Enchanted Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Palette in ‘Pixie Dust’ – Review, Photos & Swatches

Hi everyone! I have another eyeshadow palette review for you guys. This is from my July BDJ Box and I actually forgot that I have this until recently when I was going through my list for pending reviews. Anyway, this is the Enchanted Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Palette in ‘Pixie Dust’, and if you want to know my thoughts about this product then just keep reading..

Enchanted Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Palette in 'Pixie Dust' - Review, Photos & Swatches

Product Description/Claims According to the card that came from my July BDJ Box

This long-wearing eyeshadow palette from Enchanted contains 3 shades that allow you to add depth and drama to your peepers. Swipe on the lightest shade as an all-over color, wile using the medium shade to contour and the darkest one to line your eyes

Enchanted Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Palette in 'Pixie Dust' - Review, Photos & Swatches

PACKAGING This eyeshadow trio is housed in a black, sleek, plastic packaging that actually looks quite elegant and appealing. Unfortunately, the plastic packaging, feels a bit cheap in my opinion. The palette itself is really loose from the compact, and just a couple of days after I received it, the palette fell off (not really sure if that’s supposed to happen – click here to know what I’m talking about). The compact provides a mirror attached to the lid, big enough to see one eye at a time, ideal for touch-ups. It also includes a dual-ended sponge which I don’t really use. As much as I love these types of packaging, I find this one bulky, because of its thick, curved lid. I really don’t think it’s necessary since the product doesn’t take that much space.

Enchanted Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Palette in 'Pixie Dust' - Review, Photos & Swatches

COLOR PAYOFF/PIGMENTATION Enchanted Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Palette in ‘Pixie Dust’ is consists of three shades, all of them have shimmery finish.

        •      White – Shimmery finish but the shimmers are barely noticeable
        •      Pastel Yellow – Shimmery finish with specks of silver glitter
        •      Brown – Semi-matte finish but the shimmers barely shows up when being swatched/applied

The two lighter shades are not as pigmented as I expected them to be. They don’t have enough color payoff and you need to layer them in order to get your preferred intensity. The third shade however, the ‘Brown’ one, is quite pigmented and has a decent color payoff when swatched. It’s a different story when worn, you still need to build it up, but at least it shows up on your lid, unlike the other shades I just mentioned. These three shades also does not appear that vibrant without an eyeshadow primer/base, so if you want them to become more noticeable on your eyelids, a primer is a must.

Enchanted Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Palette in 'Pixie Dust' - Review, Photos & Swatches
Without a primer

FORMULATION/TEXTURE These eyeshadows are a bit powdery, particularly the lighter ones, so you need to tap off the excess and be careful for possible fall outs. The ‘Brown’ one is a nice shade for contouring your lids since the shimmer is barely noticeable. This shade is also easy to apply and blend (with a base/primer). The lighter ones, however, are really chalky (especially the ‘White’ one) they don’t sit well on to my eyelids, and they barely show up with our without a primer.

Enchanted Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Palette in 'Pixie Dust' - Review, Photos & Swatches

PERFORMANCE/LONGEVITY As previously mentioned, all of the shades in this palette are a bit powdery particularly the lighter ones. However, the ‘Brown’ shade, despite being powdery is not really prone to fall-outs compared to the lighter shades. I tried applying them to my lids without a primer but it wasn’t easy blending & applying them, I felt like it would be easy to apply them using my fingers rather than my brush! I used the Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base as my primer/base and that’s when the eyeshadows somehow became visible on my eyelids. It also became a lot easier to blend each shade. I did not test the longevity of the product on bare lids, but with a base/primer, it lasted on me for more than four hours. By the fifth hour, it already started to fade.

Product Name | Enchanted Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Palette
• Shade |
Pixie Dust • Price | PhP 179 • Weight | 6g
• Avalability | Not really sure but you can check out their Facebook Page. I got mine from my BDJ Box

SCENT/ETC No particular scent. Contains all sorts of Parabens & Talc which might be an issue to some.

