Beauty Fair Collective Haul

Hi everyone! Last week, Eyah of Eyahnism and I went to the recently held Beauty Fair at Il Terazzo, Tomas Morato, and we picked up a couple of stuffs. A lot of people from the online community, may it be an online seller, beauty blogger, youtube guru gathered and talked not only about beauty but…well, shopped.

Eyah and I had tons of fun and had a lot of time bonding. It’s been quite a while since we last saw each other. We’ve both been busy with work and life itself.

Beauty Fair Collective Haul - With Eyah & ColorIsMyWeapon AKA Noe
With Eyah & Noe of ColorIsMyWeapon

Then after picking up what we need/wanted ate at Grandmomma’s Kitchen downstairs. Actually, we ate there thinking that we can also do a collab haul but after we ate, a lot of people showed up which was really funny because the price of what we ate at that restaurant trumps the price of what we ate at lunch. Not being thrifty here, just saying. But, despite that, we really enjoyed what we ate and it was really delicious.

Beauty Fair Collective Haul - Snacks @ Grandmomma's Kitchen

Anyway, this haul is not only about the items I picked up at Beauty Fair but also from the SM San Lazaro 3 Day Sale, so without further ado, here’s my collective haul video…

Anyway, here’s the breakdown of what I got so far…

Beauty Fair Collective Haul - Miss Bella PH Cosmetics Brush Container With Lid
Miss Bella PH
Brush Container with Lid – Php 500
[brushes not included, LOL]

Beauty Fair Collective Haul - Beauty Cosmetics Brushes
Beauty Cosmetics Brushes
Chelsea – PhP 1,500, Face Precision – PhP 450 & Small Tapered Blending Brush – PhP 100
[Yeah I know, I’m obsessed with brushes. I probably have all of the brushes I’m going to need till forever :P]

Beauty Fair Collective Haul - Glory Of New York 99% Alcohol
Glory Of New York Philippines/Queen B
99% Alcohol – Php 200
[For disinfecting]

Beauty Fair Collective Haul - The Vanity Zone
The Vanity Zone
ELF Studio Blush in ‘Pink Passion’ – Php 200;
Wet N Wild Coloricon Bronzer in ‘Reserve Your Cabana’ – PhP 350

Beauty Fair Collective Haul - Chedelyn's
Chedelyn’s Collections Cosmetics
Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara – PhP 380

And now for the items I picked up from the 3-Day Sale at SM San Lazaro..

Beauty Fair Collective Haul - SM San Lazaro 3-Day Sale Haul
SM San Lazaro 3-Day Sale Haul
ELF Studio Eyebrow Treat & Tame in ‘Light’ – PhP 250;
Nichido Lip Blush in ‘Prom Queen’ – Approx. PhP 90;
Ever Bilena Matte Eyeshadow Duos in ‘Paris’ – PhP 125;
[These were not available at the Beauty Fair,
just in case you were wondering why I didn’t pick them up at the said event ]

Beauty Fair Collective Haul - Hayan Loose Powder
Hayan Korea
Hayan Face Silky Powder in ‘No. 99’ – PhP 230 (sale price)
[I got this out of the recommendation of Eyah, and I really liked the texture and how it made her skin glow because of the finish. I’ll do a review soon]

Beauty Fair Collective Haul - SM Accessories
SM Accessories
SM Accessories Bracelet – PhP 250

So those are all of the items that I got during the said event and during the 3-Day sale. Let me know if you want me to review anything in particular and I’ll try to squeeze them in. Check out Eyah’s collective haul as well by clicking here. Hope you liked this haul and let me know if you have any questions, comments, etc.

How about you? Did you pick something up from the said event? Did you like it? Let me know.

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  • Raisa Mae Fernandez

    I love the bracelet! And don’t mind me if I copy your brush organizer! =)

  • Leilani Gamboa

    wow you got a lot of brushes! Again, i like your haul so much especially the brush container..and lastly i guess that elf eyebrow treat&tame is something i need…

    • Haha. I know.. Like I said, I think these brushes along with all of my brushes that I have in here will probably last me for a really long time, lol. I’m just obsessed w/ ’em.

