October 2013 BDJ Box | Unboxing & First Impressions

Hi everyone! How’s your entire week, so far? Mine? Hmm.. ’twas okay. Anyway, I just got my October BDJ Box last Monday and I was so excited to open it because I know that it’s a Maybelline exclusive box (judging from BDJ’s FB page). I’m so excited to share what my thoughts are with you and how I feel about each of the items I got. Hope you enjoy this unboxing post!

October 2013 BDJ Box | Unboxing & First Impressions

Their theme for this month is Express It! featuring five (I believe) different Maybelline exclusive boxes (Scene Stealer, Sugar & Spice, Femme Fatale, Queen of Extreme and Runway Rock) so obviously, it’s a box loaded with makeup goodies.

Below are the products that are included in my BDJ Box (Runway Rock):

October 2013 BDJ Box | Unboxing & First Impressions
Clear Smooth BB Stick 8-in-1 Skin Transformer
Full Size: PhP 279

For a clear and smooth base in 1 go! This anti-shine powder in a stick provides 8 different skin benefits! It can last you the while day and can help oily or combination skin!

October 2013 BDJ Box | Unboxing & First Impressions
Clear Smooth All in One Shine-Free Foundation
Full Size: PhP 249

For full-coverage foundation with SPF25/PA++ and 4-hour staying power. It’s formulated with skin-brightening Vitamin C for a healthy glow!

October 2013 BDJ Box | Unboxing & First Impressions
Eye Studio Lumineyes Shadow in ‘Read Brown’
Full Size: PhP 599

A long lasting 4 shaded eye shadow palette that will stay with you all day or night! It’s known for its illuminating color-control primer that will keep the color intact 2x longer!

October 2013 BDJ Box | Unboxing & First Impressions
2pcs Cheeky Glow in ‘Peachy Sweetie’
Full Size: PhP 199

Get that natural looking finish with Cheeky Glow! An ultra-blendable powder with a silky smooth texture that gives feather light coverage

October 2013 BDJ Box | Unboxing & First Impressions
Volum’Express The Falsies
Full Size: PhP 449

Have that perfect false lashes look with The Falsies! It instantly creates a false-lash effect, making them look thick and heavy!

October 2013 BDJ Box | Unboxing & First Impressions
Baby Lips Runway ‘Pink Peony’
Full Size: PhP 89

Swipe sheer layers for natural looking colors and baby soft lips all day long with its color palette, you’re bound to achieve that natural look!

October 2013 BDJ Box | Unboxing & First Impressions
Maybelline Rewards Card

So those are all of the products that I got in this month’s BDJ box. If you’re interested to know what my thoughts are regarding each and everyone of the items included, then here’s an unboxing video:

Anyway, like I said, those are all of the products that I got from my October BDJ Box, and if you ask me, this is more of a hit and miss box. I love the concept, believe me, I do. I love that it’s fully loaded with makeup products and it’s practically everything that you’re going to need. If you’re a newbie when it comes to makeup, this box is all you need. However, what I don’t get is why give two blushes of the same shade. I just find it unnecessary. However, like I said, I love the concept, it’s quite genius since it’s not every time you see a local beauty box that is fully loaded with JUST makeup.

Let’s see how much this box costs:

Clear Smooth BB Stick 8-in-1 Skin Transformer
Clear Smooth All in One Shine-Free Foundation
Eye Studio Lumineyes Shadow in ‘Read Brown’
2pcs Cheeky Glow in ‘Peachy Sweetie’
Volum’Express The Falsies
Baby Lips Runway ‘Pink Peony’
PhP 299
T O T A L PhP 2,083

Despite my issues towards this box, it’s hits and its misses, this is still one, expensive box. And someone who is only starting out in makeup is definitely going to benefit from this so it’s really a nice concept. It’s still worth it, and the money you’re paying for each monthly box is definitely worth it. BDJ is still my fave box.

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  • itsmefati

    Oh maybelline. One of my most loved brand! ♥ I love their Cheeky glow Too bad i didnt subscribed of this month’s box

    • Aww, I’m sorry. There’s always next time

  • I really do love this month’s BDJ Box. Everything inside is something I can def. use except the lippies. :))

  • Most items are already in previous boxes.

