Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipstick in Kissmark/FOTD – Review, Photos & Swatches

Hello everyone! I know that it was just a couple of weeks ago when I just finished reviewing a couple of lipsticks, but I can’t help but share to you guys a new favorite of mine. Recently, Sample Room released their new batch of samples, and these are the three newest shades from Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipstick (Red Wine – Satin, Pinkish Nude – Sheer & Kissmark – Matte). I got mine in Kissmark, which I must say is the perfect Barbie Pink color with a matte formula.

Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipstick in “Kissmark” according to Sample Room

Keep your lips healthy and kissable with Colour Collection’s Vitamin E Lipsticks, a range of lipsticks that are formulated with Vitamin E, making your lips still look moisturized and supple even long after the color wears off. It also has sunscreen that protects your lips from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Tupperware Brands’ premier cosmetic line presents these specially enriched glam lipsticks with Vitamin E — widely known for its capability to speed up cell regeneration and retain natural moisture content of the skin.

By helping you maintain smooth, sensuous and vibrant lips, Colour Collection’s Vitamin E Lipstick puts the glamorous finishing touch to your look with over 15 passionate shades and 3 types of finishes – matte, satin and sheer.

Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipstick in Kissmark - Review, Photos & Swatches

PACKAGING I like the packaging of these lipsticks. They are contained in a sleek, glossy tube with a gold accent to tie the whole look together, which makes it both classy and elegant. The top/cap is where you can find Colour Collection’s logo and at the bottom you will find the name of the shade as well as other information such as net weight, manufacturer, etc. Each tube is also housed in a glossy box with gold lettering with all of the information you’re going to need. (except the expiration date, I didn’t see any – refer to the photo below)

Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipstick in Kissmark - Review, Photos & Swatches
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SHADE As mentioned, I prefer to describe this shade as my perfect Barbie Pink shade. It’s a bit on the cooler side but it doesn’t wash me out so I really like it. I prefer to wear this with neutral colors/eyeshadows, because the shade is noticeable enough. However if I’m feeling extremely girly, I dab a bit of pink glitter/eyeshadow on my eyelid area to complete my look. If you’re into pink lipsticks that aren’t too loud but girly enough, then this is definitely for you. It gives you that conservative, youthful look that is just perfect for day to day wear.

Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipstick in Kissmark - Review, Photos & Swatches
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FORMULATION/CONSISTENCY As mentioned, this has a matte formula. However, due to the Vitamin E content, surprisingly this is not as drying as most of the matte lipsticks that I own. The Vitamin E content keeps the moisture locked in enabling your lips to be dry/chap-free all day. It also has a nice texture which makes application such a breeze. However, if you’re like me who has extremely dry lips, then it will still be a bit drying but not THAT much. I suggest you exfoliate your lips first and keep a lip balm handy when you have this one just in case.

Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipstick in Kissmark - Review, Photos & Swatches
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APPLICATION Despite that this has a matte formula, I didn’t experience any difficulty in applying this lipstick. There was no tugging, etc. It glided on smoothly even without the assistance of lip balm. It didn’t feel dry afterwards. However, like I said, if you have extremely dry lips like mine, prep your lips first with a lip scrub then a lip balm so it wont feel dry all day. This lip color is quite opaque with one layer already, but it’s also very buildable. I prefer to apply two or more layers then blot afterwards.

Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipstick in Kissmark - Review, Photos & Swatches
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PERFORMANCE/LONGEVITY Matte lipsticks tend to show how dry & chappy my lips are, but in this case, it didn’t. This has a really smooth consistency which I really love. It has a nice, somewhat creamy texture which can sometimes, somehow emphasize the dry lines of my lips but not enough to make me steer clear of the product. Also due to the moisturizing content of this lipstick, lip balms are sometimes no longer necessary. I did not experience any feathering nor bleeding while wearing this lipstick. I had some transferring issues using this product, but a little blotting will easily solve it, plus it will make your lipstick last longer. Speaking of longevity, this has a decent staying power. It lasted me for more than 6 hours with minimal fading.

