Natasha Beauty Face Duo – Review, Photos & Swatches

Okay, first I would like to apologize for not posting anything this past few days. I’ve been so caught up with life and all that jazz. Anyway, I have another review for you guys and it’s the Natasha Beauty Face Duo in Light Beige

Natasha Beauty Face Duo - Review, Photos & Swatches

Product Description/Claims according to the Natasha Beauty Website:

Staying fresh and looking flawless all day is now possible with Natasha Beauty Face Duo. Now available in Light, Medium and Beige
Concealer Stick and Liquid Foundation
Size/s: Concealer Stick 1.6g / Liquid Foundation 5.5mL
Color: Light, Medium, Beige

Natasha Beauty Face Duo - Review, Photos & Swatches

PACKAGING The packaging of this one is exactly similar to the Natasha Lip Duos, only that this one contains a liquid foundation and a concealer on both ends. The liquid foundation comes with a sponge applicator and the concealer comes in a stick form, which, if you read my review regarding the lip duos, you’ll know that I’m not really fond of this type of packaging. The stick concealer doesn’t roll all the way down, and since I’m such a klutz I tend to easily nick most sides of the concealer.

Natasha Beauty Face Duo - Review, Photos & Swatches

APPLICATION/SHADE Foundation – Honestly, I’m not really fond of the foundation’s application method. Either you apply the foundation using the sponge directly onto your face, or you dab some at the back of your hand then grab a brush and apply it onto your face. The latter sounds a bit more tedious, and the first one is kinda unhygienic (at least for me). Therefore, I choose to apply the foundation using the first method. I dab some product then blend it using a flat top kabuki brush. I choose to apply the concealer, however directly onto my face, since it’s really creamy and there’s no need to warm it up using my fingers. Both shades are yellow-toned so it’s perfect for most Asians/Pinays

Natasha Beauty Face Duo - Review, Photos & Swatches

CONSISTENCY, COVERAGE & FINISH The foundation is a bit thicker than I imagined. Not too thick but it sets quickly so you need to blend faster. The foundation has light to medium coverage and is also buildable. It gives me a semi-matte finish after application. The concealer, however, is really creamy and has a nice coverage. I wish they sell these babies individually. I sometimes use this alone. Usually I don’t like using stick concealers under my eye area because they’re not as creamy as a liquid concealer, but this one as I’ve said is really creamy and it blends like a dream.

Natasha Beauty Face Duo - Review, Photos & Swatches

PERFORMANCE & LONGEVITY The foundation itself lasted on me for more than four hours, the concealer when used separately (using a different foundation underneath) lasted on me for more than six hours. I also noticed that for some reason the foundation emphasized the dry patches on my face, which I’m afraid kinda turned me off. Further, I also noticed that this this made me shiny after a couple of hours so I either needed to blot and/or apply a pressed powder all through out the day.

Natasha Beauty Face Duo - Review, Photos & Swatches
F.O.T.D.[FACE] Natasha Beauty Face Duo in ‘Light Beige’; Ben Nye Neutral Set; [BROWS] Look Beauty Brow Perfect; [EYES] Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base; Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette; Avon Glimmersticks in ‘Blackest Black’; Clio Professional Waterproof Brush Liner in ‘Kill Black’ Maybelline Rocket Volum’Express Mascara; [CHEEKS] ELF HD Blush in ‘Headliner’; Benefit ‘Hoola’; [LIPS] Lime Crime Velvetines in ‘Red Velvet’

SCENT, ETC The foundation has a faint scent and for me it kinda smells like a traditional soap (sorry I don’t know how else to describe it. I suck at describing scents, lol) while the concealer doesn’t have any particular scent. The foundation also contains parabens while the concealer contains salicylic acid (which is known to be helpful for blemishes).

Product Name | Natasha Beauty Face Duo
• Shade |
IM097 Light Beige • Price | PhP 205
• Weight | Liquid Foundation: 5.5ml; Concealer stick: 1.6g
• Avalability | Natasha Dealers

Now, let’s summarize this…

♥ PRO’S ♥
♥ CONS ♥
2 in 1 product
Foundation has a light to medium coverage ideal for those who have no/minimal skin problems
Foundation is buildable
Concealer is really creamy and easy to blend
Concealer has a really nice coverage
Both sets in semi-matte finish
Foundation & concealer lasts more than four hours (when both used)
Concealer lasts more than six hours (when used individually underneath a different foundation)
Foundation has a mild scent while the concealer has no scent at all
Available locally
Not really fond of the packaging (both foundation & concealer)
Foundation is not ideal for those with skin problems
Emphasized the dry patches on my face
May not be ideal for those with oily skin
Contains parabens
May be hard to find if you don’t know someone who sells Natasha products

Personally, I would’ve preferred to use this product both as a concealer. The foundation does not provide enough coverage at a single layer and it would be too tedious if you layer. It’s buildable (and doable) but if you’re in a rush, it’s not something that you’re going to gravitate toward. The concealer, however, MAN! I wish they sell them individually. Wait, do they? Because if they do, I’d totally buy them. They’re so creamy and they’re very easy to blend and the coverage is amazing!

