Monthly Faves: January 2014

Hey everyone! Told you there’s another post coming this week! It’s the weekend which means that my week off’s about to be over and my work week’s about to start on Monday which means, non-stop work again. Let’s see if I can squeeze one or two blog posts from time to time. Especially an FOTD for you guys who are planning to go out this VDay? Ayt?

Anyway, enough with the babbling, I know you’re excited to find out what I have included in my January 2014 Faves. But before that, I just wanna mention that some of the items I have included here are also the ones that I’ve loved last December. Since I wasn’t able to include my December Faves in my 2013 Faves (at least some of them), I decided to include some of them here. Let’s start, shall we?


January 2014 Faves

ZA Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream – I use this often as a part of my nightly regimen. I often apply it on top of my moisturizer, and what I love about is that a little of this cream goes a long way. I’ve been using it everyday ever since I got it and it doesn’t even look like I did some damage. Nevertheless, this is still one of the most moisturizing “night” creams I have ever used (I prefer to call it as a night cream since I use it only at night). I love the fact that I wake up with my face feeling soft, and supple. With regards to the ‘restoring’ part, I’m afraid, I’m not that much helpful since I haven’t really noticed anything yet. Maybe in the long run, I will see those results, but as of the moment, I like the fact that it can moisturize my sometimes uber dry skin.


January 2014 Faves

Colour Collection Age Defying BB Cream – I got this from Sample Room back when they were having their 12 days of Christmas thing, along with the Colour Collection lipstick. I really liked this one (the lipstick, not so much). If you liked the blue one (the whitening version) you’re going to love this one. I love this more because it provides more coverage, and it matches my skin tone a lot better than the whitening one. Not that I had any problems with regards to the other one, but I just noticed recently especially when I got this one that this was a closer match. Also, I liked the finish of this one, it looked a lot better on me. Like I said, if you liked/loved the whitening version, you’re going to love this. Same way, if you didn’t like the whitening version, you might want to give this a try, you might end up liking it. (specially now that they’re still available at Sample Room!)

Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder in ‘Light Pale’ – I got this last December when I had the chance to test Eyah’s. If you remember my last collaboration with Eyah. We talked about what we have inside our makeup kits. She had this and I was able to swatch it, and I really liked the texture. It finely milled and really silky as well. It has a great pigmentation and offers a light to medium buildable coverage. It doesn’t cake and works well whether you apply it with either a brush or a sponge. As for me, I like applying it with a kabuki brush. I like the sponge, but it’s just too small so I bring my own brush, like I always do.


January 2014 Faves

Smashbox Masterclass 2 Palette Blush in ‘Flush’ – I’ve lived off from this palette for months ever since I got it last November and I’ve been loving this blush, called ‘Flush’ a peach-toned blush that gives you that natural touch of color when you have your makeup on. Hence the word/shade name ‘Flush’. It’s looks so simple on the pan, but it’s one of the most gorgeous shade I’ve ever used, and it brightens up my cheeks when I use it. I lah-ove it.

Smashbox Masterclass 2 Palette Highlighter in ‘Shimmer’ – For those who have been following/reading my posts ever since, you all know that I’m no fan of pink highlighters. I love gold/yellow-toned highlighters because it looks more natural than the pink ones. However, this highlighter is really different. It’s a bit more subtle and it just gives you a hint of glow on the areas where you apply it. It finely milled with tiny specs of silver glitter which can only be detected when you stare at either the pan or the swatch itself. It’s blends very well onto the skin, and the chances of over-applying this product is highly unlikely.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer – My love for this bronzer came back. At first I was wondering as to why I bought this expensive product, but I now get the hype. Especially after I started using the brush that came with it. Using the brush, it gave me a subtle yet defined contour that I don’t usually get with my other contouring powders. It looks so natural yet I get that definition, and contour that I often get from my other contouring powders, without looking like I applied a ton of makeup. I’ve been loving it to bits. The only downside of this product is that, it’s friggin’ pricey. Duh.


