BDJ Box Beauty Social : Primp & Prettify Event

Hey everyone! How’s everybody doing! As you may already know, I went to the BDJ Beauty Social: BDJ Box Beauty Socal : Primp & Prettify Event last September 29th, 2013. I apologize if I wasn’t able to post this earlier. Still, better late than never, right?

BDJ Box has been a part of my lifestyle ever since it was launched last October, 2012 and I’ve been a fan of them since then. This was my first BDJ Box Beauty Social Event and I really enjoyed meeting tons of new people and seeing some of my co-bloggers/friends as well.

BDJ Box Beauty Socal : Primp & Prettify Event - Program Line Up

Above is their program line up that the BDJ Box team emailed to us a few weeks prior to the event itself, and as you can see, I was able to get into three “talks”.

BDJ Box Beauty Socal : Primp & Prettify Event - Beauty Ministry

Unfortunately, I was late at the said event and I missed almost half of the said talk (dummy -__-). They were already having their Q&As when I arrived, but from what I’ve gathered, they discussed mostly about basic skincare, hair care and makeup-related topics. I really liked the fact that they were very accommodating when it comes to answering queries from each and every one of the audience. They were very kind and detailed, all of their answers were very informative.

One thing I really wanted to ask them, which luckily someone already asked, was about skin care application/routine. In case you don’t know, I am a night owl. My work is during the night time. Therefore, my skincare regimen is kinda.. well, for lack of a better term.. ‘screwed’. They said that since we are following a different timezone, then we should apply our ‘night’ skincare products at the daytime when we are about to go to sleep. This will enable them to penetrate our skin more when we sleep, since they are well.. meant for using overnight.

After the “talk” we got our designated loot bags (which I will show you at the end of this post) then I met up with my co-blogger/friend, Gen of Genzel Kisses.

BDJ Box Beauty Social : Primp & Prettify Event - Program Line Up

We took advantage of the other booths that are surrounding the entire Skydome especially the Photobooth.

BDJ Box Beauty Socal : Primp & Prettify Event - Too Cool For School
Their booth had pretty much like their store’s decoration, you know.. Naked dolls. I find the decoration weird and eccentric for a makeup store, but for some reason, I kinda like it, LOL. Here we got some samples by playing the traditional Korean game called ‘Yutnori’. Sadly, I forgot the name of the sample I got. There was no name in it -__- (my bad :P).

We also get to take pictures using their back drop, holding their signs with sayings such as ‘I Puff You’, ‘Life Is Beautiful Because It’s Short’ & ‘I Am A Cool Girl’.

BDJ Box Beauty Socal : Primp & Prettify Event - Celeteque & Yves Rocher
These booths will allow you to get your skin diagnosed/tested.
Celeteque experts will help you determine what skin type you have and will determine what skincare product is suited for you. Unfortunately I was not able to have my skin tested. It occurred to me that I had to remove my makeup (or at least a portion) so I backed out.

Yves Rocher, however had a long queue so Gen and I decided to pass.

BDJ Box Beauty Socal : Primp & Prettify Event - Ralph Lauren
Find your signature scent with the help of the four newly released Ralph Lauren EDTs. I actually liked 2 & 4 but sadly, they didn’t have it, so I opted for 1 instead.

BDJ Box Beauty Socal : Primp & Prettify Event - Lucido & Bifesta Booth
Experience one of the newest hair styling product that is out in the market today, Lucido-L. They asked us to drop by later that day so that they can curl our hairs but we respectfully declined. Bifesta also gives out free sample products/pouches via a raffle so long as you liked their Facebook fanpage. I got free makeup cleansing wipes.

BDJ Box Beauty Socal : Primp & Prettify Event - Shiseido Booth
Hmm.. I wonder if they’re offering samples. Kidding.
Sadly, I wasn’t able to find out since there were also people around their booth, so I kinda hesitated, LOL.
Kidding aside, I love Shiseido, specially their Benefiance line BDJ Box Beauty Socal : Primp & Prettify Event - Cure Booth
Find out for yourself if Cure is really worth the hype, with the help of these wonderful ladies. Not only that, you will also get free samples too!

BDJ Box Beauty Socal : Primp & Prettify Event - Goody Booth
Try out a new hairstyle at the Goody Booth. You can also buy some of their new products here too.

BDJ Box Beauty Socal : Primp & Prettify Event - Garnier Booth
Me, Gen-zel & Jhessica
Featuring their new facial foam, Garnier, also invited their spokesperson/model Georgina Wilson to grace the BDJ event. Unfortunately, I had to leave early. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop us to take pictures at their booth and enjoy their free cocktails!