The concept is genius, I must say but the foundation, like I said is for those who have little to no skin problems, or for those who don’t want to wear that much makeup. It doesn’t feel heavy, which is something that I like in a face makeup, and it’s affordable, which is something that you seldom find these days (especially for a 2 in 1 product).

No for the foundation since I have bb creams and foundations that provide far better coverage. It may not have the same price range, but it sure is not that expensive.
Yes for the concealer because like I said, it’s really amazing and should definitely be sold INDIVIDUALLY!

It is worth the money if you’re looking for a multi-tasking product, and if you’re looking for a really creamy concealer. I don’t mind buying this for the concealer alone because it’s really affordable. Besides, you can also use the liquid foundation as a concealer.

So those are my thoughts regarding the said product. I hope that you find it helpful if in case you’re thinking about buying the said product.

How about you? What are your thoughts? Do you like Natasha Beauty products? Do you like this product? Do you own any Natasha Beauty products? Do you like multi-tasking beauty products? Let me know!

Let me know through the comments below
& I’ll do my best to make it happen.
? U LOVES! :*

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  • unang tingin ko akala ko lipgloss >.< i think great to for traveling and if ayaw mo ng masyadong make up

    • Hi Karla! Long time, no see (or comment, lol) !

      True. It’s very suitable for those who doesn’t want a lot of makeup, and it’s handy too!

  • Yhanee Mei

    this is nice! I am actually a Natasha Dealer and I’ve been meaning to buy this due to curiosity but upon reading this, I changed my mind just because I have super oily skin and I can’t afford blotting/retouching all throughout the day. This post really did helped me buy wisely, keep it up beautiful

    • Thanks, Yhanee! That means a lot coming from a Natasha dealer

  • I like this 2in1! Handy dandy! I want to try this one since never tried any beauty products of Natasha!

    • Hi, Patricia! Thanks for dropping by! It’s really handy. Go ahead and try it. You’ll love the concealer

  • I was about to purchase this but then again I have tons of skin problems! I think I’m gonna pass na lang.

    • Hi, sis! If you really wanna buy it, you’re still going to love the concealer since it’s really good for it’s price

      Anyway, thanks for dropping by

  • Leilani Gamboa

    nice review sis, never tried any natasha makeup yet, i guess dun nalang ako sa sandals.. hihi

    • Haha. Thanks, sis. I haven’t tried all of them (Natasha Beauty) yet, and the concealer of this one is really good so I wish they sell them individually

  • Great review! I’ve been waiting for a review on this product so I’d know how it performs before I buy it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I guess I might not purchase the duo anymore since I don’t really like how the foundation is packaged that way. I always prefer pump dispensers. I’m sooo interested in the concealer though! I’ve been looking for one that provides great coverage. I’ll totally look out for it if Natasha decides to sell it individually.

    • Thanks, Maxinne!

      The concealer is really great but you can also use the foundation as your concealer too since it’s quite buildable and it has the applicator is common for most concealers.

      • Ooooh thanks for the tip! Do you think the foundation can be used to highlight my brow area too? Considering how the applicator looks like, and since it’s not full coverage anyway. The price is great, too! I might be getting myself one of these nalang! Haha it sounds great that the foundation can multitask.

        • Yeah I think so. If you’re planning to use it for highlighting then get a lighter shade

  • Amazing review! Though I don’t know where to get that here but I used to love buying stuff from them. Stuff like shoes, underwear and you know…hehhe! Not the makeup stuff. I don’t even remember they sell cosmetics back then. Anyway, I love the results on you, you do look so flawless. But if the foundation is not worth it, then I guess the product is not made practical. But who knows, some people might love it.

  • Great review you’ve got here! This product is a must-have for ladies like me who has problems on overloaded makeup kits. I love that the foundation and concealer come in one stick. It’s really worth a try!

    Pauchee C.

    • It is. Thanks Pauchee

  • akristinechong

    That product seems nice ah! Though feeling ko,, mauubos din agad since ang liit ng lalagyan, lol. But then you don’t need to put too much either anyway.. but in fairness I like its effect on you.

