Ever Bilena Cheek Blush in ‘Earth’ – Review, Photos & Swatches

Hi everyone! Sorry for not being able to post that much lately. I’ve been busy with work and a lot of stuff. Anyway, ever since I got this blush I’ve been wanting to review it until a lot of products piled up and I wasn’t able to do it anymore. This is, by the way, the Ever Bilena Cheek Blush in ‘Earth’.
Ever Bilena Cheek Blush in 'Earth' - Review, Photos & Swatches

I like this blush because it basically acts as my contouring/bronzing powder as well. So for those days that I feel lazy and don’t want to apply tons of products onto my cheeks, I use this.

Ever Bilena Cheek Blush in 'Earth' - Review, Photos & Swatches

PACKAGING The packaging of this one is quite similar to the MAC blushers. However, this one has an extra space at the bottom that contains your blush brush and the mirror. The mirror has a decent size allowing you to view one cheek at a time. The brush is fine, it’s soft but it sheds a lot so I prefer not to use it. All in all, I find the packaging, simple, and somehow direct to the point (if that makes sense, lol). I don’t find it sturdy though because I feel that the top plastic as well as the lock can break easily especially for those who are such a klutz (like moi).

Ever Bilena Cheek Blush in 'Earth' - Review, Photos & Swatches

SHADE & APPLICATION This blush is a gorgeous warm brown shade that acts as a bronzer and blush at the same time. It has a light shimmery/satin finish that wont appear chunky or overpower the main color. You can use it as your bronzer but I prefer to use it as both my blush & bronzer. Meaning that I apply it the way I use my contour: applying it near the hollows of my cheeks then blending it upwards towards my cheeks, therefore making it look like I have both a bronzer & a blusher on (I hope I made sense). I don’t use it as a contouring powder because it’s too warm for my skin tone and I prefer cooler tones and I prefer those with matte finish. I seldom use this as a bronzer as well because I find it a bit reddish. But feel free to create your own style.

Ever Bilena Cheek Blush in 'Earth' - Review, Photos & Swatches

CONSISTENCY & PERFORMANCE This blush is really pigmented so I prefer to use a dual-fiber brush (I use the ELF Stippling Brush). However, if you don’t have that, just dip your brush once at the pan and tap off the excess. This blush also has a really nice consistency, it’s buttery smooth and I don’t find it powdery or chalky.

Ever Bilena Cheek Blush in 'Earth' - Review, Photos & Swatches

LONGEVITY & SCENT This blush lasted on me for four hours straight without retouching. Afterwards, it started to fade on me gradually. I also didn’t smell anything from the product.

Ever Bilena Cheek Blush in 'Earth' - Review, Photos & Swatches

Product Name | Ever Bilena Cheek Blush
• Shade |
Earth • Price | PhP 165 • Weight | 4g
• Avalability | Ever Bilena Counters nationwide

So to summarize…

♥ PROS ♥
♥ CONS ♥
Includes an applicator & a decent-sized mirror
Can act as a bronzer & blush
Can be used as both bronzer & blush
Really pigmented
Smooth consistency
Not powdery/chalky
Lasted on me for 4 hours
No distinctive smell
Did not give me any breakouts
Available nationwide
Packaging is not that sturdy
Brush sheds like craaazy

Over all, I like this blush. Like I said, this is the blush that I normally gravitate toward whenever I don’t feel like layering on a ton of product onto my cheeks. This is also the perfect blusher for summer should you wish to achieve that sunkissed look. I highly recommend this product to those who want more color on their cheeks without spending an extra buck.

It’s definitely worth the moolah. It’s only PhP 165 and it gives you decent wear time, and like I said, it has a decent pigmentation. I highly recommend it.

How about you loves? What’s your favorite Ever Bilena blush? What’s your favorite Ever Bilena product? Let me know. Me, I love their lipsticks, their eye pencils and of course their cheek blushers. See you on my next review!

Oh, and do let me know if you want me to review a specific product. Would love to hear/know your thoughts.

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  • Been meaning to buy this!!! It really is like a mac blush sa packaging pa lang :)) the shade suits you well sissy!


  • Their price range is still amazing! This brand has been in the market since I was a kid! Hehe! I can’t wait to be back in Ph, Watson and SM dept store will always be a haven for me!

  • For it’s price, sulit na talaga. The finish suits you well. It looks so natural on you. I will try this once I finish my bronzers.

