2013 Faves: Face Makeup

Hi everyone! 2013 is about to end and I feel like I still have so much to share to you lovelies. I thought about doing my usual Annual Hits & Misses but I really have a lot of favorites this year and I really want to give you as much info as I can with regards to why I love them.

You may have read a review about some of these before in my website, some, just in my monthly faves, and for that I apologize. I use a lot of products, and it’s really hard to keep track on the products that I should review next. Anyway, here are my 2013 Face Makeup Favorites


2013 Faves: Face Makeup
Barenaturals Skin Perfecting Primer

Ever since I got to try Benefit’s The Porefessional, I actually believed that there’s no other primer that can actually trump the former when it comes to giving my makeup the lasting power I always wanted. I almost repurchased that right away if not only for this primer. I got this in my June Glamourbox and it was a love at first use. Every fondie I used it with was a perfect match. You might notice that I don’t do primer reviews. But I often include some in my favorites. Main reason why is because I don’t have visible pores and I have normal to dry skin. I’m mainly interested in the staying power that it can give. This primer gives my makeup a staying power of more than eight to nine hours. Sometimes, it even varies upon the foundation I use, but trust me, this primer is a keeper.
PROS: Staying power is more than eight-nine hours; Affordable; Great for normal-dry skin;
CONS: Not widely available; Not sure if it’s suitable for those with oily skin. Sorry

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2013 Faves: Face Makeup
Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup
& Too Cool For School After School Watery Skin BB Foundation Lunch Box

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup in ‘250 Medium Beige’ – For some reason I was never able to blog about this. Not even in my favorites. But I’ve always liked this foundation. It feels heavy, sure. But if you’re looking for something that can give you a beautiful, almost prefect coverage, with a staying power that can last more than 6 hours (more than eight hours if combined with a good primer and a setting spray – even if you have oily skin), then this is the one for you.
PROS: Lasts more than 6 hours without a primer; Offers a very good coverage; Affordable (especially when bought online); A little of it goes a long way; Perfect for those with oily skin
CONS: May feel a bit heavy; Not really suited for people with dry skin; Unhygienic (because you’re going to have to dip your finger in order to get the product out of the container)

Haven’t blogged about it yet. Let me know if you want me to.

Too Cool For School After School Watery Skin BB Foundation Lunch Box – This foundation has the consistency of a BB cream but the lasting power and the coverage of a foundation. It doesn’t feel too heavy on your skin and it doesn’t feel heavy on your skin and it goes on flawlessly upon application. It lasts more than 6 hours on my skin without the use of a primer, but more than eight hours with. I don’t use the concealer & the highlighter that’s included so I can’t speak regarding those products. As far as I know, this product is suited for those with normal-dry skin due to the finish that it gives. It provides a decent amount of staying power for those with oily skin, but not as long as the ones that are especially formulated for the said skin type.
PROS: Goes on flawlessly when applied; Feels really light; Offers a really good coverage; Cute packaging; Lasts more than 6 hours; 8 hours with primer; Suited for those with normal-dry skin;
CONS: May not be suited for those who have really oily skin; A bit pricey (PhP 900+);

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2013 Faves: Face Makeup
Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream & Colour Collection Whitening BB Cream

Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream in ‘Light Ocre’ – This is still my favorite BB Cream and I’m down to my last few drops and I’m really saving it for special occasions. This gives me a semi-matte, flawless look which is kinda unusual for BB creams. It doesn’t have SPF so there’s no scary whitecast. Also, what I love about this BB cream is that with the proper setting powder, it lasts on me for more than eight hours without the use of a primer. When I use this actually, I no longer apply a primer, which is why this has been my overused BB cream this entire year.
PROS: Gives me a semi-matte, flawless finish; No SPF; No primer necessary; Lasts more than eight hours; Comes with a sponge (which I don’t use)
CONS: Pricey (PhP 1,500+); Frequent use of the sponge may be a bit unhygienic.

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Colour Collection Whitening BB Cream – I’ve been loving this BB cream ever since I got a hold of it. Just like the Fairydrops BB cream, this provides a really good coverage and a decent staying power. It doesn’t give me an overwhelmingly dewy finish and it doesn’t give me a greycast compared to some other BB creams. This is more yellow-toned and appears a lot closer to my skin tone.
PROS: Lasts for approximately 6 hours without primer; Affordable; Doesn’t give me an overwhelmingly dewy finish; Closer to my skin tone
CONS: Not widely available; Not suitable for those with oily skin; Limited shades available

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2013 Faves: Face Makeup
Naturactor Cover Face Concealer/Foundation in ‘#130’ & ‘#140’
& Artdeco Camoflauge Cream in ‘#8’

