Beauty Bloggers United 1st Anniversary Blowout (Collab) – CLOSED

Hi everyone! I know that my blog looks like a Bulletin Board of giveaway announcements by now but as promised, here’s another giveaway for you, lovelies. This time, I collaborated with 9 beautiful ladies, all members of the Beauty Bloggers United group in Facebook. And as a celebration of our group’s first anniversary, I joined Jannie (of Jannieology), Eyah (of Eyahnism), Katrina (of The Beauty Geek), Mel (of Melleleee), Patricia (of LaLaLaPatricia), Candice (of Candice Amoranto), Riza of (The Imperishable Beauty) and Genzel of Genzelkisses to give this away to our 10 lucky readers as our first year anniversary treat.

This giveaway will last until the end of October, and is open for Filipino residents only. Apologies for our international readers.

Now on to our prizes!

Beauty Loot #1: from Candice Amoranto

Beauty Loot #1: from Yours Truly - Yettezkie's Doodles

Beauty Loot #1: from Eyahnism

Beauty Loot #1: from Genzelkisses

Beauty Loot #1: from Jannieology

Beauty Loot #1: from The Beauty Geek

Beauty Loot #1: from Tayuanmn

Beauty Loot #1: from Tayuanmn

Beauty Loot #1: from Tayuanmn

Beauty Loot #1: from Tayuanmn

Below’s the rafflecopter that also states what the rules are. Make sure that you follow each and everyone of them INCLUDING the mandatory rules.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Click here to find out how you can be the October COMClick here to find out how you can win!Click Here to find out how you can win!!

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  • itsmefati

    Because I want to know the whether that certain product is effective through reviews and I want to know know the true colors and shade of a certain makeup product before trying it on myself. And I love the infos and tips I get from beauty blogs!

    Fati Recede

  • caryn morales

    i read beauty blogs because of the reviews they post about products they’ve tried themselves. i want to know which certain product would be best for me before trying and buying it out. i also love to read about their techniques on applying makeup.

    caryn morales

  • Elle C.

    i like reading beauty blogs because of the reviews they make about the product. i want to know something about it first before trying them out. since i have a very sensitive skin.

    Roselle Joyce Caldez

  • Glyn Ann Sabacan

    For a beginner like me, it is very helpful to read beauty blogs so that I will know the latest trends in make-up and for me to know what products are worth buying. Thanks for another give-away. More blessings to come.

    Glyn Ann I. Sabacan

  • Cat Quiambao

    i love to read beauty blogs because i want to research before trying out new products.. i also love to see new products being introduced… and of course, let’s be honest, i love joining giveaways..

    Cat Quiambao

  • I read beauty blogs because I find them entertaining. Most of the time, I rely on bloggers for product reviews before purchasing esp cosmetics and skincare products. Thank you beauty bloggers!

    Nhonim B. Cailing

  • Tinky guañez

    I read beauty blogs because I find great finds. Products that I can try without worries

  • Mariel Mirador

    i love beauty blogs simply because i love being beautiful and thats one of my hobby im so lucky that i find your blogs because they really help me a lot specially when it comes to beauty galor..
    mariel mirador

  • yeyemon

    I love beauty blogs because I’m a girl!

  • Mirzi Sarte

    I love reading beauty blogs because I got a lot of tips, get inspired and read the products before I buy them.

    Mirzi Sarte

  • Diana Beatima

    Beauty Blog really helps me a lot beauty from beauty product review up to applying it into skin. I rely on blogs when it comes to beauty products because i am not used to going mall over and asking the saleslady about the product.. i’m a little bit shy. hehehe.. and aside from this, i love giveaways after the product reviews.

    Diana Beatima

  • Say Yap

    I’m an avid reader of beauty blogs. Sharing their best makeup tips,etc is so helpful. I want to look at some things I might actually be interested in trying myself.And personally, I prefer makeup blogs that feature at least some affordable products.
    Say Yap

  • Mary Joy

    i read beautyblogs because I love reading a product reviews before planning to buy the products. And also I love to know more beauty tips..
    Mary Joy Supetran

  • Alyssa Francisco

    I enjoyed reading beauty blogs because it help me discover new things and trends about beauty and make up. It is very informative and fun

  • Riyalyn Gatdula

    Because knowledge is power. It helps me to decide, and choose good about the products. The disadvantage and advantage.. . Tips also!

    Riyalyn Gatdula

  • belinda b. ibanez

    I enjoy reading beauty blogs because their beauty tips, reviews and product recommendations helps me decide on what beauty products to have/wear/use/buy. We girls intend to improve ourselves not just for others but also for ourselves to gain more self confidence and self-worth.

  • ♫ SheloMi GerdaN ♫

    praying hard and fingers crossed . I love your blog site. it really helps me a lot to be confident and beautiful. they say that if you look good do good feel good about your self you can be anything you want

  • Erika P.

    I read beauty blogs just ’cause I want to be a blogger so bad I’m gonna dieee! I read blogs to see reviews on products too. I just wish I could be one of the best bloggers listed here. And I wanna be on the Beauty Bloggers United but I’m only 17. Huhu, anyways, more power to the bloggers! xoxo
    -Erika P.

  • i read beauty blogs for the swatches and reviews

    name: janelle | email:

  • Abigail Chan

    I read beauty blogs for reviews of products that I might buy or find interesting. I also considering starting my own blog but everything goes! I wanna take care of my skin and be confident about myself when facing people. Thanks!
    Abigail Joyce Chan

  • Istin Dizon Paigna

    thank you Ms Yette and BBU! God bless

    • Congratulations! Please contact me or one of the other bloggers regarding shipping concerns. Thank you

  • Arjayssa Reyes

    thank you so much! GOD Bless u more!

  • haziest hazel

    e-mail sent po regarding shipping concerns =) thanks for this giveaway! yeeey