September 2013 BDJ Box | Unboxing & First Impressions

Hi everyone, I’m so excited to share my September BDJ Box with you guys but I’m so sorry if I’m a bit behind schedule. But I wont bore you with the details as to why. I’m sure your hear to find out what my thoughts regarding the contents are, so let’s begin!

September 2013 BDJ Box | Unboxing & First Impressions

The theme for this month’s box is Luminescent Beauty so they gave us products that will not only make us pretty but will also take care of our haircare and skincare regimen.

Below are the products that were included in my BDJ Box:

Vidal Sassoon Hair Mask
Vidal Sassoon Intensive Hair Mask | (Full Size)
Full Size 178ml | PhP 349

Infused with the revolutionary Liquid Diamond Effect Formula, Cashmere Shine and Amino Supply, this treatment mask will surely give your hair the perfect dazzle and shine. Best used 1-2 times a week for beautifully soft hair and healthy tips.

Vidal Sassoon Magic Style Activator
Vidal Sassoon Magic Style Activator | (Full Size)
Full Size 30ml | PhP 349

Instantly moisturize with this activator to make your hair more manageable and ready for styling. Best used after hair treatment or before applying hair styling products.

Colour Collection BB Cream
Colour Collection BB Cream | (Full Size)
Full Size 40ml | PhP 499

This BB Cream has the whitening powers of Glutathione and Arbutin that make your skin radiantly fairer and smoother after use. Enjoy the 8 benefits your skin can benefit while using this!

L'Occitane Hand Cream
L’Occitane Hand Cream | (Deluxe Sample Size – 100 ml)
Full Size 30ml| PhP 300

This hand cream is enriched with 30% shea butter and other nourishing ingredients that penetrate the skin to immediately protect, moisturize, soften and replenish dry skin.

Too Cool For School Emma Mini Lip Gloss
Too Cool For School Emma Mini Lip Gloss | (3g Full Size)
Full Size 3g | PhP 245

Sweet little Emma for the sweetest girl in town! Cutest Lipgloss ever! Travel with it now! Available in 2 glittering shades: pink and peach.

Cure Natural Aqua Gel
Cure Natural Aqua Gel | (1 Month Trial Pack – 10 Sachets)
Full Size 250ml | PhP 1,500

This #1 exfoliator from Japan is made from 90% water but safely and effectively removes dead cells from skin’s surface! Try this one month trial pack for brighter and smoother skin without having to scrub hard!

Olay White Radiance celLucent™ White Cream Moisturizer
Olay White Radiance celLucent™ White Cream Moisturizer | (Full Size)
Full Size 50ml | PhP 1,500

This non-greesy, gel like cream easily absorbs into skin that deeply hydrates and makes your skin look smoother and brighter from your first use! It’s celLucent™ formula visibly reduces dark spots and uneven skintone!

Gift Certificates/Vouchers from Clarity, Wacoal & Sorcy Age
Gift Certificates/Vouchers from Clarity, Wacoal & Sorcy Age

Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara
Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara
Gift from BDJ Box

BDJ Box gave this to me as a gift/freebie to make up for the mistake they did last August. They miscalculated the number of the August box and it turns out that I ended up getting none, so they gave me this as a freebie instead.

If you’d like to know how I feel about each and everyone of the items included, then here’s my unboxing video:

Those are all of the items that I got from my September BDJ Box, and I gotta say, I really like this box. I actually cheated and watched some unboxing videos and took a peek at some of the unboxing photos that were scattered all over instagram and I was feeling ‘Eh!’ at first, but now that I have it I can’t help but feel so excited! I’m so excited to use the Olay White Radiance celLucent™ White Cream Moisturizer, the Vidal Sassoon< Intensive Hair Mask (though I gotta finish my current hair mask first, lol) and the L’Occitane Hand Cream. I’m also happy to get the Colour Collection BB Cream because it might serve as a back up.

Now, BDJ said that it’s their most expensive box, let’s see.

Vidal Sassoon Intensive Hair Mask
Vidal Sassoon Magic Style Activator
Colour Collection BB Cream
Too Cool For School Emma Mini Lip Gloss
Olay White Radiance celLucent™ White Cream Moisturizer
Clarity Intense Diamond Peel Voucher
Wacoal Vouchers
PhP 349
T O T A L PhP 3,777

Please take note the ones that I included in the computation above are the full-sized items. I excluded Cure Natural Aqua Gel (One Month Trial Pack – 10 Sachets) and L’Occitane Hand Cream which are also decent samples too. The Cure Natural Aqua Gel bottle lasts for four month if used twice a week so if that’s the case all of these sachets are estimated to be PhP 375 in total. The full size L’Occitane Hand Cream costs PhP 300 and it contains 30ml and the one that I got contains 10ml so that alone is PhP 100. PhP 3,777 + 475 = PhP 4,252. If my calculations are correct, it indeed is their most expensive box. A lot more expensive than their July Box.

September 2013 BDJ Box

Overall, I’m very happy with this box. Once again, BDJ box exceeded my expectations and proved that PhP 580 can get you soo much more.

For those who aren’t subscribed yet, uhm.. seriously? Until now? Kidding. Here’s how.

See you again on October, everyone!

Let me know through the comments below
& I’ll do my best to make it happen.
♥ U LOVES! :*

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  • aiko borja

    wow:) daming laman ng box.. inggit much ako sayo miss yette i wanna know pano po mag member don? and 580 lang po ba babayaran nyo every month? para pala siyang mistery box ano. nice haul po miss yette :))

  • itsmefati

    Wow! please do a review on that BB cream!

