January 2014 Collective Haul

Hi everyone! How did your first month of 2014 go? Me? January is by far the most hectic month of the year for me. Of course, I can’t really say it as a fact since I still have 11 months to go, but January was a bit rocky for me. My new job, if I’m being honest, though it’s a complete blessing was a bit stressful. It took some serious effort for me to be able to adjust to my new schedule, and even up to now, I’m still a bit struggling. Anyway, let’s just leave it at that. For now, let’s go to the main purpose of this post, which is my January 2014 Collective Haul. I haven’t been shopping much lately, so I decided to include the items that I got during the first week of February as well.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post, and let me know if you want me to review anything in particular though the comments below. I will also try to locate their prices, but if it’s not listed, please don’t be mad. It’s been a while since I’ve had these and it’s hard to keep track of receipts & prices especially when they’re bought individually.


January 2014 Collective Haul - Vidal Sassoon Premium Color Care Series From Sample Room
Vidal Sassoon Premium Color Care Series
from Sample Room worth 500 points

I’ve mentioned these babies in my 2013 Faves: Hair, Body, Skincare Products post and having this in another haul post is seriously not a surprise. This is one of the most effective hair products that I have tried so far. It doesn’t make my hair feel dull and it makes my hair color look vibrant even though I haven’t retouched for months. I’m glad that I was able to get a hold of these babies before my VIP points were forfeited.

January 2014 Collective Haul - Céleteque Brightening Radiance Body Cream SPF 15 and Céleteque DermoScience™ Acne Solutions Acne Spot Corrector Gel From Sample Room
Céleteque Brightening Radiance Body Cream SPF 15 and
Céleteque DermoScience™ Acne Solutions Acne Spot Corrector Gel

Both from Sample Room;
Body Cream – worth 45 points; Corrector Gel worth 80 points

I love Celeteque products. They’re really helpful and at the same time affordable. They’re proof that a quality product doesn’t need to be expensive in order for you to love it or for it to work. I love their Acne Spot Corrector Gel, and I’ve also mentioned this in my 2013 faves. It’s brightens up my dark spots and gets rid of my pimples like ‘THAT’. The body cream, however, is quite moisturizing. I just have to get used to the smell, I guess.


January 2014 Collective Haul - Ponds Flawless White BB Cream & Chanel CC Cream
Ponds Flawless White BB Cream & Chanel CC Cream
Ponds Flawless White BB Cream – PhP 149 (at SM Dept. Stores);
Chanel CC Cream – PhP 2,500 (Available at Sassyfabshop)

Okay, so before you go hysterical on me about how much the CC cream is, I just wanna tell you lovelies, that I didn’t buy that. It’s a gift from my good friend, Eunice (the owner of eauthentic). She used it maybe twice, but she’s not really a fan of makeup so she gave it to me. It was barely used when I got it, it’s still heavy so I’m so happy when I got it. Truth be told, I think this CC cream is meant for those with oily skin. This CC cream is a no-no for those with dry skin since this can settle to the fine lines/dry spots of your skin. You might need to exfoliate and/or moisturize prior to using this. With regard to the Pond’s BB Cream, however, I liked it. It’s petite, good enough for traveling (provided that you include the box, since the nozzle can sometimes be messy) and testing the product. I like it. It has a nice coverage and it matches my skin tone pretty well. Will do an in depth review about this product in our drugstore/budget-friendly series.


January 2014 Collective Haul - Ellana Minerals Cosmetics
Ellana Minerals Cosmetics
All from Ellana Minerals Cosmetics
(Clockwise) Silver Makeup Pouch, Chai Tea Latte Pressed Mineral Foundation* – PhP 650;
Pressed Mineral Blush Duo in ‘Kitten/Peach Passion’* – PhP 450;
Eyebrow/Eyeshadow Quad in ‘Beloved, Intense, Wish & Hush* -PhP 350; Sheer Velvet Mineral Finishing Powder

Recently, my co-bloggers and I were invited to attend the Ellana’s Beauty Advocate event, wherein we were given the opportunity to earn through our blogs via the Ellana affiliate program. Not only did we learned a couple of things during the said event, but we really had fun. These were our parting gifts, and of course, you’re going to see more of these products in my blog. I’ll be reviewing them soon, and I really can’t wait to use them.


