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Not everyone is blessed with long, healthy, voluminous hair. I know I can relate. My brothers and sisters have this black, thick, naturally wavy hair, kinda like my parents. But me? I have a really fine, wavy brown hair. Really different from them and I don’t even know where I got it from. They don’t even have any hair fall problems. If they have any issues with their hair, their main complaint is that it’s too thick. Hah! Wish I have the same problem.

Me when my severe hair fall started

Like I said, my hair’s always been fine, wavy and kinda unruly, in some ways. And now, due to stress, poor diet and maybe due to my sleeping habits as well, my hair’s not getting any stronger. I’ve been experiencing severe hair fall and it’s not good.

Gorgeous European Hair

Ever seen those ladies in London, Paris, etc with their gorgeous European hair? OMG. Who wouldn’t want to have those. Thankfully, it’s now possible. It’s now easy to gain/recreate that volume we’ve always wanted. Of course we still have to take care of our hair, but with a selection of human hair Wigs we can always get our dream hair cut, hair style and much much more.

selection of human hair Wigs

Me? I’m thinking of coloring mine first, then getting some hair extensions afterwards. How about you guys? Do you have hair fall problems like me? Do you like getting hair extensions/wigs? Do you have them already? Let me know. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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  • I have severe hairfall! ugh! one of the reasons I cut my hair :| I love their hair O.O I hope I can achieve it even without extensions

    • Me too! But I’m seriously considering it.

  • Louise Ito

    My hair is sometimes really brittle, I don’t know what to do with it. And I don’t know if I can have extensions for my curly hair. I love their hair! It’s so bouncy and full of life.

  • My hair right now I can say is so not perfect! Dry, damaged and sooo wavy. I also experience dandruff and hair fall. Good thing I have a Tony&Jackey keratin treatment GC from Caronia. Are the hair extensions you’re planning to wear permanent or the clip ons?

    • Just the clip ons

  • aiko borja

    Well all girls want to have silky straight long hair.but me? Haha my hair is wavy, dry And i’m experiencing hair fall over a month ago due to over used of hair coloring (bubble hair fr. Etude and TM) nagtampo ata hair ko kasi every other month nagpapalit ako ng color.hehehe but now i decided to chop em off (pixie cut) for a change

    • Aww. Pahinga muna siguro. Haha

  • Gina May J. Mungcal

    No hair fall but my hair is totally damaged… grabe lang parang walis hahahaha! Twice a year I go to salon to have my hair rebond kasi ever since I got my hair treated (just when I was in grade school) hindi na sya bumalik sa normal, parang nagtampo So expensive to have troubled hair daming treatment na kelangan hahaha! Go for hair extension pero sana manageble and di mahirap alagaan I’m excited for your hair makeover Yette!

    • Ouch, that’s really pricey. My hair’s really brittle and I’ve been offered tons of hair therapy but I often decline, Pasaway lang talaga.

  • Angel

    I can relate. I’m not blessed with beautiful hair kaya everytime I think na it has grown too long, pinapagupit ko agad. Haha! I don’t know, parang hindi pa rin option sa akin yung wigs/hair extensions kasi I go to work everyday, which is quite a mundane environment. And wigs might look to overwhelming. Pero depende, let’s say I have to attend an event or a special occassion, I’d love to give it a try


  • Extentions, yes but wig is a no no, I find it unnatural Ms. Yette unless if you are attending something.
    I have hairfall problems, too! What I do is I don’t stick with one shampoo brand.

  • Why is it like this? I like your hair, as I hate how thick my hair is! Irony. ang init init pag summer sobrang daming hair.. there was one time nakaundercut na ko sabi pa din ang kapal ng hair ko :| urgh.

    • It’s too thin.. I like more volume, lol.

      Ganda nga ng buhok mo e. Inggit ako.

  • rhania escueta

    i have thin hair too! =) it has a lot of split ends kaya i decided to chopped it off =( first time ko pa naman magpahaba ng buhok lagpas balikat =(

  • I have a thick hair. Before my hair was long (hanggang butt area) and super black. Marami ang nakakapansin sakin because of my long hair. Marami din ang naiinggit na girls. Parang nakalimutan ko na magpagupit kaya humaba ng ganun and I don’t have time as well. 5-6 years ang inabot before another hairstyle was done. Ang alam ko din mas gusto ng boys ang girls with long hair kaya di ako nagpapagupit *hihi*. These were all the positive side of having a long hair.

    The problems are grabeyxus ang hair fall, super hirap suklayin and time consuming. Magastos din sa shampoo and conditioner, little amount isn’t enough. Kung may natutuwa sa mahabang buhok may naiinis din. Why? Every time I ride in a public transpo like jeepney all my hair covers the whole face of my seat mate. So all the time kelangan hawak-hawak ko ang hair ko to avoid fight inside a jeep because of my hair haha! Actually marami pang disadvantages.

    And if you’ll notice on my personal FB ganun na kaikli ngayon. Ang problem ko na lang is hair fall pa din, fly away and buhaghag. But when I saw the photos above ng mga girls with long hair parang nagsisisi tuloy ako sa pagmurder sa hair ko.

    Anyways isipin ko na lang uli yung positive things about having a short hair para no more sisi. LOL! Mas less stress din and mas mukang bata tignan. Ayun lang masasabi ko. Konti lang hindi naman ganun kahabaan.

    • Haha. The irony, siguro nga ganun pag mahaba buhok mo you aim for a shorter, lighter hair and if you have short, finer hair you aim for the opposite. Anyway, I envy your hair. It’s so black, kahit na ngayon and it’s thick.

  • I have long, thick, straight hair but I do experience hairfall. I don’t really do anything about it though coz its volume stays the same naman even with the fallen hair strands I always see when I take a bath or comb my hair. Lol. I would love to try wigs though for photoshoot purposes.

  • Gusto ko yung natural na curly but ung picture above na curly wavy? Gusto ko yung sa middle But haven’t tried wigs din! I’d love to try it someday though

  • Yhanee Mei

    Naturally, I have super thick straight hair, yung hindi bagsak and curled it. then nung nagsawa na, pina rebund ko nalang.although alam ko na magiging maintenance tong pagpaparebund, cguro okey nalang din yung ganito kesa sa curly hair ko before. LIFE IS WEIRD. kung ano yung wala tayo, yun yung gusto. A hand-full already complimented me before about my hair, kexo maganda, natural, really black, etc. Gusto ko paring ipakulot at ipa straight. lol. I;m quite contented with my hair right now. manageable, silky soft, smooth and shiny. Rebunded nga naman. xD

    • meganlev_13

      i agree with you! ahahahaa ako kse yung hair ko when i was a kid, beach waves tapos nung naghighschool ako gusto ko naman ng magpastraight.

  • meganlev_13

    beach waves is the best curls for me, d ko magets bkt ako ngpastraight ngyn. sdte kse yung hair na beach waves hindi uso ngyn na nauso na ang hirap ng ibalik yung dating hair. mas maganda pa din yung walang chemical yung hair kse mas malambot sya, and mas natural.