  • Lean Lacaba

    Fantastic review! i really learned a lot about the product, and it really saves space in a make up kit

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    As always. Great review sis!

  • Jam Daquio

    wow. this really helps us bella to maximize our kikay kit to other stuffs..

    • Indeed. Thanks, Jam!

  • Didn’t know Natasha has cosmetics. Great review!

  • Pinoypage

    I think cosmetics is new product of them because i order Natasha from time to time from friends

    • It is. Thanks for dropping by!

  • itsmefati

    im basically not a fan of foundations of natasha. And I don’t like how it goes on a lipgloss-like packaging either,

  • rhania escueta

    yay for their duos! this one is the concealer and foundie ayt? i love their lippie duo too lipstick and gloss!

    • Yay!
      Hi Rhania! Yes it’s a duo – fondie and concealer

      • rhania escueta

        yay more natasha product review hun =)

        • I’ll try to order more since that and the lip duos are the only ones that I have.

          • rhania escueta

            yay =) thanks dear =)

          • You’re welcome! Anything for my dear, readers (chos!)

  • Angel

    I like 2-in-1s! So convenient to carry around when travelling. I hate carrying a bunch of things when I travel (which is often), so I always look forward to multi-tasking products From the way you describe the foundie, parang it isn’t so bad naman. Ok na for me, I guess I’m willing to compromise coverage for convenience when travelling. Not naman that I intend to use 2-in-1s on a regular basis, mostly they just live in my travel bag. Haha!

    • The foundation is really not that bad naman talaga especially if you’re not into full coverage products. I like to use it if I’m just going to run errands and stuff, and it yellow-based so I really like it. Oh and for areas that you need to cover more, the concealer can definitely do it for you.

      Thanks, Angel

      • Angel

        Oo nga naman, yun din na isip ko, the concealer definitely makes up for it! And if it’s REALLY that good, we can choose to wear it alone too. I’ve seen a lot of Michelle Phan videos na concealer lang ginagamit nya and it looks fine

  • Gem

    Yette! Sino kilala mo na Natasha dealer? I wanna try this

    • Kapitbahay ko. Hehe

      • Gem

        Can she contact me? Or can I contact her? Haha!

        • Haha, I think you can order online @ their website

  • I’ve been always wanting to try Natasha products. I think this is best for travel no? kasi may concealer na siyang kasama. It settles on your face really nicely, you have nice skin narin kasi to begin with. Bet ko talaga yang Lime Crime velvetines nag pipigil lang talaga ko :))

    • Wag ka na magpigil. Nagpipigil pa oh. hehe. jk.

      But yeah, I love the concealer especially

      • Noooooo. Lapit na mag xmas, ipon mode.

  • I don’t like the packaging. People who don’t read might mistaken this duo as a lipstick and gloss.

    • True, but that would be a very pale lipstick. Haha

  • Actually you look great even without concealer. Unlike me that has a lot of break outs to hide haha. What’s your secret to avoid breakouts?

    • Haha, I get breakouts too.

      Secret? I don’t know I have bad skincare habits actually, lol. That’s why I usually don’t review skincare products because I don’t apply them religiously

  • hmm. not not a fan of duo too unless sobrang ganda talaga, the only duo Ive tried is from avon na lipstick at lipgloss other than that wala na .,. feeling ko kasi for a foundation ang konti ng laman then yung concealer naman is madami compare to foundation.. I hope you get what I mean hehe “D

    • Yup, I get what you mean. Hehe.

      Yup, infernez to this one, I only like the concealer side. It’s really creamy & has a nice coverage

  • aiko borja

    buti nalang nabasa ko to Ms. Yette salamat sa review mo . gusto ko sana i try to but eventually parang ayoko na hehehehe .

  • Hayley Yamaguchi Bardilas

    dpa ko nakaktry ng natasha hehe . pero oarang naka try nden ako sa review mo . love it . auko ng may paraben . waaaa , katakot . tnx for this ! pero mahilig ako s ganitong mga 2 in 1 kc very handy sya hnde kukuha ng soace s bag mo . love the idea .

  • belinda b. ibanez

    I tried Natasha products, but haven’t bought their beauty products, i guess mas hiyang me to the other brands.

  • meganlev_13

    yup tama si miss riza, makinis pa rin yung face mo even without foundation or concealer. nice review miss yette, ganitong blog yung gusto ko e, may pros and cons regarding sa isang product. BTW, ano po mga ginagawa nio sa face nio para mgkaron kayo ng smooth/fresh looking face?