shades that I would definitely pick if I will be buying Revlon Matte Balms. I like that it comes in a crayon-like packaging that will fit perfectly in our pouch. Glad that you linked the site where we can get it a a lower price.

    • Me too! Those are my faves too. Bon Marche is my fave site when it comes to US drugstore products. You can also buy high end makeup there but they seldom have it. But when it comes to cheap drugstore makeup products, they’re site is very reliable.

  • Dane Salazar

    Elusive and Sultry are my best bets! They are sooooo PURDEEE!!!!! Yaaaay, I love shopping on BonMarche, too! Most of my Revlon lippies are from them because they sell them at awesome prices. I like Digital Traincase makeup boutique, too!

  • Nina

    Hi, just wondering what happened to you right eye? But still you look fantastic

    • It’s okay. Thanks. I have an Ocular Myesthenia Gravis.

  • Kaye

    I have Shameless, Standout and Audacious. I agree that Audacious takes multiple coating to settle evenly. At first layer it horridly shows the lines of my lips. Took me about 3-4 layers to even it. The other two are phenomenal with pigmentation. Just one or two swipe and I’m done. Standout is my most fave since I can wear it everyday without too many stares unlike shameless. I still love them all and I’m jealous you got elusive. It’s a hard color to find, hence the name. Hehe. Keep up the good work!

  • hanna espiritu

    Finally my hubby bought me shameless,elusive and showy shades .. And so far i love it. These are my go to lipstick.