Look Beautiful Naturally with Poreless Perfection: Ellana Minerals

I’ve always been a fan of mineral makeup. I like how it makes someone look and feel beautiful without overdoing it. I also love how natural it looks like. It’s like a way improved version of your ‘No-makeup Makeup Routine.

Look Beautiful Naturally with Poreless Perfection: Ellana Minerals

Last Tuesday, November 19, I was one of the fortunate beauty bloggers who were invited at the Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Re-launch at Rastro, Burgos Circle, BGC. Thanks Miss Liz Lanuzo for inviting me. I went there with my co-beauty blogger, Genzel, and upon arriving, we were welcomed by this ‘Enchanted Forest-esque’ theme. The whole second floor were surrounded by pink, peach and white flowers, pearls and tea candles, the whole area was beautifully decorated, it was indeed an intimate event.

Look Beautiful Naturally with Poreless Perfection: Ellana Minerals

Then while we were waiting for the main program to start, as well as for the other blogger guests to arrive, we were allowed to checkout some of their products at the vanity table. They have a lot of loose foundation shades suited for every filipina, and from there, we were allowed to pick our fondie shade so we can try it at home (I got Almond Latte, btw). You can also see some of their brushes, (Ooh! I’m going to get their tapered kabuki brush, real soon! The nice lady tried the loose foundation on me using the that brush while she was helping me pick my shade, and it was soo freakin’ soft & dense!) their pressed foundation, their blush, lip & cheek tints, primer & their brush cleaner (which smells so good, btw!)

Look Beautiful Naturally with Poreless Perfection: Ellana Minerals
L-R: Ms. Karrots Nazareno (host), Mr. Diego Buenaflor (President, Ellana Minerals),
Ms. Theresa Carbonel (Co-founder, Ellana Minerals), Ms. Soleil Ignacio* (Ellana Minerals Illustrator)
*Special Thanks to Genzel for Soleil’s Picture

The main program was hosted by Ms. Karrots Nazareno, whom I met at the Project Vanity Event last March. It’s funny how she still recognized me and remembered when we last saw each other, lol. Anyway, we were then introduced to Mr. Diego Buenaflor, President of Ellana Minerals Cosmetics. He talked about Ellana making a come back this year, their new packaging, improvements, as well as the new affiliate program on their website, which is actually a first here in our country. He also introduced us to his beautiful, pregnant wife, Ms. Theresa Carbonel, the co-founder of Ellana Minerals. She is also the brains behind the formulation of each of their products. We were also introduced to Ms. Soleil Ignacio, the illustrator behind the new packaging of Ellana (Click here for Soleil’s portfolio). Their new packaging is just amazing, and her illustrations for Ellana speaks for themselves. I’m betting everyone will love them.

Look Beautiful Naturally with Poreless Perfection: Ellana Minerals

They also showed us a more or less 5-10 minute video of how to use their products to achieve that ‘Poreless Perfection, Goddess Complexion’ skin, and the model (photo below) looked really beautiful.

Look Beautiful Naturally with Poreless Perfection: Ellana Minerals
The Ellana Minerals Poreless Perfection Model

We were also given a chance to try some of their products, like the pressed-foundation, the cream blushes, etc. I was also able to swatch/test their compact/pressed foundation and the texture is AH-MAH-ZING! & what’s more amazing is that their shade matches the ones that are in the loose form! I also played with their product’s new packaging and I’ve fallen completely in love with it. You girls should go to Crossings and go take a look at ’em because they’re seriously beautiful. They did a major change in terms of packaging, and you know me, I’m a sucker for packaging.

Look Beautiful Naturally with Poreless Perfection: Ellana Minerals

AAANNNDD of course, what’s a beauty blogger event without some pictures with other co-beauty bloggers?! Right? Right? Right! All of these bloggers are my inspiration. They’re unbelievable in their chosen craft and I’m glad I met them during the said event.

Look Beautiful Naturally with Poreless Perfection: Ellana Minerals
People behind the Ellana Minerals Cosmetics*
* Thanks to Kim for the group shot

To the people behind Ellana Minerals Cosmetics, and to Ms. Liz Lanuzo, thank you for choosing me as one of the bloggers who’ll be able to share this great news about your brand. I’m so excited for you!

And to everyone, aside from their website, you may find the brand in The Ramp Trinoma, Shangri-La, and Crossings. You may also find them at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  • Leilani Gamboa

    wow they are back! I like their concealer and cheeks makeup..Parang i like to buy their eyeshadows, have you tried any of their eyeshadows sis?

