Tips and Tricks For Cleansing an Oily and Acne-Prone Skin

One of the most important considerations you should think about when caring for an acne-prone skin is cleansing. Keep in mind that acne starts because of the oil, dirt and dust which has clogged our pores. This is why you need to be serious in cleansing your face if you wish to cure your acne as effectively as possible. Here are some tips that you can take heed for a more effective acne-prone skin cleansing:

Wash your face on a regular basis.
It is not true that acne is a result of bad hygiene. The cause of acne comes from deeper than that– in our follicles. Despite that, having a good hygiene is one of the best ways that you can promote the healing of your acne-prone skin. In this way, you can get to prevent more materials from clogging your pores. When you wash your face on a daily basis, your face will not be a breeding ground for any bacteria. However, soaps are not recommended. What you need to make use of is a gentle facial wash which will not change the chemistry of your skin. Take a look at the washes that DDF Skin Care has to offer. Use this twice a day — in the morning and at night.

Avoid scrubbing your face.
Our first initial reaction when our face gets something that we do not want is to scrub it. We are hopeful that it will go away when we do so. This is very bad for acne-prone skin. Scrubbing will not make acne go away but it can cause skin irritation instead. When you rub the skin, the existing ruptures will get more inflamed and that is not very helpful for you. What you need to do is to massage your face with the use of a gentle facial wash along with lukewarm water.

Opt for a wash that contains salicylic Acid.
Salicylic acid is a plant derivative which is very effective in treating acne. This chemical works by invading the follicles where it will promote the shedding of the dead skin cells which clogs the pores. Plus, it helps in getting rid of blackheads and white heads.

Protect your skin from drying out.
There are lots of acne preparations which would have great drying effect on your skin. Most people would think that this is a good thing however, over drying of the skin will make the issue a lot worse. When this happens, your oil production will be boosted and go into overdrive. If you wish to prevent this from happening, make sure your skin is always moisturized. If you wish to maintain moisture of your skin, avoid products which contain alcohols as well as witch hazel.

Opt for an oil-free facial wash.
It is best that you opt for facial products that are labelled “noncomedogenic” or “nonacnegenic”. This is because such products would not clog any of your pores.

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  • I like facial scrubs but I try to limit it to 2 times a week. I love the squeaky feeling but I did read somewhere that too much scrubbing really does not do anything good so I do make sure that I follow it up with a good moisturizer.

    It is a good thing that I get a zit once in a while only problem is when it starts to dry and darken.

  • meganlev_13

    me, npanuod ko sa interview ni carmina villaruel, ginagawa nya daw if nagkakaacne sya is naglalagay sya ng toothpaste sa affected area then leave it for 1-2 mins. bago iwash para magdryout yung pimples. until now, ginagawa ko yun kaya hindi ako nagkakaacne na malala and its really effective.for oily skins like me, i dont use moisturizers, lalong nagsisticky yung face ko, and im using a warm water, the hotter mas mganda,

    btw, mabuti binasa ko to, nagsuscrub kse ako sa face e, masama pla yun, thanks again

    • rhania escueta

      wow nice tip ms meganlev_13 =) gonna recommend this to my younger sister =)

      • meganlev_13

        wow thank you po.

  • rhania escueta

    hi yette! namiss ko magcomment sa page mo =) been busy this past few days =) im so happy how my 2013 ends

    kahit madalang ako magcomment dito sa page mo lagi naman ako nakakaupdate sayo via fb =) hmmm.. recently ko lang nadiscover yung himalaya facial wash.. and oh dear.. i fell in love sa first use.. the scent.. the texture.. im so amazed.. and it cost 71php for a 50ml tube.. im sold =)

  • Leilani Gamboa

    Very informative and helpful post sis Yup, its always important to moisturize your skin to prevent from drying out, I put moisturizer twice a day.

  • Fati Recede

    I would def recommend Ponds clear solutions when it comes to facial wash with salicylic acid. I can see my pimples drying up upon using Na-phobia na ko magpafacial kapag my pimple ako. Dati kasi pinakialaman nila yung pimple ko and sobrang sakit talaga. I cried. Kahit pa pwede naman sabihin sa attendant na wag galawin, I’m still scared! Haha. When it comes to anti-oil products, I recommend flawless

  • Marissa Colmenar Brioso

    I thought scrubbing is okay. Oh my. Buti nabasa ko to. My daughters and I are always a fan of skin care products. Kaso before, sa sobrang dami ng naglalabasan na products, we are eager to try it out and we ended up having zits. Maling mali kami dun. But the one we are currently using today is the kojie san. Effective sya in removing scars also pimples. Nadadry agad. Pag may pimple kami na sobrang pula, we are putting powdered aspirin and water. Effective yun Ms. Yhette. I’m just looking for a very good moisturizer today. Dry ang fes ko. And I wnt it to be always moisturized. Hope you can suggest some. Thanks!

  • Ricalyn Garing Abrahan

    Well for me, i’ll recommend Nivea Visage Skin Whitening Pore Minimizing. It really works for me. I really love it. Your post is a great help, lalo na sa mga bago pa lang gumagamit ng mga facial wash.

  • aiko borja

    i like facial scrubs mas bet ko yung feeling nun after i washed my face. kaya lang it really dries up my face kaya to the rescue si moisturizer. but then masama pala pag na over used yun. tsk tsk.. thanks to this post Miss.Yette so informative kahit hindi ako Acne prone and Oily type ang skin. papabasa ko ito sa sister-in-law ko. matagal na niyang problem yung mga Acne niya. and she tried almost lahat na ata ng facial wash but then acne’s are still showing up. maybe sa hormones kaya niya iyon?ano po?