Vlog Tags | What’s In My Makeup Kit with Eyahnism

Hi everyone! I know that this has been one of your most requested videos/posts all year and I’m now doing it with one of my closest blogger friends: Eyah of Eyahnism.com. This is our version of “What’s In My Makeup Kit” tag. I hope you enjoy it!


Here’s what’s in our makeup kit (listed according to the products mentioned in the video)>..


Vlog Tags | What's In My Makeup Kit with Eyahnism

    ♥   Hayan Korea Face Silky Powder in ‘#99’
    ♥   Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler (Gold)
    ♥   The Balm Shadow/Blush in ‘Hot Mama’
    ♥   Rimmel Lasting Lipstick By Kate in ‘#17’
    ♥   KPalette Real Lasting Liner
    ♥   MAC Bronzing Powder in ‘Bronze’
    ♥   FS Cosmetics Single Eyeshadow in ‘Cinnamon Mousse’
    ♥   Maybelline So Nude Lipstick in ‘NU 37’
    ♥   Palladio Natural Paper Oil Absorbing Rice Paper
    ♥   Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara
    ♥   ELF Studio Angled Blush Brush
    ♥   Majolica Majorca Brow/Lash Colorist
    ♥   Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains in ‘Smitten’
    ♥   Nivea Soft Rose Lip Balm
    ♥   KJI & Co Lip Staysss Lip Butter
    ♥   MAC Amplified Lipstick in ‘Chatterbox’

As you can see, I haven’t reviewed any of these items yet, but you may have already seen them in most of my favorites post. Let me know if you want an in depth review.


Vlog Tags | What's In My Makeup Kit with Eyahnism

    ♥   IRIS Total Coverage Foundation
    ♥   Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder in ‘Medium’
    ♥   Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color ‘PK002’
    ♥   Wet N’ Wild Megalast Matte Lipstick in ‘Bare It All’
    ♥   MAC Plush Gloss in Girl x Boy’
    ♥   Revlon Colorstay Overtime Mascara
    ♥   Etude House Easy Brow Pencil
    ♥   San San Pen Eyeliner
    ♥   San San Concealer
    ♥   Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in ‘Zero’

If you want to read Eyah’s thoughts regarding the products that she mentioned on that video, then head on to her website and request her to do an in depth review.

As we mentioned in the video, the stuff here in our makeup kit changes every time. It depends where we’re going and it depends what we currently have on our face (at least in my case). Head on to Eyah’s website cause we did another video on her channel. We did the Six Makeup Must-Haves

Vlog Tags | What's In My Makeup Kit with Eyahnism
Click the photo to go to Eyah’s blog post about the video we did!

Oh! and I already did this post waay back. Click here for the older version.

What about you? What’s in your makeup kit? Let me know! Oh and don’t forget to watch our videos!

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  • Hainrihi Rhine

    OMG! Ang gaganda ng make up nyo hehehe. They’re so nice and most I want to have. And you have a lot in your make up kit hehehe. Do you bring that always?

    • Nope. It depends upon the occasion.

      • Hainrihi Rhine

        Ahh I see. Heheh But so many and I love the various makeup brands that you have—especially the lipsticks! At ang kulit nyo sa vid

  • wow wow wow! ang cute niyong dalawa!!! I love your videooooo!!!! More pleasseee

    • Haha, thanks, Rhea

  • rubbieanne

    Wow cuties overload!!!:) You’re one of my fave blogger when it comes to this, just so you know.

    • Aww, thanks Rubbie

  • Marissa Colmenar Brioso

    I really enjoyed watching the video. Ahaha. Ang lakas ng sense of humor mo Ms. Yhette! Pareha kayo ni Ms. Eyah, Nakakatuwa. Sana more collabs pa
    BTW, you know I'm a huge fan of yours. My hubby told me while we are watching, "oh, may bago ka na namang pag iipunang make up. ang daming nasa bag. idol na idol mo talaga yang si Ms. Yhette, magtutuyo na lang tayo sa mga susunod na araw" HAHAHA! and yes! kilala ka na din niya! I introduced your blog to him!
    Love all the items in your bag. Daming lipstick! Ahaha. What's the top 3 make up you can't leave without? Meron ba? I wanna know. Hihi. So interesting.
    Looking forward for more videos. Love it! Super! More Powers Ms. Yhette!

