MUA Smokin’ Palette – Review, Photos & Swatches

Being an eyeshadow palette addict, and an Urban Decay fanatic at the same time, I’ve always wanted to get the Urban Decay Smoked Eyeshadow Palette. However, for some reason, I just don’t find it necessary. Though this palette contains just about the right number of neutral shades, I still find this palette a bit out of my comfort zone due to its really dark/intense smokey, jewel-toned colors. Probably that’s why I didn’t get it. Thank God I waited though, because MUA released a palette that is very similar to the UD Smoked Palette and it and that’s the MUA Smokin’ Palette.

MUA Smokin' Palette - Review, Photos & Swatches

Product Claims/Descriptions According to :

The brand new Smokin Palette is the ultimate travel friendly kit featuring ten stunning eye shades in a mix of matte nudes and shimmering jewel tones, complete with an intense smoky black kohl pencil.

MUA Smokin' Palette - Review, Photos & Swatches

PACKAGING The packaging of this one is very similar to most of the MUA eyeshadow palettes I’ve seen. The only difference is that instead of a dual-ended sponge applicator, it includes a black kohl eyeliner. The packaging is very simple and direct to the point, with a see-through cover, and the back indicating some details regarding the palette, the name of each shade and the eyeshadow & eyeliner’s ingredients. I only have two issues with this product’s packaging, I believe. One is that the palette, compared to my ‘Heaven and Earth e/s palette’ does not lock in securely. It’s very easy to open. Lastly is that the eyeliner pencil does not have any cap. I accidentally nicked the tip of the pencil when I removed it from the palette since it was glued securely on to the palette.

MUA Smokin' Palette - Review, Photos & Swatches

COLOR PAYOFF/PIGMENTATION This palette is consists of 10 eyeshadow colors: 5 neutrals, 5 jewel-toned (1 of them I’ll consider as a neutral shade as well). 4 of them are matte, while the others are shimmery/metallic. I really like how you can mix and match all of these shades and come up with a ton of eyeshadow looks.

        •    Glory – Matte; cream shade; perfect for highlight
        •    Boudoir – Matte, warm light brown shade;
        •    Ghost – Shimmery, Brownish-taupe color;
        •    Fantasy – Matte, dark taupe/charcoal color;
        •    Mythical – Matte, black shade;
        •    Broken – Metallic, coppery-red shade;
        •    Icon – Shimmery, dark smokey purple;
        •    Unleash – Metallic, royal blue shade;
        •    Chaos – Shimmery, forest green shade;
        •    Wicked – Metallic, medium grey shade;
        •    Smokin’ Eye Pencil – Intense, creamy black kohl eye pencil.

All of these shades are intensely pigmented, creamy and have an amazing color payoff. Each shade is very buildable and true to its color. The metallic/jewel-toned colors go very well with the neutrals and the neutrals can even stand on its own. The eyeliner is also very creamy and pigmented. One of the best black eyeliners I’ve ever seen in terms of color payoff.

MUA Smokin' Palette - Review, Photos & Swatches

FORMULATION/TEXTURE As I’ve mentioned, this product is really creamy. They glide on like butter, they’re very buildable and very easy to blend. They’re not chalky nor powdery even the shimmery ones. I did not encounter any fall-outs which is a huge plus. The eye pencil is also very creamy and pigmented. It’s very easy to smudge when first applied.

The Smokin’ eye pencil, as mentioned, is very creamy. The tip feels very soft, so I had to be extra careful when removing it from the palette. It’s very easy to smudge if you want that subtle, sultry look, or a heavy smokey effect.

MUA Smokin' Palette - Review, Photos & Swatches

PERFORMANCE/LONGEVITY These eyeshadows, as mentioned, are very buildable and easy to blend. The texture of these eyeshadows are just impressive and very comparable to high end eyeshadow palettes. On bare lids, these eyeshadows lasted on me for me for approximately five hours but with a primer, they lasted on me for more than six hours.

I didn’t try to smudge the eyeliner, nor did I try to create a sultry look, but I did try to line my waterline with it. Surprisingly, considering that it’s intensely creamy, it stayed on my waterline all throughout the entire day, without fading. The only part that faded was at the outer corner of my eyes which in my case were pretty common since, honestly, I haven’t really encountered an eyeliner that can withstand my outer corners. Other than that, the eyeliner performed really great.

Product Name | MUA Smokin’ Palette
• Price | PhP 800 • Weight | 10 Eyeshadows; 17g
• Avalability | Kalakalan Online

SCENT/ETC The product/palette has a faint, makeup-like scent. Don’t know how to further describe it only that it’s not overpowering and it’s certainly not noticeable unless you smell it right off the pan like I did.