BDJ Box Beauty Socal : Primp & Prettify Event - Revlon Booth

Try out Revlon‘s latest hair & makeup products at their booth.

BDJ Box Beauty Socal : Primp & Prettify Event - Covergirl Booth
Experience the clump crusher challenge by trying out their newest mascara: the ‘Clump Crusher’ and see how many clump-free layers can you get!

BDJ Box Beauty Socal : Primp & Prettify Event - Max Factor Booth
And of course, who can ever forget. The latest makeup craze in town. Try Max Factor‘s and discover how different it is from all of the other makeups you’ve tried.

It was exactly time for Gen’s ‘talk’ so I decided to decided to take a seat at the benches and that’s when I met several co-bloggers/friends such as Aya of Codename Aya, Ayzee of Chilipina, Iya of From nails to makeup: A never ending obsession and Raych ofThe Beauty Move. I also met some of my readers, which was really flattering and something that I didn’t expect, to be honest.

After the Max Factor topic, Gen, Mhisha (of The Touch Of Yellow) and I still stayed for a while (maybe a couple of minutes or so) then we decided to leave. It was then when we finally met a couple of more friends/bloggers.

BDJ Box Beauty Socal : Primp & Prettify Event - Friends
First Photo: Jhessica, Me & Gen-zel
Second Photo: Therese, Gen-zel, Rattus of Beauty On A Shoestring Budget & moi

Finally met Rattus, who is by the way, always updated with Philippine drugstore makeup. I always drop by her blog & FB page look up what’s new and I must say, if there’s one person to blame why I’m always stranded at the local makeup section at SM Department store, that would be Rattus. Kidding

Anyway, that’s it for my BDJ Box Beauty Social : Primp & Prettify Event experience. Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend the last two talks which was the “Torch Calories without looking like you did” (6:00) and Express Yourself With Maybelline (6:50) because that was already beyond my schedule and I still have work that day.

How about you? Did you attend the 2nd BDJ Box Beauty Social? Did you like it? Did you enjoy? Let me know.

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  • Lei Diwa

    I’m still sad that I didn’t have a picture with you and Ms.Genzel.But I was so happy to finally see you in person. Hope to see you again on other event.

    • Me too! But there’s always next time!

  • Hopefully I will be able to attend this kind of events in the future and meet all of you.

    • That would be great! Would love to meet you too!

  • aiko borja

    unfortunately di ako nakapunta the venue is too far from my house.. sayang!! di ko kayo na meet ni Ms.Genzel and Ms.Aya.. but looking forward to meet you real soon po

    • Oh, don’t worry. There’s always next time

  • rhania escueta

    padami ng padami ang sponsors ng bdj =) wish i could attend their next event.. 29 is mom and papa’s anniversary kaya family date muna =)

    • Sa BDJ Fair! Unfortunately I had to pass at the BDJ Fair. Dami na kaseng events mashado. Natatambakan na ako, hehe

  • Yey! Nice to see you again here sis! hope to see you soon. sayang wala tayo sa sunday. Next event nalang nila ulit!

    • Yea you too! Would love to see you again, soon.

      Oo nga e, sayang wala tayo sa BDJ Fair, pero may next time pa naman

      • korek. Pero sayang padin talaga. and may bagyo daw. :| I’ll order the planner online nalang

        • Me too. I’m planning to order online nalang

  • I feel like this Beauty Social is more organized than the last. Enjoy! pero parami na ng parami ang events, talagang endurance challenge na

  • sherry ann gole cruz

    how i wish i can attend events like this,so many fun things to discover

    • Don’t worry, you’ll get to attend one!

  • Kainggit! Finally, alam nyo na kung pano nyo iaapply ang skin care products nyo. Dilemma dati ni Deann yan e since panggabi din sya.

    Love the photos! Ganda ng mga smiles nyo. And oh, sana nga may samples yung Shiseido. I love Benefiance, too.

    • Haha, true. Kinda hard kase US-time kami, lol.

      Wala daw eh. Para sa mga bumili lang

  • Leilani Gamboa

    the event looks fun, nakakaingget naman.. i wanna go back to Manila na talaga. sana next time makaattend rin ako and mameet ko kayo sis

  • Elle C.

    pupunta po ba kayo ng BDJ Fair this coming sunday?

  • itsmefati

    I really love BDJ’s events! Super enjoy. Love the booths! sana makapunta rin ako

  • This is such a great event! Wish I could attend events like this so I could meet and bond with co-bloggers. I really want the Celeteque booth! Wanna have my skin type determined so I’d know which products I should be using.

    Pauchee C.