Ellana Minerals Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation in ‘Chai Tea Latte’ – Review, Photos & Swatches

Hey everyone! To start of our drugstore/budget-friendly series, I would like to share to you guys my new favorite. I’m not much of a pressed foundation kind of girl. I always prefer liquid foundation/BB Cream then I just use powder (either loose or pressed) to set it. But ever since I got my Ellana Minerals Pressed Mineral Foundation in ‘Chai Tea Latte’, I’ve been using it non-stop.

Ellana Minerals Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation in 'Chai Tea Latte' - Review, Photos & Swatches

Product Descriptions/Claims According to the Ellana Minerals Website*:

Can’t take your sweet time applying loose powders? Do we have something for you! Our Ultimate Pressed Powder foundation combines the convenience of traditional makeup and the skin-friendly benefits of minerals in one compact. It has a light to medium coverage and a matte finish.


Ellana Minerals Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation in 'Chai Tea Latte' - Review, Photos & Swatches

I really like the new packaging of Ellana Minerals. It’s very similar to those from ‘The Balm’. Also, their new packaging now features the beautiful illustrations from Ms. Soleil Ignacio (click here for further information). The Ellana Minerals Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation comes in white, (really) thick card board material. They’re very sturdy, compact and travel friendly. It comes with a decent-sized mirror, along with 9 grams of product. It doesn’t come with a box, but all of the information you’re going to need is right at the back of the compact. It also doesn’t come with an applicator, but that’s alright with me, since I prefer to have my own. I have no issues with the packaging really, since I find it really unique for a local product. It’s not very often that you find a locally made product with a nifty, unique packaging such as this one. I know we encounter these types of packaging, but only with the ones made abroad.


Ellana Minerals Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation in 'Chai Tea Latte' - Review, Photos & Swatches

Like I said, this doesn’t come with an applicator, which is fine by me. I apply this using a powder puff (the ones that come with pressed powders/foundations are okay, but I use my Marionnaud powder puff) then I lightly brush off the excess using a fan/powder brush. I find that this is the best way to apply this for fuller yet more natural coverage. This is offered in 10 shades, all of which you can find here*. This and the loose mineral foundations* offer the same number of shades.


Ellana Minerals Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation in 'Chai Tea Latte' - Review, Photos & Swatches

I love the consistency of this one, it’s really buttery and smooth. It adheres to the skin well and offers a light to medium coverage. It’s very buildable, and in my case, when I’m not experiencing any breakouts or redness, a concealer is no longer necessary. As you can see in the picture above, I only wore a single layer, and that’s it. I didn’t apply any concealer nor a primer beforehand. (Please ignore my ugly brows, I’m growing it out). This offers a really flawless, semi-matte finish. If you have a dry skin, you don’t need to worry. This will mattify your face, but it will still offer you that natural glow that everybody wants.


Ellana Minerals Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation in 'Chai Tea Latte' - Review, Photos & Swatches

Contrary to popular belief, I do have imperfections on my face. I have varicose veins all over the sides of my mouth and large pores near my nose. Surprisingly, this can cover those imperfections really well. Even my dark under eye circles. You loves know how tight my schedule is, and this can pretty much conceal all those imperfections. It doesn’t cake nor does it emphasize all of the dry patches all over my face. I have been wearing this with and without a primer, and even if worn without a primer, it lasted pretty long enough, in my case. Without a primer, it lasted me for more than four-five hours. I have normal to dry skin, but I still have natural shine peeking through. Needless to say, I needed to blot maybe once or twice. With a primer, it lasted me for more than five hours, without retouching nor blotting. I did sweat, but I didn’t see the foundation transferring to my tissue paper, hankie, which I know is a good sign.


