Look Beauty Brow Perfect Kit – Review, Photos & Swatches

Hi everyone! How’s your week so far? Me. Headaches. Lol. Anyway, I just wanna review something that has been on the top of my list for quite some time now. You guys have been requesting me to review this brow kit, and truth be told, I have my own set of hesitations. (a) I suck at doing my eyebrows (grooming, filling, etc), and unlike most ladies who reviewed the said brow kit, our brows aren’t exactly the same (metaphorically speaking). But I’m not here to throw a pity party for myself, (apologies) I’m here to review the Look Beauty Brow Perfect Kit.

Look Beauty Brow Perfect Kit - Photos, Swatches & Review

Product Claims/Description According to Look Beauty website:

Your Foolproof brow perfecting masterclass
Get grooming ladies – power to those brows!

x4 Eyebrow Stencils
x1 Fixing Gel
x7 Brow Shades
x1 Mini Tweezers
x1 Double Ended Precision Applicator

Look Beauty Brow Perfect Kit - Photos, Swatches & Review

PACKAGING This brow kit has a classy, unique, and sleek packaging. I like it because it is different from all of the makeup products that I own. The compact/mirror opens diagonally, revealing a decent-sized mirror ideal for not only doing your brows but also for doing your face/entire makeup. The first layer of the brow kit shows the 7 brow shades, along with the mini tweezers and the double ended brush applicator. Upon sliding the first layer to the right, reveals the second layer which has the four brow stencils, along with a simple how-to guide on how to use them. The fixing gel is located at the side of the kit, which basically covers both the first and second layer. If that doesn’t scream ‘multi-tasking’, I don’t know what does.

Look Beauty Brow Perfect Kit - Photos, Swatches & Review

COLOR PIGMENTATION/SHADES The brow kit contains seven shades, five at the bottom and two at the side. It may not seem pigmented when swatched using your fingers, but when done using a brow brush or a small angled eyeshadow brush, each shade performs beautifully. Also, I like them because they’re very versatile. This kit can definitely be your pal no matter what your hair color is.

Look Beauty Brow Perfect Kit - Photos, Swatches & Review

FORMULATION/TEXTURE I like the texture of each shade. They do not seem powdery and they adhere to my brows perfectly. They’re very easy to apply and blend, either using the applicator or my favorite Marrionaud dual ended brush.

Look Beauty Brow Perfect Kit - Photos, Swatches & Review

FIXING GEL I don’t use this often since I prefer to use this when I travel (which I rarely do). I should prolly use this more, right? Anyway, whenever I use this, I notice that it keeps my unruly brows in place all day. It’s definitely something that you can use, and something that’s not only there for show or to say that it’s a “kit”.

Look Beauty Brow Perfect Kit - Photos, Swatches & Review

STENCILS I like that this kit contains some stencils, because it’s definitely something most people can use. However, I find that it’s just not for me. The stencils are too big for my brows and I can’t seem to make it work. But it’s definitely usable since I’ve seen Joyce of CandyLoveArt rock these stencils. (You can watch her video here.

Look Beauty Brow Perfect Kit - Photos, Swatches & Review
I used the last three shades to the right (3, 4 & 5)

PERFORMANCE/LONGEVITY I’ve noticed that even without the use of the fixing gel, this product seemed to last on me the whole day. Therefore, I sometimes no longer find the need to use it, unless I really have to. Also, I like that I can easily blend the shades, and I really like that this palette is very versatile. I only use the fixing gel to tame my unruly brows, and I only use it for travel. I also do not notice a huge difference in terms of staying power when the fixing gel is applied.

Look Beauty Brow Perfect Kit - Photos, Swatches & Review

SCENT,ETC The brow powders or the fixing gel does not have any particular scent. One thing I noticed though, is the lack of ingredients shown in the entire packaging.

