September 2013 Collective Haul

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Me? Busy as usual. I went to the Beauty Fair last Friday with my co-blogger/friend Eyah of then yesterday I went to the Sample Room’s Thanksgiving Party. I was soo lucky to be one of the VIP members who were invited to celebrate with them. I’ll blog about this real soon, as well as the items that I got both from the Beauty Fair and from Sample Room. But for now, I gotta catch up with my backlogs starting with my collective haul for the month of September.

September Collective Haul
Charm Essentials “Pretty in Pink” Vegan Powder Brush & J&C Super Clean Solutions

I LAH-OVE SAMPLE ROOM! Srsly, who wouldn’t?! Who doesn’t want free brush and a full-sized brush cleaner? And mind you, this brush cleaner is not just your ordinary brush cleaner. I love this brush cleaner, and was about to repurchase it (’cause I ran out) then Sample Room carried it all of a sudden, so I’m so happy about that. (Read all about my review about the J & C Brush Cleaner here).

September Collective Haul
Lime Crime Velvetines in ‘Red Velvet’ (PhP 800) & Look Beauty Fat Lips in ‘Snog’
(PhP 400 but I got it for FREE)

I’ve been wanting to have Red Velvet for the longest time. For some reason, I just wasn’t able to order one as soon as it came out. Then when I ordered it from MUH they had problems with they courier so my order got delayed. The (really kind) owner of MUH, Miss Sarah, decided to just deliver my order through her driver. I didn’t actually expect that, lol. What’s more is that along with her driver handing me my order, I also got a freebie inside, which is the Fat Lips in ‘Snog’.

September Collective Haul
MUA Heaven & Earth Palette PhP 400; ELF HD Blush in ‘Superstar’ (PhP 200) & Wet N’ Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Vanity’ (PhP 300)

I have been looking for these eyeshadow palettes for ages. No joke. Especially the ‘Vanity’ palette. Then I found it at the Kering Keri Online shop. It actually took me 4-5 days of merely staring at these products thinking on whether or not I should buy them. Eventually, I bought them, obviously. Lol.

September Collective Haul
Multi-Purpose Organizer; ELF HD Blush in ‘Diva’

It never occurred to me that an online seller could be a reader of my lil blog. But it so happened that Ms. Eunice of Kering Keri Store knows me and my blog, which is really very touching and quite unexpected on my part. She was very accommodating in processing my order and when my order finally came, it came with these goodies. Again, if you’re reading this Ms. Eunice, THANK YOU. I wasn’t expecting that, but thanks for your generosity & your support.

September Collective Haul
Girl Stuff Nail Polish in ‘Posh’, ‘Joy’ and ‘Going Green’ (ranging from PhP 99-150)

If you knew what happened to my Girl Stuff Nail Polish in ‘Joy’ you’ll know why I had to repurchase it. I love Girl Stuff nail polishes because they are very opaque even at just a single layer, they already show up on your nails.

So those are all of the items that I got for the month of September. Yup, I didn’t get much to be honest. Most of the items that I picked up are either toiletries, or worse, food. Hence the sudden weight gain. Anyway, if you would like me to review anything particular in this post, let me know. But as of now, I really gotta go sleep. Night, loves (it’s only 4:49pm, lol).

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  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    I love the Haul from Kering keri Store. I am planning to purchase a lipsticks holder from them soon. The items from Make up Hub are great! Also the service was genuine

    • Yes it is. Thanks, Rosalie

  • Raisa Mae Fernandez

    Please share your Sample Room loot bag goodies! Girl Stuff in Joy sure is cute, wonder if I could try that some time… =)

    • I will! Need to catch up with my backlogs first. haha

  • Red N Beautifulr

    Hello Ms. Yette. Kindly review the Elf HD Blush Superstar because I’m quite hesitant to use liquid blush and the Wet N’ Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Vanity’ is it good to use for beginners? Thank you!

    • I have a review of the other shades, and they’re basically the same only ‘Superstar’ is for some reason thicker.

      Vanity is sort of like a ‘to go’ version of the Naked palette. So if you don’t want to buy the Naked palette yet, then this is for you since it carries the basic neutral shades & they basically have the same color payoff.

