Tarte Leave Her Blushing Set Of 3 Deluxe Amazonian Clay Blushes & Blush Brush – Review, Photos & Swatches

Hey everyone! I know that some of you have been waiting for this review ever since I posted it on my instagram account. Well, here it is. My personal take of the Tarte Leave Her Blushing Set Of 3 Deluxe Amazonian Clay blushes & Blush Brush.

Tarte Leave Her Blushing Set Of 3 Deluxe Amazonian Clay blushes & Blush Brush - Review, Photos & Swatches

Get cheeky this season with a dashing wardrobe of three limited-edition deluxe Amazonian clay 12-hour blushes and a supremely soft blush brush.

Includes 3 deluxe Amazonian clay 12-hour blushes in this season’s hottest new limited-edition shades:
     •    Honored – a nude rose shade
     •    Imagined – a candy pink shade
     •    Treasured – a melon shade
     •    Blush brush


Tarte Leave Her Blushing Set Of 3 Deluxe Amazonian Clay blushes & Blush Brush - Packaging

The packaging of these blushes are very similar to the regular Tarte Blushes, only these blushes are smaller, amd it does not contain any mirror. It’s a lot lighter and the plastic packaging feels a bit different compared to the original ones. The blush brush, is made from wood and it has a golden ferrule, and the brand logo ‘Tarte’ is embedded on to the ferrule. The brush is not as dense compared to the ones I have tried, and frankly, I’m not really used to these types of blush brushes. I prefer my blush brushes to be angled. Also, since it’s not dense, it packs on more product, so you need to be careful.


Tarte Leave Her Blushing Set Of 3 Deluxe Amazonian Clay blushes & Blush Brush - Shade & Application

This set includes three pieces of 3 pieces of deluxe Amazonian Clay blushes. I really like this blush set because of its diverse color selection. These blushes are not too similar to each other, and it’s basically suited for all seasons/occasions:

     •    Honored Is a nude rose shade, with a hint of peach
     •    Imagined Candy Pink shade; Great for summer/spring
     •    Treasured Bright Melon shade, with really fine specs of silver glitter (at least in my opinion)

These blushes are very easy to apply and blend, even when using the blush brush that came with it. The shade ‘Imagined’ may look quite intimidating right off the pan, but when blended, it looks really gorgeous. My current favorite is actually ‘Honored’. I find it very versatile and I can wear it with whatever eye look I prefer.


Tarte Leave Her Blushing Set Of 3 Deluxe Amazonian Clay blushes & Blush Brush - Consistency & Performance

Each of these shades are very pigmented and they all have a rich color pay off. They’re not powdery nor are they chalky. Honestly, I have no complaints regarding these blushes. I did not experience any fallouts, nor did I have have any problems with it. It has a really nice texture and has a buttery consistency when swatched.


Tarte Leave Her Blushing Set Of 3 Deluxe Amazonian Clay blushes & Blush Brush - Longevity & Scent

These blushes lasted on me for a really long time, more than eight hours, after that I didn’t really wait any longer, I had to remove it. It pretty much lasted as long as my Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in ‘Exposed’. As for the scent, I didn’t really smell anything in particular, even when I smelled it right out of the pan.

& ETC.

Tarte Leave Her Blushing Set Of 3 Deluxe Amazonian Clay blushes & Blush Brush - Information

I guess the only downside of this limited edition set is that compared to the original blushes, these blushes are made in China. The blushes that belong in the permanent line are made in USA, while the ones that Tarte manufacture for their limited edition line are mostly manufactured in China. For me, I must admit, I was a bit uncomfortable regarding that tiny detail, but upon testing them out, they really feel the same and I don’t find any major difference aside from their packaging.

Product Name | Tarte Leave Her Blushing Set Of 3 Deluxe Amazonian Clay blushes & Blush Brush
• Price | PhP 1,950 • Contains | 3 Blushes & 1 Blush Brush
• Avalability | Makeovershop


Cute packaging
Highly pigmented
Rich color payoff
Easy to apply and blend
Lasted for more than eight hours
Set includes three blushes in one box
Formulated without parabens, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, etc.
Includes a blush brush
Available Online
The packaging feels a bit different compared to those that are from the permanent line
Does not include a mirror
Blush brush feels a bit flimsy & not that dense
Made in China
Limited Edition
Not available locally
4.5 hearts! Yay!
I would say that despite of the product’s cons, I still love this set, and if next year they come up with another blush set, I would totally buy another. You see, a regular Tarte blush costs PhP 1,100-1,400 and yes it does contain a lot of product, but with PhP 1,950 you get three blushes and a brush. It’s definitely a nice deal! Some may turn their heads against this product because it’s made in China but I don’t really care, it’s basically the same thing. It feels the same, it has the same buttery consistency that I’ve always loved about Tarte. I guess, the only difference is the packaging. Tarte blushes’ original packaging feels a lot heavier compared to these blushes, and they do have a mirror but again, that’s fine with me.
Definitely worth the money and will definitely repurchase (another version perhaps, lol).

So that’s my opinion about these blushes. I don’t know how else I can speak highly about this product. How about you? Do you like Tarte products? What’s your favorite Tarte blush/product? Or better yet, what’s your favorite blush? Let me know through the comments below.

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  • They look good on you unfortunately I am not a blush person so I might skip this. haha Ikaw na talaga detailed mag review.