    • Haha, thanks Marissa! I HAVE to have at least 2-3 lipsticks in my makeup bag, aside from the one that I’m already wearing. That’s just the way it is, lol.

      Top 3 makeup products I can’t live without? Checkout Eyah’s blogpost we did our Makeup musthaves although I mentioned there 6 items. I guess I can’t live with just 3? Lol. Uhm, honestly maybe, a brown eyeliner (which I failed to mention at that video because I didn’t bring one), a tinted lip balm and a pressed powder/foundation

  • meganlev_13

    omgee sobrang nkakatuwa kayo panuorin. natural na natural lang. lalo na yung sinabi mong “wala sa bundok” and “pudpud na” and lalo na yung “bat anjan yan?”, its like walang camera sa harap niyo na parang nagkekwentuhan lang na magkabarkada. sooo fun to watch. great job! more videos pa na ganyan or next time make up tutorial PLEASE?
    i have a question, hindi ba masyadong bulky yung hayan face powder sa pouch? kse whenever na dinadala ko face powder ko feeling ko ang sikip sikip ng bag ko e. hmm and miss yette maganda po ba yung rice paper? ako po kse may palladio rice powder naman and maganda sya sa face lalo na sa oily face, pero alam ko d msyado oily face mo e. ahahaha nirecommend ko lang. yun nga lang mejo limited yung color tones nya. mura lang sa beauty bar mga 400 hahahahah (pwede na ako saleslady).

    BTW, miss yette you forgot to put covergirl mascara in your blog. and yes, MORE VIDEOS LIKE THESE PARA FUN! thanks for posting!

    • Haha. Eyah and I were supposed to film months ago kaso palaging may tao sa paligid. Me natutulog nga nyan sa kabilang room kaya di kami makapag-ingay mashado eh. Will try do do more collabs soon.

      Hayan is definitely bulky that’s why I’m looking for a pressed powder that will do the job in terms of retouching. Pero it really does the job. It doesn’t make my face look cakey pag nagreretouch ako. With regard to the Palladio rice paper, that was just a part of a loot bag I got from the PVE. It works in removing excess oil/shine. I haven’t used the rice powder yet so di ko alam.

      Thanks for the reminder! Will add that up.

  • Nicol Wong

    i like watching videos like this! its interesting to see what people have in their kit!

  • oh.. the Hayan..might try that too..since I became a Hayan agent, might as well make my discounts into good use I have been wanting to have those majolica brows, but I wanted to keep my impulsive side at bay for a while because I am already officially broke this year
    Need to make way for my January hauls ..hehehe

    • Yup! You should try it!

  • Fati Recede

    thats a lot of makeup on your kikay kit! gusto ko na talaga itry yung MM brow colorist!! question, is bronzers the same with contouring powders? or just the same when it comes to application?

    • Bronzers are a bit reddish/orangy (depends actually) and they’re often used to give warmth/color to your cheeks. Usually you apply it to achieve that sun-kissed glow (think Kim K.) and you apply it to near your temples, near the eye, and the jawline (the letter E).

      Contouring powders are used to emphasize your cheek bones, (doing the fish face helps) your jawline, your nose line/bridge, etc. Ideal contour powders are usually two-three shades darker than your skintone. It’s also best if you can find powders that has a touch of taupe in it so it’ll look more natural.

      • Fati Recede

        Now I know! I have a round face. Maybe contouring my face would help? Thank you Ms. Yette!.

        • I actually use both. You can use both.

  • Super duper laughing hard when I watched it hahaha! Wala akong masabi hindi ko alam kung mahihiya ba ako or what hahah! Till next time

    • Yup! Till next time, sis! Sa bahay mo ulet, lol ;D

  • ♫ SheloMi GerdaN ♫

    ahahaha. love it! ang kulit nyu XD . kanta kanta din pagmay time parang bloopers hehehe :). one thing in common lang sakin is the fanny serrano eyeshadow . the rest I can’t afford or di ko pa nakikita, now alam ko na thanks for the info’s! and don’t ever change ang kakulitan hahahaha