Product Name | Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipstick
• Shade | Kissmark (Matte) • Net Wt | 4 g • Price | PhP 330 (Free, using your points @ Sample Room)
• Avalability | Sample Room; Tupperware Direct Sellers

SCENT This has a faint ‘vintage lipstick’ scent (at least that’s what I would call it), but you can barely smell it unless you stick your nose directly at the tube like I did.

To summarize..

♥ PROS ♥
♥ CONS ♥
Classy packaging
Has a box that contains most of the information you’re going to need
Cool-toned pink yet it doesn’t wash me out
Matte formula yet non-drying
Has a Vitamin E content keeping the moisture locked in enabling your lips to be dry/chap-free all day
Nice, somewhat-creamy texture which makes application smoother
Shade is opaque but still buildable
Doesn’t feather nor bleed
Sometimes, even lip balms are no longer necessary (especially to those who do not have dry, chappy lips)
No particular taste
Lasted on me for approximately six hours
Available in three different finishes – Satin, Sheer & Matte
Available free with your points via Sample Room
Available through Tupperware direct sellers
I did not see any expiration date
Can still be a bit drying
Without a Tupperwear direct seller near you, it can be hard to find. Unless SampleRoon restocks of course

I am definitely loving this lippie, and I do recommend this product to everyone who wants a pink lip color that can make you stand out but wont give you that really ‘loud’, bright lips. Honestly, I never thought that I can wear this kind of lip color. It is very light at the same time really cool-toned. As much as I love pink lipsticks, this is definitely not my kind of pink, I thought. But I took a chance and I’m glad I did. Oh and the formula is just amaze-balls. It beats most of the matte lippies that I own may it be local to high end. It lasts long without making my lips look like a zombie at the end of the day.

It’s worth the moolah (& the points!)! It’s really affordable whether you get it via your points or through a direct seller. If you’re afraid ’cause you have dry lips, trust me, I’m like you. I have extremely dry lips, but take my word for it when I tell you that it doesn’t matter when you wear this. But if you’re unsure, then I suggest you keep a lip balm handy

Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipstick in Kissmark - Review, Photos & Swatches
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So those are my thoughts regarding the Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipstick in Kissmark. I hope you find it really helpful if in case you’re thinking about buying a new product this month. If you have any thoughts about this product, let me know I’d love to hear from you.

How about you? Do you own any of the Colour Collection Vitamin E Lipsticks? Do you like them? What’s your favorite shade? What’s your favorite lip color? Let me know!

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  • Very in-depth review! Love it! It really is a pretty, pigmented Barbie pink. These Colour Collection lippies are quite good.

  • I am excited to try mine! But I wanted to take a picture of it first before using it. haha!

    I am a bit scared to actually use it but since you said it doesn’t wash you out, I bet it would be good to me as well. Hihi.

    • Trust me, you won’t be disappointed

  • ooh, i so love your detailed review and yes, colour collection is indeed one good lipstick. I have some of them too mostly pinks .

  • Love the shade of yout lipstick and how you reviewed it in details! Ganda rin ng first photo

    • Thanks, Angelique

  • KeiFio Fave Closet

    Sis Yette the color suits you, il rate it perfect 5.. I also have a colour collection lipstick in “Merlot”, it has the hint of magenta, purple and pink. I love it matte but no tugging when I applied it on my lips un lang I really have to exfoliate my lips like you said. The Tupperware Brands is on sale so I got it for only 179 instead of 330 if you’ll buy 2 you will get it ata for 249 and then 3 shades for 400 plus

    • Ooh, would love to try that shade. Honestly I don’t mind collecting them, lol.

  • Monika De Veas

    I recently got Red Wine and I love it! The formula, the color, the packaging, and the scent is great. You’re right. It’s worth the money whether you get it by points or through a direct seller. The retail price is still very affordable. Thanks!

