Welcome To The World Of Beauty – Glory Of New York Cosmetics Event

Hi everyone! As some of you may already know, last Friday, September 13th, I was one of the lucky bloggers who were invited to attend Glory Of New York Cosmetics’ formal launching/product presentation. I was soooo (yes the extra o’s are necessary) excited to attend because believe it or not, this was my first ‘legit’ bloggers event.

For that, here goes my speech (imagine me saying this while holding my loot bag):

I would like to thank Glory Of New York Philippines, Bing of The Project Awesome and Queen B, for thinking of Yettezkie’s Doodles and sending me an invite (and the awesome loot bag that I came home with).

Beauty queen-like enough for ya? Kidding. Anyway, I guess I was just overwhelmed and thankful at the same time that’s why I can’t really start without thanking those fab people first.

Welcome To The World Of Beauty - Glory Of New York Cosmetics Event

The event was held at the Bauhinia Tower Penthouse, Tivoli Garden Residences, Mandaluyong City. It was really far from where I live, and for someone who doesn’t commute a lot, that place was like an unknown or an undiscovered territory for me (lol). But the travel was so worth it. I had lots of fun with my co-bloggers & at the event itself. Anyway, me and my co-bloggers/friends, Sam of Dishysammy and Gina of Ginaholic met at Wendy’s Boni then we rode a taxi straight to the venue.

Welcome To The World Of Beauty - Glory Of New York Cosmetics Event

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Misty (Bing’s sister, also known as Queen B), who is also the official distributor if Glory Of New York and the one who invited us to the event. Also, among the early birds, I saw Mhisha of The Touch Of Yellow and Shebby of ShebbyChic. I thought that we were so late (MAINLY because of me) but thank God we made it. We were also welcomed by these GNY products from skincare (for both men and women) to makeup, almost everything that the brand carries. They looked so neat and beautiful and for some reason I really wanted to touch, swatch and smell each and everyone of them (isn’t that odd? lol).

Welcome To The World Of Beauty - Glory Of New York Cosmetics Event

The program proper itself started with Misty giving a few words, then she later on introduced Dr. Kartik Sahay, the founder/president of Glory of New York. We were already a bit familiar of Dr. Sahay because he already introduced himself to us and gave us his business card before the program even started.

Welcome To The World Of Beauty - Glory Of New York Cosmetics Event

During the course of the program, I learned a lot about the brand and the way they prefer to do their business. Here are some of the things that I’ve learned about Glory of New York:

  • – Glory of New York’s skincare and makeup products are mostly (if not all) organic and natural
  • – Since it’s organic, most of their products lasts longer and have more shelf life than most typical products. In fact they do not expire.
  • – They place an expiration date since it is a requirement. But if you really want to make sure, then do the ‘sniff test’
  • – GNY offers products for both men and women
  • – Most US Doctors prefer GNY skincare products over other brands due to its effectiveness
  • – GNY products are suitable to all skin types
  • – GNY also believes in the power of bloggers/blogging rather than just typical advertising.
  • – GNY is also willing to help those who would like to put up a spa and in need of a product supplier/distributor
  • – GNY is brewing something for the guys.

Welcome To The World Of Beauty - Glory Of New York Cosmetics Event

After Dr. Sahay’s presentation/speech, Ms. Larissa followed with a few words also regarding the product (she was also celebrating her birthday that day – Belated!) as well. Then afterwards, it was followed by Ms. France, GNY’s pharmacist, who basically introduced us the company’s organizational structure.

Welcome To The World Of Beauty - Glory Of New York Cosmetics Event

After the program proper, my co-bloggers/friends and I decided to take photos of one another and also with the founder/president. It was very kind of him to accommodate our requests regarding photo ops.

Welcome To The World Of Beauty - Glory Of New York Cosmetics Event

Due to this event, I was able to meet Celine of Product Arena, a co-blogger who is someone I admire in terms of stamina. She does her product reviews amazingly and I sometimes see her update her blog twice a day (wow!). Gem of Rare Vanity whose love for makeup is very similar to mine, and Sam of Dishysammy who is really kind and also an amazing makeup artist. I also met Gen of Genzel Kisses who is already like a close friend of mine because we chat almost every day and we are now sorta like office mates, lol.

Welcome To The World Of Beauty - Glory Of New York Cosmetics Event

After the photo ops, the vice-president, Ms. Larissa allowed us to go and examine the products and do some testing/swatching. Among all of the products I’ve seen/swatched, the ones that really piqued my interest were: the total coverage foundation (the texture’s AH-MA-ZING), the dual foundation and the customizable palettes and their lipsticks (The quality is very similar to high end lipsticks. The coverage and the lasting power is just amazeballs!). Ms. Larissa was very kind enough to give us the lipsticks that we were swatching, aside from our usual loot bag.

Welcome To The World Of Beauty - Glory Of New York Cosmetics Event

We went home with this loot bag, and speaking as a first timer when it comes to blogger events, I’m very very pleased with it. I went home as a happy blogger. Also, Ms. Larissa gave us a quite intriguing product which is sadly not in my possession right now because I have no use for it and it’s not for me. I’ll have more details about this loot bag in my mini haul.