      Oh and you should get Elf’s Eyebrow Treat & Tame. It’s really good. I love it. I wish they have more shades, though

      • Leilani Gamboa

        I have to agree with you na makeup brushes are something a makeup lover should invest on. i am looking forward to have a big collection of makeup brushes as yours sis, todo kayod nalang, haha. ayy wala ba iba shade yung elf treat and tame sis?

        • Meron naman kaso limited

          • Leilani Gamboa

            ay ganun ba, sana kumpleto sa mga online stores. thanks sis

          • Np

  • Lei Diwa

    Please do a review on the covergirl Mascara
    Ikaw na talaga Ms.Yette haul kung haul heheh Love it! Sarap nung food kahit nakita ko lang mukha naman katakam takam eh…

    • Uu nagutom nga ako nung ineedit ko yan e. Haha..

      Yup, will do! Tagal ko na kase di nakakagawa ng mascara review e. Don’t know where to start, lol

  • Neni Diyanti

    Ii like the brush container. It looks like sigma but in more affordable price
    Great haul, btw

  • Love your haul sis! <333 I wish I was there too! Parang ang daming sale. You'll love that Hayan powder for sheeeer! :))

    • I am! I’m loving it!

  • Now, that’s a haul!! Hahaha Share your blessings naman Yette! LOL. Maganda yang Hayan Powder! Will wait for your reviews ♥


    • I’ve been sharing them already! Did you join my giveaway! Haha

      Will try to do one real soon

  • Hayley Yamaguchi Bardilas

    kainget knmn sis andme3 mu nabili s beautyfair . ako makita ko lang sla kht pamasahe lang bitbit ko ahppy nako hahahaha . makapag pa picture at makausap lang mga beautyguru . syng di kita nakita dun .

    • Haha, don’t worry me next time pa naman,

  • RebelSweetHrt

    I’ve read lots of positive reviews about Hayan’s Silky Powder. Will look forward to your review!

  • itsmefati

    Nichido Lip blush is a lipstick right? I got curious about its name; Teehee
    I suddenly feel the need to buy that elf eyebrow treat and tame in light,
    Love this collection. ♥

    • Go for it! You’ll love it!

    • Oh and its a tinted lip balm

  • mabango ba yung 99% alcohol from Queen B.? Elf Studio Blush review please.

    • It doesn’t smell anything.

      Will try to squeeze it in

  • Tory Blum

    I love every single one of your posts, they’re really entertaining even if it’s a plain haul

  • I took the Clump Crusher challenge at the Beauty Social and was in SHOCK of how many layers i could pile on without clumping!

    • I love it too but I forgot I was wearing it when I watched Glee yesterday (major tearjerker) and the mascara went all over my face, lol.

  • jhessicaRecto

    ako imbes na ndi ako bibili ng brush sa beauty cosmetics napabili ako ang ganda kasi nung stippling brush nila baka magsisi ako pag uwi ko kapag ndi ko pa binili hahha..

    • Yun nga e! Baka magsisi kase ako!! Lol

  • Loris Ayoub

    I love those brushes

  • hindi ko napansin na bumili ka ng chelsea, nag ninja shopping ka dun ah .. haahha! yang video haul na yan urgh hahah! kulang ang guts natin. diba kakayanin natin next time hahah!

    • ai sa second day mo pala binili kakanuod ko lang ng video

    • Yea! Next time!

  • nakakatuwa! you have so bought a lot of things! i hope i get to do this soon :p

  • earthlingorgeous

    oh I need that brush container or something for my brushes at least

    • You’re going to love it Ms. Earth!
      It’s really cute. & useful too

  • I love the elf eyebrow treat and tame! It’s on my Christmas wish list! Gotta have a handy product for my brows! Great haul! The brush container and the brushes make me drool! Love the mascara too!

    Would love to attend a beauty fair in the future! A great way to learn and meet other bloggers!

    Pauchee C.

  • I love beauty cosmetic brushes. Durable and dense.

  • I want the brushes!!!! Too bad I’m very far away from you. Rest assured, I’ll wait for your review Ms. Yette, esp on ELF Studio Eyebrow Treat & Tame in ‘Light’. Interesting!

  • meganlev_13

    elf treat and tame are the bomb! i’ve used it and andali nyang iapply! and the covergirl crusher, para rin syang maybelline