January 2014 Collective Haul - Products Bought Online
Bought From Carefreeshopper & Make Up Hup
(L-R) Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (Carefreeshopper) – PhP 450;
Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain in ‘Sweet Pink’ (Carefreeshopper) – PhP 285;
Lime Crime Velvetines in Pink Velvet (Make Up Hub) – PhP 950
Shu Uemura Heart & Flower Murakami S Curler (From Carefreeshoper but no longer available) – PhP 1,300

So when I was a bit lazy to go malling (yeah, that happened), I got these instead. Also, I got these when some advertisers renew their contract. And since they paid via paypal, I got a bit lazy to withdraw them via EON since it wasn’t that big, all of these items were bought separately and individually, just to make it clear. My favorite out of all the four item you see in that photo, is the miracle complexion sponge. It’s VERY similar to beauty blender, only cheaper. (I wouldn’t say DUPE, because they’re still a bit different in terms of finish and coverage, but yeah, still VERY SIMILAR)


January 2014 Collective Haul - Drugstore Haul
Drugstore Haul
(Clockwise) ELF Matte Lip Color in ‘Tea Rose’ (PhP 250); Fashion 21 Single Blush-on M01 (Tomato) & M02 (Cocoa) (PhP 140); Essence I Rock Gloss Eye Pencil; Essence Super Fine Eyeliner Pen; Maybelline Lip Polish in Glam 5 - PhP 375; Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo - PhP 300+

Well, as you may already know, we have a ton of new makeup products available at the drugstore and as soon as I was available to finally go shopping, I picked up a few. I got the 2 new single blushers from Fashion 21, and just as I was about to go make my rounds, I noticed that Maybelline now has the famous Color Tattoos! Yay! Only, I believe we only have five or six shades available here. I hope they carry more. Now, we need to have those master highlights! And L’oreal! Please carry those infalliable eyeshadows here in our country, pretty please?! Lol. Anyway, stay tuned for more drugstore/budget-friendly makeup reviews.


January 2014 Collective Haul - The Cream Factory Scrub-In-A-Tub
The Cream Factory Scrub-In-A-Tub
PhP 599
Available in Beauty Bar, Landmark Department Stores, SM Hypermarket, BDJ Shop, Glamourbox Shop

The Cream Factory announced recently that they will be needing 10 real users to review their new product which is the Scrub-In-A-Tub. Without hesitation, I joined. I knew that if I LOVED their bath creams, without a doubt, I’m going to fall head over heels for this one. Luckily, I was one of the chosen users to review their product, and I got mine in Cinnamon. The moment I received mine, I immediately (IMMEDIATELY) used it. I took a bath and indulged with this one and my TCF bath cream. I can’t get enough of this one. I think it took me more than 30 minutes at the shower. Good thing I was able to help myself because I think I did some damage at my tub. Tsk tsk. So, get ready for a weekly rave about this one.

So those are all of the items I got the past month. So far, I’m happy with my purchases, and I really can’t wait to share with you my in depth thoughts about them. Let me know if you want me to review something in specific, or if you have questions regarding a particular product, then just comment down below. I’ll be happy to answer them. Just please be patient, though.

How about you? What makeup/beauty product did you buy last month? Share your thoughts through the comments below. See you on my next post! (and that’ll be my faves!)

*Affiliate Links. Getting your products from the links provided will get you 5% discount but will also allow me to earn from the said website. Please be advised, however, that everything written in here regarding those products are purely my own unbiased, opinion. If you feel uncomfortable getting your products via those links, feel free to go directly to ellanaminerals.com. No hard feelings
For more information regarding this, please read my Disclaimer/Privacy Policy

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  • Gen-zel

    Yay! Love your haul sis! I want din yung curler!

    • Hi sis! I like it too! Nakakasura nga lang gamitin minsan, haha

  • jhessicaRecto

    wow shu uemura culer!!!!!! dami ko nanaman aabangan na review mo sis..

  • RebelSweetHrt

    Uy I got the same variant din of the Scrub-in-a-Tub. Loving it, too!

    • Yay! It’s good no?

  • Czarina Cerize

    My mom is right, your blog is very informative and I enjoy it so much Mam Yhette.
    I just wanted to ask if celeteque is better than cetaphil? I am really confused because they both starts with CE. Haha. I love the fashion21 blusher, they are not pricey unlike others, but it gives the same benefits and glow like them. My mom is a lipstick lover, and I am a blusher lover. Lol. XD I love make ups, honestly. it gives me confident as a teen.
    Oh by the way, how cute your photos are. Seems that youre a photographer mam yhette. I love it.

    PS. Thank you for this post and thank you for choosing my mom as one of your com. Godbless you! Will try to keep in touch with your blog as i can. medyo busy din kasi sa school works. But I am really enjoying your blog. Will wait for your faves.

    • Marissa Colmenar Brioso

      I told you nak. daming matutunan.

      • Aww, you guys are so sweet

    • Thank you! I’m glad you liked my blog.

      With regard to your questions, I’m afraid I can’t help you that much with regard to Cetaphil because I only encountered their moisturizer, and it’s not mine pa. It’s my niece’s. Though I know that their products are pricier than Celeteque. I like that both you and your mom loves makeup. It’s quite refreshing, My mom’s not really fond of makeup. She buys them but I don’t think she knows how to use ’em (except for a pressed powder & a lipstick of course). Lol. Let’s just say that she’s not really into makeup as I am now.

