Sample Room’s 1st Workshop & Thanksgiving Party

Hey everyone! How’s everyone doing? I know that this is going to be really tedious (and probably boring) but I would like to apologize for the lack of entries these past few weeks. I have so many things to catch up on, and I know you’re probably wondering what happened to my reviews. Don’t worry, it’s coming. I need more weekends! Seriously!

Anyway, for those of you who don’t know, last October 05, 2013, I was one of the few lucky VIP members who were invited to attend Sample Room’s First Workshop & Thanksgiving Party. I got the invitation a few weeks before the said event and without hesitation, I said yes. I feel so blessed because I know that I’d be able to meet all of my favorite bloggers. (which are mostly SR’s partner bloggers & members of the bloggers’ circle).

I’ve been a member of Sample Room ever since it started and I remember my first sample was the Benefit The Porefessional Mini Sample. I loved it so much that I still have it. Yeah I know. I really am considering buying it because it really is effective. It’s pricey but it’s worth every penny.

Sample Room's 1st Workshop & Thanksgiving Party - First Floor @ Stacy's

The event was held at Stacy’s at BGC, and I went there together with Aya (of Codename Aya) and we were welcomed by the venue’s cozy interiors. I love it’s homey vibe, and girly decorations. The main event/workshop was held upstairs while the food was located downstairs.

Sample Room's 1st Workshop & Thanksgiving Party - Sample Room's Background & Brushes 101s

Ms. Sophie Uy (of of Beautynomics), one of the founders of Sample Room (also one of its partner bloggers, and the owner of Charm Brushes) started the program with how Sample Room started and discussed the importance of makeup brushes. She also gave us a sneak peek of Charm’s upcoming line. It’s made in Japan and if I’m not mistaken it resembles to Hakuhodu’s flat top brushes. It has a gold ferrule and it looks very luxurious.

Sample Room's 1st Workshop & Thanksgiving Party - Bobbi Brown Workshop

Following Ms. Sophie’s discussion, Noel, the Bobbi Brown’s resident makeup artist gave a lot of makeup tips, do’s and don’ts. One of the most unforgettable tips he gave out was about the layering of mascaras. He said that if we want to layer volumizing & lengthening mascaras, the first mascara that we should apply first should be the volumizing first. Apply it from root to tip. Then apply your lengthening mascara midway up to the tip of your lashes to avoid clumping. I’m an avid fan of layering mascaras, and I like to put on volumizing first, then top if off with a lengthening mascara, but this part I didn’t know so this was such a huge help.

Sample Room's 1st Workshop & Thanksgiving Party - Inner Beauty

Finally, the last talk was proceeded by DJ Ingrid Nieto, who discussed about inner beauty. She also discussed some things about relationship not only with other people, but also with God.

Each talk had a few Q & A portion where in Ms. Sophie gave out some prizes from Sample Room’s current & upcoming brands. She also gave out Bobbi Brown To Go kits (I’m soo jealous and so pissed at myself for not answering a single question, because those Bobbi To Go kits are so gorg!)

Sample Room's 1st Workshop & Thanksgiving Party - Instax

At the end of the event, Sample Room together with Team Instax chose two lucky ‘instagrammers’ who will win an Instax Mini 8. They did an instagram contest that ran all through out the entire event. They also let use their Instax Mini 8 and they were so cute! Here’s my entry, by the way. Oh, and Atty. Donna (of My Lucid Intervals) Gem (of Rare Vanity) won. Their table’s actually the luckiest. Jess (of Makeup Love) won Charm’s upcoming brush line (the one that I was referring to earlier).

Sample Room's 1st Workshop & Thanksgiving Party - Bloggers & VIP Members
LEFT : Sample Room Founders/Staff, Partner Bloggers & Members of the Bloggers Circle;
RIGHT : Sample Room Founders/Staff & VIP Members*

Of course, no event would be complete without a photo op. We did group shot and then we also took individual shots with the partner bloggers & members of the partner bloggers.

Sample Room's 1st Workshop & Thanksgiving Party - With Partner Bloggers & Bloggers' Circle Members

I was so glad to meet my favorite bloggers especially Ms. Sabs of Musings Of A Makeup Maven. She’s so sweet! I’ve been following her at YT and I love watching her tutorials. I’ve learned so much from her!

Here are some pictures from the said event…

Use the left & right arrows to navigate

Then, on our way out, each of us were given our very own loot bags. The loot bags itself looked so cute and it felt really heavy. I was so excited to look inside but I had to control myself and just wait until I get home. Here are the items that I got so far. Thanks Sample Room!