January 2014 Faves

Smashbox Masterclass 2 Palette – Like I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve been using this palette non-stop ever since I got it. This palette is the most versatile palette I have ever owned (aside from Lorac Pro) due to it’s variety of shades, finishes and also due to the fact, that not only does it offer a multitude of eyeshadows, but also a couple of blushes, highlighters and cream eyeliners. Here’s a glimpse of what the palette looks like at the part where the eyeshadows are located. Don’t worry, I’ll do a separate review about this palette soon after we do our ‘Drugstore/Budget-Friendly Series’.


January 2014 Faves

ZA Double Action Smudgeproof Mascara – This is the mascara that I won from the ZA giveaway that Sample Room held last November. I still haven’t used the eyeshadow quad yet, but I’ve been enjoying this one so far. True to its claim, this mascara is indeed smudge proof and quite volumizing. It did give some length, but like I said before, this mascara is more on volumizing. I like the wand as well, it’s unique and something that I haven’t encountered before. I’m still experimenting with it, so I’ll let you know more regarding this mascara probably during the end of Feb.


January 2014 Faves

Maybelline So Nude Lipstick in ‘NU 37’ – This was one of the lip products that I got when I won as the blogger winner at the Maybelline event (Search for the Top BB Models – you can refer to Genzel’s post regarding the said event, as I wasn’t able to blog about it). These are my kind of nude lippies. Peach/pinkish nude lipsticks that doesn’t wash me out whenever I wear it whether I’m wearing just a subtle makeup or a heavy smokey eye. I love it because it’s creamy and easy to apply. Wear time lasts for approximately four hours.

Virginia Olsen Mineral Lip Creme in ‘Sweet Seduction’ – This is also a nude lipstick that doesn’t wash me out. I love it especially when I just want to go out and run some errands. I love it because it’s very moisturizing and it’s easy to apply. Despite it’s formula, it has a good wear time and it stains my lips, which I happen to really like. It’s the type of lip color that is very suited for every day wear. But like all nude lippies, it’s also something that you can wear to tone down a heavy makeup. I like this because it’s my classic MLBB shade.

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in ‘Mightiest Maraschino’ – I got this together with my Smashbox palette. It’s a gift from the owner of makeovershop. I wore this especially last December. This was my classic red lip. It’s very easy to apply since, of course, it’s a lip crayon, and it stays on my lips for a couple of hours. It’s a blue-toned red which is my favorite, and it also stains my lips, which like I said, is something that I actually like.

Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick in ‘Mauve Outta Here’ – Aahh.. meet my first love. WnW’s Mauve Outta Here is actually one of my first lipstick obsessions before I fell head over heels in love with MAC lippies. Now, it seems that we’ve reunited. Lol. I love this because it’s pink but it’s not on your face pink, nor is it something that is too light-barbie-ish-pink. Again, this is something that I really like to wear when I’m running errands or when I’m just going to the mall. It’s simple yet it makes a statement. Oh, and it’s affordable too. Provided that you know where to buy it, which I’m sure most of you do.


January 2014 Faves

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge – Like I said in my previous haul post, this is a bit different from my old-time favorite Beauty Blender. Still, that doesn’t make this less efficient. It still works, and it works great. If you don’t have the budget to splurge for the famous Beauty Blender, then go for this one. You’ll hardly see the difference unless you own one yourself. The only downside of this sponge I think, correct me if I’m wrong is that, I believe that this sponge absorbs more foundation than the original Beauty Blender. But for some reason, this is way easier to clean. Lol. Irony.

Ellana Cucumber Melon Makeup Brush Cleaner – Oh, I love this brush cleaner. Maybe even better than my old favorite. This smells so good, it keeps my brushes smelling fresh, and only a couple of spritz of this product goes a long way. I was able to clean my makeup brushes in no time, and get rid of the foundation stains too. Ooh, I love this product.