    • Thanks, Michelle!

  • I’ve never tried ever bilena yet, I always go to fashion 21 or nichido also not a fan of a shimmer finish blush but this one looks neat! I might try this. Thanks for the review

    • Thanks for dropping by as well, LJ!

  • Kallen Shoukei Nava

    love the color♥ i think looks pretty *-*

    Visit my last entry a review dear

  • Have a neutral look is so important to me. I wish this product was sold in the US. You look really great.

  • I love the natural finish .. I think its worth a try since its not too pricey.
    Maganda din sigurong pang contour?

    Loving it!♥

    • Pwede ren but it’s too warm and it has shimmers, so pang bronzer pwede pa.

  • Love how subtle it looks on the skin.

  • Rayconnect

    I loved the shade & how clean your blog looks

  • I like earthy tones when it comes to blushes, I feel like they look more natural on my medium skin tone. Good review! I think I’ve tried an EB blush once, I just can’t remember what the shade was. But I still have the brush that came with it in my stash.

  • Sabs Hernandez

    In all fairness to EB, their products have been improving so much lately ♥ YAY for local products! Nice one

    The Makeup Maven

  • Becoming Sleek

    Hey that looks pretty good! I’m not very advanced yet in terms of makeup, so I’m not even thinking of contouring yet, but I think this is a great place to start.

  • Love this sis. At first glance I remember Tarte Exposed I think they are of the same shade but not really sure. It’s affordable too! Might get myself one Thanks for the great review!

    • Hi sis! Tarte exposed has more of a pinkish shade that gives you a natural flush which you can also use both as a contour & blush. it has a matte finish. This one is kinda brownish & has a shimmery finish.

      Thanks din!

  • kmmyp

    I’ve been looking for a cheaper blush. This might do!
    Would you know any cheap mineral blushes?

    • L.A. Colors have their mineral blushes. I think they’re about 100-200 pesos each.

      Virginia Olsens also have ’em but I’m just not sure about the price.

  • Angel

    It looks nice when applied on your cheeks! I think it rather contours better than the actual bronzer from Ever Bilena called Blush Me! Bronzer. But I’m having second thoughts of buying more from Ever Bilena because their products have paraben


    • Thanks! I haven’t seen the Blush Me! Bronzer yet but I’ll check it out. Are those the ones that already came in a brush form? I’m not a fan of those. Their brushes are scratchy and it’s kinda hard to distribute the product. Just my two cents.

      Yeah I guess that’s the downside but I once read from somewhere (I forgot my source) that propylparaben is not as bad. Although don’t quote me on that. Like I said, I forgot my source, lol.

      • Angel

        Yup that’s the one! I don’t like it neither, it’s hard to control the product you intend to apply And it leaves harsh lines..

        Oh no worries, thanks for the heads. Will google it. I breakout EASILY so I have to be extra careful with these things


        • Awww. that’s too bad. I don’t have issues with makeup containing paraben so far. I don’t breakout easily with them. Foundations,however, that’s a different story.. lol.

          • Angel

            You are so lucky! Sa skin type siguro? I’m oily kasi kaya a bit sensitive..

  • rhania escueta

    my first makeup palette is from EB dear =) i was in highschool way back then, as a cosmetology student i need a decent one, believe me papa ko kasama ko nung namili ako cosmetics hahaha sabi ko project which is very true naman o diba game si papa, i wonder if hubby can do the same with our little one =) hehehe

    hay i missed commenting here =) ♥♥♥♥

    • Haha. yeah I missed your comments too

  • Monika De Veas

    This is a very pretty shade. Bakit ba hindi ko to napapansin sa EB Counters. I think that will suit my morena skin very well. Mas ok siguro syang bronzer for me kesa contouring powder kasi shimmery sya. Great post as usual Yette!

  • wow! nice shade! i love ever bilena, it’s one of the brands i like to buy. gotta check this shade out, looks nice on you!

  • KeiFio Fave Closet

    I think this shade will look good on me (dark complexion) such a cheap blush pero mukang promising. I just wonder kung me glitter sya like the bronzing powder of elf luminence ata (am not sure). Very helpful post will check on it, tnx sis!

    • KeiFio Fave Closet

      just checked me shimmery nga pero not bothering namn..

