2013 Faves: For The Lips

Hi everyone! So here’s the final installment of my 2013 makeup faves. I hope you enjoyed this series and I also would like to apologize for the delays. My schedule’s been hectic these past few days and its as if my body’s having a hard time adjusting as well.

Anyway, without further babbling, here’s my top five lipsticks, my favorite lip gloss, lip balm & lip stain. (I had to categorize it, because I can’t just choose 5 lip products. You know me, I’m a lipstick junkie and choosing JUST 5 was hard enough)


2013 Faves: For The Lips
Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Lip Balm in ‘#1 Spilled Wine’

Though this lip balm is a bit on the pricey side, I still really like it. It’s very moisturizing yet it’s flavorful. I know that sounds really weird, but this lip balm reminds me of those fruit-flavored Boom-boom pops when I was a kid. Trust me those lollipops were different from the lollipops that we have these days. Anyway, most lip balms that I have encountered are either too flavorful but not that moisturizing, or too moisturizing but they smell/taste like crap (tbqh). Not that I have any plans of eating this one, but I think it just what makes it a lot more unique and effective. If that makes sense? Eh.
PROS: Moisturizing, smells really yummy, gets rid of my dry, chapped lips;
CONS: Pricey, no applicator included/unhygienic;

Weekly Raves #1: TCFS Dinoplatz Lip Balm
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2013 Faves: For The Lips
Nichido Lip Blush with Vitamin E in ‘Prom Queen’

I’ve encountered a ton of lip balm/stains and none of them were as pigmented as this one. This evens out the colors of my lips, and adds a bit more color at the same time. I’ve also been using this as a cream blusher, and though it’s not meant for that, due to its rich color payoff, it gives my cheeks a touch of pink which I really like especially when I don’t want to have anything on, but still wanna look presentable (my no makeup-makeup look blush). It’s also very moisturizing and it lasts on me for more than a couple of hours (say three to four hours or so).
PROS: Pigmented; rich color payoff; Opaque; Evens out the colors of my lips; Gives a slight hint of color if used as a cream blusher; Lasts for more than three to four hours; Moisturizing; Available locally; Affordable;
CONS: This is the only shade that actually shows up on my highly pigmented lips;

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2013 Faves: For The Lips
NYX Butter Glosses (L-R: Creme Brulee, Peaches & Cream, Apple Strudel)

I really love the formula of these glosses. They’re not sticky, they’re opaque and they don’t feel slimy either. I know that sounds weird, but the reason why I steer clear of lip glosses is besides the fact that some of them are tacky, some of them can also be a bit goopy too. I know that that stickiness also plays a factor as to why it stays longer on my lips, but damm.. This one, however, has just the right amount of tackiness, and goopi-ness that wont bother those who are not really into lip glosses as well. I only have one lip gloss from NYX (which reminds me I have to throw…eww) and I really liked it, and the formula of the butter glosses are very similar to NYX’s original high shine lip glosses, but they’re creamy and they’re very opaque as well. It lasts on me for at least four hours, which isn’t really that bad, considering that I’m the type of person who loves to reapply her lippie.
PROS: Moisturizing; Non-sticky; Creamy; Pigmented; Has a subtle vanilla/candy-ish scent; Lasts for four hours or so; Affordable
CONS: Not all shades are very opaque; Hard to detect how much product you still have in one container; May need to exfoliate lips prior to application since it has the tendency to highlight your lips’ fine lines/chaps, etc;

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2013 Faves: For The Lips
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains
(Top to Bottom: Cherish, Smitten, Lovesick, Sweetheart)

These are my classic goto lip colors whenever I don’t know what I’m going to wear. It’s easy to apply and it stays on my lips more than three to four hours (especially the darker ones – ‘Smitten’, in particular) and it stains my lips as well which is something that I personally like. They’re not that expensive, especially when bought online (try Bon Marche. I so love these. They’re one of the most convenient lippies I’ve ever had and it’s nicely pigmented too.
PROS: Nicely pigmented; Rich color payoff; Stays on your lips for more than four hours; Stains the lips; Very easy to apply; Moisturizing; Available everywhere;
CONS: Some shades may emphasize your lips’ imperfections; Stains the lips (Some aren’t in favor of lip products that does that)

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2013 Faves: For The Lips
Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters
(Clockwise starting from the upper left corner: Creme Brulee; Tutti Frutti; Red Velvet; Sugar Plum; Sweet Tarte; Lollipop & Peach Parfait)

If you have been reading my blog for quite some time now, you know that these lip butters are my lips’ best friend. They’re really moisturizing and they come in a lot of shades, and they have the cutest packaging. They stay onto my lips for more than two hours and smell just like candy as well. I love these!
PROS: Really moisturizing, opaque & nicely pigmented; comes in a lot of shades; Stays for more than 2 hours; Cute packaging;
CONS: May need to reapply after a couple of hours; Some shades may emphasize the lines of your lips;