However for now, I hope you like this post and here are some pictures that I took during the said event:

Click the arrows on both sides to navigate

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and watch out for my mini haul featuring all of the products I got from this event. And to everyone from from Glory Of New York, thanks again!

Know more about Glory Of New York through their official website – Click here
Like Glory Of New York Philippines’ FB Fanpage here
Know more about their products via GNY’s official product distributor. Follow Queen B’s official FB page here

Let me know through the comments below
& I’ll do my best to make it happen.
♥ U LOVES! :*

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  • GNY is indeed a brand to look out for!! Though di ko pa natry products nila, they really looks so promising!

    • It is! I like most of their products, and it seems that the hype/raves are well deserved naman

  • Monika De Veas

    Wow! It really looks like a fun event. Glad you enjoyed it, Yette! Lalo tuloy ko nacurious sa GNY. Great post!

    • Hi, Monika! I did! I enjoyed it so much! The travel was so worth it!
      I will try to buy more GNY products this coming beauty fair. I’ll save up. Haha. Their fondie’s on the pricier side, but from what I’ve seen on product reviews/videos, it looks so worth it.

  • Angel

    New hair si Genzel? Hehe! You girls look lovely! I particularly like the lipstick you’re wearing Is that Mhisha from TheTouchofYellow?


    • Yes, Angel! Sis Genzel is rocking a new hair! Haha ;D

      I’m wearing Red Velvet from Lime Crime Velvetines. And yes, that’s Mhisha from The Touch Of Yellow

      Thanks, Angel

    • Hi Angel! Makikireply lang hihi. Yes sis, ako ata pinakamaikling buhok samin jan Hope to meet you sometime soon too.

      • Angel

        Maintain mo lang ang look na yan, sis! Ganda, bagay sayo Hope to meet you soon!!

        • Thank you Angel! Looking forward to that!

        • Awww thank you sis! Nakakamiss din ang mahaba tho

  • Yey! Super saya ng event nato <3333 Love love. Parang reunion din I'm so excited to try their products. Will do product shoots n nga para matry ko na Love your photos. It's so nice to meet you again. More events to come!

    • Uu nga sana maulit muli (‘tchos!) Ako ren. Pero sayang yung isang product di ko na nakunan kase kinuha kagad. Atat kase -__-

      You too, sis! See you in BDJ social!

    • Reunion nga!! (nakiki reply? blog ko ba to? hahaha)

      • Hahahaha kala ko kung sinong Sampot! :))) now ko lang nakita disqus mo kasi :))

  • looks like a super fun event! I got an invitation for this event kaso I have work nung friday kaya di ako naka attend. Anyway, I hope soon ma try ko yung mga products nila. Mukhang promising kase eh.

    • True. Bing mentioned that they invited you nga daw. They sent out invites daw kaso due to the short notice, some weren’t able to attend. Sayang nga e. Pero don’t worry meron pa atang isa within this year (ata).

      True, their products look really promising and I can’t wait to try them

  • Ari

    Been hearing a lot of good things about their products! I can’t wait to try them out myself, especially their pressed powders and lipsticks

  • Sol Felice Alvarado
    • Hi, Sol! It does look promising.


  • Nice meeting you Yette, finally!!

    • Sam, if I didn’t see your email address I would’ve asked ‘Who u?’ lol. Kaw talaga.

  • I hope you were able to get their full coverage foundation. I’ve been wanting that since nagsale sila kaso di ko nabili. I will wait for your review nalang muna.

    • Nope. It’s still expensive. Sayang nga e. Sana sa beauty fair sale nila ulet. -__-

  • Gem

    You got a free lipstick! Lucky! I was eyeing #704 pa naman

    And congrats on your first blogger event! Gulat ako na it was your time! There will be more to come

    • Thanks, Gem! Sayang umalis ka kagad

      Sana nga!

  • Lean Lacaba

    Cool! I hope to hear reviews from the products

    • Will try to do some

  • I didn’t get to attend this because I had a diff event. Sayang, it could have been a get together sweetie

    • Aww, sayang..

      Ok lang meron pa namang ibang events

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  • wow look at the array of products!!! will you be doing a review of them anytime soon?? #gigbloggers

    • Hi, Choulyn!

      I’ll definitely try to review them

  • I can see similar faces and I’d love to bring home those earthly natural palettes! I hope I can experience this kind of events din!

    • Don’t worry there’s more to come.

  • Pauline S.

    love the products! would love to try it out someday too! :))

    • They’re really good

  • WOW! I love anything organic! It’s just sad that GNY is not yet here in CDO. *praying*

    • You can order online

  • I miss Ms. Bing and Queen B. Nameet ko na rin si Gina. You’re so lucky to be invited and attend GNY event. It really proves that Friday the 13th isn’t bad at all. LOL!

    • Actually I find that a lot of good things happen to me during Friday the 13th. That’s why my jersey shirt before was #13 instead of my birthday.

      • Friday the 13th means shower of blessings for you.

  • You’re so lucky! We don’t have events like that here where I live. It surely is a nice opportunity to meet other bloggers and learn more about cosmetic brands. Plus the freebies, wow!

    • Yup, Thanks, Maxinne!

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  • meganlev_13

    sana mameet ko rin kayo in person khit hindi ako beauty blogger.