    • Nope, not yet. But I’m definitely interested

      • Leilani Gamboa

        Hopefully you can review their products sis.. the brushes looks promising din. I am so glad they are back

  • oh my..another brand to watch out for… if you went all oohhh and aahhh… well i guess it might be really good coming from someone who have tried a lot of makeups in her blogging life… i guess doubt has no place in here right now question..is the price competitive?

    • Yup. Ellana Minerals is pretty affordable considering it’s pretty packaging and the shade range.

  • It looks amazing! Reminds me of Korean actresses with really smooth skin. How much is it?

    • Most of their makeup products are range from PhP 200-PhP 400+ I believe. None of them are above PhP 500. It’s really budget friendly without the quality being compromised & all.

  • I am such a sucker for new brands. Would love to read your review on their items.

  • Wow! I hope it will be available here in CDO.

    • You can order online, sis

  • wooow.. very cool event sis! Wish I was able to join you guys as well

    • Yup, I would’ve loved to meet you

  • rhania escueta

    ive been introduced to ellana i think it was 2008 =) kasabay ng pagkakilala ko sa human heart nature.. and my first dig on their product is their blushes! i really love the formulation.. then i got the chance to try their e/s very promising! also ive been using ellana brush (blender) for my eyemakeup i love it!

    • Ooh, I remember I swatched their e/s & blushes before at Trinoma but I didn’t have extra back then, but their blushes & e/s are so dang pigmented. Oh & their brushes are just so freakin’ soft

      • rhania escueta

        i agree yette love their brushes.. a dupe for TBS brushes i think

  • Wow! You’re so lucky! Sis, where can I buy or check out their products? I’m interested. Wala na kasi akong foundation/pressed powder. Okay ba tong Ellana? What can you recommend? Ms. Karrots reminds me Miley Cyrus. I think they have a resemblance. Have a great day sis! God Bless. xx


    • You can visit their showroom at Makati, or you can visit their website as well. Also, you can visit their stalls at The Ramp Trinoma, Shangri-La & at Crossings.

      Ellana is a great brand & you’re going to love their pressed & loose foundation. I haven’t tried all of their products yet, but so far their loose foundation is really amazing. It has a nice coverage & it lasts on me the whole day (I have normal to dry skin).

  • rubbieanne

    Wow I love it!!! Love your photos!!

    • Thanks Rubbie Anne.

  • Erzsebet

    I love and use natural cosmetics they are great

    • Yay! You’re going to love Ellana

  • haziest hazel

    I first read this from genzelkisses.com… Their packaging looks so cute! how much ung products nila?

    • I believe their products range from PhP 200-400. None of them are over PhP 500 if I’m correct.

  • Kero

    wow! that’s an amazing make-up launch! I want to try mineral based make-up soon. I just wish they come cheaper so i can continue using them. they are so much more gentle on skin

    • Ellana Minerals is actually affordable compared to other mineral makeup brands. Try it, you’re going to love ’em

  • Jam Daquio

    Im using Ellana as my concealer and a loose powder. I have it for almost 5 mos now. i just love their product.

    • Yay! Will definitely give their concealer a try.

  • I’ve tried their eye shadows before and I am amazed by the pigmentation. Glad to know they revamped the packaging. Mineral makeups will always be on my priority list of products to try.

    • Yup, their packaging is so cute

  • Hi Yette!! So happy to meet you in person.. finally! Hope to see you around soon.
    Can I just say, niiiice photos! Can I grab the one we have of the three of us – you, me, Kim? I’d love to post it on my blog rin! Can you send it to my email pretty please? Hihi. shari@themistymom.com
    Thanks Yette!

    • Thanks, Shari! It was nice to meet you too (finally! hehe)

      Oh & I already sent the photo you requested.

      • I got it na, thank you so much Yette!!! :*

  • meganlev_13

    please do some reviews about this. OMG i’ve never heard about this product. ang loser ko

  • meganlev_13

    ngyn ko lang nalaman until ive read it on your blog.

  • Ang cute na ng packaging nila, I remember that brand nahanap ko sila sa multiply all their container back then were just clear. And I remember that sobrang ganda ng service nila, I tried to find their main store sa west ave dati, I texted a number to inquire where it is exactly located to my surprise hindi nag reply tinawagan ako to give instructions to go there. And they also give a lot of samples glad there back! and i so love their lip and cheek tint ung nasa bottle na maliit highly recommend it ate yette

  • andrea estrada

    I also saw this in Genzelkisses blog. Hihi. I always want to achieve the no-makeup makeup look and im really serching for product that can help me with it. I hope it doesn’t give that cakey look, I might try this one Thanks!