    • You’re welcome, Monika. Would love to try the Red Wine too

  • Becoming Sleek

    Looks so much better on you! Did you use a balm underneath? I tried it both ways (with and without balm) but it still made my lips look super dry.

    • On the lip swatches I didn’t but on my FOTD I did. I used my EOS lip balm

  • Nhonim Cailing

    I’ve been trying matte pink lippies like that, most of them dries my lips even more. I think that one from Colour Collection is a must try. Thanks Ms. Yette!

    • True, go try it, you wont regret it

  • Angel

    I have this lipstick too! Colour Collection lippies moisturize very well, it’s amazing. And as I have also mentioned in my blog, KISSMARK is deffo the perfect Barbie pink shade. I love it. It’s a must for every girl


  • I really wanna try to go out from the box and experiment my face haha but I don’t think this color suits me! Just light one. But it fits you though!

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    I got red wine of this from Sample Room, find it drying but the pigment is very nice. I love how red it is… and very matte

  • OMG! I love the shade! It’s so pink, girly and barbie!!

  • wow first time to read a review on colour collection! i learned something new on your blog on product swatches! hope i can do it to my reviews too

  • This is my favorite lipstick as of the moment. The shade makes me look fresh and blooming

    • I know, I love it too

  • Leilani Gamboa

    Sis this lipstick shade gives you a radiant look, i also have this shade this is actually one of my most fave lipsticks.:)

  • Lei Diwa

    Wow.. I also have the same shade as you have. I really like this color and besides it is matte it still not drying on my lips. Thanks for the review… The pink color turns so nice on your simple look

  • ewan ko,, but I didn’t like this one.. ayaw nya mag adhere sa lips ko,… prang fake ang dating nya sakin, excited pa naman ako tlga.. I love wet n wild compared dito </3… but I love yung red wine nila which is in satin finish nung natry ko nga yun gusto ko na lagi ng deep red lipstick hihih

    • Aww, sayang naman.

  • Gina May J. Mungcal

    Everyone’s favorite shade! Pero I think mas bagay sayo yung red wine kasi you have fair skin and you have a perfect lips

  • Sabs Hernandez

    That shade looks good on you! I think it really brightened up your skin tone ♥

    Thanks for sharing! HUGS!
    The Makeup Maven

    • Waaa.. na-starstuck ako. -__-

      Thanks for dropping by Ms. Sabs. Hope to see you more on YT. i miss your tutorials

      • Sabs Hernandez

        Aww… You’re such a sweetie! I love reading other bloggers and about girls who are as passionate about makeup as much as me ♥ I will post more videos soon, I’ve been busy kasi shooting out of town kaya I haven’t updated yet! Haaay… Anyhoo, thanks for subscribing! I will follow you too! ♥

        The Makeup Maven

  • Louise Ito

    The shade looks great! I tried the red ones, and maybe I should give this a try. I’m more into the pink shades now. I read a lot of great reviews about this product. Maybe I should try this one soon

    • You shoul try it. You’ll love it

      Sorry for the late reply, dear. My Disqus notifications are acting up

  • itsmefati

    super love this color! i think it stays pink on the lips. I hate other lipstick i buy. They’re pink. Light pink. But gives off a darker shade of pink which I don’t like! This is my favorite shade. And I love coral shades too. How to earn points on sample room?? I want!!

    • Basically you just need to review the items that you just ordered/received, then they’ll give you 1 point for submitting a review, then the points equivalent to the item you just sampled once they approve it and another extra point for the review.

      Sorry for the late reply, dear. My Disqus notifications are acting up

  • It looks a bit dry nga. You have lots of lipstick na so far what is your favorite lipstick of all time?

    • Mac Candy Yum Yum, Rebel & Chatterbox. (& Revlon Lip butters, lol)

      But I don’t have a #1 fave because I love all of my lippies. Lol

  • meganlev_13

    i love this super retro barbie inspired lippie! that lipstick looks good on you. can you suggest affordable matte lipstick coz im into matte ehh, feeling ko ang stable nya sa lips