♥ PRO’S ♥
♥ CON’S ♥
Packaging looks sleek & classy
Mirror is big enough for touchups (one eye at a time)
Applicator included
The ‘Brown’ shade is easy to blend with a primer
Lasts four hours with a primer
Packaging feels cheap & loose
Each shade is powdery especially the lighter ones
The lighter shades are very chalky
The lighter shades are barely visible when swatched
Not as visible on bare lids (hard to blend as well)
Need to build up in order to get the preferred intensity
Prone to fall-outs
Contains all sorts of Parabens & Talc
Not widely available

I rarely find a makeup product that I’m not so happy with and if ever I find one, I don’t really review it. However, I decided to share this one because it came with my BDJ Box and most of you already saw it. I gave it a chance the other day, and unfortunately, I’m not really pleased with it. Sure, it’s affordable, and it’s something that you can wear for your everyday look. But I still don’t think it’s worth it. If only the lighter shades have the same quality as the ‘Brown’ shade, and the packaging was a bit sturdy (despite the bulkiness), I might have a different opinion.
I think there are more affordable local and imported palettes that you can buy which can offer better quality not only in terms of formula but also in packaging, etc. It may not be in the exact price range, but at least you get what you pay for.

Enchanted Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Palette in 'Pixie Dust' - Review, Photos & Swatches
FACE: Natasha Face Duo in ‘Beige’, Ben Nye Neutral Set; EYES: The Face Shop Love Me:Ex Style My Eyebrow in ‘Brown’, Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base, Enchanted Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Palette in ‘Pixie Dust’, Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in ‘Hot Chocolate’, Maybelline Rocket Volum’Express Mascara; CHEEKS: Benefit Hoola Bronzer; ELF Studio Blush in ‘Tickled Pink’; LIPS: EOS Lip Balm in ‘Strawberry Sorbet’; L.A. Colors Auto Lip Liner in ‘Pinky’, Etude House Princess Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips Lipstick in ‘PK 003’

Overall, like I said, I’m not too pleased with this one and at the same time disappointed. It has the potential of becoming a really good palette. I think the quality was compromised in an effort to make an affordable product. I don’t know, I shouldn’t assume such things. I apologize. But I just wanna say that this is my honest opinion about this product, and it may be different from yours. I am in no way bashing this palette/brand because I really wanted it to work. It may not have worked out for me, but it may have worked for you. Who knows?

Anyway, how about you? Do you like this palette? Do you own any makeup from Enchanted cosmetics? Do you like them so far? Did you get this palette from BDJ Box? What palette did you get? Did you like it? Let me know.

Let me know through the comments below
& I’ll do my best to make it happen.
♥ U LOVES! :*

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  • Leilani Gamboa

    Enchanted…First time i have heard of the brand name……

    • Me too. It’s from my BDJ Box

      • Leilani Gamboa

        parang super duper ordinary and talagang I cant see anything special with this pallete, sana i-improve pa nila.

  • I love yellows and browns, but you are right that the colors are not as vibrant when actually applied as they are in the containers. That’s disappointing- sorry it didn’t work out better!

  • aiko borja

    First time i ever heard this e/s palette name.sad lang kse di mo nagustuhan yung product nila. But still you review it..sana iimprove pa nila yung product nila..

  • Gina May J. Mungcal

    I got the same palette but in different color, I think it’s purple-ish. I never got the chance to use it pa since I have palettes with the same shade. I might give this to someone as a gift since I don’t like the color pigmentation that I saw in your review. Thanks yette for this helpful review!

    • I might end up giving this to someone too. Totally disappointed

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    I love pixie dust products! I also have this one from my July BDJ box but I haven’t try it out.

    • Was it from Enchanted Cosmetics as well? (your pixie dust products)

      • Rosalie B.Tangonan

        yup. same. different shades lang yung akin… pink and violet yung eyeshadows na meron ako from them

  • Sad to hear that this product only got a 2 from you. I love palettes pa naman and as what I see the pigmentation is not that intense compared to other palettes. Sayang ang ganda pa naman ng packaging.

  • Hollie Damz

    awww too bad this product sucks. nice review!

