Guide to the Hair Stylists Secrets

Hair stylists may be good at keeping their clients secrets but they’re also pretty decent at keeping secrets of their. Here are a few of your secrets and myths about hair, hair dressers and hair dressing that they can didn’t would love you know;

• Cutting your hair short doesn’t make it grow longer – that’s one myth for starters. The idea that trimming the ends of hair will make it grow faster is simply not true. Hair grows generally around a half inch each and every month and no volume of trims or trips to the hair salon will speed that up one little bit. The pace of hair growth can be affected by hormonal changes however, like pregnancy or the time of the month.

Guide to the Hair Stylists Secrets

• If you pluck out gray hairs two will grow back in their place – this is another load of old tosh. Scientists cannot locate one scrap of evidence to suggest that it’s true – although I’m not sure how much time, money or effort continues to be spent on it. The truth is that when you pluck out one gray hair another gray hair will grow in its place.

• Hair will not get used to one specific brand of shampoo – you truly don’t should regularly improve your brand of shampoo, conditioner or de-frizzing lotion. Your hair won’t know any difference. If you find a particular model of shampoo or conditioner which leaves your own hair sleek and shiny stick to it.

• There’s only one way to deal with split ends and you can’t buy it in the bottle. The best way to really cope with split ends is to trim them off – no amount of lotions of potions can make them fuse together again so don’t waste your hard earned cash on the endless collection of new products which say they can.

Guide to the Hair Stylists Secrets

• You don’t have to visit the hair stylist each time your split ends must be trimmed – sorry stylists but that’s the reality. Unless your own hair is in a really high maintenance type of style you can simply trim the ends of your hair without any trouble – just so long as you’ve got a great pair of hairdressing scissors. Check out the selection at The Salon Outlet for starters.

• Olive Oil is a good conditioner for the hair. Forget expensive salon style (and salon price) conditioners – you can make homemade conditioners that may do the job just as well using natural products out of your kitchen cupboards. Great kitchen conditioners include ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil and avocado – these can even help to make the hair stronger.

Guide to the Hair Stylists Secrets

• Your hair dresser may suggest that you use some extremely expensive, salon grade treatment when your hair is damaged from extensive coloring and styling . . . that’s fair enough but if your hair is shiny, healthy and normal you really don’t must pay for something which isn’t necessary.

So, there you possess it, some of the secrets hair stylist won’t tell you – or maybe they simply don’t know. Who knows what goes on at Hairdressing School?

Look into the great variety of equipment including uv sterilizer, makeup cases and bags, makeup brush sets, dryers, more, scissors, clips, combs and brushes, the truth is they’ve got such a good selection you should see on your own. There’s a fantastic selection of hair dressing and then make up products available at The Salon Outlet perfect for your hair dressing salon or home hair dressing salon!

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  • Love this post! I would try that avocado + olive oil trick next time!

  • Agreeeee! we can take care of ourselves pala in a non expensive and very easy way, no need to panic or go to salon!

  • Marissa Colmenar Brioso

    I never know that plucking gray hair is bad. ang daming bawal na ginagawa ko sa buhok ko that’s why it is damaged already.. This is really a very nice post and helpful! Im sure everyone tha will read about this will learn a lot. Thanks for sharing this Ms. Yhette..

    • Thanks, Marissa. My mom plucks her gray hair too. I keep on telling her that it’s bad. Lol

  • thanks for the info, I also did not believe that plucking grey hair will cause more grey hair grow to its place! & yes buying expensive saloon products is just a waste