      Thank you very much for dropping by. Your mom deserves to be my January COM winner. I’m glad you like my blog

  • Marissa Colmenar Brioso

    Hi Ms. Yhette. I am not really familiar with the collective haul thing, but as I read this post, nagets ko na. I’m sorry, I’m not updated on some terms.
    Anyways, I always heard a lot of good comments about ellana products. I am very intrigued with this one. Lalo na yung eyebrow/eyeshadow something. It seems that the texture is really good and the “minerals” thingy is a plus factor. Maganda sa balat ang minerals cosmetics as they won’t clogged the pores.
    May I ask if they ar available at watsons or dept store? or just in online basis? Pag nakaipon ipon ako, I’ll try to buy this. Napupuno na ang list ko. Di pa ako makaalis. But I see the tab about ellana at the right side of this. I’ll check them soon
    Thank you Ms. Yhette, can’t wait for your next post. More powers!

    • Hi, Marissa! the products from Ellana minerals cosmetics are very silky to the touch and all of their powders are really highly pigmented. You’re going to love them. They last long, especially when used with a primer. The eyeshadow/eyebrow quad seems very promising because even their swatches are a bit harder to remove than your ordinary eyeshadows.

      Ellana Minerals are available either at their website or at The Ramp, Crossings (Trinoma/Shangri La, Quezon Ave – If I’m not mistaken)

  • I looove hauls! I love your hauls sis! Im getting more and more excited to learning more about make-up because of beauty blogs! Hehe.

    I am not even over the BB Cream, and now there’s CC Cream!

    • Aww, thanks Ruth. I’m glad you liked my haul post.

      Yes, we now even have a DD cream

  • rhania escueta

    one of my fave kind of post on your blog yette eto yata ang isa sa pinakaaabangan ko sa mga blogger post (genzel, and mhisha)

    i have tried VS shampoos and got them for 172php sa reysal.. cheaper =)
    i saw that Ponds BB cream sa Mercury Drugstore, and from Ellana i really do admire their blending brush (i got two from ms gem, shared with my officemate na mahilig na rin sa makeup)

    Miss your posts!

    • I’ve heard about that Reysal, I just don’t know where… Hmmm…

      Aww, I miss you more! I’ll try to update often, I promise!

  • Fati Recede

    awesome collective haul Ms. Yette! I can’t wait to see the chanel cc cream in action! Tagal ko nang fave yung lime crime and I really wanted to have one but its expensive. haha Love the elf matte lip color! super lakas lang makafresh ng face yung mga ganung shade and there comes again the The Cream Factory! Super cute talaga ng packaging!

    Hope to see more blog posts this love month! ♥

  • These are really nice hauls! I watch makeup reviews with my sister and a lot of the stuff in this post is really famous for having good quality!

  • Imdeb

    your blog is indeed a great make up review blog…you’re doing just great job here.

    • Thank you, that means a lot.

  • Your January Haul is triplet than mine. I just have 5 pairs of shoes but yours? You have much! Me wants the Eiffel! ♥

    • Haha, I’m not that much in to clothes/shoes, lol. I wish I was though, lol.

      You can buy that Eiffel tower display at Shy Shop (FB) but I bought mine at Eastwood, last Christmas

  • Raluca Alina Vintilescu

    So many cool stuff!!! That CHANEL CC Cream is amazing!

    • Yup, I’ve been loving it so far.

  • girls will be girls! girl stuff..!! girls has a lot of stuff compared to us! LOL great review and blog!

    • Haha, true. Thanks, Andrew

  • andrea estrada

    You have such good stuffs. Please do a review on the celeteque products :)) Im loving their moisturizer and toner so I might get what you mentioned above, is it good?

    • The body cream is good, I’m just not fond of the smell but it’s very moisturizing. The spot corrector gel’s also very effective in terms of getting rid of my pimples.

  • Style and Glow

    I wanted to get a Celeteque Radiance Body Cream from Sample Room, I’ve read good reviews about it, but I didn’t have enough points ‘coz I ordered two other Celeteque products already.

    • Aww, maybe it’ll still be there when you get your points back

  • aiko borja

    wow sa dami can’t wait sa review bout ellana minerals ive got samples from them wich i ordered online but i never used pa.meron pa kasi ko ginagamit mineral foundation.i have jordana lip stains too! lovin the shade of terra crave it’s nude perfect for everyday use… miss yette may i know hm mo nabili yung essence fine eyeliner pen?
    grabe dami mo nanaman irereview nito. 149 lng tlga yung ponds bb cream? nkakita kse nun sa watsons and it cost 239+ kaya ngtaka ako hehehe. gusto ko den kase i try yun since meron ka hihihi. thank you for this post.

    • Use your Ellana products! You wont regret it!

      I’m not sure about the price of the Essence eyeliner but I’m pretty sure it wont cost you that much. As for the BB cream, maybe the one you saw was the regular size? I bought the smaller one so I can try it out first and if I liked it, then that’s when I’ll buy the larger one.

      Joyette Cruz

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