Sleek Aqua Collection LE Blush in ‘Mirrored Pink’ – Review, Photos & Swatches

Hi everyone! Time for another review! And this time, I’ll be featuring yet another UK Drugstore brand. Today, I’ll be introducing you to one of my favorite pink blushes. It’s the Sleek Aqua Collection LE Blush in ‘Mirrored Pink’.

Sleek Aqua Collection LE Blush in 'Mirrored Pink' - Compact & Box

From what I’ve gathered, Mirrored Pink was actually a part of Sleek Makeup’s Limited Edition line named ‘Aqua Collection’ which was launched last March of this year. I really like this blush because it’s not as intimidating as most of my pink blushes. Further, due to its finish, it can also work as my highlighter as well.

Sleek Aqua Collection LE Blush in 'Mirrored Pink' - Packaging

PACKAGING Though it’s a limited edition blush, its packaging is no different from Sleek’s other blushers. It’s really small and compact (smaller than ELF Studio Blushers) yet it’s very sturdy. Ideal for traveling or for smaller kikay kits. It also offers a nice, decent-sized mirror, perfect for touch-ups.

Sleek Aqua Collection LE Blush in 'Mirrored Pink' - Shade

SHADE & APPLICATION This blush is a beautiful blue-toned pink with a fine, shimmery finish. I really like it because even if looks quite intimidating in the pan due to its tiny specks of glitter, it doesn’t translate as much when swatched or applied. Further, because the blush is highly pigmented, I prefer to just dab my brush once, slightly onto the pan and then tap off the excess. Finally, as mentioned, due to its shimmery finish, the need for a (powder) highlighter is no longer necessary.

Sleek Aqua Collection LE Blush in 'Mirrored Pink' - Swatches

CONSISTENCY & PERFORMANCE As I’ve said before, this blush is highly pigmented, and it’s buttery smooth. It has a rich color payoff and it’s very easy to apply and/or blend. The blush isn’t powdery, nor chalky. I also did not encounter any fallouts, but since a common practice, I always tap my brush either at the back of my hand, or at the pan just to remove the excess.

Sleek Aqua Collection LE Blush in 'Mirrored Pink' - How It Looks Like

LONGEVITY & SCENT This blush lasted on me for more than six hours, which is pretty similar to my Lace Blush (click here for review) and they stayed vibrant the entire day. Compared to my other Sleek blush, I did not smell anything particular from this blush. I don’t know if it’s just my nose, (because I’m having the sniffles) but nevertheless, if there’s a scent, I’m sure it’s not overpowering since my other Sleek blush has a really faint to undetectable scent.

Sleek Aqua Collection LE Blush in 'Mirrored Pink' - Basic Info

Product Name | Sleek Aqua Collection LE Blush
• Shade | Mirrored Pink • Price | PhP 450 • Contains | 8g/0.27oz
• Avalability | BeautyCornerPH/ Updated Trends;
The Ramp, Crossing Dept. Stores (Shangrila Q.Ave, Glorietta 3)

So to summarize…

♥ PROS ♥
♥ CONS ♥
Small and compact – handy
Sleek and sturdy packaging
Mirror is ideal for touchups
Ridiculously pigmented
Rich color payoff
Easy to apply & blend
Very wearable
Can also work as your highlighter due to its shimmery finish
Wear time is up to 6 hours maybe more
No fallouts
Not powdery nor chalky
Available online & locally (Metro Manila only)
No blush applicator included
Limited Edition
Can be quite intimidating when you look at it straight from the pan
Only available online & selected Crossings Dept. Stores (MM only)

Overall, I really love this blush. You only need a little of this product to have that rosey/pinky flush on your cheeks and the shimmers are not as intimidating as they look like in the pan. This is actually common on sleek blushers. They look so dark or bright when you look at them but when blended, you’ll finally see how beautiful they look like. This has been my goto pink blusher because I no longer need to put on a powder highlight since it already gives me that glow I usually aim for.
But that wont be anytime soon since this blush contains a ton of product in one pan. So I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing it any time soon. Further, considering it’s a limited edition blush, I think I’ll be having some problems in finding a new one. I really think it’s worth your money since in my case, it’s not very common to find a cool-toned pink blush which can only give you a flush of color without looking a bit too loud or intimidating.

So those are my thoughts regarding the said product. How about you? Do you like pink blushes? Do you like Sleek products? Let me know

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  • sahana ramanand

    Oh my god! The blush looks too cute on you.

    Do visit my site,

  • I don’t know why pink ones — in terms of blush, lippies, eyeshadow doesn’t suit me I’m jealous that it looks soo gorgeous with you Ms Yette, I love the packaging!

    • BTW, what’s your hair color?
      I love it♥

      • I forgot, hahah. But I had it done at Ystilo

    • Thanks, Jo-an!

  • It really does look intimidating but it looked nice na when applied. I really wanna own a Sleek product.

    • Thanks, Michelle!
      You should, it’s really worth the money

  • love the design of the product , I must look if is available in my area also loveee that pink

    • Thanks, Denise! you’re going to love sleek!

  • rhania escueta

    i havent tried sleek lippies and blush ons =) but im loving my e/s in graphite and storm =)

    • I don’t have Storm yet but I’ve always wanted to have one, lol

  • Thanks for the review. I’m looking for a new blusher or a bronzer na lang para makapag contour. Ang taba na ng face ko ngayon e

    • Try Sleek’s contour kits. They’re really great & affordable

  • haziest hazel

    I love how the blush has blended well on your cheeks. =) It’s not too pink and too light pink either. The packaging looks great too! parang ang shimmerry masyado but when you blended it, nawawala ung pagkashimmer siya.

  • itsmefati

    Wow! I super love the finish! It really suits you well since you have a fair skin! ♥

    • Thanks!

      • itsmefati

        you’re welcome

  • Leilani Gamboa

    you are so pretty with these blush on sis., looks perfect on you Oh btw, i like your new hair color

    • Aww, thanks Leilani

      • Leilani Gamboa

        welcome sis

  • RebelSweetHrt

    I love Sleek blushes! They’re highly pigmented and wear long, too. I don’t mind if there’s no brush included, since I hardly use the brushes that come with cheek products, lol.

  • I have an elf studio blush so I can sort of picture out the size. I like that the mirror is quite big. The shade looks good on you btw. I’d really love to have a travel size blush with applicator. If you discover one, please let me know! Haha. I don’t have travel size brushes kasi. It wouldn’t be practical to bring the only set of long brushes I got.

    • The brushes from Benefit’s boxed blushes are actually usable. Aside from that, I haven’t found a blush w/ a decent brush included. Well, maybe that’s an overstatement, but I haven’t really encountered a powder blush that made me wanna use/keep the brush, tbh.

  • Another blush on my list.. I throw my old ones na kasi e.. Will have this as one of the xmas wishlist.. Hehehehe. Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re welcome, Jade! I’m glad you liked it!

  • great review !

  • Oh my, this is love!! Not sure though if this will work on me. Looks good on you, Ms Yette!
    I really like how you edit your photos. What camera are you using? Photo Editor? Thank you!!!
    More power to your blog!!!!

    • Thanks, Nhonim! i use Sony DSC-HX30V & I edit my photos using Adobe Photoshop CS 6

      • Nice camera. I like it coz it’s handy. I’m checking it now…
        You can’t imagine how hard it is to learn AP CS6. I end up using PhotoScape. HAHA
        Thank you, Ms Yette!

  • meganlev_13

    i love the buttery consistency. madali syang iapply, mahirap kse kapag powdery ang blush minsan makalat. THANKS FOR THE REVIEW