    • Yup. The palette here and the lipstick from other boxes can be found in I believe their March box. But I’m fine w/ that. The only thing I kinda have an issue with is the blush, lol

  • aiko borja

    wow puro maybelline review please :))

    • Sure, I’ll try to squeeze ’em.

  • maybelline lang ang peg ng box na to hihi..I hope you’ll review the cheeky glow blushers, Ms Yette! *excited

  • belinda b. ibanez

    Like the Maybellin Cheeky Glow and the Pink Peony!! ♥

  • Ay wala ka palang nakuhang lippy noh? Tapos 2 pa ung blusher lol. Anyways a good steal na rin.

    • Yup, yun nga e. Ok na ren. Nice box, pero I guess the thing that I don’t like are the 2 blushes.

      • rhania escueta

        naku dear baka nagkamali lang =(

      • Ederlyn Martinez

        I also got two blushes, same na same tayo ng nakuha.. although sa baby lips, “tangerine pop” nakuha ko.

  • rhania escueta

    Hi yette! this one is for you.. smooches! sayang wala tayong pic together =( hugs!


    • Aww, thanks, Rhania! You’re so sweet!

      • rhania escueta

        smooches! you’re welcome at sa next time na magmeet tayo papic na tayo hee hee


  • Hayley Yamaguchi Bardilas

    sis papano ba magka bdj box ? dko tlg alam . haha . gusto ko to sna kc mas cheaper sya s mall ee db ? tama b ?

    • Sign up at bdjbox.com But they don’t have any stocks left for this year. So you might end up getting the Feb/March box

      • Hayley Yamaguchi Bardilas

        thankyou yette . will try to get one too maybe nxtyr love your reviews btw

  • i got my oct bdj box few days back and was happy with it cause it got my fave mascara, but not so thrilled too because maybelline is a very common brand that i wouldn’t need to sample anymore.

  • RebelSweetHrt

    How does the Rewards Card work? Parang Pink Card ng Etude?

    • Yeah, I think so.

  • My fave is the bb stick. I wonder if it makes foundation application faster or easier. I’ve never tried stick foundation!

  • Jenny Encabo

    The first time I saw the Runway Rock box in instagram, I thought mistake lang na 2 ang blush on, 2 pala talaga?! I got the Sugar N’ Spice box and it is nice as well. Yung BB Stick na lang di ko nagagamit because I’m still finishing my BB Cream from Maybelline also. I’m a Maybelline girl this is my first BDJ box, so I’m happy that I can use all the products included though I wish somehow ibang brand na-feature so I can try different make-up brand naman or nakakuha ako ng eyeliner and other type of mascara ng Maybelline.

  • Leilani Gamboa

    the palette and the bb stick are my faves on this box, feeling akin yung box, hihi..

  • inggit ako!! urgh.. wala na din box for nov and dec. what thee..XD gusto ko din magkacard ee XD

    • February ata bukas pa! Di pa ako nakakagsub for Feb box, lol

  • haziest hazel

    lucky you. =) I’ve been wanting to get their monthly box but they’re always sold out! Their box is getting better every month! waaaaa.I want to try the mascara so bad! You even got 2 pieces of cheek glow. grabeeeee. =)

  • Joana Malonzo

    this is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will definitely try this, but just wanna ask, which is more awesome, it is the BDJ BOX or the GLAMOUR BOX? hoping for your reply, because my husband will treat just one box, thanks =)

    • I would say this one because this one is more of a monthly box compared to Glamourbox which only comes once every 2-3 months. In terms of getting your money’s worth, both boxes offer that. However, BDJ – their next box wont be available until March next year, so IDK. -___-

      • Joana Malonzo

        Waaaahhhh!!!! i’ll just wait nalang, thank you so much for the info! God bless

  • meganlev_13

    grabe jampack maybelline goodies. ang swerte mo. and maybelline is a great make up lalo na sa quality and hindi masyadong expensive