Holiday Beauty Collab Giveaway

Hey everyone! Told you there’s another giveaway coming! In the spirit of the Holiday season, I decided to collaborate with these beautiful ladies, I’m sure you’re already familiar of them. Some of them I’ve already collaborated once/twice before. They’re very generous and very willing to do another collab-giveaway. Now, without further ado, here are some major details you’ll need to know in order to join the giveaway:

This giveaway is open to Philippine residents ONLY
Contrary to the main banner image, the giveaway will end on the 31st of December. Deann (the giveaway’s main host) realized that it will be a bit harder to ship if we announced the winner before Christmas. Therefore, to prevent courier difficulties, we decided to extend the giveaway until December 31, 2013
12 13 winners will be announced at the end of the giveaway to make out for the extension!

Like it? Now here are the prizes that you can win.

Holiday Beauty Collab Giveaway
2 WINNERS will win a PAIR of WORLD BALANCE SHOES! Therefore we encourage boys to join this giveaway too since World Balance will be giving out a pair for both male & female winners!

Here are the rest of the prizes that you can win!

Holiday Beauty Collab Giveaway

Holiday Beauty Collab Giveaway

Holiday Beauty Collab Giveaway

Holiday Beauty Collab Giveaway

Holiday Beauty Collab Giveaway

Holiday Beauty Collab Giveaway

Holiday Beauty Collab Giveaway

Holiday Beauty Collab Giveaway

Holiday Beauty Collab Giveaway

Holiday Beauty Collab Giveaway


You might be thinking ‘Wait! That’s only 12? Where’s the 13th prize?’ Well here it is…
If you have an Instagram account, then this is for you. Simply follow the directions at the photo below then one lucky winner will also be chosen by Deann (aka @chimiyuki). Simply regram/repost the photo & tag @chimiyuki & include the hashtag #HolidayBeautyCollab2013.

Holiday Beauty Collab Giveaway

The 13th prize has to be done via Instagram so if you don’t have an instagram account, then no worries. The entry is not mandatory, completely optional and we still have 12 prizes above that you can enjoy by doing all of the things that are required at the rafflecopter.

Also, the 13 winners will receive a PhP 100 OFF E-Voucher from Dull to Doll which you can use in your future orders.

Before we send you off with the details & the rafflecopter, let me take a moment to thank our sponsors who made this giveaway possible.

Holiday Beauty Collab Giveaway

Well, I’m sure you’re all familiar of this app by now, but just be advised that all MANDATORY entries MUST BE FILLED. Failure to do so will result for your entries to be considered null & void.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

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  • My wish would be happiness for everyone! Pang-beauty queen ang answer… hehehe… seriously though, i really want everyone to be happy and contented… kung something material naman, hmmmm… that’s kinda difficult to answer… probably an e-reader… to catch up on all the books i want to read…

    after 2013 ends, of course, keep blogging… keep doing what you love to do… host lots of giveaways! kasi, who doesn’t want to win free stuff? everybody loves to win… kahit na di masyadong expensive yung napanalunan, it’s the feeling you get when you win… it’s exhilirating!

  • Rachel Ann B.

    My wish for this coming Christmas would be peace of mind for everybody and most especially those people who were greatly affected by Yolanda. Kasi pag may peace of mind everybody would be enjoying the season without worries and not thinking about negatives things para positive vibes lang. No worries kasi c God andyan to help us, as well as the people that surrounds us being the instrument sent by God. We will/ should welcome the season with a great smile on our faces. After 2013 ends just do your thing kasi you’re good in everything you do. I like reading all your blogs kasi an dami naming natututunan.Looking forward for more more more blogs! Just keep the blogs coming And about being the host of giveaways that would be a BIG YES YES YES ! Getting a free stuff from generous people is really a great deal .Yung feeling tlga na nakatanggap ka ng gift/ nanalo ka is overwhelming

  • rhania escueta

    My wish for this coming Christmas.. is no other than.. peace of mind.. me and husband has been struggling to save our relationship.. di lang para samin kundi para sa baby namin..

