Project: Help For Bohol

Last October 15, 2013, our country was again shocked by yet another tragedy. I never thought that such a beautiful city can be destroyed like that. As you may already know, an earthquake struck both Cebu and Bohol with the intensity of 7.2, and even up to this day, Boholanos still feel some aftershocks with a reported intensity of 5.5.

Bohol - Cebu Trip, November 2011
Bohol – Cebu Trip, November 2011

I am really sad about this because I really love Bohol. We went to Cebu and we missed our plane, so we had to go to Tagbilaran instead in order to make it. We went to some of the famous tourist spots and even though I was only there for only a couple of hours, I really loved it there, and I would really love to go back.

Boholanos need help and Gen (of GenzelKisses) and I are reaching out to your hearts for goods that you might like to spare. The people of Bohol are currently living at the streets due to the fear of aftershocks and because of that, they barely have access to cooked food.

Project: Help For Bohol

To all of my readers who would like to join us in this project, you may send us your donation (goods, would be ideal) to our direct contact who also happens to be our current workmate.

Melinda Masibay
LBC City Square Branch, Tagbilaran City

You may also send cash, if you prefer.
Please PM me via my FB page or click here to contact me.

We actually wanted you guys to send these packages to us so that we can repack and then send them all together. However, since Gen and I are like living in the opposite sides of the Philippines, we’d rather have it this way. You can send your help directly to Bohol.

Like Gen said, even the smallest of help can definitely bring a smile to our friends in Bohol.

You may also send your donations directly to other active foundations aimed to help Bohol/Cebu if you wish.

I’ll be doing an update regarding this post letting you guys know what I’ve accumulated. I’ll be asking for my family’s donations too.

Please let us know if you’ve sent anything so we can track and inform our contact there to pick it up and distribute.

Distribution of goods is every Tuesday and Wednesday – Mel & Gen’s rest day from work.

Thank you, everyone & God Bless you!

x Yette

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  • This is a great initiative sis! Glad that both Genzel and you thought of a way to help the victims of this calamity. May calamities be natural (Bohol and Cebu Earthquake and Luzon Typhoons and Floods) or man-made (Zamboanga Siege), we Filipinos should help each other. I would love to share this to my readers, relatives, and friends.

  • great initiative.. ako naman actually ndi ako naguhuhlog dun sa MRT red cross na malapit sa cashier but nung nakalahay na for bohol napahulog talga ko.. I hope the marikina fault line would get in… abot pa naman ako kasi ortigas area lang @_@

    • Thanks, Eyah! Nakakalungkot kase yung nangyari dun e. I hope we’ll be able to get some help for them

  • itsmefati

    Aww its nice to know that you guys have a good heart! ♥

  • God bless your hearts!
    I have relatives in Loon and they lost their houses. Ganun katindi. God is still so good na walang nasaktan. Though they are trying to live normal again, I know in my heart that God will never forsake nor leave them.

    • Aww, hope your relatives are safe, Nhonim

  • meganlev_13

    hmm sobrang bait mo naman, di lang sa internet fans ka generous, pati in person. MAY GOD ALWAYS SHOWER BLESSINGS SAYO.