Tmart 28-Color Eyeshadow Palette – Review, Photos & Swatches

I love neutral eyeshadow palettes, I go nuts whenever I see them, may it be from a drugstore or a high end brand, I just love them. I know that they all look the same, but for some reason, I don’t find them similar to each other at all. Unfortunately, it’s not very often that you can find a nice affordable palette. My neutral addictions lean towards Urban Decay & Lorac Pro, however, I still browse the net for good eyeshadow palettes from time to time. Let’s see if this neutral palette from T-mart is worth the moolah.

Product Description According to

This 28 Color Warm Neutral Eyeshadow Palette combines 28 blushers in one palette. Ideal for make-up artists and anyone who wants to experiment with different color without spending a fortune on separate powders. It is a must have for professional make-up artists or beauty queens who love to experiment with their look.


The packaging of this one is very simple and direct. It does not include a mirror or an applicator, which is pretty common in these types of palettes. It’s not the most travel friendly since (1) it’s big (2) it does not include a mirror and finally, the palette’s case is not the sturdiest. However, if you are a newbie, or a makeup enthusiast, then this can definitely work for you. I like the fact that it’s slim and it can it in the tiniest space, and it locks in securely. Most palettes these days doesn’t have the securest of locks. (you know that click you hear when you close your palette, that’s what I’m talking about!).


This palette is composed of 28 warm neutral colors, from light to really dark browns. Using this palette, you can create the subtlest day time look to the sultriest neutral eyeshadow look that you can wear during the night time. Looking at the palette, it may seem that some colors are matte, but upon inspection, all if not most of these eyeshadows have a satin finish. There are others, which have chunky glitters in them but for the most part, this palette is composed mostly of warm-satin neutral shades. Let’s start describing them per row (7 shadows each):

First Row
     •    Entire row is composed majority of pink/flesh tones, best used as a transitional color.
     •    First two eyeshadows in this row are also best for highlighting
     •    The plummy shade (7th) is not actually as dark as it would seem in the pan, and not as intense.

Second Row
     •    Still in the pink/flesh-tones but a bit more darker than the first row
     •    First two shades are also best for highlighting
     •    Shades 3-7 are better used as transitional colors as it may not show up when used alone.

Third Row
     •    First & Second color is also good as a highlight color
     •    Shades 3-7 can either be used for contouring your eyes or for the center of your lid.

Last Row
     •    First two colors are also great for highlighting
     •    Shades 3-7 can give you that sultry effect
     •    Shade #7 is not that dark compared to what it looks like in the pan. It looks more gray than black.

Majority of these eyeshadows are fairly pigmented. Some are also very buildable and easy to apply/blend. However, I’m afraid, that they won’t show up at all skin types. Further, if you want it to be even more vibrant, then you need the help of an eyeshadow primer. A few of these eyeshadows feel as though they have no pigmentation to offer at all, especially the darker ones (the ones at the last column). They’re quite dusty & flaky, and they barely have any color payoff. I guess that’s one of the main cons about this product.


Applied without a primer underneath

When it comes to formulation/texture, I’m afraid this palette is not exactly the creamiest I have encountered. There are some shades/pans that are really buttery smooth and they glide on like butter as well. But there are some that has the weirdest texture and you’ll know it because it doesn’t give you any color payoff at all. Working with this palette, I’ve also encountered that some shades can be a bit powdery, so you need to tap off the excess from your brush to prevent fallouts. There are some that are a bit chalky too but I don’t find it a big deal.


Like I said, some of these shades are very buildable to your preferred intensity, and they’re also easy to apply as they glide on like butter. Some, aren’t. if you are more into ‘neutral day looks’ and you don’t need the intense, plum/black shades, then you won’t mind it because the browns & the flesh tones will do the job for you. I’d say that this is a nice starter palette for those who want to enter the beauty industry but doesn’t want to invest in something high end like Urban Decay, Lorac Pro, The Balm, etc.

On bare lids, I’m afraid this only lasted me for more than three hours, but with an eyeshadow primer, it lasted me for approximately six hours.

Product Name | 28 Color Warm Neutral Eyeshadow Palette
Price | PhP 445.84 • Avalability |


The product/palette doesn’t really smell anything, and if you’ll smell anything, it’s probably the plastic packaging.
This palette contains talc & Parabens – just a heads up to those who are always mindful of their makeups’ ingredients.

