Weekly Raves #2: Goody Stylista Brush

Hi everyone! I know I failed to do my weekly raves last week, I apologize for that, I was so busy last week so I decided to skip. Don’t worry, there’ll be one week wherein I’ll be raving about two items. But this time, I think this particular product deserves just a single post. For this week, I’ll be raving about the Goody Stylista Brush.

Weekly Raves #2: Goody Stylista Brush

The Goody Stylista Collection is a line of styling tools designed with inspiring trend patterns and fun fashion prints. These tools allow expression of individuality and femininity with vibrant pops of color that make it the ultimate accessory for any vanity.

Now you might be wondering, “why the heck am I raving about this brush?!” Well, I’ll tell you for one thing, it really does a good job in detangling my hair. My hair is not really the hardest to manage since I have a fine hair, but sometimes, I have a problem brushing it due to the fear of hair breakage. I use a wide-tooth comb in order to detangle my hair, which actually does the job, but sometimes, it’s just not enough in terms of styling my hair.

Weekly Raves #2: Goody Stylista Brush

Now wait a minute, don’t misunderstood. i know I’ve mentioned before that I pretty much don’t care about my hair style, but we’re not talking about major styling here. I love volume and wide-tooth combs doesn’t offer that, and using an ordinary brush kinda gives me the cringe. I know, I’m being paranoid. Duh. Go figure.

Weekly Raves #2: Goody Stylista Brush

So when I got this, I took the risk, and to my surprise, I didn’t experience a major hair breakage. At first, I thought it was because of my new hair regimen, but when I stopped using it and tried my good ‘ol hair brush, well, let’s just say, my conclusions were valid.

Weekly Raves #2: Goody Stylista Brush

Also, I love the design of this brush, it’s so stylish, it matches my taste oh so perfectly (Pink + Silver + Black = PERFECT!). I know I look like I’m overselling this brush, but if you know me, and you know how I personally decorate my stuff, you’ll know that this brush design is meant for me. I also like the fact that I can easily carry this brush with me wherever I go. It’s not too small nor is it too big. I bring this with me practically everywhere.

Weekly Raves #2: Goody Stylista Brush

I guess the only thing that I have against this brush is that, it’s not really the safest to use when your hair is wet. Well, I guess it goes out for every brush out there, unless the brush is really meant specifically for that purpose. Other than that, I’m good with this brush. No complaints at all

Product Name | Goody Stylista Brush • Price | PhP 350
• Avalability | The Sugar Bomb

How about you? What’s your favorite hair brush? Or better yet? Are you loving a particular product this week? Let me know!

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  • Glad you like it! Yep brushes have their own uses. I bet you should just let your hair a little air-dry before brushing it You love pink and it really matches you! hihih. kinikilig ako sa brush mo

    • Thanks, sis! And thanks for the brush too!

  • I think Goody has the paddle brush meant for wet hair kaya lang its purpose ata is for quick drying. Not sure about the breakage though… I like sana to try their brushes but I am saving my money on other stuffs But it is oncluded in my list of must haves.
    For now, it aint my priority since I don’t often brush my hair since it got permed

    • I think so too. I use it after I’m done detangling my hair. I use it for styling nalang, but when my hair is really wet I don’t use it.

  • i use a big hairbrush to comb my hair. a wide tooth comb cant handle the tangles haha

    • Aww, sakin kase di pwede. Lol

  • Fati Recede

    Goody stall never fails to make my head turn because of their girly designs My cousin has this and I really really insist her of giving it to me nalang because I love the design super ganda nya sa buhok!

    • Try The Sugar Bomb, they Goody brushes for a really low price.

  • MissApriil

    I love the way you take photos, sis! Anyway, I’ve been using Goody since I was in grade school and it’s really durable especially the hair ties!

    • Thanks! Me too! But I find them expensive kase kaya nagpapabili lang ako sa mom ko, hehe

  • Jam Daquio

    goody items are really good. kaya lang mamahal. lol. I only owned one hair accessory from the brand.

    • Yun nga lang. I love their brushes but I find their accessories a bit pricey.

  • Sol Felice Alvarado

    Goody is a must have for every girl. A bit expensive though. Haha!

  • Dommie Bosco

    I have very fine hair as well & it breaks so easily. I am glad to hear that there is a brush that might work on it. Thanks for the review.

    • You’re welcome, Dommie!

  • Leilani Gamboa

    i like the design fashionable yet sophisticated. the size is just right sis, I dont like it when the hairbrush is either too big or too small. I like to use brushes in detangling my hair i dunno, i really hate the usual comb Its nice to know that you have found the best brush for you sis!

  • Joana Malonzo

    i think i saw this brush sa 999, may isa kasing tindahan dun na puro US goods ang tinda, i think im going to purchase one, it looks awesome and i never had one of this before =) thanks for the review!

  • meganlev_13

    ang ganda nung brush but ang mahal, bat gnun? hmm BTW, ang cute mo magpicture ng mga products, lalong nkakaenganyong bumili, great job