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2013 Faves: For The Lips
MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Riri Woo

It was a close call between this one and the Lime Crime Velvetines in ‘Red Velvet’. But this one won me over because it is the brightest red lipstick I’ve ever worn that I actually liked. It’s a matte lipstick so it’s definitely long wearing, but it can definitely dry out your lips while you’re wearing it. It’s a limited edition so availability is definitely an issue, but if you want to buy something close to this one, then try Ruby Woo or like I said, Lime Crime Velvetines in ‘Red Velvet’.
PROS: Bright, cool-toned red, gives the illusion of a whiter teeth; Really opaque shade; Doesn’t transfer, nor bleed as much; Lasts for more than six hours;
CONS: May be hard to apply; Really drying; Limited Edition; Pricey; No longer available

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2013 Faves: For The Lips
MAC Matte Lipstick in ‘Candy Yum Yum’

Look at that beautiful pink! It’s so pretty! Who would’ve thought something ^that^ pink can get brighten up my look each time I wear it? I love it because I often get compliments whenever I wear it and even my nieces fight for this lipstick too (#paarbor!) But nope, this stays with me. Even though it’s no longer a limited edition, heller?! MAC lippies cost PhP 850 – 1k depending on where you buy it and I’m not going to give mine anytime soon. Anyway, this matte lipstick compared to the retro matte formula isn’t as drying. It stays for more than six hours on my lips and stains them for much longer.
PROS: Opaque with just a single layer; Matte; Lasts approximately six hours & stains the lips longer than that; Easy to apply; Part of the permanent collection
CONS: Pricey; Can be drying sometimes; Can emphasize your lips’ imperfections;

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2013 Faves: For The Lips
MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in ‘Flat Out Fabulous’

This was a last minute entry but I have been wearing this A LOT ever since I got it. Though it has a Retro matte finish, it isn’t as drying as Riri Woo. This lipstick lasts on me for more than six hours and it doesn’t bleed nor does it transfer. Further, I also get compliments about my lipstick whenever I wear this shade, so it’s definitely a winner.
PROS: Opaque with just a single layer; not as drying & hard to apply like Riri Woo; Lasts for more than six hours on my lips;
CONS: Can be a tad bit drying; Pricey; Limited edition;

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So those are my favorite lip products for the year 2013. I know that this post is waay late but trust me, I’ve been wanting to get this series done already so that we can move forward with our usual reviews & stuff. Anyway, body/skin care favorites will be up within the week! I promise! Our internet’s fixed so I hope I wont be encountering any problems any time soon. Till then, loves!

Oh and PS – I just downloaded an app called, DAYRE (read as “diary”). It’s a microblogging app similar to Instagram/Twitter/Path but this one allows you to compile multiple posts and turn it into a single continuous blog post. So it’s kinda like Instagram but way cooler especially if you’re a blogger. If you have a DAYRE account, let’s follow each other? My username is yettezkiedoodle (dayre.me/yettezkiedoodle).

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  • Super favorite ko rin yung NYX Butter Gloss lalo na yung creme brulee!!!! Super nice noh? Tapos very affordable pa! I wanna collect them all kasi very wearable yung mga shades niya!

    • Yup! I love NYX Creme Brulee, kahit saan pwede. I’m also planning to get more shades!

      • How much yun diyaan?

        • 250, sis

          • available na rin siya sa mga department store?

          • Yes but I’m not sure how much. The price I mentioned is yung price nya online.

  • Ari

    Love your list! I’m a lipstick/stain/gloss fiend myself so I approve of everything you posted. Haha! Must grab that Nichido Lip Blush! I tried it once but I never got the chance to buy it yet.

    • Thanks, sis! Go get it! You’re going to love it for sure

  • I love this list! I’m a forever Mac & Revlon fan for my lippies. Cheers!

    • Thanks, Sol! & welcome to my site!

  • lovely lippies! i am not into lippies specially lip balms. Though i love matte lipstick! i love revlon too! great collection you have!! envy you as you can use this things in an expert way as a beauty blogger! x0 ~ http://www.tauyanm.com ~

    • Thanks, Mary Jane!

  • Lean Diwa Buscaino

    Lahat ng andito wala pa ko kahit isa heheh sana soon yieeeee…. lalo na ung MAC lippies I want a matte one. But I’m still not ready to buy a lipstick na lagpas ng 500 hehehe.. *medyo kuripot* You know need to budget as a mom and student without work pa, kaya tsaka na. For now I will be just happy reading blog post about it. LOL!!! pero ung revlon lipstain I was planning to buy lagi nauudlot hahah.. neeeeways! you really have a lot of lip products I want to see your make up collection *video please*

    • I’ll try to do my drugstore (local & foreign) picks soon. Dami na nakapila.