  • Sample Room Loot Bag Sample Room Loot Bag
  • Charm Brush Guard Charm Brush Guard
  • Constipaid Constipaid
  • Beauty & Bright Facial & Body Lightening Moringa Soap Beauty & Bright Facial & Body Lightening Moringa Soap
  • Mustela Stelatopia Mustela Stelatopia
  • H20 Cleansing Water H20 Cleansing Water
  • Pink Box Hair Accessories Pink Box Hair Accessories
  • Laneige Basic Water Bank Moisture Kit Laneige Basic Water Bank Moisture Kit
  • Nivea Basic Cleansing Mud Foam Nivea Basic Cleansing Mud Foam
  • Nivea UV Whitening Serum Nivea UV Whitening Serum
  • Pure DKNY Pure DKNY
  • Physiogel Hypoallergenic Cleanser Physiogel Hypoallergenic Cleanser
  • GCs GCs
  • AND LASTLY... Candy Jars! AND LASTLY... Candy Jars!

Use the left & right arrows to navigate

I really had fun at the said event and being a VIP member sure comes with a lot of perks (that reminds me, I have to renew my membership, lol). I feel blessed and privileged at the same time to be invited at this party and I’m very thankful as well. That VIP Membership is so sulit!

How about you? Are you a Sample Room member? If not, (seriously, girl, you’ve been missing a lot!) then click here and start enjoying deluxe to full size samples, all for free!

Click here to find out how you can be the October COMClick here to find out how you can win!Click Here to find out how you can win!!

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  • Ohh I love love this place! It look super fun! Nice to see you got pics with my fave bloggers din Ganda ng setup nila

    • Thanks, sis! It was so fun! Wish you were there! Mag VIP ka na kase! You wont regret it!

      • Gusto ko sis nako! Nagtitipid lang talaga :))

  • I had fun in the event sayang didn’t get a pic with the group as I was rushing to another event

    • Oo nga! Di ko napansin yun until you told me. Sayang nga
      But don’t worry Ms. Earth like you said, there’s always next time

  • RebelSweetHrt

    What a generous loot bag! I’ve been considering upgrading to VIP; all the more reason for me to do so, haha!

    • It is! I never expected to get this much! Go upgrade, it’s so worth it!

  • Grace

    Makeup has truly become a science all its own. I haven’t heard of sample room yet but the vibe feels nice.

    • You should try it! You’re going to love it for sure

  • chxrene

    i wish, i was invited too *jelly! haha

    • Sign up for Sample Room and be a VIP Member! I promise, it’s worth it!

  • Rubbie Anne Abad

    Wanna sign up to sample room but i don’t know anything about make ups haha

    • They offer a lot more other than makeup/beauty products. Check ’em out. You might find something worth trying.

  • Leilani Gamboa

    what a nice event sis, it obviously looks fun. i also like the loot bag, daming freebies

    • It is! & yes the loot bag has a lot of stuff! I feel so lucky!

      • Leilani Gamboa

        hihi kakainggit naman

  • Aya

    Had so much fun at this party! Nice seeing you again, Yette!

    • Nice seeing you again too!

  • Armel Madsen

    cute event. and the venue looks very martha stewart-ish.


    • Yes it does, now that I think about it, haha

  • Ang cute ng venue! The event must be awesome. I’ve registered to Sample Room pero di ko pa natry magpasend ng sample products. Must try soon!

    • You should try it soon, you’re going to love it!

  • phyaboo

    I love everything you got in your Lootbag! especially the Laneige Mini set!

  • I’m a Sample Room member! Not a VIP member though. I’d really love to be one! They’ve got lots of products great for reviews and are worth sharing. Great event. I’m a fan of the venue! So girly! I’m excited about the makeup brushes! Been addcited to them lately. Been Googling and You Tubing about them since I recently got a set. Since I’m clueless about brushes and makeup in general, I research and read blogs as well.

    Pauchee C.

    • The brushes are really good!

  • Wow! I love everything, the setup, the people, the loot!!! I enjoyed this post, Ms Yette, it did not bore me
    I’m a member but haven’t got anything yet..can’t decide lol!!!

    • Thanks, Nhonim! You should try sampling their items! Especially tomorrow! They’ll be having Vidal Sasson tomorrow!

  • itsmefati

    Super cute ng place! Sooo cute! Love it! and nakakainggit yung laman nung loot bags and the candy jar!! Awesome, fun event indeed!

  • haziest hazel

    The venue is sooooo cute! I’m a member of Sample Room too but I hope they give out makeup products like eyeshadow sample too! or maybe a monthly subscription like bdj or ipsy perhaps? Dami mo nakuha sa loot bag mo waaaaa…