      • It does have a slight shimmery finish but like you said, it’s not overpowering and wont affect the color that much

  • I have this! Started buying EB cheek blush since last year but yung shade na pinipili ko is Raisin. Yun kasi ni recommend ng salesgirl sa Watsons nung naghahanap ako ng cheek blush. Hihi. I don’t use the brush kasi naliliitan ako tapos tama ka, madaling magshed. One thing I like about this product is meron sya mirror so madali mag apply tsaka very compact sya. You can bring it anywhere you want. Hihi.

    Dhadha | ClassySweets.com

    • True that!

      I haven’t tried Raisin but will definitely check it out.

  • RebelSweetHrt

    Looks like a great product – and only for Php165 bucks! Will check this out next time I visit Watsons

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    this is my blush on when I was in college. My sister introduced it to me… It is a great product in did! Easy to blend and not too pigmented plus very affordable!!!

  • I use the blush from Nichido in Tomato. I don’t use much of brown shades for blushes because it doesn’t suit me. It looks great for a contour noh?

    As always, I love the way you review.

    • If you like warmer shades, then why not.

      Thanks, Sam

  • Lhyzie Bongon

    Meron akong ganito kaso ibang shades lang. I love EB, maganda sya and mura pa

  • Shugah Pauline G.

    Ever Bilena ito lng ung cosmetics na naafford ko when i was in college (hanggang ngayon lol) Im not into make ups too but for make up junkies like you swak na swak to.

  • I have an EB blush in rose! you should try it ate yette ang pretty ng color. this one looks like Elf coral i think pero mas pigmented to

    • Haven’t tried it yet but thanks, I’ll keep it in mind

  • Nice review! I like the color coz it can be used nga as bronzer as well. I really like Ever Bilena ever sicne because of the quality of their products though the packaging is a tad boring. and the quality of their free burshes is really chaka.

  • I used Ever Bilena before too when I was starting to experiment with makeup. I do agree that they are really pigmented and they lasts for a long time. The color of this one is nice for countouring too as it doesn’t have the ‘brick’ tone. It’s perfect for Filipina skin tones! It looks great on you, dear! Thanks for the review!

    • Thanks, Dawn! Yes I love EB. I don’t have a lot of their Blushers but this really got my attention because I love neutral shades!

  • Leilani Gamboa

    I have been using ever bilena cheek blush EVERY DAY for 2years now. super favorite ko kasi it compliments my skin. very affordable pa. Parang i like to try this EARTH shade narin..

    • Hi Leilani! I know right! I only own two but they’re soo pigmented!

      • Leilani Gamboa

        Try mo sis yung Every Day shade, I guess mas match sa skin mo

  • Nhonim Cailing

    been using ELF’s blusher but I think i’m gonna love this too!

  • Lean Lacaba

    pretty shade! it’s perfect for morena girls like me. thanks for the info!

    • You’re welcome!

  • U-Ned Algabre

    Nice post, but you’ve got other products to recommend from EB for guys to use for our faces aside from concealers? thanks!

    • Aww, I don’t know much, but I will keep an eye out., Try intotheblush.com. He might have a suggestion.

  • Ang ganda! I love EB lalo na lip products nila. Love the color Great review sis

    • Thanks, Clarisse!

  • Lei Diwa

    My fav. blush on is from careline I think since it was sisteor company of careline they both give same pigmentation. Medyo mas mura lang sa careline ng pa. This looks great on you it makes your cheeks glow naturally!

  • Louise Ito

    I haven’t tried any Ever Bilena blush or foundation before. I tried some of their lipsticks and I loved it. Parang masyadong dark para sakin yung color. Pero I think it’s a great product because it acts as a blush & bronzer

    • If it’s too dark on you, you can use it as a bronzer to achieve that sun-kissed look

  • This one doing great a blush and a bronzer in one. I noticed that bronzer is creating a big change on a user’s face. Just last week I bought products from Watsons. I will check this out next time I have free time to visit and shop at SM.

  • meganlev_13

    i have this at my kit. i may say na maganda sya! plus na yung dahil tan ako, nagmamatch sya sa skin ko. im using this as a bronzer/blush lang but for contouring. kagaya nga ng sinabi nio in your blog, its a bit reddish parang copper tone sya. kaya pwede sya both. as a using of this, i’ll recommend this to all,

  • Sai

    Hi Ms.yette wat kind of lipstick did you used in this photos. It’s very nice. thanks