    • Hehe, thanks Sam! :*

  • Sion Bernardo

    all 3 shades looks so pretty on yah!

  • rhania escueta

    i would go on TREASURED.. pero lahat bagay sa skintone mo sis!

    • Thanks, Rhania! :*

      • rhania escueta

        smooches! welcome =)

  • Fati Recede

    Love the treasured! I wish I could purchase the tresured. Yun lang magisa. Haha. Ang fresh nya tgnan sa face lalo na sa mapuputi like you kaya lang ang mahal

    • Maybelline Cheeky Glow in ‘Creamy Cinnamon’ is a great alternative. Only ‘Treasured’ is a bit more orange. Also, try ELF HD blush in ‘Superstar’

      • Fati Recede

        Thanks fro the recommendation! I will start investing with good blushers

  • OMG!! I love their blushes! Looks super cuuuteee..especially their packaging! hihihi

    • You’re going to love them!

  • Wow almost 2k and made in china? hmm.. pero i love the shades ang gaganda lalo na ung treasured! Oh and I love the new layout ate yette! I don’t know if bago or matagal na ung layout tagal ko na din kasi hindi masyado nakakapagbasa ng blog niyo

    • They’re not bad considering that they’re made in China, and I don’t think that it’s a huge deal kase nothing really changed aside from the packaging.

      This layout? Tagal na neto.

      Oo nga e, tagla mong nawala

  • wow! ang cute! lalo na yung treasured, yun lng walang mirror but still love it!

    • Yup, I guess that’s the only downside, but still, I love all of them!

  • Marseille Frances Talacay

    gorgeous shades! looks like it would also compliment to morena skinned like me. Expensive though, I hope someday I can spend this much for a branded make up.. Great review

    • Thanks, Marselle!

  • I like all the shades but Honored is the one which I really liked. The packaging is nice and the brush looks so classy and elegant. :))

    • I love Honored too! That’s the blush shade that I’m really using a lot these days.

  • Gem

    I’ve been contemplating about this or their other blush palette (one with the ribbon)! ang ganda!

    • I haven’t seen that palette yet! lol.

      Thanks for dropping by, Gem!

  • Waaah want this so bad! I’m eyeing for exposed naman. with the shades above I like the pink one and honored Nice review sis btw

    • You’re going to love ‘Exposed’! It’s like ‘Honored’ but more nude & a bit darker

  • Donna Dawn Doneza

    Wahhh those are to die for! *faints* I can’t even choose which one I like best. My favorite blush so far is the Coralista. I’ll think of getting a Tarte blush next time. Thanks for the review!
    Dawn | http://www.keepcalmandbeautify.blogspot.com

    • I don’t have Coralista yet, but I have Hot Mama which is a bit similar, that’s why I’m not too keen about getting Coralista. You’re going to love Tarte

  • Rubbie Anne Abad

    I love all your stuff. Huhu love this review!!

    • Thanks for dropping by too, Rubbie!

  • Leilani Gamboa

    My personal favorite among the three shades is Honored. bagay sa skintone ko, its on the pricey side nga lang pero what i really like is it can also last to 8 hours,

    • I love Honored too!

  • Among the 3, I like honored too mainly because it is in the neutral shade I was already considering when the word pricey hit me
    Need to make a detour after that statement.. heehhehe. I could buy a lot more with that. Just need a bit of good hunting.
    Thanks for the review by the way.. I was actually contemplating on purchasing some items from TMart.

    • Aww, haha. I know they’re pricey but I still love them and I really think they’re worth it compared to buying the individual blushes

  • Ooooh, me like. I might purchase this. I already have the shade of Exposed and am definitely thinking about adding more Tarte blushes in my stash. Thanks for this!

    • You’re welcome, Victoria!

  • Finally! Been waiting for this review. Well, I think I’m gonna love the Honored too!

  • Joana Malonzo

    i just love all of them, there are perfect for almost every season and occasions. mag stay kaya siya sa may oily skin at sa mga pawisin?

  • grabe lang 2k for a blush.. but if its more than 8 hours that’s good I barely retouch kasi I hate it.. pero lagi kong dala yung kikay kit ko magkano ba yung per piece ng tarte? and meron ba nyan sa beauty bar?

    • Yup for all three. Me too! I bring my kikay kit ALL the time to think that I barely retouch as well, lol. Tarte is not yet sold here in our country. You can buy them via online resellers. Try makeovershop, her makeup is really affordable compared to others.

  • lemming! i love blushes and i love tarte… kaso di ko maubos-ubos yung stash ko… control nalang muna… hehehe…

    • Haha. I have the same problem!

  • meganlev_13

    its funny kse you put as cons ung “made in china”. BTW, ang mahal nya.

    • I placed it there as a con because compared to all other Tarte blushes, THIS limited edition blush set was made in China. As with their other LE sets. All of Tarte’s products (from their permanent line) is made in U.S. I don’t mind using products that are made in China.

      • meganlev_13

        may question pla ako, ano yung difference ng sg authentic sa usa authentic? sorry po di ko po alam huuhuh thank you

        • SG authentic is still FAKE. USA authentic is well, authentic. This one is authentic it was just manufactured in China just like most of Tarte’s limited edition products.

  • aiko borja

    nice review bet ko yung honored i think pwede den pang contour.. kaya lng nagulat ako sa presyo.. hehehe ..