      I tried to do a makeup collection video but my lighting sucks. Also, I’m not satisfied with my current storage situation so, maybe in the near future.

  • rubbieanne

    I love them all ate! I love how you capture great photos!

  • Quinn Agpaoa

    I also love Nichido!

  • Marissa Colmenar Brioso

    It seems that MAC lippies are your favorites. Hihi. I didn’t have a chance to buy that brand, medyo mahal kasi. But it seems na maganda yung finish nya. Some of lipstick kase, after ilang hours lang, nagfefade na yung kulay diba. I was wondering kung ilang hours bago matanggal tong MAC? maybe pag iipunan ko sya kung maganda. Parang love na love mo kasi Ms. Yhette. You know naman, idol kita sa mga ganto. Haha. Why virginia olsen is not on the list? Anyways. Love to try those products. Hope I can buy them soon. Thanks for sharing!
    PS. Tagal mo nawala Ms. Yhette, namiss kita. hope ur fine. Take Care Always!

    • Yes MAC & Revlon lippies are my ultimate fave! But don’t worry I’ll try to do a drugstore favorite real soon. I just have to finish all of these pending posts. I hope you loves understand.

      With regard to MAC”s longevity, it really depends on the finish. Lustre usually lasts on me for only 2 hours or so, satin – 4 (or more) and matte/retromatte – 6 hours+

      I didn’t include my VO lippies yet kase they were a last minute entry. I only enjoyed them last Christmas and I had to really pick a few. Of course I love it & it’s a favorite but I since I have to include only 5, di sha nasama.

      So sorry for the absence. My work schedule is really weird and I had some net connection problems.

      • Marissa Colmenar Brioso

        Oh I see. Gonna find the MAC matte at Department Store whenever I have a free time. Thank you!!

        Sobrang busy mo ata talaga Ms. Yhette. Anyway, dont forget to take care of yourself. Mahirap magkasakit. Godbless You!

  • Kat

    Cool. The list might come in handy soon. I’ll be attending a friend’s wedding and I am not comfortable wearing makeup. Shocking? hehe I might just put a little color on my lips. ;D

    • Just wear red lipstick if you’re not into putting a lot of stuff in your face. Wearing red lipstick makes you look like you just did your entire makeup even though all you’re wearing is lipstick.

  • Yay! If you remember my previous comments about not being a lipstick junkie. Not now. I mean. I’m trying to paint my lips already though not that but at least I’m trying! Sneaking my sister’s lippies especially MAC! My fave at the moment too!

    • Yay! Good for you, Patricia!

  • Jasmine Gagarin

    I started with light Maybeline products and they kinda seem good. and now i want to try that MAc!

    • Try it, you’re going to love it!

  • Thanks for sharing! My sister’s been looking for good lipstick suggestions and I can’t wait to refer her to this post!

  • sheryl an mungcal

    i love the MAC lipsticks, so happy kasi last xmaz nakareceive ako ng MAC lipstick from my closest cousin,. she really knew that i really love this lipstick,.

  • Fati Recede

    For everytime I go to Watsons, I regret not buying that Nichido Lip Blush! I swear the next time I go to Watsons I will purchase that. Now that they have a new outlet near our place which is in Lumina Mall Imus! Yey! Love that Nyx lip gloss to bits especially the Peaches & Cream one!!! Loving all the lip products in here!!!

    • Go buy the shade Prom Queen! You’re going to love it!

  • Waaah reminds me of my FOF MAc lippie that I should get, it’s in my wishlist. After na siguro ng birthday ko It’s in their regular collection na sis (if that’s what it’s called hihi). I’ve read positive reviews din sa Nichido stain and it’s affordable pa! Will buy when I’m not in shopping ban na

    • Talaga? Didn’t know that they placed it on their permanent collection na. That’s great!

      Yup! I love the NIchido Lip Stain. But make sure that you get the one in ‘Prom Queen’ others aren’t quite as pigmented. Well they are, but if you have darker lips like mine, it wont really work. It’ll just even out the color of your lips.

      Sorry for the late reply, hun. Been busy with work this week.

  • Lisha B.

    The thing that really stoof out for me were ur pictures! They are just sooooo pretty. I too lobe NYX Butter glosses so HI% for that I’m so glad I came across your beautiful blog.Will certainly visit it regularly now
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    Day Giveaway (Open Worldwide)
    running on my blog where you
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    you could support me by entering it. Thanks in advance! ♥♥

    • Thanks! I love it when my readers like my photos. Makes me want to work on them more.
      Thank you and I hope you enjoy my future posts.

      Will definitely check out your giveaway.

      Sorry for the late reply. Been busy with work this week.