Product Name | Look Beauty Brow Perfect Kit
• Price | PhP 950
• Avalability | Online; Makeup Hub

♥ PRO’S ♥
♥ CON’S ♥
Sleek, classy, sturdy and unique packaging
Compact opens diagonally
Decent-sized mirror ideal for applying face makeup/touch-ups
Contains a lot of product in one small compact
Contains 7 brow shades, 1 fixing gel, 1 mini tweezers, 1 dual ended brush applicator, 1 fixing gel, 4 brow stencils and a guide on how to use the stencils
Very easy to apply & blend
Versatile shades
Multi- tasking product
Fixing gel keeps my hair in place
Lasts all day
No particular scent
Available online
Some may find the product’s packaging a bit bulky
The brow stencils are not applicable for everyone
Not available locally.

You guys all know that I rarely give 5 star ratings on my product reviews, but this brow kit really deserves it. It is very different from all of my brow powders, it’s everything that you’re going to need, and for the price, you definitely get what you pay for.
It is definitely worth the price, and worth the hype. You can use the tools that are included in the compact, they’re not just there just to say that the product is ‘complete’. They’re not just there for show, you can use them. Also, you can use each shade as an eyeshadow which makes them really a multi-tasking product.

I’ll definitely repurchase this if the need arises

Look Beauty Brow Perfect Kit - Photos, Swatches & Review
FACE: Colour Collection Whitening BB Cream; Naturactor Coveface Foundation/Concealer in ‘130’ & ‘140’; Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder; BROWS: Look Beauty Brow Perfect Kit (Shades: 3, 4 & 5); EYES: Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base; ELF Butternut Quad; Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in ‘Hot Chocolate’; Maybelline Rocket Volum’Express Mascara; CHEEKS: Miner’s Blush & Bronzer Duo; LIPS: Colour Collection Sheer Lipstick in ‘Pinkish Nude’

So those are all of my thoughts regarding this product. As you can see, I really like it. I don’t think I’ll be buying any more brow powders any more soon. But who knows, I’m prone to changing my mind pretty quickly, so, let’s see. But as for this product, get it while you can. It’s seriously the bomb! It’s currently out of stock at Makeup Hub as well as in Look Beauty itself. Lol.

How about you guys, what’s your favorite brow product? Do you like brow powders, gels or pencils? Do you like Look Beauty products? Let me know.

Let me know through the comments below
& I’ll do my best to make it happen.
? U LOVES! :*

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  • Wow I can really see the difference between “before” and “after”. Indeed your brows are so defined now. Love it!

  • MissApriil

    I love the fact that it comes with a brow gel. For the overall price, I think sulit siya. Yung brow gel palang kasi, if you buy one separately even from a drugstore brand, medyo pricey na siya…

    • True. Thanks, April

  • Leilani Gamboa

    I love all the shades in this palette, i also like the packaging, I also think i should get one!! thanks for this wonderful review sis…

    • You should get one the minute they get back in stock. It’s so worth it! Thanks, Leilani

  • Angel

    I like the shape of the arch you made, I think you nailed it But for brow make-up, it’s too expensive for my budget haha! I think there’s a much affordable brow kit from In2it that’s got great reviews too

    • Thanks! But I wont take credit that much, since I just got my brows recently threaded, lol.

      Oh, and yeah, I have that in2it brow kit too. I love it as well.

  • I’ve been using IN2IT’s waterproof eyebrow colour (ER 01 eyebrowns). But I think that one is a must try! Thanks Ms Yette =D

    • I use that one too, and that’s good as well, but I prefer this because it offers a lot more shades

  • rhania escueta

    i want! but bit pricey for me hun =) can you suggest one that could fit my budget =) of below 500php

    • You can try the in2it brow kit. It only offers 3 shades but it’s also good

      • rhania escueta

        yay so quick response yette! hugs!

        • Not a problem, hun.

  • aiko borja

    thumbs up for that miss yette i badly want it for my brows! but as you’ve said its not available locally. i think the stencils are made for those are in a hurry for doing their brows..hehehhe
    nice review po as always. take care and godbless

    • You can get them at Makeup Hub but they’re currently out of stock

      Thanks, Aiko

  • gusto ko to BUT………… hahaha love your review as always…

    • Haha, thanks, Sam :*

  • RebelSweetHrt

    I’ve been eyeing this product for quite some time now. Glad you posted a review of it! Winner ang stencils, haha!

