Monthly Faves: October 2013

Hi everyone! It’s the time of the month again for my monthly favorites, and I’m so excited to share them to you and I know that you’ve been itching to read about ’em too, but before anything else, I just wanna mention something. I wanna apologize for the tiny rant that I did on my previous entry. I guess I was just disappointed. I’ll try for that not to happen again, but for now, let’s leave it at that and let’s just start a clean slate? Okay? Now, on to the favorites.

  Makeup: Face 

Monthly Faves: October 2013 - Face

Too Cool For School Watery Skin BB Foundation Lunch Box – I love this foundation because this doesn’t make my face shiny at the end of the day. I don’t know if it’s also because of the lose powder that I’ve been using, but here are some pros that I can mention to you before I make a detailed review regarding this product: (1) Doesn’t settle on the dry parts of my skin (2) long-wearing (3) Doesn’t make my face shiny (though I don’t have an oily skin, for some reason, I get oily at my T-zone sometimes) (4) Light to medium coverage

Hayan Face Silky Powder (No. 99) – This is the first loose powder that I’ve used with shimmer in it and I really like it because it gives me a slight glow when I’m using it. I just love the finish that it gives. It doesn’t look uber yellow (compared to Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder – which was my HG loose powder) and it doesn’t look cakey when used for retouching. Also, this loose powder does not require me to retouch even at the end of the day because my face is not too shiny at all. AND! As I have mentioned, even if I need to retouch, my makeup doesn’t look to cakey afterwards, I’m going to do a more in-depth review about this powder real soon, so I can rave about it more, but take my word for it when I tell you that this is really good. Thanks to Eyah and Gen for telling about this product! Oh and Eyah! Your promise!

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in ‘Opal’ – I got this for free when I bought my Tarte blush set at the Makeovershop. I love it because the highlight it gives me is really soft and subtle and it’s just so beautiful. You can also use this to mix with your fondie but I prefer not to since I only have a tiny sample and to do that you require more product, and I know that this is a bit pricier compared to other highlighters, so uhm.. no thanks

  Makeup: Cheeks 

Monthly Faves: October 2013 - Cheeks

MAC Bronzing Powder in ‘Bronze’ – I’m not really fond of bronzing my face, because I prefer contouring but when I got my Charm brush, I tried to use that brush for bronzing, and I really liked it, so I tried bronzing ALONG with contouring and I loved the result. I like this because it’s not so pigmented so it’s much more forgiving than any of the bronzers that I own.

Tarte Amazonian 12-Hour Blush in ‘Honored’ – This is a peachy blush shade that is a bit lighter than Tarte Exposed which makes it a bit more wearable if you’re planning to contour your cheeks. I love it because it’s matte and well, just watch out for my review!

  Makeup: Eyes & Brows 

Monthly Faves: October 2013 - Eyes & Brows

BROWS: Ever Bilena Original in ‘Brown’& Jazzy Collections EBG ‘001’ – That eyebrow pencil is actually not my type of brow pencil because it’s not creamy and it doesn’t glide on smoothly onto my brows, but it kinda matches my hair color, especially when settled with a brow gel, so it’s kinda like my temporary fix. In short – not really a fave, just something I’ve been using this month. The eyebrow gel – one thing I hate about it is the brush. Dang! That’s one big brush, very prone to messy application. Other than that, I’m cool with it.

EYELINER & MASCARA: Avon Glimmersticks in ‘Blackest Black’ & Covergirl Clump Crusher – Honestly, I still haven’t found the right eyeliner for me that wont smudge on me. Avon Glimmersticks is no exception, however, it doesn’t smudge as bad as the others I’ve tried. It doesn’t leave me with raccoon eyes, and I can remove it with a wet wipes without leaving any residues. The mascara, is also one of the best ones I’ve tried, too bad it ain’t waterproof. I don’t use it if I have watery eyes because it can easily smudge.

  Makeup: Lips 

Monthly Faves: October 2013 - Lips

Essence Lip Liner in ‘In The Nude’ & Revlon Lip Butter in ‘Creme Brulet’ – These two are my favorite nude lip combo. This gives me the most flattering nude lips I’ve ever seen. It’s not the most long lasting though, but still, I love it. Also, Essence lip liners are the creamiest and most opaque lip liners I’ve ever encountered so far. They glide on like butter and they cover my lips like they’re real actual lipsticks.

Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in ‘Geradium’ – Aah! I don’t know how else to describe this shade! I’ve been wanting to have this lipstick for the longest time! It’s so freakin’ opaque and it doesn’t dry my lips out, I LOVE IT!

NYX Butter Gloss in ‘Peaches & Cream’ – I love this because I can top this on my Lime crime lipstick AND I can also use this on its own because it’s already opaque. Also, it’s not sticky compared to other lip glosses I’ve tried.

**I forgot to include in this picture the Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Lip Balm which I raved about earlier last week, so if you wanna know what my thoughts are regarding that product then click that link.

  Makeup Tools: Brushes 

Monthly Faves: October 2013 - Brushes

Beauty Cosmetics Powder Brush
– I love this powder brush because even though it has a tapered ferrule, it’s very dense, fluffy, and soft and it’s not flimsy at all. I’ve been looking for the perfect powder brush, and I’ve been thinking of buying the RT Powder Brush but I don’t think I’ll be buying it because I already found one that will do!

Beauty Cosmetics Perfection Flat Top Kabuki Brush – I already own one of their flat top brushes back when I picked up their Perfection Kit at one of their Superb bazaars, and I was a bit disappointed because it wasn’t as dense as I expected. But this? This is a huge improvement because it’s so frickin’ dense and soft! I’m very impressed! Very comparable to Sigma F80 (I did own one but it ‘shedded’ like craaazy)

Precision Tapered Brush – I love to use this for contouring my nose.

Charm Powder Brush – I love to use this for bronzing. Not that fluffy for loose powders, so I’m using it for such products.

  Nail Polishes

Monthly Faves: October 2013 - Nail Polishes

Color Collection Nail Polish in ‘Hey Gorgeous’ and Revlon Long Wear Nail Enamel in ‘Fall Mood’ – I love using these nail polishes during ‘fall’ – even though we don’t have that particular season, lol. I got those nail polishes last year and I used them during ‘Fall’ and ‘Winter’ although like I said, we don’t have those seasons so I guess that just makes me a follower, lol.

So those are all of my favorites for the month of November. Fortunately, I don’t have any not-so-faves for last month so I got nothing to share. Also, I don’t have any skincare/hair care product to include in this month’s faves, since I’ve been using the same stuff I’ve been using before. Maybe next month, let’s see.

Also, sorry about the lengthy faves, feel free to just checkout the names, I won’t blame you, lol. I just wanna explain why I love them, so feel free to skim and skedaddle after, lol.

How about you, lovelies? What are your favorites for the month of October? Let me know!

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  • kmmyp

    I’d really love to buy those brushes you’ve mentioned here. Especially the Kabuki one since I’ve been looking for a kabuki brush set. Couldn’t really find a good and affordable one. Would you know any? Thanks a lot!

    • The set is already affordable! PhP 1,000 (approx.) for 5pcs but I believe you can buy them individually, I’m just not sure how much. Also, they’ve already improved their kabuki/perfection line compared to what I’ve encountered last year. Now it’s a lot more fluffy, dense & softer, so you’ll love them for sure

      • kmmyp

        Thanks for mentioning the price! They didn’t mention in their FB page when I checked them out!:p

  • RebelSweetHrt

    I love that Ever Bilena eyebrow pencil! Sa pencil na yan ako natuto mag-drawing ng kilay ng ayos, haha!

    • Thanks Czjai! Will give it another chance!

  • Pauline S.

    Nice stash, Yette! would love to try the Mac bronzing powder. I am a big fan of bronzers! For the eyeliners, I suggest you try Revlon colorstay eyeliner. It really stays on for a long time.

    • Thanks Pauline! Will give that one a try!

      • Pauline S.

        It’s really good or if you want one with a felt tip, try 24hours eyeliner by K Palette (Beauty bar) and the one that I’m currently loving right now is a brown eyeliner by Pinkies Collection (Watsons).

        • Ooh! Thanks for the suggestions, Pauline! Will surely check them out!

  • itsmefati

    I knew this will be one of the greatest set of monthly faves! Especially the LIPS section! Love that NYX gloss in Peaches & cream! Very pigmented! I hate it when I put nail polish and as hard as I try not to scratch it to anything, it always does. and it makes me sad. Girl thing! Haha!