January 2014 Faves
Girl Stuff Nail Polishes

Unfortunately, I don’t know some of the names of these nail polishes as their names fade really quickly from their respective bottles. Like for instance, the forest green nail polish at the top and the one beside it, their names have already faded so I don’t know what their shades are anymore. The two nail polishes at the bottom, however, are named ‘Posh’ (left) and ‘Audrey’ (right). I really love Girl Stuff nail polishes because they are so opaque and they last long on my nails. I just wish that they change their way of placing their shade names because it’s hard to keep track especially once they fade. All I can tell you is that the forest green nail polish is textured, it’s like one of those sand/gritty nail polishes that are currently ‘IN’ these days. The other one, however, has a combination of pink, gold and orange shimmers in the bottle. It also looks like that when applied. Sorry, that’s all I have for you regarding those shades.

SO! That was a lengthy monthly favorites post. If you made it reading this post from top to bottom then kudos to you! I really appreciate that! (Virtual kisses & hugs! :* <3) I guess I'm really in the mood to blog and I really miss it so much. Lol. Anyway, I apologize to those who are not a fan of these types of posts, I know I'm not (sometimes). It's just that it's too late to summarize. Anyway, thanks a lot for taking time to read my faves. How about you? What were your January favorites? Let me know

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  • Marissa Colmenar Brioso

    I never know that ZA has make up products too. I thought that it only has the skin care line. But their products are simply the best. Im still using the prize that I’ve won in your flash giveaway. and so far I am very happy with the results. Hihi.
    Are you really a fan of nail polishes Ms. Yhette? Coz the colors that I’ve seen are pretty.. You had a very very good taste talaga when it comes to beauty products. Thanks for sharing!

    • I think they came out first with their makeup line before their skincare products. As always, I’m glad that you liked your prizes.

      Yes, I love nail polishes, just don’t ask me to do nail art tutorials because I’m no expert, lol.

      Thanks, Marissa!

  • Yay! can’t wait to try the ZA cream. I just got my BB Cream from Colour collection, excited to use it na!

    • You’re going to love them, sis!

  • Czarina Cerize

    I love benefit cosmetics Mam Yhette! Ganda kasi sa balat, I have their mascara and brightening kit. Ganda ng finish touch nya sa face. The downside is that, it’s too pricey.. Sobra sobrang pagtitiid yung ginagawa ko para maka avail nun. I’m looking for something na maganda iapply but hindi kasing mahal ng benefit. Do you have something na marerecommend Mam Yhette? Coz my mom told me that you know so much about beauty and make ups And what’s the use of bronzer? I am not familiar with that. Is it similar lang ba sa highlighter? Yay. Dami ko tanong. I just wantd to know more about make ups. And your favorites are really good and ang dami. Puro kilalang brand pa kaya for sure, high quality and it comes from you! Thank you for this,

    • Aww, Yette nalang. Haha

      I love Benefit too but you’re right they’re expensive. I had their mascara before and I’m holding out on repurchasing it since I have a ton of mascaras that I need to empty pa. You can try The Balm cosmetics. They’re not as expensive (Half the price in fact. Their blushes range from PhP 700+) but their quality is still the same, and they have more shades. You can also try sleek, which I believe costs PhP 400+ online. As for drugstore alternative, I really can’t suggest much since I don’t buy a lot of drugstore blushes that much, except for ELF. Aww, you and your mom are so sweet

      Bronzers are used to create dimension on your face. Usually I apply bronzers to achieve that sunkissed look. I do the "3/E" motion (forehead, sides of your eyes, then jaw). Highlighters, however, are used to give your face that 'glow' or 'radiance'. You apply it so you won't have that completely 'matte' look. You apply it where the light hits your face, (usually on the bridge of your nose, forehead, under your eyes just on top of your cheek bone, on your cupid's bone, chin, etc.)

      It's okay don't be afraid to ask questions, I like it. I'll answer so long as I have the time. I just you guys have the patience to wait for my response.

      • Czarina Cerize

        My mom says before that you recommend Maybelline for mascara. If I finished this benefit, will definitely buy that one. And also, will try the “The Balm”, I will find that at the mall soon, pag napadapad ako. Hihi.
        ooh. thatw as the use of bronzer pala. will find tutorials for that.
        Thanks Ms. Yhette! (I cannot call you yhette lang, nahihiya ako sayo Mam Yhette :))

  • I am using the nearly naked foundation too and I super love it! I wanna have that hoola bronzer but it as indeed so pricey. Ps, love the pearls and flowers sa photos ang cute! xx

    • Yup, I was so hesitant to buy that Hoola bronzer, and I think I went back and forth at the Benefit store 3x because I really can’t make up my mind. Lol.

