Monthly Faves: February 2014

Hey pretties! How’s everyone doing? I know Mondays are such a pain. You know that quote saying ‘I wish there’s a day between Saturday and Sunday’? That quote is soo me. Anyway, I know that my February faves are way late but still I wanna share with you the stuff I have been loving for the past 28 days. Let’s start.


Monthly Faves: February 2014
Celeteque Hair & Scalp Care Cleansing Shampoo &
The Cream Factory Scrub-In-A-Tub in Goats Milk & Cinnamon

I have been using the Celeteque Hair & Scalp Care Cleansing Shampoo ever since I got it and it really changed my hair care regimen. My hair felt lighter and well, cleaner. It really got rid of all the gunk that was caused by all of the hair products that I have been using. I use it once a week and my hair never felt softer ever since.

The Cream Factory Scrub-In-A-Tub in Goats Milk & Cinnamon I can’t get enough of this product. This was in my latest Weekly Raves and I really can’t stop using this. It feels so good and smells so yummy. Don’t eat it though!


Monthly Faves: February 2014
Ellana Minerals Chai Tea Latte Loose Powder Foundation – PhP 460;
Ellana Minerals Chai Tea Latte Pressed Foundation – PhP 650;
Revlon Age Defying Targeted Dark Spot Concealer Treatment – PhP 400 @ Bon Marche

These are my goto face makeup if I want a lighter makeup. Both the Ellana Minerals loose powder & the pressed powder offers the same type of coverage that I want. They don’t look cakey on me and they’re not extremely matte. The concealer offers the right type of consistency. It’s a bit thick but it goes a long way and has a nice coverage.


Monthly Faves: February 2014
Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow in ‘Bad To The Bronze’ – PhP 300+;
Ellana Minerals Combo Quad Eyebrow/Shadow in Wish, Beloved, Hush & Intense – PhP 350

I have been using my Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow in ‘Bad To The Bronze’ ever since I got it. It’s pretty easy to apply and it makes me look like I’ve made such an effort in my make up even though I didn’t. All I need is my pinky finger and my blending brush and that’s it. Even my nieces love using it, and they kept asking if they can take it home (No way! Hehe).

I love using the Ellana Minerals Combo Quad Eyebrow/Shadow in Wish, Beloved, Hush & Intense not only an eyeshadow but also for my brows. They’re so pigmented and they have a really nice consistency. They last long even without a brow gel.


Monthly Faves: February 2014
Ellana Minerals Blush Duo Compact in ‘Kitten & Peach Passion’ – PhP 450

I really like this blush duo because there’s not a shade in this blush duo that I don’t use. I use ‘Kitten’ as much as ‘Peach Passion’ and vice versa. These are the blushes that I use to give me that subtle glow. ‘Kitten’ is this gorgeous pink blush that is best worn when you want that subtle, romantic look. While ‘Peach Passion’ is this beautiful peach blush that you can wear for days when you have either a heavy eye makeup or you’re wearing a bold, statement lipstick. Both of these lipsticks are arleady shimmery and they already give you that nice glow so you don’t need to wear a highlighter.


Monthly Faves: February 2014
Revlon Matte Balms in ‘Elusive’, ‘Shameless’ & ‘Sultry’ – PhP 400 (@ Bon Marche)

I cannot tell you how much I have been loving these lippies! I wanna get all of the available shades from this line. They’re matte but not totally. They’re what I prefer to call ‘creamy matte’. They’re moisturizing and they stay on the lips for quite some time as well. They’re not the most affordable lip product available but it’s definitely worth the prize.


Monthly Faves: February 2014
Beauty Cosmetics Precision Flat Top Brush, Benefit Hoola Bronzer & Mememe Blush Me Brushes
& 6 Princess by Takashi Murakami for Shu Uemura Heart and Flower Curler

I have been using the Beauty Cosmetics Precision Flat Top Brush in order to buff my concealer It’s perfectly dense and just right to blend in my concealer. The brushes from my Benefit Hoola bronzer & Mememe Blush Me boxes are really very useful. I have been using them to contour my cheeks, and the nice thing about these brushes is that they don’t look streaky and they blend on to my cheeks nicely.

It took me quite some time to finally learn how to use my 6 Princess by Takashi Murakami for Shu Uemura Heart and Flower Curler. I found it difficult at first, but through time and practice, I learned to love it. It’s great because you get to curl every part of your lashes and that doesn’t happen in an ordinary eyelash curler.

So those are my February Favorites. I actually have a ton but I decided to trim it down to just a few. I know that most of these items are from Ellana Minerals, but for some reason, I’ve been totally hooked. Their products are so good and their packaging is so cute!

How about you, lovelies? What are your favorite products this month? Let me know!

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  • i haven’t seen the Celeteque shampoo here in our local stores yet… i would probably include it in my hair care routine too… i sometimes have dandruff maybe because of shampoo/conditioner not being totally washed off… i hope the Celeteque shampoo would help clear it out… and i love that you include tools on your favorites…

    • Yup Celeteque will really be helpful!


  • I’m not much into cosmetics but I love the design on the Ellana products. Very pretty and artistic. And you take great pictures, btw.

  • rhania escueta

    from your feb faves.. i would love to try the celeteque shampoo and those revlon lippies!!!

    • You’re going to love ’em Rhania!

      • rhania escueta

        oh dear.. i saw celeteque shampoo in the nearest branch of watsons in my place =)

      • rhania escueta

        dear! id already got my package! thank you yette.. my mom is doing fine now.. thank you..

  • Rochkirstin Santos

    Whoa, those are plenty of favorites but everyone looks good in packaging. How did you practice the flower curler? Are there instructions on the label?

    • I tried using it on the ends of my lashes first, then that’s how I learned.

  • leirs

    Love your loot!! I am not into cosmetics but I know great products when i see it

  • great finds again!! this will be great for all the ladies out there.

  • phyaboo

    Will you be reviewing your Ellana loot individually? I’d like to know more about the product because I’m really interested

  • love the ellana packaging! review please. thank you! love your blog!

  • aiko borja

    im curious about the lash curler. parang sobrang hirap nga siya gamitin .
    nice monthly faves list Ms. Yette. looking forward to see a FOTD post using ellana products

    • Lol, it was hard at first. Haha

  • ♫ SheloMi GerdaN ♫

    I’m new to your blogs. and capital WOW ang ganda po ng blog nyu by far the prettiest I’ve seen. yung pictures may diamond pa hehe ang cute! . hindi po tulad ng ibang guru may snob . hehe . more powers po and God Bless!!!

    • Aww, aren’t you the sweetest! Thank you so much! Hope you keep visiting!

      • ♫ SheloMi GerdaN ♫

        I definitely will!!!!!! nakakainspire sososomuch