    Ang tagal kong walang peace of mind.. me and hubby doesnt live in one house.. so i really dunno where is he all the time, though we worked at the same company.. eat lunch together (kapag mag kasabay ang duty) if you could still remember my previous post: you will have an idea anu pinagdadaanan namin.. really.. alam ko lahat dumadaan sa ganitong pagsubok.. i do try to stand still for us.. and i know in time God will give answers to my prayers.. but this Christmas.. All i really want.. Peace Of Mind.. that money can’t buy..

    Before 2013 ends.. i would love to see your accomplished wishlist for 2013 i mean, kung out of 10 ba sa wishlist mo ilan ang na grant =) in a post hihi that would be great and inspiring yette..

    saka about giveaways.. you have so much to give i would still join.. for fun and experience.. hope to meet you again soon =)

  • Abigail Tabuzo

    Wishes. Wishes. Wishes. I have a lot of them! My first wish will be for my family, of course. I wish that they are always in good health. I am very lucky and blessed enough to have a very responsible and caring dad, the most humble and loving mom and two sweet and understanding brothers. I would never ask for more. I wish them unending happiness and joy. My second wish goes to our country. I’m wishing that with this Christmas season, more people would understand the true meaning of peace, love, and giving. After all the many things that brought our country in despair, anguish and pain, I hope we would never forget that there is still hope. We may have lost someone or something but at he end of the day, we still have our friends, our family and HIM up there!

    And my last wish will be for myself. Yes, for myself. I wish I could develop confidence with myself. I wish I won’t be very afraid anymore to try and risk with the things I really wanna do. I wish I could always push myself up when I am too weak to stand. I wish for a good health so I can do the things I want to achieve in life and so I could conquer every trial that comes my way. And lastly, I wish that God’s guidance will always and forever be with me so anything would be possible.

    With hosting the giveaways? YES! YES please! ^___^ I always love your giveaways and I am looking forward to seeing more of them next year! So yun. I wish you good health too. Merry Christmas! :)))

  • Hi Yette! ♥ I found out about you through this giveaway, I have known Genz, Micmic, and Deann for quite some time now~~ I’ve seen you din sa pics sa ibang blogger events It’s Val pala from Dull to Doll ♥ Happy Holidays~~

    • Hi! Happy Holidays to you too! Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway!

  • Leilani Gamboa

    My wish for this coming Christmas goes to all who are affected by Yolanda. we all know how big their losses are.. still they are striving to get back the normal life even we all know its never easy. I wish they will continue to fight and God to continue give them the will to survive. I pray God will shower them more blessings and to also touch more hearts.

    Before 2013 ends, more product reviews and giveaways!

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  • meganlev_13

    alot of generous people on the internet! YEY!

  • Thanks for this giveaway Ms. Yette! First of all my wish for this holiday… a pair of Blue Dumbo Rats. I’ve been wanting to have them for years, but there’s no such breed here. Another wish that seems unlikely… that my little wild rat Thor would come home. We found him as an orphaned 2 week old pinkie rat in the garage, and we were able to raise him until he reached his 1st bday this July. He managed to break out one night in October and I never saw him again. It’s quite common for them to break out occasionally and run away only to return 2 days later. But Thor’s different I guess… he’s more adventurous than his domesticated housemates. I only wish for his safety.

    After 2013… honestly, I haven’t really hosted alot of giveaways since I began (less than 3 as of now), how about a collaboration? hihi =)

    • UPDATE: My wish came true the same night after posting this comment. He came back after exactly 2 months! He’s a little shy but still recognizes me as he kept running toward me whenever I call him. I have to setup a trap to catch him, a little unfortunate though that he’s not the same as before. Maybe he’s just a little shocked, and since he’s been out in the wild and got used to all the danger he kinda sees me as a threat. Maybe in the next few days he would eventually re-adopt to captivity. I’ll write a post about this in the coming weeks =D

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  • Catherine De Guzman

    Thanks for this giveaway! A time for myself with a whole day of relaxation and pampering, a time to just renew and keep all stress and worry away, I would love that if it happen.