      Thanks, Kenny

  • Joanna Sormunen

    I love how cute and feminine your pics look like. And great tips also. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Thanks Johanna. I’m glad you liked it

  • Nicol Wong

    i dont know why i still have tried the real techniques sponge yet its been on my to buy list since it was announced it was being released!

    • Go! You’re going to love it, I promise

  • Rochkirstin Santos

    I’ve been hearing a lot of great reviews about ZA products. I’m intrigued enough to buy the collagen cream as well right after I finish the one I’m using now: Biokos.

    • You’re going to love it!

  • andrea estrada

    Hi Ms. Yette! How much is the ZA night cream? Is it good?

    • I think they’re around PhP 700 (approximately) I’m just not sure since I got mine from Sample Room

      Yup, they’re really good and moisturizing too.

  • I can’t remember when I last wear some blush on. My cheeks are usually prone for pimples kaya I rarely use it. My fave yung mga nail polish! By the way Yette, I like your minimal blog now and how organized the photos are. Keep it up!

    • Aww, thanks Patricia!

  • ang dami.. for now, i only use baby powder, eyeliner, mascara, blush and lippies. i seldom use na bb creams nor foundations. ang lengthy kasi ng paglagay. hehe

    • Haha, you can always use your fingers. But at the end of the day, it still depends on your preference. Thanks for dropping by!

  • Consistently wowed by your vast arsenal of makeup! Haha! My sister uses the same Wet N Wild lippie and loves it a lot as well!

  • Leilani Gamboa

    Kulang points ko for the bb cream in sample room, sayang. I have read some raves about Virginia Olsens mineral lip creme, nakakatempt tuloy magpurchase.

    • Aww, it’s okay. Review the stuff you got na as soon as you can so you can get the BB cream. I’m telling you it’s worth it! & so are the lippies!

  • Fati Recede

    Want to try that ZA collagen cream! I can say this month is the month where I went gaga over skin care products moore than makeup. Hihi lovin that mauve outta here color! been seeing that on ig sellers and I think its time to have one for my self.

    Awesome faves!

    • Thanks, Fati! Go buy Mauve Outta here! Promise, you wont regret it

  • Style and Glow

    Your January faves are overwhelming. It’s like a stash of a makeup artist. Btw, I’ve been reading blog posts with ZA products, is that a new brand here?

    • Thanks! Can I have your name? It’s kinda awkward to call you Style & Glow. Lol

      ZA was a makeup brand that was launched here in the mid-90s, I believe. Then they left during early 2000 (again, I’m not sure). They returned last year along with some skin care products.

      • Style and Glow

        Hi, Yette! I’m Roselle. They’re like Ellana, hitting the market again with a fresh start. Thanks for this info.

        • Hi, Roselle! Nice to meet you!

          Yup, pretty much like Ellana. You’re very much welcome

  • aiko borja

    daming monthly faves.. ohmaygod….! hehehe may i ask Miss.Yette kung anong magandang moisturizer?? and yung ZA collagen ba ano pinag kaiba sa mga serum?? hope you answer my question.

    • Hi, Aiko. It’s okay I like questions.

      It really depends on your skin type. If you have oily skin then better stay away from oil-based moisturizers, and also use facial serums & lightweight water-based moisturizers (at least that’s what I’ve heard/read).

      Collagen cream is a bit different to facial serums because collagen creams are used for anti-aging. Serums are not only used for moisturizing your skin but it can also be used to deposit more benefits. Facial serums penetrate the skin further than an ordinary moisturizer.

      • aiko borja

        hayy thanks Ms.Yette naliwanagan na ko. mag uupgrade na ksi ko pra sa aking skin care regimen.I’m turning 25 na this year and they say that when we aged our skin tends to become thinner, less
        elastic, drier, and finely wrinkled.and it starts as early as i
        think prevention is the key. salamat po sa info