Naturactor Cover Face Concealer/Foundation in ‘#130’ & ‘#140’ – Due to it’s limited shade, I have to combine these two shades in order for it to match my skin tone. However, despite that particular flaw/con, I still love it due to the coverage it provides. It does not look cakey on my face and it blends flawlessly on my foundation. You can also use it as your all-over foundation, which I haven’t tried yet, but as for me, I’m pretty satisfied with just using it as my concealer. A little of this product goes a long way and lasts almost the entire day.
PROS: Does not appear cakey on my skin; Doesn’t crease; Doesn’t settle on to the fine lines of my face; Provides a decent coverage; Blends flawlessly; Can be used as a foundation as well;
CONS: Only available online; Limited shades; A bit pricey;

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Artdeco Camoflauge Cream in ‘#8’ – This was my goto concealer before I got my Naturactor. I love this because it provides an awesome coverage as well. It lasts almost the entire day and just like the previous concealer, only a little of the product goes a long way. Sometimes, however, it gets a bit cakey and can settle on to the fine lines/dry areas of your face, so you really need to moisturize. Further, I’ve heard that this concealer has the tendency to crease so a good setting powder is necessary.
PROS: Awesome coverage; Lasts almost the entire day; A little of the product goes a long way; Affordable
CONS: Can be a bit cakey; Settles on to the dry patches/fine lines of your face; May have the tendency to crease; Not that creamy compared to Naturactor;

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2013 Faves: Face Makeup
Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder & Hayan Kora Face Silky Powder in ‘#99’

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder – Ever since I got a hold of this powder, I fell in love with it. It definitely brightens up my face, and gives me a flawless look. It get rids of the excess shine and sets my foundation beautifully. It also gives me a luminous glow and it doesn’t settle on to the dry patches of my face, at least not that much. What I don’t like about it is that it can get a bit cakey whenever you use it to retouch your makeup.
PROS: Gives me a flawless look; Gives me a luminous glow; Brightens up my face; Doesn’t settle on to the dry patches of my face (at least not that much);
CONS: Can be a bit cakey when used for retouching; A bit pricey; Messy packaging

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Hayan Korea Face Silky Powder in ‘#99’ – Ever since I got this loose powder, I never stopped using it. I love it! It gives me such a radiant finish, and I can use it for retouching as well, providing I don’t overdo it since it has some glitters on it. Though it has some glitters it’s not chunky so you don’t have to worry about looking like a huge disco ball.
PROS: Gives such a flawless, radiant effect; Ideal for retouching (although you have to be careful since it has some glitters); Affordable
CONS: Has some glitters; Can’t think of anything else;

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So those are all of my favorite face makeups for the year 2013. I hope that I can finish this as early as the first week of January. I’m not sure if I can finish it before this year ends, so I’m setting a later deadline. Anyway, I hope you can bear with me. How about you lovelies? What’s your favorite face makeup products this year? Let me know.

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  • Fati Recede

    I super love that Fairy drops BB Cream. I watched a certain video turorial of a japanese girl on YT and Nasurprise ako. ganda nya sa skin. I thought the Ben Nye Luxury Powder makes the skin yellow. But it has the most amazing coverage pala. How often do you powder your face? especially on hot, humid days. Minsan, di pa ko nakakarating sa school, haggard na agad! But powdering too much makes the face cakey naman.

    • I have a dry skin type pero I need to set everything with a powder., Pag haggard na ako, dun ako nagreretouch pero pag hindi, I don’t. So it depends really. Sometimes I can go all day without retouching.

  • I envy you for having no visible pores in your face! I don’t usually apply primer for my whole face cos I thought foundation/bb creams are enough. Anyway, looking forward to your next post!

  • Gonna check the Hayan tomorrow..never tried it yet..since I am going to get some stocks tomorrow from them, might as well check this too. I also wanted or I am in search of a mattifying powder that is not too pricey. I was suggested to look for Essence, but it is currently hard to find.. any suggestions?

    • I’ve heard a lot of raves about Essence. So far these two powders are the only setting powders that I’m currently loving. Haven’t tried others yet. The neutral set (from Ben Nye) is also good for those with oily skin, but to me I still prefer Hayan.

  • RebelSweetHrt

    Mine would have to be CC Creams, particularly Etude House’s and Tony Moly’s.

    • Haven’t tried CC creams yet. I’m going to have to give it a try this 2014!

  • meganlev_13

    i have question, is revlon colorstay whipped, matte? is it the same with maybelline dream matte mousse? kse i have maybelline mousse and i have oily skin, it really suits for my skin type, matagal sya matanggal.and di sya tlga pwede sa dry ang skin kse magfflakey lang sya. but i really love it, i used it as a concealer/foundation. and yet, maybe i’ll try revlon. how much po ba yan?? ang alam ko kse mas mahal revlon sa maybelline e,. please do some review of revlon :)) yeay! and i love also the naturactor concealers! i can easily blend it with its creamy consistency and nakakacover din sya ng blemishes. hmmm, and yeah, more reviews. and i definitly looking forward to it.