    Random Beauty by Hollie

  • Lean Lacaba

    that’s disappointing na ganun lang. my friend has a pixie products too, and she’s addicted to it. i better tell her about this one. nice review!

    • This is from Enchanted Cosmetics. I think it’s different from the ones that are from Pixie/Pixie Dust.. Pixie dust is the name of the palette.

  • Angel

    Sorry to hear it’s a disappointment! Sayang coz the product looks promising judging by the packaging. I guess ok lang din kasi you didn’t pay for the full price naman.


    • True.

      • Angel

        What I meant pala was, buti nalang you didn’t have to pay the full price for it. It would suck even more if you spent Php179 on such a product

  • phyaboo

    Sorry to hear you got disappointed with it. You have to know though, other girls who got the same July box also didn’t care much for this palette. So yeah, you’re not alone.

    • Aww. That’s too bad, Sayang naman…

  • Agata Pokutycka

    I like the colours… shame they are poor quality

    • I know, right? Thanks for dropping by Agata

      • Agata Pokutycka

        My pleasure… looking forward to reading some more

  • Betzy Carmona

    I think it’s a bummer how the shades are not pigmented

    • True. Thanks for dropping by, Betzy!

  • Good to know this! It really pays to read reviews. Thanks, Ms Yette!

  • itsmefati

    Well the photo says it all. It doesnt noticeable i think. But thanks for this review! It’s a good thing hat atleast we know whether to buy or not

  • Charmaine Manansala

    i was instantly sold by the package! haha but love how pigmented it is too! great review

    • Thanks, Charmaine!

  • sayang I love the colors pa naman pwede sna, for brows, eyeshadow and contour.. I have something like this na kamukha ng shade, from nyx, and I used them like 1 week straight.. mas gamit ko pa sya kesa sa naked 2 kasi mas handy

  • awww sayang akala ko pa naman maganda I love the colors pa naman din, ok sna pag everyday look, pang contour at pang brows. urgh! anyway I have my everyday set of brown eyeshadow the one from nyx mas gamit ko pa sya kesa sa naked 2

    • Haha. Sabi nila ung Naturals daw ng Nyx is very similar to the Naked Basics palette.

  • akristinechong

    Sayang naman – when I saw it, I thought it was a good buy pa naman..
    I mean.. I like the palette and colors kasi.. I rarely find that kind of set – but sayang.


  • rhania escueta

    i thought these are matte =( shimmery pala

  • WOW! Really big WOW with your review! Eyah and Genzel were not wrong with what they said about you! I found such a deep, detailed and honest review. I made a product review last week and I was hesitating too if I’m going to publish it or not because I’m not impressed with the product at all. Now I know how to reason out a negative review in a positive way. Thanks Yette I found another blog that is really useful to a newbie blogger like me.

    About the product, it doesn’t look shimmery for me. But I love to use neutral eyeshadow than other. If the manufacturer read your product review this can help them to be aware and improve their packaging to make it not easily fall off.

    First product review that I’ve read here in your blog napahanga na agad ako.

    • Aww, thanks Riza. You know, comments like these makes me feel so accomplished & inspired

  • Yhanee Mei

    Looking through this, it made me sad to see that there are more cons compared to the pro’s. but as what they say, “charge it to experience” this is a good review. two thumbs up! I am really enjoying browsing through your page. xOxO yhanee

  • I’m not into this palette as well. Judging by your photos, swatches and review, it looks a little too… boring I guess. At first look, it does seem very ordinary.

    • True. Thanks, Maxinne

  • donnitaRBRT

    You’re so honeeeest when writing a review! That’s what I love about youuuu =D At first, I thought it’s worth buying for because it’s perf for everyday use. But then, i saw the pro’s and con’s. awww, sayang

  • meganlev_13

    honest review. talagang sinabi mo yung mga pros niya for the people know kung ano tlga capacity nung palette na to. ayaw ko din ng powdery like nung ibang shades sa palette (which is the 100eyeshadow palette) nung elf pero im not saying na panget yung palette, may ibang shades lang na powdery/chalky sya na makalat if inapply mo. magandang palette para sakin is NYX. ewan ko lang hahahaha