To summarize…

Simple, slim packaging
Sturdy lock
Includes 28 warm neutral shades
Some are fairly pigmented w/ a nice color payoff
Some are easy to apply & blend
Some are very buildable
Wears for approximately six (6) hours with an eyeshadow primer
Available online
Not travel friendly
Some are flaky & dusty
Some doesn’t have any color pay off
Some take time to apply & blend
Only lasts for three hours on bare lids
Contains Parabens
3.5 Hearts! Yay!
I really like the concept of this palette. It’s a really nice palette for those who are starting out in makeup but doesn’t want to shell-out too much money. The palette gives you a great selection of your neutrals at such an affordable price. However, I still think that this palette more of a hit & miss product. I wish the darker shades in this palette has a better color payoff and that the difference between each shade is more distinguishable/noticeable. The graduation of shades is surely enticing, but when you look at it, you’ll barely see a difference among each shade.
YES and NO
Yes – If you’re a beginner and you’re looking for a good, affordable neutral palette to use while you’re still learning. It’s also a nice palette to buy if you’re a starting makeup artist/enthusiast, and it’s a nice addition to your makeup collection.
No – If you already have a lot of neutral palettes. Let’s admit it. If you love makeup, then you must have a ton of neutral eyeshadows/palettes, because you can never go wrong with them. Unless you’re really looking for these particular shades, then I’d say have at it.

All in all, I still think that this palette is a good buy. Like I said, though this palette is a hit and miss, some eyeshadows did amaze me because they are really buttery and their texture is quite impressive. Despite the cons I’ve encountered with the darker eyeshadows, I don’t really use them as much. So if you’re like me who prefer using lighter shades, then you wont find it a big deal either.

How about you? Do you like neutral eyeshadow palettes like me? Do you like an eyeshadow palette in particular? Let me know!

* This product was sent for review purposes. Click here for my full disclaimer. Thanks

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  • rhania escueta

    hi dear, is this post protected?

    • Hi Rhania, Ang tinik mo talaga, haha. It’s still pending for review.. Will have it posted soon!

    • Hi, Rhania! You can now view the entry. Thanks!

  • Dane Salazar

    password protected huhu

    • You can now view the entry. Thanks!

  • I love neutral e/s as well and I like powder – cream texture. Same experience with those palettes not all of them are made/formulated equal.

  • I love tmart’s products.. they just sent me 5 boxes of falsies.. I love them to death!

    • I love Tmart too. I’m thinking of getting their falsies too, haha

  • Leilani Gamboa

    Sis, i also like to order s tmart, how long did you wait for the palette to arrive? talaga bang free shipping sila as in walang hidden charges?

    • I got it in approx. 1 month, but it was sent for review purposes, so I’m not sure about the charges.

      • Leilani Gamboa

        ah ok sis, sana lang walang hidden charges.. i checked on their website grabe super mura ng mga makeups, mauubos agad bonus ko haha adik lang.

  • awww.. i love makeup palettes..eversince my sister got a 2 layered-palette, I have been dying to have one, however, I am too hesitant to buy since I wanted something that would work with me and be as pigmented especially for morenas like me… I love neutrals…as in… this is the safest color palette for my skin tone.

    • You can always get these types of palettes, they’re pretty affordable considering their prize.

  • that’s nice hun! thanks for sharing

    • You’re welcome!

  • Fati Recede

    It is indeed a complete palette. Maraming pang everyday use and for “occasionally” use. haha! I really love neutrals. you can never go wrong with those. lalo na if im in a hurry, you can relyon neutrals tlga

  • Of all make-up reviews, I love palette swatches/reviews. Hmmmm, I think this one is not for me Ms Yette. NO TO PARABENS! lol
    Thanks for the review. More eyeshadow palette reviews please! hehe
    Also, I wanna see you doing EOTD if time permits. Sorry, I can be very demanding to beauty bloggers I trust. HAHA

    • Sure, Nhim! No problem!

  • phyaboo

    I’m actually interested in this palette, but like you said, I’m afraid some of the colors won’t show because of my complexion, hmm.. What to do, what to do..

    • Awwh, a different neutral palette, perhaps?

  • Don’t we all love neutrals? *teehee* I can’t stand it if my eyeshadows
    don’t last long on the lids. And it’s a shame about the pigmentation
    because some of the shades are really pretty!

  • Whitney

    I love the urban decay naked palettes. They’re perfect for just about every occasion! Thanks for the review – I’ll have to keep checking back for new makeup options.

    New follower – Whit from Raspy Wit

  • rubbieanne

    So informative! :)) Love it, as always.

  • i love the colors, perfect sha from day to night and madaming colors to choose from plus it’s very affordable too.

  • Dommie Bosco

    The colors are perfect. I love the neutral tones. I am not much of a risk taker with my make up. I prefer the naturally made up look but like a change from the same old colors as well.

  • haziest hazel

    Nice. I’ve been longing to buy makeups from tmart as well… pero waz money pa. waaaa. Pansin ko rin medyo hindi siya super pigmented nuh?

  • Joana Malonzo

    great colors for everyday and occasions, gotta try this some day =)

  • when I’m in for a makeup gig I prefer bringing palette like this kasi magaan lng ang isang bukasan nalang.. The palette is perfect for a wedding

  • meganlev_13

    nice review. pero the problem is, its not that pigmented, kaya minsan mejo dusty sya when you applied it na sa eyelids.