    You are such a great blogger and all of the giveaway is such a thrill and surprising,,, continue all of it and will be following you always,, Love and surprises … happpiness!

  • Guest

    Such great items! Thanks for this give away :>

  • andrea estrada

    Such great items! Thanks for this giveaway :> I wish I win

  • Marissa Colmenar Brioso

    My wish this coming Christmas is more time for my family and myself. Lagi kasing pagod sa trabaho.. Minsan pag uwi mo, tulog na sila. Masarap sa pkiramdam yung may magewelcome sa iyo after work.. Napapawi lahat ng pagod.. And gusto ko bumawi sa kanila para naman bago matapos ang 2013, nakapagbonding kami..

    Yes! Youre really such a kind blogger. Talagang nakakatulong yung mga giveaways mo. You really inspired us in our everyday life. More powers to your blog sis. Godbless.

  • Kim Bruno

    My wish is for the people of the Philippines to realize that what happened to the typhoon Yolanda is just a trial to each and everyone and no matter what happen we can still stand up.

  • Mary Claire Jundis

    My wish for this coming Christmas is to win in one of the prizes and have a 32 pc. set of make up brush since I want to start a beauty page in my personal blog!

    I want you to have a meet and greet here in Iligan City! Of course I want you to have more giveaways to come. You’ve been so generous to us that it gives us a lot of hope to have the items we can’t have right away. Much love.

  • yukii gucci

    well wishes ba kamo ? andme ko po nyan ee . free lang kc mangarap . i want to have naaturactor , ben nye powder and all makeups that i need sa pagiging freelance MUA . i want to bring my daughter to disney land . last but not the least . i want to get married by 2014 and have another baby ( boy ) .

    i wnat you to have aa meet and greet so finaly i will be able to meet you ! your a big inspiration . i also love reading your blogs so more bloggings to come ! big giveaway ? your so generous . ofcourse we want it , its fun and exciting ! thankyou for the giveaway and to all your sponsors

  • Joy Lim

    Good health para sa family ko.. at sana like this year malapagsan lahat ng pagsubok sa buhay at maging matatag pa, and happiness, and sa material thing nmn cmpre i want to win this giveaway kung papalarin, cmpre being mommy dapat unahin ang baby bago ang sarili kaya wala akong budget para bumili ng makeups and other stuff na pansarili..

    more giveaways ! who does’t want that,, and like everyone here i want to meet u personally so i can ask from the expert about makeups and other thing. thank u for giving as all the chance to win ur generous giveaways..and your sponsors den..:D slamat po MERRY CHRISTMAS

  • aiko borja

    My Christmas wish would be Good Health sa buong Family ko. for me naman i want to have eye shadow palette’s, brush set. Mac lippies like yours and a mac brow gel.. hehehe libre lang mangarap, sana may mag regalo saken nyan :)) gusto ko den itreat ang mga kids ko sa EK and ang matagl na namen pinapangarap ng hubby ko.. is to get married. hayyy

    more giveaways pa po ms.yette para may chance ako manalo..hehehe and kaya ko gusto mag host kayo ng mga giveaway’s is super awesome kasi ang mga prizes niyo. kaya tuwang tuwa man ang mga subbies mo kung sino manalo..

    hope to win merry christmas na den

  • Ari

    My wish for this coming Christmas is to have a safe and fun trip with my family when we go abroad for the holidays. We’ve all had a tough couple of years, so to spend quality time with them like that would be amazing and much needed

    When 2013 ends and the new year rolls in I’d definitely love to see more giveaways! The bigger, the better! Haha! Like many others I also hope you host some kind of meet and greet because you’re one of the bloggers I really admire and it would be great to meet you in person. xox