  • Whoa, I’m tempted to share my latest makeup haul as well! I’m actually so into makeup lately that I kinda forgot about clothes (which was my first love haha). I will look for that Wet n’ Wild palette. Sana available sa malls since I see Wet n’ Wild na on some department stores.

    • Yeah sana available pa. but you can always get it at Kering Keri store & it’s much cheaper

  • Leilani Gamboa

    I always wait for your haul post, nakakexcite makita what are the new products lined up for you to review . i like the MUA palette and the powder brush..nice haul again sis, ..Wait ko review mo sa palettes mo sis..

    • Ok, thanks Leilani

  • aiko borja

    waiting ma review yung wet n’ wild coloricon. grabe daming products kainggit ..
    and btw I’ve read a lot of reviews regarding sa girlstuff polishes . super ganda daw tlga ng nail polish na ito ka level ng mga orly and essie pero affordable naman
    pls review first po yung mga ES palettes pleaseeeee

    • I have a review about the other WNW Coloricon palettes, if you’re interested. This is just a neutral version, but the formulation is still the same.

      Yup, Girlstuff nail polish is really good. Sobrang opaque & di sha ganu nagchichip

  • bigla akong nagcompute sa haul mo para sa deal natin hihi! Oh well! our deal was really helpful pero mega gastos sa beauty fair hihi! Till our next haul

    • Haha. meron pa akong approx. 200!

      Yeah dapat meron tayong collab haul na maganap!

  • Maica France Saldo

    Love the haul dear!

  • rhania escueta

    wow talaga yette im gonna watch out sa post mo regarding sa thanksgiving party ng sample room!

    • Haha.. wait lang, mahina kalaban.

  • Angel

    I have the white version of that MUA palette and I am. loving. it!!

    • That’s the Undressed Me 2 palette. I’ve been thinking of getting that one but I already have Naked 2 so I don’t think it’s still necessary

      • Angel

        Yeah I heard it’s a great British dupe for Naked 2! Another great dupe is a brand from Australia called Chichi

  • Hayley Yamaguchi Bardilas

    cannot go without my undressed palette from mua . bagay na bagay sya pang everyday use no . bet na bet ko mga colors .

  • belinda b. ibanez

    Like the organizer from Kering Keri Store, maybe i should visit their online store.

  • Mariz Jacob

    ang dami pong good comments about that lime crime velvetines, nakakatuwa naman po mga hauls niyo

  • itsmefati

    I want to try that Brush cleaner! Will try sample room soon. So cute ng packaging ng Fat lips and Lime Crime Velvetines!

  • Another haul to love! Oh my! Your blog’s making my wish list longer and longer! Oooh! The Lime Crime’s here! Haha. I had to Google it pa kanina. I wish I could be a Sample Room VIP Member na so I could get more samples. Nahihinayangan kasi ako sa SF kung one item lang kukunin ko. I wanted this brush and brush cleaner sana. Oh well. Hopefully next year. Haha. Great freebies! I really wanna try the HD blush! I also got the same organizer from Ms Eunice. She really is kind and generous. Haven’t tried Girl Stuff though. Siguro walang ganyan dito. Boo-hoo! Lagi lang. I usually si Bobbie and Caronia sa grocery. Sa department stores naman Chic, Rain, etc. Pero I haven’t seen this. I really love opaque nail polishes. Hassle free kasi. I hate it when I have to apply several layers or nail polish just to get the color same sa bottle.

  • haziest hazel

    Before, when sample room launched their charm essentials brush, super pinagisipan ko pa talaga if I will purchase it kaso naisip ko ang dami ko ng brush. Want VS Need ako that time. hahaha. So I wasn’t able to get their sample. poor me. I’m still awaiting for a better product sample. If they’ll feature samples of eyeshadows and lipsticks, for sure mag VIP member ako hehe. Those ELF HD blush looks great!

  • meganlev_13

    im really inlove sa neutral shades ng eyeshadow, kse yun ang pinaka safe zone sa mga tan like me HEHEHE