A Huge Thank You! – Maybelline BB Cream Winners – CLOSED

Hey loves! Remember when I asked for you to vote for my niece at the Maybelline Philippines Search For 8 BB Top Models? Well your support & our efforts paid off because she was one of the chosen 30 and last December 2013, she was chosen as one of the top 30 to compete for the 8 coveted spots. She didn’t make it to the top 8 but we’re still happy because I was one of the blogger winners who not only went home with a gift pack from Maybelline but with 100 pieces of BB creams for my readers.

During The Maybelline BB Cream Event
Taken during the said event. I was one of the blogger judges and that’s my niece, Trisha.
Third picture is the awarding of the Blogger winner.
There were two or maybe three of us but I was the only one who was present

And finally, just a while ago, my package arrived from Maybelline Philippines. I finally got my 100 BB creams, and I was so excited, I HAD to post this right away.

A Huge Thank You! - Maybelline BB Cream Winners

Below are the BB Cream winners. These are the people who supported my niece during the duration of the contest.

(added: March 01, 2014)
MIYUKI YAMAGUCHI (added: March 01, 2014)


These are also the people who have been supporting my blog. If you see your name written above, please email me within 72 hours. If I haven’t received any emails from you within the given time, I will be choosing a different winner instead. Please use the contact form to send me your shipping details (name, address & mobile number). Thank you.

If you don’t see your name there, don’t be sad. Because I still have something for you…

A Huge Thank You! - Maybelline BB Cream Winners

I will be giving away ONE (1) BB cream (each) to 6 lucky winners. All you have to do is follow the instructions at the rafflecopter app below. Giveaway is open for Philippine residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Click here to find out how you can win as my February Commenter Of The Month Click here to find out how you can win one of the 6 pcs Maybelline BB Creams

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  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    Congrats everyone. I miss this blog! I’ve been to busy lately… I’m glad I’m finally back

    • Glad you’re back!

  • elay23

    Congrats to all the winners! Hope I’m going to win too. I really love the Maybelline’s product especially their BB cream. :3
    Anyway, I found Yettezkie’s Doodles tru facebook.
    Name: Elera Marie Joaquin
    email: wafzky_lers@yahoo.com

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    Just a very good luck made me find your blog. I am fond of browsing the net and it lead me to this
    Happy that I found your blog Yette

    Name: Rosalie Tangonan
    email: bsefilipino_pnu@yahoo.com

  • Lennie Mungcal

    congrats winners;,
    my daughter found your blog through FB,.

    Lennie Mungcal

  • ♫ SheloMi GerdaN ♫

    I found Yettezkie’s Doodles though youtube . iwas looking filipina gurus and I landed on you’re video and blog . Loving you ever since

    Name: Shelomi Gerdan
    Email: shelomicute@gmail.com

  • I’ve been a follower for about 2 years now. Can’t really remember what led me to you but whatever it is, I’m thankful!

    Name: Sie Cajilig
    Email: inventr3sz_16@yahoo.com

  • Fati Recede

    Sobrang pretty! Congrats again!

  • i’ve been lurking for a few months i think… i really can’t remember when i found your blog… but i think it was from Gen-zel…

    Cat Quiambao

  • MarieCor Jauod

    It’s my love about make up and make up reviews that lead me to your blog found it through youtube.

    Marie Cor Gumban-Jauod

  • Leilani Gamboa

    thanks so much sis for sharing your blessings to all your readers and followers.

  • Anna A.

    I saw a link to your raffle on Facebook.

    Anna Adona

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    Hi miss yette Yay ANOTHER GIVEAWAY sooo excited!!! Btw, saw this link in your FB acct.


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    I found your blog via Ms. Genzel of genzelkissesblog. I think youre bff! And I love everything about make up!

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    I always check out online reviews before purchasing cosmetics, and that is how I was lead to your blog. Your reviews are very helpful! Keep up the great work!

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    Thank You Ms. Yhette! Such a very kind and generous and pretty blogger. I will continue to support ur blog. Thanks again, godbless you!

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    I found you blog through Genzel Kisses.

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    i found you in one of my friends post
    sherry ann gole cruz

  • Winnie Aurelio

    Oh mh…I wasnt expecting to be a winner since I have been really busy plus my net wasnt cooperating with me. Thank you so much Yette! More power to your blog and congratulations to both of you

  • Sarah Jane Nadiera Sarsaba

    I found you at my newsfeed in facebook one of my friend posting about your blog..
    more power
    sarah jane sarsaba

  • I found your site through Genzel.

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    I have been following your twitter account.

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    Found it through my news feed! An avid fan and follower here!

    Charmaine Q. Carreon

  • Sis kasama ba yung BB White and Clear Stick?

    • Yup. Basta yung three types nung BB cream will go to 6 winners (1 for each winner).

  • Arjayssa Reyes

    I’m already a fan of your blog page so I see you on my news feed every time you posts something new!:D

    Arjayssa Reyes

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    Found it to my friend’s news feed. Congrats to your niece! Grace Nelly B. Milambilin gracenelly.reyes@yahoo.com

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    • Hi Aiko, check the post, you’ve already won. You don’t need to join this giveaway. This giveaway is only for those who don’t have their BB creams yet.

      • aiko borja

        yay!! ok i already sent my info tru the contact form. thank you ulit :)))

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    i found this thru Jayssa Reyes
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  • Jonalyn Cantil

    thank you for sharing your blessing!! i found your Blog from my FB friend name Lean Diwa, we meet before in one event, and then we became friends she loves make-up so do i.. since i met her i got some interest in make-up products, i always read some make-up review specially in youtube.. and she is so very lucky when it come’s to give a way’s. and i want to try this one.. this would be my first BB cream.. God Bless !

    Jonalyn Cantil

  • Say Yap

    I found your blog upon searching a product tru google. From then on I followed you.Although I dont normally comment but I read all reviews.Btw,Thank you so much for sharing your blessings to us.More power.
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    My friends keep tagging and sharing about Ur pass giveaways,, A generous giveaways, thanks for that, andami tuloy nag ka chance magkaroon ng mga bagay na di nila kaya or di nila akalain magkakaroon sila… Goodvibes and god bless
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