    • I believe the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse is a bit thicker in texture than Revlon Colorstay whipped. I haven’t used it yet, and I’ve heard na di nga sha pwede sa dry skin. Revlon colorstay is approximately PhP 900 at Revlon counters and approx. PhP 500 at Bon Marche. I bought mine at Bon Marche.

      Thanks, Megan!

      • meganlev_13

        wow halos half of the price. buti nagtanong ako, hmmm, cge i’ll check it out ms yette, thank youuuu!!!!!!! hmm,,, btw, happy new year po!

  • wooow!! lots of nice makeup there sis!!! I like the Ben Nye! OMG! Super ganda niyan!

    • Yup. I love it. Try Hayan too!

  • Marissa Colmenar Brioso

    I heard a lot from Ben Nye na maganda daw talaga sa face. Hindi ko lang binibigyan ng chance itry kase the packaging or ung lalagyan is mahirap gamitin. Honestly, when I saw that, I was thinking na mukang petroleum jelly ung lalagyan. Haha! And mas convenient para sakin kung parang yung sa Hayan ung lalagyan niya.

    Anyways, try mo Ms. yhette ung tony moly luminous live aura cc cream. Maganda siya. Pricey nga lang. And yung sa covergirl na foundtion + olay tone rehab. Give it a try. Marami na naman kaming aabangan nyan sa 2014 mula sayo. Nakuu. The best ka talaga Ms.Yhette
    At bago ko nga pala makalimutan, I just wanted to ask if you have a plan to purchase the em cosmetics? Sa napapanood ko kase, Michelle Phan’s make up lines are the best. Lalo na sa mga face make up. Im not sure kung magshiship na sila worldwide this 2014. Pero yun ang rumors. Hihi. If ever ur interested, please do make some review on it. And on the revlon you stated above too. I love reviews from you

    Happy 2014 Ms. Yhette!

    • I’ve been hearing a lot about that Tony Moly CC cream. WIll def give it a try soon.

      Em Cosmetics? Let’s see.

  • Happy New Year, Ms Yette! I love this post! Please do it every year (demanding ehehe)

    • Happy New Year din! Haha, let’s see.

  • Ate yette have you tried the Colour Collection Age Defying BB cream? Mas gusto ko un kesa ung whitening kasi nagmumuka akong multo sa whitening Morena kasi ako, can you suggest a bb cream for morena and for oily skin rin?? And yang ben nye matagal ko ng pinag iisipan mag purchase niyan huhuhu Hope you do 2013 faves “local makeup”.

    And I don’t know if ang may problem internet ko, pero ang hirap po buksan ung site niyo, I had to refresh several times, same rin ung sa pag comment, hindi nag shoshow ung comment box naka 5 refresh pa ako huhu

    • Tried it just now. I think I like it better. Haha.

      Sadly, I don’t know much BB Creams that offer a wide selection of shades. I’ll try to do a blogpost regarding local makeup, don’t worry.

      Oh, and I’m sorry about my site, I’ve been receiving a # of complaints too. I’m in the process of fixing it. Thanks!

  • aiko borja

    wow nice make up list i read a lot of great reviews regarding on that colour collection bb creams and gusto ko talaga siya i try.. too bad its not widely available.makakabili ka lang po ata nito tru their tupperware store branches ?.. i envy you for having a smooth skin sa face visible yung pores and especially yung lips niyo po walang fine lines .. hayyy
    i love this post so informative

    • I believe you can only get it from Tupperware direct sellers. Not really sure na. I only got it from Sample Room & BDJ.

      Aww, thanks.

  • I really want to try that Bareminerals primer. Same here, nasa list ko din yung TCFS na BB Foundie! Eyeing on Artdeco’s concealer when I finished the others that I have

    • You’re going to love the TCFS fondie, sis!

  • Lean Diwa Buscaino

    The colour collection bb cream YAY!!!! I want that talaga I got mine in sample room ayun naubos ko na fav.ko kasi hihihi.. super love it too.. The naturactor was so in talaga noh? I see so many rave about it… a must try talaga I think.. How long it will last pala if ever u will use it everyday? kasi d ako sure pero parang ang liit db..

    -Lei DIwa

    • I’ve been using the Naturactor ever since I got it and as long as you don’t use it for your entire face (since you can) I think it’ll last for a good couple of months (6 mos maybe?). A little of it goes a long way since it offers a full coverage. It lasts the whole day and it doesn’t cake up.

      Get the Colour Collection Age Defying BB cream if you can. I like it much better than this one. I just tried it this year and I’m totally hooked!