Ellana Minerals Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation in 'Chai Tea Latte' - Review, Photos & Swatches

Does not have any particular scent, even if you smell it right off the pan

• Product Name | Ellana Minerals Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation
• Shade | Chai Tea Latte • Price | PhP 650
• Avalability | Ellana Minerals Website; Ellana Counters at The Ramp Glorietta,
Edsa Shangri La & Trinoma


• PRO’S •
• CON’S •
Nice, unique, sturdy & travel friendly packaging
All of the information you’re going to need is already written at the back
Offers a decent-sized mirror
Offers 10 different shades that are also similar to the ones offered in loose powders
Has a soft, smooth & buttery consistency
Really pigmented
Offers a light to medium yet buildable coverage
No concealer necessary (in my case)
Mattifies skin but offers that natural glow
Lasts approx. more than 5 hours when using a primer and approximately 4 hours when used without
Doesn’t cake
Doesn’t emphasize the dry patches all over my face
No particular scent
Available online, locally (Ellana counters) & they ship internationally as well
Does not offer an applicator
May not be suitable for those with really oily skin. You may need to retouch or blot every once in a while.
Not widely available in stores yet

I really like this pressed foundation. It’s my goto product if I don’t want to put on a heavy makeup and if I wanna bring it with me. You see, even if I don’t end up using something, I still like bring it with me just in case, so I really love this product because it’s very handy for such occasions. It offers an awesome coverage, just enough for me, covering what needs to be covered, mattifying my face, yet leaving that skin-like glow. I love everything about it and I honestly can’t say anything against it.
Honestly, if my review doesn’t scream yes, I don’t know what does. I really love this pressed foundation. Like I said, I’m not much of a powder/pressed-foundation person, but this made me a convert.

How about you? What’s your favorite pressed foundation? Or better yet, what’s your favorite Ellana Minerals Cosmetics product? Have you used one? Let me know. Stay tuned for another drugstore/budget-friendly product review! I hope you enjoy this series, we have 9 more to go! (since I can’t do the ‘week’ thing, so I decided to do a ‘series’ of 10 reviews. Let me know if 10 is too big of a number for you)

PR Sample – Product was provided for review/consideration. This does not however change my opinion regarding the said product.
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  • Leilani Gamboa

    I give ellana minerals makeups a rate of 5. When they sent me samples, I love each of it. The foundation and the concealer could last for more than 6 hours. The powder has a matte finish na hindi flat, unlike other powders. I love the formulation of their makeups, I never experience breakouts. I like to try their lip cheek tint next. Great review sis Yette, as always :).

    • True! I love Ellana Minerals. Thanks, sis!

  • it’s a move in the right direction for local companies to have a wider selection of foundation shades…

  • OMG! Now I’m really tempted to try this product out!!! Nice review as usual sis!

    • You should try it! you’re going to love it, sis. Thanks! :*

  • Ang kinis naman, nakakainis! Haha The loose cakes on me sometimes so it’s nice to know that this doesn’t have that problem.

    • Haha, thanks Kim.

    • Shantal Viosa

      KInis lang talaga ang sinabi mo ha, kasi hindi siya maganda di ba?

  • Im planning of getting some Ellana products for quite a long time now and because of this review feeling ko isa ‘to sa mga una kong ita try. I really like their packaging, so feminine.

    • Yup, you should try it sis! You’re going to love it for sure!

  • Czarina Cerize

    Even your bare face is so makinis! What’s your secret Mam Yhette? I remember the benefit porefessional in this product. A must try one! Loving ellana!

    • Thanks, Czarina! Nothing, just my usual skincare routine & lots (& LOTS) of water

      I didn’t use Benefit Porefessional or any primer underneath this product when I took that photo. I’m actually running out of my Benefit Porefessional so I’m saving it only for special occasions

  • Marissa Colmenar Brioso

    This one is very affordable! Hope they will be available at SM dept stores soon. Gustong gusto ko talaga itry ang ellana, The product quality plus the very femme packaging is such an eye catching product.Love it!

    • Hi Marissa! Sorry for the delayed reply. You can always order online.

  • Fati Recede

    I wanna try this! It looks promising.

  • rhania escueta

    im a huge fan of their blending brushes =) im in love with it =)

  • Janina

    Your review makes me convince more to try ellana products. I hope it works for me because I have a sensitive skin.

    • It will! Ellana’s a really good mineral makeup

  • Hello sis, NC 15-20 ka ba? I’m planning to buy it kasi, but they say that buying online is tricky. Thank you!