    • Hi! Will try to do it next week

  • I love the look of the hand cream and that lip gloss. I’m not so much into hair products but right now my fave has to be my Argan Ampoule Treatment This defo looks like a great box!

    • Thanks Donah! i’ve heard alot about Argan Oil being good for your hair, etc. Not much into hair care too, but I think I’m gonna start using this one.

      I like the hand cream too

  • Ahh! I want try unboxing any boxes but never have the chance. Plus nanghinayang ako sa mga coupons ng BDJ planner ko d ko magamit kasi dpt my events lang nila para maredeem un coupon. Eeeh Anyway, I like the BB Creams and ung mascara!

    • Thanks, Patricia! I don’t use the coupons from my BDJ planner too. i might just get the Starbucks planner this year instead of the BDJ planner. Sayang kase yung coupons.

      I love the BB cream too. Not sure about the mascara, though.

  • I love everything and yes, Php 580 a box is so worth it!

    • It is! Thanks, Juvy!

  • Wow! This box makes me wanna subscribe to BDJ! I have the planner and ever since I got it I wanted to get the box as well but still haven’t got the chance too. Can’t wait for your reviews!

    Pauchee C.

    • Thanks, Pauchee. The box is really worth it

  • rhania escueta

    i love love love your unboxing posts yette =) kasi talaga namang nakakatempt magsubscribe i’ll try to subscribe sa 3month or 6month plan nila =) para wala akong mamiss =)

    bdj is the best box subscription so far.. daming FULL SIZED item inside =) which i could share with mom and siblings =)

    Im excited on your upcoming review for: Olay White Radiance celLucent™ White Cream Moisturizer (if it is worth the price)

    • True. BDJ Box is definitely worth it

  • Bella Morcen

    Kelan kaya ako magkakaron ng BDJ Box! Parang sobrang exciting siya pag ioopen! You so lucky!

    • Thanks, Bella! Go ahead and subscribe, you wont regret it

  • Lei Diwa

    Ohh.. my I got the colour collection bb cream too.. but I got it from sample room I super duper love it It was so sad that I was suppose to give my self a birthday gift a BDJ BOX on october but apparently it’s sold out already. I really like your haul post about BDJ box I always make “ABANG” of this post monthly ever since I saw ur blogs.

    • Try the November Box or baka Feb na. But either way, it’s still a worth it box so kahit na magantay ka, ok lang

  • aquamarine

    what is on the third box from bdjbox???

  • Bhelaiz

    can i have the mascara?! hahaha joke .. nice unboxing as usual..

  • BDJ unboxing posts are always my favorite to read!
    Shameless: diba cousin mo si Ella? I saw her last night at SM north ESDA. haha wala lang~

    • Go for the BDJ Box. I haven’t been a subscriber of Saladbox ever since January but I’ve heard that nothing much changed in terms of # of items.

      She’s my niece.

  • Angel

    Yette, what about the money you paid for the August box? Are they going to extend your subscription for another month? Great box, anyway. What I like about BDJ is they send mostly full-sized products talaga

    • They extended my subscription until November

  • alyssa_marie_963

    Wow! I love the items in this month’s BDJ Box! I’ve been planning to subscribe for the longest time but it never seemed to push through haha


    • You should subscribe! You’re going to love it

  • I’m amazed at how BDJ gives out such expensive products and a lot of full-sized products to its subscribers. I want to try the Olay white cream! So expensive but I already love Olay’s moisturiser daily, so this must be so good as well.

    • I haven’t tried it yet but I love Olay skin care products too

  • Wow! Sulit kung sulit! Full size pa lang ng Olay panalo na! Promise I will subscribe next year for the whole year! >_<

    • Thanks! It really is sulit. Go, you wont regret it

  • Aya

    Ahhh I missed this box. Next box ko na is November. I got the BB cream from Sample Room, and it’s my current fave bb cream!

    Btw, Yette, your photos are so nice! What cam and lighting setup do you use?

    • Yup I love that BB Cream

      I’m using the cam that I used nung nagkita2x tayo before. That’s the only one I have.
      Sony Cybershot DSC HX30V. As for the lighting, I learned from TBJ’s post regarding how to take product mugshots

  • Alam mo gusto kong magpasalamat na napunta tayo sa september box haha! kasi I can get the shisheido samples in sample room kahit ndi yung VIP but I was able to get 3 from Ibuki.. my favorite is the vidal sasson and olay! what i got is the serum

    • Korek! Chaka honestly speaking, I’m not really fond of the August box either. I have more than enough skin care products to try.

  • Leilani Gamboa

    In this box, i really like Olay most! di ako nakahabol sa subscription,,sayang talaga ;(

    • Aww, there’s always next time

  • Elle C.

    buti ka pa u have it. every time na magsubscribe ako sold out na yung mga BDJ box. ang gaganda pa naman ng mga nagakalagay. :| lalo na yung this month.

  • Hayley Yamaguchi Bardilas

    may i ask lang po papano po ba mag purchase sa bdj box ? planning to purchase kc . para makagawa den ng reviews .

  • meganlev_13

    grabe instead of 4k all in all yung babayaran, 580 lang sya, sobrang sulit sya and at the same time hindi hassle kse para syang every month birthday laging may present, ang cool!