Guest Post: Entirely Change Your Makeup Look With Beautiful Contact Lenses

Hi everyone! A change in the season always seems to make us want to change up our makeup looks and beauty routines. While opting for deeper or lighter tones of lipsticks, blushes or eye shadows is always an easy and traditional option, ladies can really switch things up by simply choosing to use a pair of colored contact lenses in lieu of their clear counterparts. Not only will colored contacts enhance a woman’s beauty, they will also allow those wearing them the ability to introduce themselves to new colors in their makeup routines as well.

Guest Post: Entirely Change Your Makeup Look With Beautiful Contact Lenses

Women may elect to try a new blue eye color, which could encompass a variety of shades, from a lighter baby blue to a darker more electric hue. Regardless of the specific tone, most blues are cooler in nature and tend to look good with complementary tones like the warm metallic hues of gold or copper; the eyes will easily brighten when wearing a paler pink or blush tone as well, and blue eyes can even pull off peach shadows.

Always wanted to have big beautiful brown eyes? Try this neutral eye tone which can easily pair with virtually any color of eye shadow, including those likely already owned. You can find them However, anyone brave enough to try colored contacts should also have the courage to try a new eye palette as well. For day or conservative offices, newly brown-eyed ladies will look gorgeous with earth tones. However, when night rolls around opt for something edgy, such as purple, teal or even green. Either sport these bold colors on the lower lid, or opt to delicately line the upper and lower lids, creating a more modern smoky eye.

Guest Post: Entirely Change Your Makeup Look With Beautiful Contact Lenses

Desiring a more unique playful color? Then opt for the perfect cat-eye shade of green. The piercing intensity of this color adds instant drama, so it’s important to not let makeup garner more attention than the fun shade itself. While each makeup artist has their personal preferences, a safe bet is to sport bold hues like purples and pinks in small doses versus painted over the entire lid. Shimmery golds will look beautiful when next to green eyes as will wine and mauve tones.

With so many fun shades of colored contacts to try, there is also an endless opportunity of new makeup shades to explore and wear. Even better, for those beauties that have 20/20 vision, they can still change their eye color with non-prescriptions lenses. Have some fun with makeup and create an entirely new look by opting to wear chic colored contact lenses. If you are looking for coloured contacts, check out

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  • Jastene Galacio

    I really want to use contact lenses but I am scared to use them.

    • Awh? Why?

      • Jastene Galacio

        because of possibilities that I can sleep with them, or even other risk if accidents happen it would affect my eyes badly…. Its just risky for me though.

  • haziest hazel

    I tried using contact lenses before pero ang hassle para sakin. Ang hirap ng life ‘pag di nailagay ng maayos ung contact lense. Ang time consuming pa maglagay. But it can really change your look especially with those doll eyes contact lenses. Tiis ganda.

    • True & sanayan lang talaga

  • Fati Recede

    I am really into brown colored lens it really does makes your face look fresh but since I have big eyes, I don’t prefer wearing doll lenses. I always stick to a normal lenses

    • I haven’t had normal lenses for quite some time, lol

  • I tried shades of blue before but different brand. It really catches attention esp if you’re pure pinay yet with blue eyes haha.
    Nice post, Ms Yette!

    • True. Thanks, Nhim. Oh, I sent out the package last Monday. Let me know if you got it

      • I got it, Ms Yette! Thank you so much!!! It feels like unboxing too because of the BDJ box haha. More power!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

        • Yay! you got it na! Thanks, Nhim!

  • rhania escueta

    i really needed to wear contact lenses now hun.. lumulubog na yung pinagpapatungan ng glasses sa nose ko =( okay na yung clear sakin =) kailangan ko lang yung graded lens =)

    • Aww, the same thing happened to my mama and it went really dark. Not scaring you, but I hope it wont happen to you.

      • rhania escueta

        im worried na nga kaya nillagyan ko na lang ng concealer =(

  • I never tried wearing contacts. Fortunately, I might be receiving a blue one from a giveaway If I could tolerate it, might buy a lighter brown shade since my eyes are already dark brown.

    • Wow, congratulations

  • Joana Malonzo

    will definitely use contacts someday, my husband said i look masungit if i’m wearing my glasses

  • Leilani Gamboa

    I have tried fashionable lenses before pero talgang nahirapan ako, di kasi pwede sa akin, Pero I do wear contacts on a daily basis kasi super labo mata ko. I shared this post to mys sis, she likes to try different contact lens styles and colors…

  • meganlev_13

    very nice post, andami ko tlga natututunan sa blog mo. THANK YOU! ahihih pero in my opinion hindi ata bagay yung blue na contacts sa filipinos? i dont know? unless half filipino ka. BTW, getting addicted on your blog.