    • You’re welcome, Czjai & Thanks too

  • Oh my ngayon lang ako nakakita ng decent review about this. Now I want it ngayon na. How i mish it’s cheaper. Like the fact that it comes with a brow gel. Feeling ko mas effective and brow gel kesa sa waxes

    • Aww, thanks Clarisse.

      If you think about it sulit na ren kase it already includes everything you’re going to need so the price itself is a bargain.

      And I agree, I like brow gels more than waxes.

  • great review as usual sis Yette! aside from the nce packaging, i also love it’s pigmentation because it seems very natural plus all the stuff you need to fix your brows are already here. Very sulit and convenient!

  • itsmefati

    yey 5 stars! ♥ I really love this product but since i cant afford this for now but I will try my best to ave up for this super complete set! from stencils to gel love your brows Ms. Y!

  • Sef T.

    you are getting better and better with your beauty reviews. keep it up!

  • Ito yun nirerecommend mo skin sa browse! Ganda niya! Kahit mag dye ka ng hair Will get this after I finished my in2it brow powder

    • Go, sis!

      • Kaso mukhang next year pa ata maubos yun sis :)))

  • Taray ng eyebrows! As of now brow powder ang gamit ko the brown shade but when I apply it doesn’t look brown. Black shade pa rin ang result, so I might try this one. Perfect kit talaga sya kasi may kasama na din tweezer.

  • I think the palette has too much brow powder shades for my use, and would be a waste… but I love the selection and perhaps professional MUAs can really benefit from the palette http://www.lovingsunshine.com

  • Good thing you chose the earthly colors! I love the packaging! Lalo na ung mirrors! I guess this palettes suit your skin well!

  • phyaboo

    I love how your brows turned out!!

    Definitely trying this too since I’m also on a brow phase.


    • Thanks, Phylicia!

  • donnitaRBRT

    I love how you do your eyebrooooows… btw, thanks for this reviewwww.. My brows are naturally thick so whenever I try to fill in my brows, laaging faiiil =( Ang kapal tignan ehhh. How I wish I can fill in my brows properly =(

    • Thanks, Donnita! Don’t worry you’ll get the hang of it. I’m not that good in filling my eyebrows either, lol.

  • I actually share the same dilemma with Donnita. My brows are already full as well so when I add brow powders or brow pencils especially, they end up looking thicker. Haha. I’m not sure if this product is for me. I feel like some of the lighter shades won’t show up on my dark brows so I’d have no use for them. I do find the packaging quite unique though, as you’ve mentioned. And it’s great that this is a complete kit including stencils, I’ve always been so curious in those! This is definitely great for someone who does other people’s makeup too, quite a useful product to add in a kit.

    • But I really like your brows! Haha. My brows are really sparse and unruly compared to yours

      • Really? Ahehe thanks dear! Still exploring what product will work best on me. Maybe I should stick to tinted brow gels. Haha

        • Yup. Love your brows.

          Try the brow tints from Benefit. IDK what it’s called but I’ve heard that it’s really good, or the one from Majolica Majorca

  • I really want this one kaso overprice sya for me urgh!

    • Awww.. Dami namang nasa loob e

  • Maica France Saldo

    Wow for the 5 stars! I totally agree, I love this brow kit too!

    • Maica France Saldo

      Oh I love your makeup here by the way..

    • Yup, I know you do. I saw your review @ MUH before I ordered it

  • candyzmakeuptreasures

    Hi sis! Thanks for the great review. I might buy this for Christmas. I often change the color of my hair. This brow kit will be perfect!

  • Hayley Yamaguchi Bardilas

    maganda sna to sis . kso pricey oara sa brows . huhu ;/

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  • meganlev_13

    may ganitoyung friend ko. ntry ko na sya dati, madali sya gamitin, yun nga lng yung stencil di din nya nagagamit ksi masyadong malaki sa kilay nya. heheh pero maganda tlga sya gamitin kse pwede mong macontrol yung color nya in applying it,