    • Aw, thanks Fati!

      IKR! The thing with me is that because of my work schedule, after I put on my nail polish, I tend to fall asleep so I wake up with smudge/scratch marks all over my newly painted nails. Ggrr ;/

      • itsmefati

        True! hardest thing a girl can do is to move normally after putting nail polish! Haha

  • MissApriil

    I think you should jump into making youtube vids, sis Especially yan, you post monthly faves Anyway, kaka-inggit!!! You have a tarte blush!!! Been wanting to purchase one since last month :|

    • I have a YT channel but whenever it’s time for me to do my faves, palagi ako natatambakan, so I can only do it in my blog, lol.

      You should buy Tarte blushes during the holidays! They offer it in a set of 3 at only PhP 1,900 (not as big as the original blushes though but it’s a good starter kit if you’re new to Tarte blushes)

  • haziest hazel

    The nyx lip gloss is so pigmented! ang ganda ng pagkaka pink niya. Perfect dupe for the lime crime. =) For me, I’ve been loving Maybelline’s stiletto eye liner. Super precise and long lasting =) It won’t smudge on your eyes throught the day.

    • Ooh! I love Stiletto eyeliner too!

  • That’s an al-in-one list of make up kits/accessories you have for the month of October.

  • i love love love tarte! i have the blush in flush… as in fuschia sya… hehehe… super pigmented… di pa nabura yung embossed design ng blush…

    • Me too!

      • fuCHSia pala… anobayern… typo queen… hehehe… parang gusto kong i-collect lahat… pero not practical.. mahal sya and di talaga maubos-ubos… haha… i know may minis sila sometimes, pero sana hindi limited edition yung minis nila… para ma-collect lahat… hehehe…

  • Ohh that MAC bronzer is best of the best im using it also , too cool for school where I can buy their products ?

    • Uhm, I believe you can buy them at SM North. Not sure where else

  • I love NYX Butter Gloss too. I prefer it that their Lip Creme or Lip Gloss.

    • Yup! I’m going to get more shades, I love it

  • OK.. I got overwhelmed.. hahaha. I totally stopped with my makeup 12 years ago since I became an engineer at a semiconductor company.. Bawal ang cosmetics inside the shop floor, so now, I am assigned on another section where I don’t need to go inside much often, I started again to be obsessed with skin care and cosmetics… and going through your post, I feel so ignorant.. bleh!!!

    As of now, I am quite dependent on giveaways, personal acquisitions, gifts and beauty subscriptions since I cannot possibly buy everything that is recommended but I am on my way there. hahaha. The reason I want to relearn all this stuff is that my daughter could benefit in it since i am her personal stylist from head to toe and I don’t want to let her use the makeup used by ordinary salons (not being biased here). It is just that we have a history of skin asthma and I know brushes and cosmetics gets contaminated. Better to be safe than sorry right?..

    Nobela na ata ito.. saving my comments on another post.. lol.. will be coming back for this post as a reference. .

    • Thanks for your comment, Winnie! It’s nice to learn new stuff from my readers, and thanks for dropping by!

  • phyaboo

    Definitely looking forward to your review on the Tarte blush, I’m totally curious about it now.

  • ang ganda ng shade nung lime crime! sayang I dont wear lipstick. >.< anyway, those brushes looks super nice too.

    • Yup! I love them!

  • rhania escueta

    charm brushes would always be on my fave haha =)

    • Haha, me too!

      • rhania escueta

        though i have tried beauty cosmetics too =) one time at a basic makeup workshop =)

      • rhania escueta

        charm brushes is my very first BRUSH SET! =) and what makes my brushes special is that Ms Sophie handed me them personally (kinikilig lang) hihi

  • wooow.. nice products sis! favorite ko na rin sila. hihihihi I want the brushes!

    • Hihi! You’re going to love the brushes! They’re affordable and super ganda

  • that’s a lot!:) love your loot haha! I love the brushes too!

    • Thanks, Ms. Earth!

  • I love brushes but I get confuse with the usage..they’re just too many! haha
    Seriously, I wanna know how to achieve flawless look with those brushes esp contouring the nose. A review perhaps. What do you think, Ms. Yette? hehe

  • meganlev_13

    cool stuffs. lalo na the brushes, im planning that soon