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Anyone who says that there are no rules in fashion is either lying, or has questionable taste. True, fashion is first and foremost a form of self-expression. Like it or not, the clothes we put on each morning reveals nearly as much about ourselves as it covers up. So unless what you want to express to the world is an utter lack of dress sense, there are things you need to keep in mind.

Nina Garcia has her 100, Tim Gunn has his Fashion Bible, and Rachel Zoe has her Style from A to Zoe, all bursting with invaluable style advice and nuggets of fashion wisdom, but the backbone of a great sense of style can be condensed into three simple rules. These simple and immutable rule know no exception and apply to all, men or women, feminine or androgynous, classic or punk.

  I. Fit 

If it doesn’t fit, it won’t look good, there’s no two ways about it. Take fashion moguls Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen; at their best, they are fresh and completely original, standing out from a bevy of interchangeable young Hollywood beauties. At the worst, they look like they raided a tall octogenarian’s closet.

Difficult to imagine how Audrey Hepburn ever had a hard time finding clothes off the rack. But it’s no accident that many of her best looks are from her movies, Roman Holiday and Funny Face where Edith Head and Givenchy, respectively, labored to create glorious costumes specifically for Hepburn’s problem areas, her too small waist, too long neck and too thin arms.

Get yourself a good tailor and make him your new BFF.

  II. Figure Flattery 

Figure flattery is closely related to fit but it’s not quite the same thing. Case in point, Jessica Simpson’s infamous mom jeans fashion faux pas. The high waist pants certainly fit her, but did it flatter her petite and voluptuous frame? We think not. Know what works for and against your body type. Even models that look good in everything will have certain styles that will flatter more than most. Not a model? Not a problem! Fabulous comes in many different shapes and sizes. Plus sized? Take a style cue from Adele and Rebel Wilson! Thin and boyish? Kate Hudson and Nicole Richie have mastered the art of dressing for their lithe frame. The law of proportion applies to dressing the body as much as it does architecture and cocktail mixing.

  III. Dress Code 

Dress codes, written or implied, exist for a reason. Don’t be the blockhead who ruins a friend’s wedding photos by being in jeans when everyone else is in formal wear. Don’t dress like a tart and give conservative job or business contacts the wrong impression. By all means, be yourself and dress as you would want to, but keep in mind that being appropriately dressed shows respect for your hosts and whoever you’re with. Perhaps you’ve been invited to a party on a short notice and you find that you have nothing to wear. Perhaps you lack the energy to brave crowded malls. In this day and age of online shopping, those excuses no longer hold water. If you have an unlimited budget and more time to wait for your purchases to arrive, there are so much online shopping sites available that can surely save you the hassle by shopping at the comfort of your own home. If you want a wider range of price points and products, and need it delivered ASAP, there’s

Now that you know the rules, you may start breaking them – within reason. The best, most enduring and iconic fashion looks of all time are those that pushed boundaries and took risks. Sharon Stone’s GAP button down shirt during the 1998 Oscars and Sarah Jessica Parker’s Calvin Klein mini dress in 2001, and the YSL le smoking jacket Bianca Jagger wore to her long ago wedding to Mick comes to mind. Fashion should be fun and freeing after all. What’s the point of looking good if you can’t have a good time while at it?

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  • KeiFio Fave Closet

    I categorized my self to the word “FIT” since this issue has always been my problem. Having 2 kids really add so much weight into my body and everytime am going to the mall to buy new tops, jeans or dress am having second thoughts because I know, I’ll be dissapointed and insecured. Thank you Sis Yetter for this post, it cleared up my mind that aside from expressing myself thru make-ups there is also another aspect to consider which is “FASHION”.

    • Thanks, too Thea!

  • Angel

    Sometimes when I scan thru old photos, I can’t help but shiver and think, omg why did I wear that? It’s just so wrong, but what can Ido, it happens It’s not always too late to learn. These tips are a good reminder not only for me, but for every girl!


  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    Such a good post! Currently I am trying to learn everything about fashion since I am in the sort of “Metamorphosis” of my life… from a geek and lousy dressed girl to a (hopefully!) fun, fearless and fashionable lady Thanks!

    • No problem. Thanks!

  • Nhonim Cailing

    I’m not into fashion but I guess I have to start learning. Thank you for this post, Ms. Yette! I learned something today.

    • No problem. Glad to help

  • rhania escueta

    agreed! hi yette how are you i miss commentin on your blog! new layout eh! pero updated naman ako sayo tru fb hihi

    • I missed you too! Thanks for dropping by! Looks like you were busy

      • rhania escueta

        hihi kala ko naligaw ako kasi iba ulit layout =) haha buti madali kia hanapin kasi nakabookmark ka sakin hehehehe =)

  • Leilani Gamboa

    I love this post on how you talk about fashion,sis. most of my clothes i bought online talaga since i really cannot find time to go out with two kids to mind and a full time homebased job. i have heard a lot and see advertisement but havent checked on zalora yet. I have a new online shop to check, thanks for the post sis

    • You’re welcome, Leilani

      Sorry for the late reply, dear. My Disqus notifications are acting up

  • ohhh something different in your blog. not really a fashionista. more on comfy clothes ako >.< pero I like your post parang bending the rules in fashion

    • Yeah I’m more of a comfy clothes, person too. Lol

      Sorry for the late reply, dear. My Disqus notifications are acting up

  • I agree with all these rules! Here are my own fashion rules derived from your guest post :
    1. Too large clothes doesn’t look good (for me).
    2. Too small or too fitted clothes doesn’t look good also especially if you’re size is big.
    3. Dress appropriately. (Pero minsan nakakatamad din magisip ng susuotin)

    • Here’s my response:
      1) Me too
      2) I agree
      3) True!

  • meganlev_13

    i love the fashion rules that you mentioned here! TRUE!!!! as long as you’re comfortable in what you were wearing, its fine, too large and too small doesnt look good at all. dapat sakto lang para comfortable.