Birthday & Holiday Wishlist 2013

Holiday is fast approaching and more than that, I’m about to turn a year older in less than a month. I can’t believe I haven’t made my wishlist yet! With all the make up trends along with the holiday kits that are popping out here and there, it’s really hard not to notice and NOT wish for these products. Here are a “few” of my Birthday & Holiday wishlist for the year 2013.


Birthday & Holiday Wishlist 2013 - Iphone 5s in Gold
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Ever since my Iphone 4s got stolen/lost, I’ve been itching to go back to Iphone. I know that some people prefer Android but I’ve been using Android/Samsung S3 for approximately 6 months now and I will ALWAYS go back to iphone no matter what people say about Iphone, regardless of how good they say Android/Note 3 is. I’ve actually laid hands on a Note 3 and it’s actually good but it’s just too big for my tiny hands, so nope. And, like I said, I’ll always go back to Apple.


Birthday & Holiday Wishlist 2013 - XBox 360 W/ Kinect
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I know that there’s now Xbox 1 & Playstation 4 but I still prefer this one, and I want it to be loaded with tons of games! Lol. I may not be as great as my nieces/nephews when it comes to video games but when it comes to video games, I’m always game.


Birthday & Holiday Wishlist 2013 - Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
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I’ve been hearing a lot of raves about the ambient lighting powders, and they’re soo freaking expensive. Then I saw this one which already contains three shades, two from the permanent line (Dim Light & Radiant Light) then one which is limited edition (Incandescent Light) and it’s price is not that far from the individual powders. I really wanna get this but unfortunately it’s out of stock at Sephora and even at the Hourglass website. I can’t even get a hold of a local reseller of this palette. Ggrr. Oh well, maybe next time

NAKED 3!!!

Birthday & Holiday Wishlist 2013 - Urban Decay Naked 3
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Duh! Nuff said…

Kidding. I really like the color combination of this palette. It’s really far from the two Naked palettes I own. This palette is filled with Rose/flesh-toned eyeshadows that you all know I’m really fond of, if you’ve been following my blog. This palette is now available at Urban Decay and I’m betting that this ranges from PhP 2,900 – PhP 3,500 here in the Philippines depending to the online seller.


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Okay, I know they’re basically the same thing, since Revlon Matte & Lacquer balms are like very similar to the Tarte lipSurgence but these Revlon lippies are SO FREAKIN’ HARD TO FIND to the point that I’ll have much better luck finding the Tarte gift set than the Revlon lipsticks. But if I can find the revlon lipstick, you bet I wont be buying the tarte ones. Lol.


Birthday & Holiday Wishlist 2013 - Michael Kors Bag & Kate Spade Wallet
Image Credits:Michael Kors Large Selma Studded Satchel & Kate Spade Glitterbug Lacey in Rose Gold

I’m not really a fashionista per se, since you guys know I love makeup, but I don’t see why I can’t indulge myself with these pretty things from time to time. Although personally, I find them a bit too luxurious and I won’t really spend that sum of money for a bag and a wallet, (well, I bought a Michael Kors bag and it might take some time for me to buy another) I might just end up buying either Girbaud or Parisian, lol. But I don’t know, who knows I might change my mind… You know me, lol.


Birthday & Holiday Wishlist 2013 - Vaca with Friends/Family

It’s been two years since we had our last vacation, and I soo miss them. We have our own lives now and we don’t meet that often. We’re planning to go to Boracay next summer but I don’t know about that now since that we had that plan way before Yolanda. Hmm.. I’m willing to go anywhere just as long as I can go vaca/bonding with them. I miss ’em so much!

I know I have a ton of items in my wishlist but trust me, this list is not as complicated as my last year’s wishlist. Lol. Actually, this is more of a list of things that I’ll soon get for myself some day with in the next year. It’s more of a checklist, really. I’ve been working really hard and I know I deserve them, so why not?! But oh well, it’s still nice to dream that at someone will be kind enough to give me at least one of the items that I wrote in that wishlist (except the vacation, UNLESS I WON THE JACKPOT PRIZE IN LOTTO, without buying a ticket, lol).

Anyway, those are my Birthday & Holiday wishlist for this year. Hope you enjoyed reading it. How about you? What are the things that you’re wishing for (or wishing to happen) this coming Holidays? Let me know! Share your thoughts through the comment section below! Tata!

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  • Naked 3! My friend will buy this for me in January at Sephora or Macys!

    • I’m planning to buy it in January too. Not this month or the next. Magastos Pasko, lol.

  • Jolly Josephine

    Hey I know an online shop that sells revlon lacquer & matte balms

    • I know Bon Marche but most of them are now out of stock

      • Ju

        We’ll have more of them in the coming weeks! Just waiting for the price to get a little lower before we bring them in by bulk! I’ve inquired about the Naked 3 as well. Wishing to get stocks by January, lol. Thank you for mentioning us, Ms Jolly Hello Ms Yette!

        • Hi Ju! Thanks for dropping by! I’m subscribed to your newsletter but it came nung natutulog ako so naunahan nanamaan ako, lol. I’ll be waiting for the Revlon lippies! Thanks!

  • I like naked 3 and revlon lippie. Yung revlon lippie ko is the most used among my lippies. Gonna na buy na rin soon ng pamalit. And I am in dire need of good eyeshadows…Am investing on eyeshadows now and I am intensively checking reviews for a good eye palette.

  • I love travelling! Go Ms Yette!
    Happy birthday in advance

  • aiko borja

    omg naked 3!!!! ur a lipstick addict tlga… dmi mo n cguro nun.. hihihi advance happy birthday Ms.Yette god bless…

    • Haha, thanks Aiko! Yup, I’m a lipstick junkie talaga.

  • Leilani Gamboa

    Advance happy Birthday sis! I love your wishlist most especially the vacation para makapagrelax. I hope your wishlist will come true sis

    • Thanks, Leilani. I know! I really need a vaca!

      • Leilani Gamboa

        GO sis! Take advantage of the holiday…, Holiday vacation, exciting.. XD

  • rhania escueta

    wow daming laman ng wishlist mo dear =) haha =) ive seen a lot of foreign blogger posting about their naked3..

    happy birthday in advance dear! smooches!!!

  • haziest hazel

    hahaha. wishlist ko rin ang nasa wishlist mo. haha ohh may gooddd. I so want to have a Naked 3! and those lipsticks… argh. haha. But for me, a new camera would be a priority on my list hehe

  • meganlev_13

    i love that naked 3 palette. kulay lippie sya. ang cute nya tignan.

  • andrea estrada

    We almost have the same wishlist for gadgets and some of the makeups hihi. I use to have Xbox but when I decided to go to greenhills to update it with the Kinect, they said it does not support it. The latest xbox is the one that supports a Kinect. Oh, and I love to have the Naked palette 3 too. I wish we can get all this. Haha!