♥ PROS ♥
♥ CONS ♥
Simple, Straight-forward packaging
Includes 10 shades and a creamy eyeliner
4 mattes and 6 shimmery shades, 6 of them are neutral perfect for day look
Highly pigmented
Rich color pay off
Creamy eyeliner, easy to smudge
Very buildable
Easy to apply & blend
Wears for more than 6 hours with a primer and approximately 5 hours without
Eyeliner stayed amazingly all throughout the entire day without fading except at the outer corners of my eye
Available online
Does not lock securely
Does not include an eyeshadow applicator
Eyeliner does not have a cap
Eyeliner can feel very soft
Eyeliner doesn’t set easily & can still be smudged after a couple of mins.
Eyeliner faded/smeared at the outer corner of my eyes
Not available locally
No box

I really like this palette. It’s the perfect combination of dark, jewel-toned and light neutral shades. I would sure consider taking this with me when I travel because I can definitely imagine pulling off a lot of looks by just using this single palette. I also like the fact that it includes an eyeliner already, because it’s an all in one tool. You can definitely use it as a base for heavy looks, or you can also smudge it for a sweet, sultry look (as I’ve mentioned before).
It’s definitely worth the money, and worth the repurchase if in case I run out, which is highly unlikely.

MUA Smokin' Palette - Review, Photos & Swatches

Overall, I really love this palette. If you want something that can give you that smokey eye look without breaking the bank, then this is definitely for you. I don’t have the Urban Decay Smoked Eyeshadow Palette, but from what I’ve heard, this is an amazing dupe for a lot lesser prize. That palette, I believe is worth almost PhP 3,000 while this one is only Php 800. It might be pricey at first, but considering the quality and the amount of products that you’re going to get, then it’s definitely a steal.

How about you? What’s your favorite eyeshadow palette? Or MUA palette? Do you like MUA Eyeshadow palettes? Do you like smokey eye looks? Let me know!

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  • Rubbie Anne Abad

    Wow! I don’t anything about makeup and I hope you’ll help me. Thanks hehe

    • Sure, thanks for dropping by, Rubbie!

  • So pretty mo magapply talaga ng eyeshadow! I hope mapractice ko narin to, hopefully pag nakabuy na ko ng dresser. And naeexcite n ko, since lagi siyang napaguusapan even Genzel, nung Saturday bumili na ko sa MUA naka Worldwide shipping na naman sila hihihi.

    • Uu nga nakaworldwide shipping nanaman sila natetempt nanaman tuloy ako.. Hmmm.. Kaso wag na, lol.

  • rhania escueta

    oh dear =) i first saw this palette from sara of morethanadored =) nakakalove at first sight hihi =) great that its cheaper than UD palette but i like that sleek is more cheaper than this hee hee

    • Nope. This one is actually a lot cheaper than Sleek. This is only worth PhP 800 due to the eyeliner that’s included. Usually their e/s palettes only cost PhP 450-600

  • I have MUA palette too, I think it’s Undressed me too. Got it from my makeup swap with a friend from India. lol Haven’t tried it yet though, but the shades resembles those of Naked 2. Great review as always, Yette! ♥

    The touch of Yellow

    • You should try it na. You’re going to love it, I bet!

  • OMG! I love the shades especially Broken and Wicked.

  • Leilani Gamboa

    i love your fotd sis, all shades that i like is in this palette I think this palette is worth the price naman.

    • It is, definitely!

  • thinacruz

    Great makeup! I love MUA in general because of it’s price and unbelievable quality. It’s on par with some of the mid to high end brands. I’ve a lot of MUA products that other drugstore brands! It’s worth every penny and the wait


    • True! Thanks for dropping by!

  • I love how it looks on you and I love the swatches too! Haven’t tried the brand and I haven’t tried sporting this look. Though I’ve tried doing this kind of look, it always end up a disaster. If this palette were mine, I’d be using Glory, Boudoir, Ghost, Fantasy, and Broken lang. I use shades like Icon at times. I recently got a palette from a co-blogger and I haven’t touched other shades on the palette. I think I’m gonna attempt this look. Fingers crossed! Pag marunong na siguro ako, I’d get this palette too. It’s handy compared to the one I got. At least I could take this palette with me anywhere.

    Pauchee C.

    • Thanks, Pauchee! You should try experimenting more. I’m not much into jewel-toned e/s too but I’ve been experimenting a lot recently

  • I don’t own any MUA
    Nice look, Ms Yette! The nude lipstick is just so perfect for the overall look!

  • itsmefati

    I should really start to invest in smokey palettes. And start mastering those smudging and blending techniques. I really love MUA products! ♥ Nice eye makeup sis!

  • Ganda niya talaga sis! ahhh nakakatempt!!! I have two palettes na from MUA, quality at affordable price sila. love it! Ganda ng makeup mo! I wish ganyan din ako kagaling mag lagay sa fes.

    • Yup! I have two from them na ren this and Heaven and Earth!
      Thanks, sis!

  • I don’t own any product from this brand. Pero parang ang ganda saka pocket friendly sis. I am not much into eye shadows. I rarely go out so neglected ang e/s ko. Pero I love the look you created. Everything seemed to be working well with each other.

  • haziest hazel

    Para nga talagang UD naked palette, in a mini version lang. Tsaka mejo mas pigmented lang ata konti ung sa UD. I agree with you, Urban Decay’s product are so expensive =( TIIS GANDA talaga. hehe.

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  • kai ong

    sis thanks for the review… where did you buy it?

  • meganlev_13

    nkakastun yung colors nya kso dissapointing yung eyeliner. mahirap kapag napagpawisan or anything kse nagsusmudge sya.